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Who do you think will win nomination of ANZC Labour Party in the 2019 Federal Election?

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“The today marks the Second Round for the 2022 Australian Federal Election.”

“Already since last time during the First Round, Wong has been in the lead so far. While Haliday is currently in 2nd place.”

“However it is possible that Haliday might make a surprise win, we will have to wait and see by the end of today.”

-SBS News 24/7, May 20th, 2022

“I hope that all Australians today are prepared for what comes next, whatever that may be in the future.”

“Because this very election is unlike any we have seen before. In this election, the people of Australia will get to decide who will lead them forward.”

“As for me, it is my greatest apology that I cannot continue to lead you. My health has been getting worse unfortunately and I don’t think I will be fit to continue my position as Prime Minister of Australia.”

“If my health wasn’t as bad, I reckon I would continue serving you all as your leader. But sadly that is not what nature has in mind, as nature has caught up with me.”

“Now I know all Australians are currently wondering still, as to what is wrong with my very health. And frankly I have kept too quiet about it far too long.”

“However today I will no longer keep quiet about my health. As all Australians deserve to know.”

“I Julia Gillard, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer on January 25th, 2022. At the time I was alarmed how I was not able to tell I had breast cancer and that I had shrugged it off until it got worse.”

“Along with the fact that I realized I couldn’t continue to serve as Prime Minister of Australia.”

“So now every single citizen of Australia knows about my health problem.”

“Now as for me, I am not sure whether I will survive this cancer or whether I will not on this Earth in five years. I am not sure, as my doctors are still determining what is going on.”

“But I assure you all Australians, that from this day forth you will never be let down. As I will be the one to pass the torch to the next elected Prime Minister of Australia. I have high confidence in my successor whoever it may be, that they will lead Australia into an brighter future.”

“As for me.”

“I want to thank every person in Australia for letting me be your Prime Minister after all these years. It only feels like yesterday when I was elected as your leader back in 2010.”

“I have seen so much during my time as Prime Minister of Australia, with you all at my side. We went through many changes within the last 12 years.”

“To think that a person who once served as Minister for Education, would end up becoming the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history is without a doubt mind boggling, even to myself.”

“But of course I knew one day I could no longer be your leader, I knew it from the first day I served as your elected Prime Minister.”

“And with that being said, I once again have confidence that my successor whoever they may be will bring more greatness to Australia.”

“Thank you Australians for letting me be your Prime Minister, it has been truly a great honor serving for you.”

-Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s public televised speech, ABC News 24/7, May 20th, 2022
governor-general of the ANZC.
The Governor-General is an apolitical position, it's likely that the prime minister would be the head of government. The Australian states, NZ, PNG, Solomon Islands all have a similar structure. The most senior surviving member of the royal family would legally become King or Queen of all 4 nations and some others in the pacific. This might smooth the path to political unity.