The flag of the Force for the Suppression of Partisan Activity in the Eastern Territories, or TUPO



The Force for the Suppression of Partisan Activities in the Eastern Territories (German: Truppe zur Unterdrückung von Partisanenaktivitäten in den Ostgebieten), also known as the TUPO, was a paramilitary organization formed in 1950 to combat partisans in the Ostgebieten, or Eastern Territories, a collective term for the General Government and Reichskommissariats Ukraine, Ostland, Moskowien, Don-Wolga, and Kaukasien. Membership was completely voluntary and members mainly consisted of World War II veterans who had fought on the Eastern Front, recent graduates of the Hitler Youth, and Hiwis. Members were known to be extremely fanatical, to the point where a common misconception regarding the TUPO is that they were attached to the SS, when in reality, they were an independent organization. Following the Muscovy War, many members of the now disbanded Uralwacht also joined the organization. During World War III, they would take up the role of auxiliaries and would be disbanded following the end of the war in 1981.


The white stripe and black stripes represent what the TUPO (officially) fights for: Peace and order, the latter being considered more important, hence why there are two black stripes. Red represents blood spilled in the conflict with the partisans. The swastika just represents that they're allegiant to the NSDAP and the swords and helmet, that they were a militant organization, nothing special. The text on the top is the TUPO's motto: "The east will be tamed for the glory of National Socialism and the Aryan race."

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