The Free Republic of Outremeuse

This is new TL by me

It's the history of tiny nation who was overlook by the Great Powers
and manage to surivive Two World Wars and the cold war

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The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 1: The reason etre

The First Great War was fast victory for Germany in the West,
With Battle of Marne and the surrender of french 3th army in Verdun besiege by Germans.
From The Entente remain British Empire and Russian, while France and Belgium surrender.
But the War continue until 1917 and ended with Peace treaty between Germany and Russians.
Of the Central Powers Remain Germany, while Austria-Hungary dissolved and Ottoman Empire collapse during bloody Civil-war.

The USA had own problems and there military intervention in Mexico, let there to bloody guerrilla war with Mexicans.

In 1919 after 2 years of Diplomatic negations the Treaty of Potsdam were sign.
The 1917 armistice with Britain became a Peace Treaty as the Germans pull out Belgium.
But Belgium had change over occupation by Germans, King Albert was furious as he read the demands:

- King Albert has to resign from Throne in favour of his Son Leopold, until he gain majority, will he represented by Governor-General Ludwig von Falkenhausen.
- The Former King Albert is banished from Belgium territory and goes in Exile of his choice.
- Federalisation of Belgium into Flanders and Walloon state united under Belgium King as personal union.
- The province of Luxemburg will reunite with Duchy of Luxemburg now part of Kingdom of Bavaria.
- All remaining Belgium territory north of Duchy of Luxemburg and east of river Meuse become property of Prussian Kingdom.
- The colony Belgium Congo become property of German Empire.
- Opening the Belgium Harbours for Germany Navy and mercantile marine.
- instalment of german troops on Belgium territory
- Belgium become part of Zollverein (German Customs Union)

King Albert realised that Germans had made Belgium to there puppet state
wen his son became king, the Germans have gain total control and use unexperienced Leopold as their political marionette.

The Frontiers of Europa were redrawn by the Germans.
like the incorporation of the Germans part of Austria-Hungary into Empire, forming the Greater German Reich (GGR).
Also Belgium, what wanders westwards on map, gaining French departments of Pas-de-Calais and Nord.
To put french Industrial basin and Coal mines under Belgium control who is puppet state of Germany.

In the east Belgium lost everything east bank of River Meuse
the Province of Liege lost 2/3 of it Territory to Prussia.
here the German authorities make the Walloons very clear, learn German or get deported.
Allot of them leave for new land in west, were Belgians commit ethnic cleansing against french.
They were replaced by Germans settlers from area of Aachen and Cologne bringing „Rheinische Gemütlichkeit“ (Rhineland coziness)
to Towns like Verviers, Herve, Fleron, Stavelot, Chaudfontaine.
Those Towns were soon relabel or germanised in Name, like Liege into Lüttich, this one was special case.
Liege lies on river meuse spreading west and east along the River and was one important industrial city of Belgium until The Treaty of Potsdam.
Who defined the new Border on river Meuse cutting the City in Two: Walloon Liege and German Lüttich, cutting the Steel and Coal production in two.
But The Second Treaty of Potsdam, had overlook something: in center of Liege lies the river Island of Outremeuse,
what became a stateless territory between Belgium Kingdom and Great German Reich.

Flanders: dutch dialect speaking Belgians
Walloons: french dialect speaking Belgians

Luxembourg become part of Kingdom of Bavaria.
do Marriage of Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and Antonia von Luxemburg and Nassau.

Zollverein (German Customs Union)
A coalition of Nations under Germany that manage tariffs and economic policies.
A precursor of Economic and finances union under Vereinigte Staten von Europa founded in 1947
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Is there any information about Outre-Meuse? I tried find with Google but I didn't find anything useful. Seems being so overlooked that even Wikipedia doesn't know that.
Is there any information about Outre-Meuse?
There will more information in TL
Outremeuse is a district and river island of town Liege, one biggest industrial City in Belgium.


Photo: on the left the city of Liege in middle Outermeuse and on right the City of Lüttich
Your proposed Outremeuse sounds a lot like the experience of a nearby area, now part of present-day Belgium, called Moresnet. Wikipedia says Moresnet “was 1.5 kilometres (1 mi) wide and five kilometres (3 mi) long, with an area of 360 hectares (900 acres)” and the population was “3,500 in 1914.”

Wikipedia said:
In December 1815, Dutch and Prussian representatives convened in nearby Aachen, and on 26 June 1816 a compromise was obtained, dividing the district of Moresnet into three parts. The Dutch absorbed the village of Moresnet itself into Liège Province, while the Prussian village Moresnet (renamed Neu-Moresnet after World War I) became part of the Prussian Rhine Province and the mine and village adjacent became a neutral territory pending a future agreement. The two powers, whose armies were prohibited from occupying the area, established a joint administration.

When Belgium gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, the Belgians assumed control of the Dutch role in Neutral Moresnet (though the Dutch never formally ceded their claim).
Map time
A quick hand drawn map of Belgium before and after first Great War with Treaty of Potsdam
and point out were is Liege/ Lüttich
one of reason why Belgium got gaining French departments of Pas-de-Calais and Nord.
To put french Industrial basin and Coal mines under Belgium control who is puppet state of Germany.

The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 2 : D’où La République libre d’Outremeuse

Because that tiny island was overlooked in Treaty of Potsdam, who define the new frontiers at riverbank West and East, but not was is in middle !
Now in limbo, the island citizen were Helpless, neither the Walloon or Prussian were willing to do something for them:

Walloon Administration: You lies east of border, The Prussian are responsible
Prussian Administration: You lies west of border, The Walloon are responsible

The Situation in Outremeuse was chaotic, Marriage not recognised, inheritance question, non existing Justice System or Crime fighting.
They even not able to bury their dead because cemetery was on Prussian territory, who not allow access!
(This is reason why Outremeuse do cremation nowadays)
Inhabitants try to flee too Liege or Lüttich to escape the Kafkaesk situation.

On 15 August 1920 a group of local Celebrities united
and declared „La République libre d’Outremeuse“ („The Free Republic of Outremeuse“)

Actually it was burlesque reaction on situation that Island had to endure since year.
unfortunately the Prussia bureaucrats not understand humour, and recognise the new Republic,
while the same time the Chaotic Walloon bureaucrats recognise also the new Republic…
…And suddenly was the „The Free Republic of Outremeuse“ a realty!
This Provincial farce provide fit of laughter in entire Germany, even so far that Emperor Wilhelm II. intervene:

„Ich habe selten so gut gelacht, seit die Sache mit den Hauptmann of Köpenick ! diese Bürokraten benötigen eine Denkzettel !“
had never such fun since the case of the captain of Köpenick ! those bureaucrats need a teaching !

He recognised the Free Republic of Outremeuse in Adendun of the Treaty of Potsdam as new independent European State,
The Walloons and Prussia administration were expecting that new Republic collapse under mismanagement, but things went a way no one expected.

In zenith of Steel production and Coal mining worked thousands foreign workers in Liege/Lüttich
Far way from their Family ten thousands men wen every weekend into Brothels of the town, but since the City division things were not so easy.
Special with regulation and new Laws, what the new Republic not had.
So the first who move their business from Liege/Lüttich into Outremeuse, were the Brothels owners, follow by Bars, restaurants, night clubs, cabarets and Casinos.
At Frist the Authorities try to block the access over bridge to Outremeuse Brothels,
The Republic response with ferry service over river Meuse, as Authorities try stop this also,
Happen General Strike in Coal-mine and Steel-mills on both side of River, the Demand of Workers: Free access to Outermeuse !
The Walloon and Prussian Authorities surrender to the demands…

…La République Libre d’Outremeuse became the biggest red-light district in Europe !
Also provides Outremeuse, illegal gambling, black market, smuggle thanks to its location on river Meuse and its strategic position between Belgium, Netherland and the Great German Reich.
The Republic Leader and Criminals knew that they had to keep a low profile on what happen in prosperous Republic, Otherwise the German Army would terminate their reign.

In 1930s La République d’Outre-Meuse rival with Hamburg Reeperbahn, the Achterdam of Amsterdam.
and the Quartier Pigalle of Paris before french Communist government forbid prostitution in 1933.
The earnings let new business model: investment Banking, the National Bank of Outremeuse not ask question and payed high interest.
Also flourish new Market, the productions of Pornographic Movies, Music, Books and later Comics.
One of Locals became a world celebrity: Georges Simenon with his crime novels around Liege /Outre-Meuse /Lüttich and exploits of Belgium inspector Jules Maigret.

The Chaotic origin of Free Republic was adapted by Behold Brecht and Kurt Weill into play with music called „Die Freie Republik“ (1930)
we're Brecht offers socialist critique on Prussian state and exploitation of women in Outremeuse.
The song „The revolution eats its children“ is bitter reckoning with every kind of Revolution turn bad.

The Adendun of the Treaty of Potsdam

A 1920 addition to Treaty, to deal with open questions, like status of Hungary after german intervention there.
to terminate the Hungary civil war, the recognition of several States in former Austria-Hungary, like Syldavia or Borduria,
Status of the German protectorates of german enclave in east Europa states.
the Free Republic of Outremeuse was point 137 in the Adendun.

The captain of Köpenick

in 1906, former convict Wilhelm Voigt try to get legal paper to get work. what Prussia bureaucrats refused because he had no work.
A vicious circle, without legal paper, he can’t get work and without work he can’t get a legal papers.
in his desperation he imposed with use uniform as Captain of Prussian Army, round up several soldiers and a sergeant, who follow his orders without question.
went with them to local city hall of Köpenick and „arrested“ the mayor and Treasurer for crooked bookkeeping!
and escape with 4002 Reichsmark and 37 pfennigs and with passport on his name, what let to his arrest 2 days later.
The case is become legendary in history of German Empire for most absurd fraud ever made.
This farce provide fit of laughter in entire German Empire.
it unmasked the omnipotence of Militarism, the catch-22 of bureaucrats and german blind obedient to people in Uniform…
Even Empore Wilhelm II was so amused about case, That he pardoned Wilhelm Voigt on 16 august 1908.
The story became theatre play by Carl Zuckmayer and that was adapted in several movies
One of Locals became a world celebrity: Georges Simenon with his crime novels around Liege /Outre-Meuse /Lüttich and exploits of Belgium inspector Jules Maigret.

The Chaotic origin of Free Republic was adapted by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill into play with music called „Die Freie Republik“ (1930)
where Brecht offers socialist critique on Prussian state and exploitation of women in Outremeuse.
The song „The revolution eats its children“ is bitter reckoning with every kind of Revolution turn bad.
I like the way that you creatively mix an actual famous person who was really from Outremeuse in OTL with fictional ATL works by other real OTL people.

In ATL, Georges Simenon from Outremeuse, could conceivably have made his fictional detective Jules Maigret a Belgian, instead of a French Parisian, since France lost the war and the Germans won, thereby changing history in many ways in your ATL.

And Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill were OTL musical collaborators from 1927 to 1930 and could very well have created an ATL musical play called „Die Freie Republik“ in 1930 had history been different.

Your timeline shows attention to obscure details which is evidence of the great care you have taken in crafting this very interesting ATL Outremeuse. I will enjoy continuing to read your imaginative take on what might have been. I also salute you on your excellent maps.

I had forgotten the hilarious Köpenick incident. Thanks for reminding me of it and, perhaps, introducing it to readers who might not know about it.
I once read a "U.S. balkanizes during the Civil War into five nations" timeline and after its version of WWI, the Germans release Picardy and Alsace-Lorraine as independent buffer states, which I always thought was a neat if rather odd choice. (Later in its WWII, "Normandy, Brittany, Flanders, and Provence rise in open revolt.", which I suppose speaks for how knowledgeable that timeline is about Europe.) I guess this is like a much tinier, Belgian version of that happening.
I like the way that you creatively mix an actual famous person who was really from Outremeuse in OTL with fictional ATL works by other real OTL people.
Thank you very much

I guess this is like a much tinier, Belgian version of that happening.
Belgium make after Great War hell of transformation
They Federalised 72 years earlier as OTL and effect will show over time
Also happen events in 1930s that transform the Kingdom deeply (upcoming post)
For Flemish and Walloon happen allot
The Walloon have since 1920 one biggest Industrial basin in Europe, with union of Belgium and north french coal mine and Steel mills !
The biggest transformation will have the Flemish
First fierce anti Germans resistance during Great War, become to most loyal allies of Great German Reich !
why ?
because before the great War, the Flemish endure the rule of dominant Wallons and heavy influence by Catholics church in Rome (Italy)
The German Occupier gave them own Government, liberalised the education system like open flemish speaking universities
because before the great War all Belgians universities were speaking french.
Also the Germans introduce the separation of State and Church, restricting the influence of roman-catholic church in Belgium
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The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 3: Except form the Outremeuse Article from the Infopedia on the Infonet.

in Walloon Dju d’la Mouse (beyond the Meuse) or in short Djud’la,
The Original term Outremeuse refers to suburb of right bank of city of Liege


Geographie of Outremeuse>

Photo: on the left the city of Liege in middle Outermeuse and on right the City of Lüttich

The republic is a tiny river island of 76 hectare size, with a Frontier of 6 km long, In middle of river Meuse.

Allot people think dat Island is one big Brothel, that is not true
The Red Light District focus between Rue Gretry and Rue Puits-en-Sock
While north part of Island, remain residential area of citizens. and small factories in courtyards.
from Rue Gertry come complex of High-rise building from 1970s
The highes was the Cremona tower demolish in 1984 do severe damage in event of 1983.

The South of Island is residential area of rich citizens or high class prostitutes.
The south tip is park, remain of a World-expo, happen longtime ago before the great War.


Government, Administration, Law and Order>

The Government of R.LO.M consist of the Mayor and up to 20 ministers, who are elected every 5 years.
The Minister deal with needed task for function of Republic like Finance, Administration or Justice System or Crime fighting.

Les Gardiens (1920-1983) the law and order force of the Republic, replace by Self Defends Force in 1983.
Formed by voluntier, they secure peace, solved crime and disputes.
La Caserne (the barracks) a former Military base in Outremeuse, was HQ for Les Gardiens,
also Prison, Court and place for executions.

Before 1970s the Administration spread out over several buildings, even the private homes of Ministers !
bevor construct of the Cremona Tower who later centralise the Administration in one building.

The first export product of Outremeuse is Peket a fruit brandy, similar to Jenever (Dutch gin.)
While bad tongues claimed Pekte is better used as Paint thinner, nail varnish remover, disinfectant or as rocket fuel…

Official is main financial income is by Prostitution and productions of Pornographic Material like Movies or magazines and Comics.

Estimation that Republic made with Prostitution around 438 million Mark every Year
the Pornographic made around 500 million Mark every Year

Allot companies use Outremeuse as legal seat, most for Tax reason, with only address a letter box.

The Bank of Outremeuse is know for it discretion, high invest rates and money laundering.

The Hospital de Bavière, (Bavarian Hospital) became under Free Republic a Private Clinic.
Became later specialised in treatment of sexual transmit disease, cosmetic surgery and sex change and fertility problems.
They ask no questions if right sum money was payed.

The Monastery of Order of Saint-Augustin is closely connected with Hospital de Bavière,
over time they recruited former prostitutes.
The Order operate food kitchen for prostitutes and the Orphanage of the Republic or work in Clinic.

Outremeuse in know for it’s Music industry, with producers like Luc Ginsbourg
Record factory that printed any kind of music, if the right sum of money is payed.
it was since 1970s bastion of German Affenmusik or Neue Deutsche Welle and Neue Deutsche Harte.
But also know of Bootlegging music

Counterfeiting of perfume and branded clothing and accessories from Italian high-end fashion houses.
Or Sportswear productions of German Adidas or Bogner.
the republic has notorious reputation of counterfeiting Money, documents and Paintings.
Today you buy easy fake diplomas and PhD or a title of nobility

Sadly is Outremeuse a stronghold for Counterfeit medication and production of synthetic drugs also farming of high quality Cannabis.

Outremeuse is also disreputable in smuggle and selling contraband like Weapons.

Estimation by Reichs Kriminal Amt make Outremeuse around one to three billion Mark with this illegal activity!

The Republic has no own money, accepted for payments are: German Mark, British Pound Sterling, Chinese Gold-Yuan and US Dollars, French Francs are not accepted.

Do it size the Republic top limit are 13000 inhabitants
From it are 6000 prostitutes (mostly woman).
The Republic is visit up to 30000 people daily.
Estimations by DAC has the Republic 11 million visitors every year.

Next Walloons come the Italians, the French, Germans, Chinese and Africans community.
There are tension special with french, who only tolerated in Republic as sex workers with temporal residency permit.

Famous Inhabitants
Charlemagne, King of the Franks, according his Chronic, he was born in Outremeuse !
Marc Chagall, The Famous painter live some time in republic.
Tinto Brass, Italian film director, know for his erotic avant-garde films
Lasse Braun, Italian pornographer, film director, producer, novelist and researcher.
Mimi Di Corinto, with age 22, she became one of the notorious dominatrix of her time, key figure of Liberation in 1983 and Berlin putsch of 1989
Penelope Di Corinto, key figure of Liberation in 1983 and Berlin putsch of 1989.
Luc Gainsbourg, Belgium musician, songwriter, actor, author, painter, producer, provocateur.
Zenobe Gramme, Belgian inventor of Gamme dynamo
Elmyr de Hory, famous Hungarian forger, lived 1950 to 1976 in republic
Bernard Kamenoff, Comic Artist famous for Erotic work
Michel Krieger, German army deserter, key figure of Liberation in 1983 and Berlin putsch of 1989.
Konrad Kujau, German illustrator and forger
Jean d’Outremeuse, 14th century composer
Gerhard Seyfried, German Comic Artist and Anarchist.
Pierre Seron, Comic Artist
Georges Simenon, Novellist and author of crime novels.
Reinhold Vaster, German master goldsmith and forger
Francois Waltery, Comic Artist

Le Tram is the only public transport of Outremeuse
Its the remain of Liege pre-War tramway network, divided in three parts in 1919.
The republic modified in 1920s the Network, to connect separate parts on Island.
Forming two line who interconnects.
Le Tram is today oldest Tramway still operating with Cars from 1900s

There is stop of H-Train, but this only one on Outremeuse connecting them with Liege and Lüttich
(H-line connect both Train-stations of Liege Central and Lüttich Hbf in round course true both cities)

There two bus route connecting Liege/Lüttich passing over Rue Grétry in Outremeuse.

In 1970s were VTOL landing platforms and Heliports installed on top of several buildings,
DAC got permit to use them for their Air medical service.

The Republic is accessible with cars, over bridge, but lack parking space all are reserve for inhabitants
For Visitor there several multi-storey car park, even multi-storey parking ships in Meuse
But they are inadequate for numbers of visitors the Republic has.
Is recommended to use the car parks in Liege or Lüttich and use public transport to Outremeuse.

They're several ports at Outremeuse, next quays for merchant and cargo, also for yachts.
Rumours tell that republic has one or more secret ports with submarines for smuggle
using river Meuse or the Leopold III. canal.

Outremeuse is renowned for its nightlife, special the tiny pedestrians streets and old yards
with Nightclubs, restaurants and cafes

National holiday is August 15, were celebrate the independents and Black Madonna the Virgin.
Over 3 Day the citizens celebrate with drinking, Musik, Parades, Puppet show
and the procession of the Black Madonna, who is carry true out Outremeuse.
on last day „the poor bone“ (the symbolic remains of banquet) is mourn and honour with memorial ceremony and large firework.

The national anthem of Free Republic of Outremeuse is „Djudla Mouse po to“ (sing in Walloon dialect)

Tchantches a legendary Hero that live in age of King Charlemagne in Outremeuse
His story is traditional told with puppet shows.

After Second Great War, Outremeuse prohibit official use of french language
And declared the local Walloon dialect as official language of Republic

International relations>
Sister Nation was the free Commune de Montmartre (Paris) until the Communist Government
Terminated the anarchist commune in 1930s.

The Republic has partnership with Hamburg Reeperbahn and the Achterdam of Amsterdam.

R.LO.M is french acronym for République libre d’Outremeuse.

Tchantches is Walloon dialect for french surname Francois.

Reichs Kriminal Amt is federal investigative police agency in Greater German Reich, similar to the F.B.I in USA.

DAC or Deutscher Automobil Club
is Europa largest motoring associations
There goal is the representation, promotion and advocacy of motoring, motor sport and tourism
provide Air medical service with a fleet of Helicopters and VTOL Aircraft
a Roadside assistance and testing quality of motor vehicle
Most know for DAC Reiseführer, the german successor of Michelin guild (1900-1930)
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The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 4
- Wen Disaster Strike

In January 1926 happen large flood in river Meuse, do heavy rain and melting snow
The Water level rise dramatic that Streets in Liege, Outermeuse and Lüttich were one meter under water.
over 10000 houses were flooded in area, total damage ware 10 million Mark, lucky no one died.
The Republic survived their first Disaster, it was not last one, War, Earthquake, Terrorism and another flooding followed.

The Flooding of 1926 let to building of the Leopold III. Canal in 1930s to regulate the river Meuse.

The Ugly head of Antisemitic

After losing the Great War, France was in political turmoil and allot questions raise, who to blame ?
Soon rumor and legends rise, In rich Antisemitic environment of France, it became popular legend that War was lost by the Jews !
By Rich jews who made capital gains with defeat of France with help of Jewish politicians and Generals !
This nonsense play into the hand of extremist of „Action Française“ or „Camelots du Roi“, extrem right nationalist Antisemitic monarchist.
They were not interested in political debate, they wanted violence, murder and mayhem on street.
Their first victims were prominent french jews.

in 1926 happen the „Bloody Sunday“ were Action Française and Camelots du Roi, attacked Jews all over the Republic.

in 1929 happen the Wall Street Crash leading into Great Depression.
This time came rumor that Americans Jewish bankers were behind this and another wave of violence and murder swept over France !
This was used by French Communist to take over power and Declare the People Republic of France.

Allot of Jews had enough of this and left France forever, to Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, Canada or USA.
But one nation was more popular because of their less hatred towards the Jews: the Greater German Reich.

Outremeuse Jewish commune grow, situated around the synagog in Rue Léon Fredericq.
Sadly do limited space on Island, Outremeuse became a transitional stage for jewish refugee,
Were got temporal shelter, food and help to emigrate into Belgium, Netherlands or Germany.
if necessary with counterfeit documents made in Outremeuse, if you pay right sum of money.
Some of Jewish celebrity that used Outremeuse:
Luc Ginsburg with his parents, he later return to live here.
Marc Chagall lived several months in Outremeuse before settle down in Netherlands,
or the aircraft engineer Marcel Stürmer.

Most french refugees settle in Belgium in Brussel and Antwerp, the Kingdom profit enormous of the intellectual input
Who on long term change the nation deeply.

Luc Gainsbourg, *2 april 1928 - 2 march 1992†, born as Lucien Serge Gainsbourg in Paris,
becomes after second great war, Belgium most revered musician with legendary cult status.

Marcel Stürmer, *23 January 1892 - 17 April 1986† born as Marcel Bloch in Paris.
After his Aircraft Company was Nationalised and his House was burnt down by Antisemitic.
He took his Wife and two sons and fled over Outremeuse to the Great German Reich,
Here He found work at Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke in Berlin,
He change his name to Marcel Stürmer and help in development of first Jet-engine and strategic Bombers
After Second Great War he building the legendary jet-fighter BLITZ.
Also very influential Person in German politic, who support the German jewish party.

Georges Perec * 07 march 1936 - 07 march 1982†
Born in Brussel from French jewish parents, became after Second Great War,
Belgium honour novelist, filmmaker, documentalist, and essayist.
know for the teasing rivalry with Flemish speaking author Hugo Claus.
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Map time
A quick hand drawn map of Belgium before and after first Great War with Treaty of Potsdam
and point out were is Liege/ Lüttich
one of reason why Belgium got gaining French departments of Pas-de-Calais and Nord.
To put french Industrial basin and Coal mines under Belgium control who is puppet state of Germany.

Srely the French coast would be Flemish not Walloon
Srely the French coast would be Flemish not Walloon
What Flemish get from Germans is French Flanders
On Map the hatched area, the region in France where West Flemish dialects are spoken.
The rest of Nord-Pas de Calais and French Hainaut, becomes part of Walloonia
Inclusive the Coal and industry basin of North-France and city of Calais.
not as reparation on Province of Liege, but to hurt French economy reduce there capacity for rearmament...
The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 5 the 1930s Crisis and Opportunity

Belgium suffers under Economic crisis provoked by 1929 Wall Street Crash.
Former King Albert I. died in Scotland during climbing on 17 February 1934,
His body return to Belgium and he was buried in royal mausoleum at Brussel.

On 29 August 1935, happen a drama that shake the Belgium Kingdom to it core.
King Leopold III and wife died in car accident near Luzern, Swiss.
Prince Baudouin almost 5 years old was to young to rule,
So Leopold brother Charles became Prince Regent of Belgium, he transformed Belgium into Modern state.
He gave voting rights for Women, pushed for reforms in Belgium Politic and work program during economic Crisis,
like the construction of Leopold III canal from Liege to Antwerpen.

This Canal gave Outremeuse access to harbour of Antwerp and to international trade and smuggle.
A economic boost for the Republic suffering under the Crisis

The Great German Reich underwent a turbulent Time
With power struggle between Conservative, Socialist and terrorist Communist.
The consolidation of Mittleafrika (The German, Belgium and some french Colonies in Africa).
and rising tension with France, Soviet union and Empire of Japan.

But Germany saw also social reforms, the rise of The Steel Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.
New impulses in Art and Architecture and Design with Bauhaus
The Political and economic ties with Kuomintang China was blessing during economic crisis.

In Spain happen Civil War from 1936 to 1939, Outremeuse gain allot with illegal traffic of Weapons to Spain,
or providing Spanish refuges with fake documents.
The Great German Reich had to intervene in this Civil War to prevent the french communist intervention in Spain.
With large military operation they defeated the republicans and installed the Nationalist as ruling party
And General Jose Sanjurjo became leader of Spain,

In USA a series of economic help program called New Deal overcome the economic Crisis.
By President Franklin D. Roosevelt a former Republican, now Progressive party leader.
With kick start the US economy profit also the European Nations like Outremeuse.

The Italian government startet to eradicate the mafia by any means possible.
In 1929 the mafia was on retreat since the „Iron Perfect“ Mori was hunting them down, after attempt to kill him and his family,
Allot of Mafia members who could escape Italy went to USA , other went to south France, south Germany, Belgium and The Free Republic of Outremeuse.
Here they made aggressive take over, in Germany however there attempts were responded extremely hostile by one Crime Gang
This gang was based in several city in Great German Reich and expanding also Into Outremeuse and into England !
This war between Mafia and the Organisation, let that Reichkriminalamt to smash the Organisation.
and arrest the criminal Mastermind behind it, a certain Adolf Hitler…

in the end a group of Mafioso manage to survive in Outremeuse by keeping low profile.
waiting for right moment to act…

Kuomintang China connection to Germany is based on two reason:
One: Chiang Kai-Shek learned at Prussian War Academy in Berlin during 1906 to 1911.
Second: During the Great War, Chiang Kai-Shek manage to persuade the Japanese to let there Germans Prisoners,
To stay in China camps, (original planned was to deported off them to Japan)
Here the Chinese made first contact with German culture and food and got enthusiastic for everything German.

In 1932 the Police-forces of GGR member-states were united under higher-ranking organisation of Reichkriminalamt.
Similar to F.B.I in USA
With interworking of member-states, The ministry of justice hope a better fight against crime.
successful, it let to eradication of organisation Hitler,

Adolf Hitler
Aka A Wolf, Der Chef, the real Mabuse,, Alois Schicklgruber, Alousius Pölzl, Alfons Hiedler.
One of the most notorious crime lord of the 20 century.
Born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary Empire.
He try to be a Painter, book Author or be Politician, with not great success
until he saw the Fritz Lang Movie Dr. Mabuse der Spieler finding his destiny as Criminal.
From 1922 on Hitler build up a Criminal Gang in Munich.
Highly organised in theft, bank robbery, extortion, counterfeit, Drugs and weapons trafficking, prostitution, and slave trade!
on it zenith Hitler "Crime Empire" include 5 city: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Linz.
He had with help of his stepbrother in Liverpool, connection to British crime gangs.
He enter Munich high society as respected business man Adolf Wolf, specialised in Import and Export.
His Organisation was equal powerful like Al Capone crime syndicate in Chicago!
In human trafficking and Prostitution, Hitler show to be a very diabolic genius,
His gang had control of several Orphanage in his "Crime empire"
Official as patronage of a well respected business man, he sell the adolescent and children to over sea into Prostitution or enslavement.
In same time he receive "shipment" of sex-slaves for His brothels, from France, China, South America, and Africa.
He organised his Gang like Army unit.
The member got best Lawyers, if one got in prison, the Gang support the Family,
Traitors were brutal murder, here Hitler show allot sick ideas of executions methods.
His arrest and sentencing were spectacular events of it time !

His Judge was Roland Freister, the bloodhound of Justice ministry, this man was notorious for his cruelties and disregard toward his victims in court.
Adolf Hitler was execute under guillotine for his horribly crimes in 1933.
The Free Republic of Outremeuse
Part 6 Art & Communism and Urbanism


In 1924 it was official establish with Surrealist Manifesto by Andre Breton and Yvan Goll
as a Cultural Movement of visual Art, Literature, Theatre, Cinema, Music, Philosophy and Politic.
Using element of surprise, juxtapositions and Dream analyst & psychology under Sigmund Freud.
During 1920s the radical Surrealism movement shocked establishment of France and other nations.

in 1933 The Communist party of France forbid the Surrealism movement as „Counter-revolutionary“.
Andre Breton as true Communist, went to HQ of Communist Party in Paris and fight for withdrawal the order.
His body was found next day in river Seine, Breton had gunshot wound in neck, typical for CPAI, the communist secret police.
From here were the Surrealist on the run, on suggestion by Rene Magritte most of them settle in Brussel, Belgium,
other stay for while in the Free Republic of Outremeuse, like Max Ernst.
Also Marc Chagall lived several months in Outremeuse before settle down in Netherlands.

Jean Cocteau spent rest of his life in Republic he consider as „Man’s incarnated paradise“
Other like Luis Bunuel went to Mexico, while Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Salvatore Dali went to USA,
But the dead of Andre Breton and suicide of Rene Crevel, was dead blow for Surrealism, there formet members went there way…

Rene Magritte help a young jew and learn him painting and surrealist Manifesto.
His name Lucien Serge Gainsbourg better know as Luc Gainsbourg becoming later one of notorious citizen of Outremeuse.
Even Pablo Picasso was force to leave France in 1933, a experience that shocked Picasso deeply,
he settle In Monaco. later as France invaded the principality, Picasso escape to Italy.
Here created he the gigantic triptych „Menace“, „Monaco“, „Expulsion“ is today consider most moving and powerful painting against totalitarianism and War.

In mean time several painters settle down in Outremeuse, some refugees from France or
from Belgium, Netherland or Germany, because they were wanted for art forgery.
In new home they found possibility to continue their work or become a forger in order to survive.
The Europan Art Market was flooded by high quality art forgery from free Republic…
Like lost „work“ of Picasso or „unpublished“ Jean Cocteau.

The Communist Party of France (CPF) had big plans
They reshape Paris as modern Communist city and get rid of old and unneeded.
One of first victim was Eifel tower, it was dismantle for it metal value and make place for Palais du Party communist de France to be build on Champ de Mars
Follow the demolition of the 1th, 2th, 3th and 4th arrondissement of Paris, to build social housing and new public building by Le Corbusier
The Plan Voisin envision by Le Corbusier was modified to met the demands of CPF

But CPF plans had a hidden agenda, official to build social housing blocks in 3th and 4th arrondissement
It also destroy the Jewish quarter of Le Marais and residence of French nobility and those social housing were for Members only of CPF
The Red light district of the Quartier Pigalle was closed and brothels demolish for social housing
Next to that were Paris Churches close and demolish, there were even plans to pulling down the cathedral Notre Dame !
Also correction in traffic by building new street true Paris, destroying living quarters of people, the CPF consider enemy of the Party.
One of victims was Coco Chanel, who was force to move her HQ out 1th arrondissement, later she emigrate to Milan, Italy.
With her move the center of High fashion finally to Italy
Another project were the Melnikov parking houses for 1000 cars, build over Seine Bridges
From the News Paper Le Petit Parisien last issue, before the CPF forbid it’s publication:

The City of Love has become the City of Concrete !
Those Godless Communist bastards rip the heart out Paris and France !
They destroy the cityscape, ripp down churches and monuments and replace it with concrete monstrosity by this cursed Swiss and Russians architects

Here again Outremeuse profit from this Situations
Allot artwork, parts of monuments and stature from Paris churches, appear again in their black market.
Or were used to improve there Homes.

CPAI = Commissariat du Peuple Affaire Intérieures - People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs
The secret police of French Communist Party, they conduit arrest, inquisition, internment and executions on party orders.

Charles-Edouard Jeannert (*1887-1946†) better known as Le Corbusier was Swiss-french architect.
with radical new view on building, as enthused communist he found admire and supporter in politburo of the CPF.
There is controversy if Le Corbusier was communist or just pandering to those in Power…

Allot art Work of Picasso was lost, as he left France to Monaco and on escape to Italy
Follow purging the Museum and Art dealers form „Counter-revolutionary“ Artwork
Then came Second Great War…
So there dispute about rediscover Picasso Artwork about there authenticity, mostly are there forgery.
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A similar mini-state to this one, but further east:

In the Outremeuse Time Line exist also Pressburg but as Protectorate of Great German Reich.
Allot German speaking enclave of former Austria-Hungary Empire are now Protectorate.
Their allot politic dispute in Berlin Reichstag to annex those into the Reich or make independent micro states out it.
The Protectorate serve as politic compromise and as protection of Germans there vs hostile locals... Hungary or Serbian part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.