The Empire Parnell Built

Ireland: 1946 election
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Interesting that it's called the Civil War and not the Pacification Campaigns or something. I'd imagine that it's quite a politically loaded term, given that it implicitly accepts Russian sovereignty over these lands as being legitimate.
Oh definitely. The "Alternative Names" section of that wiki article is very long
Yep (well, bits of what's in OTL western Ukraine and Belarus are in Poland but most of them are in Russia)
So I'm guessing it's safe to say that Russia has around the same land it controlled in 1914 OTL minus Finland and Congress Poland at the time of present day TTL?
More or less - they also lost Tuva and Outer Manchuria to China.
Tuva I can get but Outer Manchuria would've been completely Russianized by the time China could've got it back. Plus with the eternal hard-on for a "warm water" port Russia has always that would just be a source of contention between that two that wouldn't be worth it.
This time all the British do is kidnap the scientists and force them to work for them "or else"..
well it was either Britain or the Mekon SO.....