Chapter 16 - Anger and Hope
April 19th 1463: Queen Magdalena falls pregnant with child once more, much to her and her husband’s delight. However, the happiness is short lived as on the same day her pregnancy is revealed, it becomes quite apparent that Lady Elizabeth Grey is pregnant. It doesn’t take a genius to find out that Edward IV is the father.

April 29th 1463: George, Duke of Clarence is betrothed to Isabel Neville, Countess of Warwick. They are scheduled to marry in 1466, when Isabel turns 15.
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Chapter 17 - Births & A Terrible Medical Accident
May 1463: Anne, Duchess of Burgundy gives birth to a son named Philippe. Only two months after his birth, Philippe’s namesake grandfather dies in his sleep. Charles is now Duke of Burgundy, with Philippe the Count of Charolais.

July 1463: Margaret Beaufort, Duchess of York is pregnant again. King Henry IV of Castile is, thus-far, unable to consummate his marriage to Margaret of York. Trying a surgery to fix his impotence, his genitals are dangerously cut.

August 1463: Henry miraculously recovers, but is still unable to sleep with Margaret. Moreover he is incredibly sickly and doctors doubt he will love much longer. Meanwhile Elizabeth, Duchess of Brittany announces a pregnancy,

September 1463: Edward IV’s two women give birth only three days apart. First is Elizabeth Woodville, who has been given the title the Countess of Winchester. She gives birth to a daughter, christened Elizabeth. Her rival, Queen Magdalena, also gives birth to a daughter, christened Magdalene. Both daughters are healthy.
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Chapter 18 - An Angevin Plot
November 12th 1463: Edward IV summons Parliament, the first of his reign. There he levies new taxes to refill the English treasury and introduces legal reforms.

November 25th 1463: Louis XI writes to René of Anjou offering his support to the Duke, should he press his claim to Aragon. Louis’s offer is one of pragmatism. He knows that Castile is currently allied with England and that peace between England and France shall not last. Hence, he wants to set up René as the King of Aragon, so that he shall act as a counter to an English allied Aragon. René responds enthusiastically and the two begin discussing the matter in detail.
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Chapter 20 - Ascension & Pregnancies
February 3rd 1464: A coup d’etat of sorts occurs in Castile. Many nobles declare Juana a bastard and refuse to proclaim her Queen. Instead, her uncle, Alfonso is proclaimed King with the backing of much of Castile. Joanna is whisked away into a Nunnery, where she is referred to as Dona Juana.

February 25th 1464: Infante Alfonso is sworn in as King of Castile in an elaborate ceremony. Present are his sister and mother Isabella and ambassadors from across Europe, including his Iberian neighbours, Portugal, Aragon and Navarre. Alfonso’s Regent is the Bishop of Toledo. Meanwhile, the widowed Margaret temporarily retires to her estates as she plots her future.

March 7th 1464: Edward IV is outstanded to discover that his wife Magdalena is pregnant once more. Soon prayers are said for the Queen, hoping for a health child.

March 19th 1464: Scandal breaks out in the English Court when Lady Elizabeth Lucy falls pregnant. Furthermore, it is revealed that Edward IV is the father when he is caught with her in his chambers.

March 27th 1464: Lady Margaret Beaufort gives birth. The labour is hard and difficult but she ultimately gives birth to a healthy, if not small, girl. The girl is named Joan, after Margaret and Edmund’s common ancestor. However, Margaret is greatly weakened by the labour and spends weeks recovering.

April 10th 1464: Elizabeth, Countess of Winchester falls pregnant once more. Again, it is clear Edward IV is the father, much to Magdalena’s chagrin.

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Chapter 21 - An Heir
April 29th 1464 - Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Brittany, gives birth to a daughter - Elisabeth of Brittany. Though initially weak at birth, the babe survives against the odds.

May 11th 1464 - Queen Magdalena confides in her sister-in-law, Margaret, Duchess of York, her unhappiness over her husband's many mistresses. She cites that she cannot help but feel unsafe, as she may birth another girl and his mistress' boys. Margaret, more fond of Magdalena than she is of most, reassures the woman that the title of Queen will not be taken from her by daughters of knights. They spend the rest of the day enjoying the gardens with their children - Princess Magdalena and Richard of York, Joan of York being with her wetnurse - whom they are each God parents to.

June 30th 1464 - Dowager Queen of Castile Margaret writes to her brother. Having had a taste for power and enjoying proving her own capabilities, she desires to become a Queen once again. She queries with him about whether he might desire a closer ally in Portugal, via the widowed King Afonso. After all, Portugal had been England's oldest ally and, even more importantly, they had legitimate Lancastrian blood.

July 14th 1464 - a response from Edward IV arrives, he appears interested and states his plans to write to Portugal.

August 21st 1464 - Margaret of Anjou's third pregnancy - second with Warwick - is announced. This time, she hopes for a daughter.

October 28th 1464 - Elizabeth Woodville gives birth to a son. Edward wishes to call him Edmund, however the Duke of York - likely influenced by his wife - requests that Edward save his name for a trueborn son instead. Though irate with his brother, Edward IV complies. The death of his older son Edward too fresh, the child is named George.

October 30th 1464 - it is announced that Richard Woodville will be given the title of Earl Rivers, and that George Plantagenet will be made Duke of Essex. Queen Magdalena is not pleased.

November 1st 1464 - Queen Magdalena, to her upmost relief, also births a son. The death of little Edward still weighing far too greatly on both her and her husband, the name Lionel is chosen for the boy. Queen Magdalena suggested it, given that Lionel is the son of Edward III through whom Edward's superior right to the throne derives. Edward enthusiastically agrees. The celebrations for the boy's christening last a full week.

November 18th 1464 - Arthur Plantagenet is born to Elizabeth Lucy. Elizabeth Woodville was said to have been rather irate, whilst Queen Magdalena spent much time holed up in her chambers with her own precious son and daughter.

December 7th 1464 - Margaret, Queen Dowager of Castile, is officially betrothed to Afonso V of Portugal.

December 12th 1464 - Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Brittany, announces her pregnancy.
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Chapter 22 - Marriages and Betrothals
January 1465: Anne, Duchess of Burgundy gives birth to a daughter named Isabella. Margaret, Countess of Warwick, gives birth to a daughter named Eleanor after Eleanor of Aquitaine.

March 1465: Cecily of York is betrothed to King Alfonso of Castile. João, Prince of Portugal, dies of a childhood ailment.

April 1465: Elizabeth, Duchess of Brittany, gives birth to a son named Jean, who is made Count of Montfort. In contrast, the Queen of England announces she is pregnant again. Edward IV, on the advice of his brother and mother, spends the Countess of Winchester to spend the summer in the country. Unfortunately, she is once again pregnant. Magdalena prays for a second son, she must secure the succession. Edward flaunts their relationship and publicly makes tries to reconcile with his Queen.

May 1465: Margaret of York is married to Alfonso V of Portugal. His current heir is his daughter, a sickly and somewhat deformed young girl, so he is desperate for a son. Margaret is happy to be Queen.

June 1465: Louis XI of France, who had previously been biding to marry Margaret of York, marries Catherine of Bourbon. She announces a pregnancy two months later, having fallen pregnant on the wedding night.

August 1465: Prince Lionel, a healthy and cheerful lad, is betrothed to Princess Anne of France but it’s accepted that he will be betrothed to the new child if it is a female.

November 1465: The Countess of Winchester gives birth to a daughter named Jacquetta, while Queen Magdalena gives birth to a son named Edmund after his brother. King Edward celebrates by impregnating Elizabeth Woodville’s younger sister Eleanor Woodville, who is given the title Countess of Worcester.
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Chapter 23 - The Famine
January 1465: Cecily of York marries Alfonso of Castile by proxy, and Catherine of Bourbon gives birth to a daughter named after the Virgin. The harvest of the previous year had been terrible for England who now faces potential starvation and famine. The king cares little for such matters as he wins over another two mistresses, Ladies Jane Shore and Eleanor Talbot.
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January 1465: Cecily of York marries Alfonso of Castile, and Catherine of Bourbon prematurely gives birth to a daughter named after the Virgin. The harvest of the previous year had been terrible for England who now faces potential starvation and famine. The king cares little for such matters as he wins over another two mistresses, Ladies Jane Shore and Eleanor Talbot.
1. Cecily is four, it’s pointless for a marriage to occur.
2. Catherine isn’t giving birth early, her due date is January.