The Empire Parnell Built

The Falklands must have been tough for her because it was two US-supported governments and in both cases the loser was likely to lose power and be replaced by a government more skeptical of the US…
She would never have supported a Democracy over an authoritarian regieme so it was not difficult for her at all, except in that no one else in the Administration agreed with her.
This project, in the words of my late brother, is "amazeballs." The way you incorporate some of the lesser known African figures like Omar Bongo or Bokassa into this ATL brings such an incredible level of detail to the universe you've really gone all out on. Great work!
Russia: 1978 election
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Why is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's party box blank? Was it meant to represent some Bengali regionalist party?
Drat, just a mistake when I wrote the infobox. Should be fixed now. People's Liberation is another left wing party which is a bit like Swaraj but lacks the institutional structures and the Hindu nationalist undertones just yet.