The Forgotten Decade: a Colabritve Alternate Sports History Timeline from the 70's to Today.

Hello, After some thought I have decided to make a Alternate Sports Timeline of my Own. I'm going to tell you the Rules for this Thread and what you can come to expect.

1. No Politics of Any Kind (including non-American Politcs)
2. Believable Trades and Signings ex. You can't Make Kareem accept a contract to your favourite team without it making sense or Trade Dr. J For a couple picks and some scrubs
3. We are only focusing on the Big 4 American sports. This is not because I don't like any other sports it's just to make it things more concise
4. Don't Relocate teams when it doesn't make any sense. The Canadiens are never moving from Montreal.
5. No Hatefull Comments towards people in the Thread
6. Have Fun
May 5th 1969: we are at the Los Angeles Fourm tonight for Game 7 of the NBA Finals. This will be the last game for Celtics great Bill Russell as he moves into a into a full time Coaching position for another team. Lakers' owner, Jack Cooke is so confident in his Club that he has balloons on the ceiling ready for is team when they win the Walter A. Brown Trophy. Tonight will also be the first time that Most Valuable Player of the Finals Trophy will be Awarded to a player of either teams.

It's the 4th Quarter and the Celtics are Running away with the Title as the Score is 91-76 thanks to 12 point performance from Celtics 6th Man, Don Nelson. But as the 4th began the Big Dipper crowded the Older Russell who just didn't have in him anymore after the 13 seasons of play he has endured. As everything is coming to a head it is now a 106-104 game for the Lakers. It's a do or die moment for the Celtics who have the ball. And non other than Hondo himself holds the ball with only 3 Seconds Left on the clock. He shoots it from the key, but can't get it passed the dominant hands of Jerry West who blocks Havlicek's shot to win his very first NBA Championship.

And as the buzzer rings across the Fourm the balloons drop from the air and the crowd swarms the court to congratulate their team. Jack Cooke stands at centre court with the biggest grin on his face as Commissioner J. Walter Kennedy hands him the Trophy as the USC Marching band plays "Happy Days are here again" as the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Beast a win their first title in Los Angeles. For his excellent play through the years Bill Russell is handed the Finals MVP. even though he lost the series, he is still considered the Greatest Basketball player to ever live. But that may change very soon as UCLA Allumni Lew Alcindor Has just Graduated and is Entering the League next year.
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May 10th 1969: with both the NBA and NHL closing for the next six month it is now time to put our full attention towards America's Favourite Past time with a Game between 2 fierce rivals. In one corner you have Baseball Royalty, the 20x World Champion New York Yankees and in the other corner you have the team Babe Ruth himself cursed, the Boston Red Sox. Though both teams have had their issues this year, most notably New York after their legendary CF Mickey Mantle retired last year. But Atleast they can say they have rings, something Bostonians are ready to sell their left kidney for. So the match is set as both Yankees ace, Mel Stottlemyre and Red Sox ace, Ray Culp are on the Mound today for a good game of baseball.

And this game starts like any baseball fan wants to see at a baseball game as Carl Yastrzemski hit one right down the centre for a 1 run home run. And the lead would stay for another 5 innings, but would be stopped by a Yankees rally that saw the bases loaded in the Bottom of the 6. But Ray Culp would get a 7 pitch Strikeout to bring it to the top 7th. But New York Wouldn't stay silent for too long as the would again get the bases loaded, but this time they had 0 outs. And low and behold as 1B Joe Pepitone would hit a dinger to left to make it a 4-1 Yankees lead. And the Runs kept coming as the Red Sox Hemorrhaged 8 Runs in that inning alone. And the Red Sox couldn't get a run of their own to make it a 8-1 Win for the Yankees.