The Empire Parnell Built

Ireland: 1992 election
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Also, is it me or is 166 seats a bit too few for a country like India with over a billion people?
It's definitely not just you. The, shall we say, democratic adjacent nature of the Indian political system is mostly by design and both the Liberals and the League are fairly happy with it. Also remember that India is pretty federal in many respects and a good % of that billion people live in the princely states, which have domestic independence anyway.
Considering this is based on the 1993 Russian Elections, what are the party vote and seat totals based on?
The timing is roughly based on the OTL Russian example but beyond that I've given myself more free reign with the results. So Chinese Choice is kind of an outgrowth of the Society to Protect the Emperor, with significant nationalist elements to it. Dignity and Charity is pretty much an explicitly pro-democracy platform, with little beyond that holding its factions together.

Why Qing starts liberalisation?
As you can see, it's only a partial liberalisation and as long as the regime retains the support of the traditional landlords and so forth it's grip on power will remain firm. This is really a short-term move designed to placate critics while the country is suffering from some economic turbulence. It also reflects the belief among many in the Forbidden City that a bit of democracy stabilises the regime by providing a legitimate (and mostly harmless) way for dissent to be expressed.
That is a very narrow majority! Nicholas Scott is a wonderfully obscure OTL politician so it’s amusing to see him be PM for 16 years here haha, especially as was alluded above as the Helmut Kohl analogue