The Greater North - A world where Canada is a superpower

I like these numbers more, but not sure about the movement of capitals for the sake of continuity in all of the other maps. Looks like the map needs another update 🙏
It's your TL and as such its up to you. 🙂

I am assuming a few changes as well to the landscape:

- I made Newfoundland and Labrador bigger by having mines spawn larger communities along the Labrador Trough (thus effecting Labrador City-Wabush-Fremont, Schefferville, Esker-Livingston-Cavanagh and Mehinek and making the latter two into actual communities as opposed to just locations) and extended the railroad line from Schefferville to Kuujjuaq and Quanatulik, from the latter ferries operate that run direct to Iqaluit and Greenland, as well as an all-weather roadway from Labrador City along the rail line to Kuujjuaq and Quanatulik. This, along with the oil of the Grand Banks and much better fisheries management, means Newfoundland becomes a prosperous place.
- Anchorage in Alaska is an ideal place for a major airfield (there is a reason a lot of Trans-Pacific air freight uses Anchorage airport) and a major city, and since I think this Canada is absolutely guaranteed to build the OTL Alaska Pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to the south side of OTL Alaska, the region around Anchorage is assured to be as major a center as is likely possible that far north. With Canada keeping a close, wary eye on the Russians, they'll want the infrastructure to fortify the region built as well. I anticipate Anchorage being the largest city in the Yukon for this reason.
- Norway House I'm thinking is a major community owing to its presence on the Nelson River, with it being one of the communities along the way to the Hudson Bay ports of Churchill and Fort Nelson. I'm anticipating the development of the north and mining resources resulting in roads, railways or both headed up the west side of Hudson Bay at least as Naujaat (which is marked on your map by its old name, Repulse Bay), though I'd personally for security and defense purposes push these all the way up to Igloolik and Sanirajak (marked on your map by its old name, Hall Beach).
- I made Fargo the capital of Manitoba for the same reasons as Kingston, namely because there is a certain benefit for the government not to be concentrated in the same city as the center of commerce. But as with the others, its your call.
I guess my preference is black if we're keeping it simple, and if it's more complicated, black for national borders, very dark gray for provincial borders, and standard gray for the provinces themselves.

I was able to find this and wondering if it would be enough for what you were looking for? If not, I’ll try to make one from scratch that’s more fitting
The sections of the Canadian Economy:

SectionTotal AmountPercentage of GDP
Manufacturing$1.908 Trillion12.84%
Mining, Quarry and Oil and Gas Extraction$1.296 Trillion8.72%
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing$1.242 Trillion8.36%
Public Administration$1.181 Trillion7.95%
Construction$1.056 Trillion7.11%
Finance and Insurance$1.036 Trillion6.97%
Professional, Technical and Scientific Services$909.31 Billion6.12%
Health Care and Social Assistance$900.39 Billion6.06%
Retail Trade$818.68 Billion5.51%
Wholesale Trade$715.16 Billion4.82%
Educational Services$707.24 Billion4.76%
Transportation and Warehousing$671.58 Billion4.52%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting$493.29 Billion3.32%
Information and Cultural Industries$423.45 Billion2.85%
Waste Management, Development and Remediation$328.36 Billion2.21%
Utilities$326.89 Billion2.20%
Accomodation and Food Services$316.48 Billion2.13%
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation$185.73 Billion1.25%
Management of Companies and Enterprises$172.35 Billion1.16%
Other Services (except public administration)$169.38 Billion1.14%

And the Federal Government's Budget:

Total Spending$2,626.18 Billion
Health$825.84 Billion31.45%
National Defense$410.17 Billion15.62%
Interest Charges and Amortization$144.80 Billion5.51%
Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy$228.73 Billion8.71%
Employee Benefits$46.58 Billion1.78%
Veteran Benefits$18.22 Billion0.69%
Justice and Public Safety$74.78 Billion2.85%
Agriculture and Fisheries$38.07 Billion1.45%
Environment$26.54 Billion1.01%
Workforce and Advanced Learning$180.56 Billion6.88%
Economic Development and Tourism$77.95 Billion2.97%
Family and Human Services$141.84 Billion5.40%
Education and Early Learning$326.73 Billion12.44%
Social and Cultural Development$60.54 Billion2.31%
Housing Development and Assistance$24.83 Billion0.95%

If you want to use this, go for it 🙂