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    The Constitutional Monarchy of Virginia

    Jack Marston stood outside the schoolhouse in Blackwater. "Do I really have to go, sir? I'd rather stay at home." John Marston pushed his son along. "Yes, now get going. Uncle 'll bring you back to Beechers Hope later this afternoon."

    Jack entered and found his desk, waiting for the lessen to start. His teacher, Miss Lillian, made harsh marks on the board. "Alright students, today we'll be reading about the founding of our fair state and General Quincy Harris. Take out your books."

    "In the aftermath of the annexation of Texas", began Miss Lillian. "In 1843* during the Tyler administration, the large state was decided to be divided into Seperate smaller states. New Austin named for one of the founders of Texas. Do you remember who?"
    Jack raised his hand.
    "Mr. Marston?"
    "Stephen Austin?"
    "Yes, that's right! Now, New Austin was the first state to be created from the Republic of Texas, achieving statehood in 1845.

    New Austin saw frequent skirmishes during the Mexican American War. Tumbleweed was designated as the provisional capital o the state for many years before being moved to Austin City** in 1852. Our state of West Elizabeth was founded in 1847***, two years after, with it's capital at the city of Blackwater. These states became economically intertwined as New Austin centered on mining and Quarrying to the ranching and farming of West Elizabeth. New Austin, due to its climate, was a free state. West Elizabeth, as ashamed as I am to admit, was a slave state****. Both States joined the Confederacy in 1861. Hm, yes Molly?"
    "Why did New Austin side with the South?"
    "Good question! Now, New Austin prized it's individuality and non government interference. When the other states left the Union, New Austin followed. The western part of old Texas, however, was mostly unionist. The war was brutal as Jayhawkers from the territory made frequent raids against rebel supply lines."

    In the latter era of the 19th century, West Elizabeth experienced a boom in the oil industry. Oil is very important children. Its going to run the world some day. Leviticus Cornwall was a heavy investor in the region, just like in neighboring New Hanover until his death at the hands of the Van der Linde gang in 1899. When he died, other investors came and bought his stock. Now, children, I must talk to a parent about bringing little Tommy his schoolwork, so read the chapter on General Quincy Harris." Jack opened his book and flipped to chapter 5.

    Gen. Quincy Harris***** was born in 1818 in the state of Lemoyne. He enlisted in the army in 1838. He served as an engineer in the army, helping to capture Chapultepec during the Mexican American War. He was amongst the first American officers to enter Mexico City.

    In 1861, twelve states (South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Lemoyne, New Hanover, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Elizabeth, and New Austin) and the indian territory seceded from the union to form the Confederate States of America.

    He was one of the earliest officers to enlist in the Confederate Army. Harris was the officer who fired upon Fort Sumter. He later fought in the first battle of bull run.

    Tranfered to the western theater of the war, he was forced to defend his native state from Gen. Palmer. In 1864, Palmer engaged Harris at Bolger Glade during the Battle of Scarlett Meadows. Palmer assaulted the southern fortifications, gaining little land for heavy losses. During the height of the battle, Colonel Henry Favours left the battle to pursue confederate scouts, earning him the nickname "High tail favours".

    Harris managed to drive off the Union forces but was severely depleted of manpower. By 1865, Quincy Harris's army was almost destroyed. He surrendered to general Palmer.

    After the war, Harris would go on to resent the military presence in his home city of Saint Denis. But by the late 1860s, he had changed his tune, becoming a major supporter of reconciliation and black rights. He served as mayor of Saint Denis in the late 1870s. After his stint as mayor, he served as a railroad executive for the remainder of his life before his death in 1880.

    Jack, when the lessen was finished, read one of his Knights books. He spent the rest of the day doing arithmetic before going home.

    *the game map that comes with the disk cites the year of statehood as 1845, indicating earlier admittance.
    **Austin City is totally made up. There just aren't any cities big enough to be capital in the first or second RDR.
    ***No idea when it was admitted as a state.
    ****Just can't see NA as a slave state due to its climate. I can see WE as one though.
    *****I feel like he's based on PGT Beauregard of OTL.
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    The Constitutional Monarchy of Virginia
    Chapter 7 of American History text book.

    President Fisher

    Scott J "Jonathan" Fisher

    19th President

    Years in office: 1877-1881

    Political Party: Democratic Party

    Born 1814
    Died 1883

    repealed the Specie Payment Resumption Act.
    Continued reconstruction as part of the Compromise of 1877.
    Protected black rights in the former confederacy.
    Federal troops continued to be stationed in Lemoyne during his term.

    I think Fisher was supposed to be a stand in for Samuel J Tilden due to the lack of facial hair and his "bookish" look.
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    The Constitutional Monarchy of Virginia
    Any thoughts on the subject?
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    I think that in the red dead universe the USA spread further south into Mexico due to RD2
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    The Constitutional Monarchy of Virginia