The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

Well, both the Soviet moon landing and the teletubbies are fairy tales-or we think they’re fairy tales but they’re actually the markers of a new teletubby world order
What are the views of Trotskyism in this world ?
Trotsky and trotskyism is hardly much more known as in OTL. So basically most people hardly even know who Trotsky was. And even they who have heard about Trotsky and Trotskyism hardly see that being much better than Stalinism or any other Communist school. Remember how extremely bad reputation Communism has ITTL so any branch of the ideology is seen very bad.
Hey all, since I'm always obsessed with making sure I learn something from my efforts, I hope it would be okay to ask the following questions:

1) What did you particularly like about the TL? Did any characters stand out?

2) How was the writing style/flow? How did dialogue and description feel?

3) If you could suggest an improvement point, what would it be?
1) This TL felt very real and the story hooked me. Mussolini was the best character, I almost shed tears at his last words.😢

2) Personally I liked the writing style and the flow was good.

3) Maybe the annual immigration to the settler states.

This was one of my favorite TL, and I was surprised by how fast it have been finished (and the fact it has been finished instead of lasting 8+ years or being on indefinite hiatus) while staying consistent and well develloped.
Well done Sorairo!😁:cool:
What would be popular PODs regarding the Second Arabian War on TTL's AH.Com be?
- Aflaq is smarter and never allow ODESSA arriving to UAR.
- Aflaq decides that not begin SAW yet.
- World find out alliance between UAR and ODESSA earlier.
- UAR fells to civil war before SAW.
- Aflaq is assassinated before he conquers Iraq.

Another question which person is considered the worst in history?
Definitely Stalin.
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