The Domination: Why didn't the U.S. go after the Draka in WWII?

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    I never understood why the British and Americans still went to war with Germany despite it being clear that a slave power is hellbent on conquering the world. The Nazis, while still evil, were pretty quiet about their atrocities and genocide. The Draka, on the other hand, were openly enslaving millions of people and determined to enslave more.

    That would make an interesting AH TL, the Anglo-American-German alliance against the Draka.
  2. theg*ddam*hoi2fan Beware of the Leopard

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    The in-universe reason was that the Holocaust was considered the greater evil. Also, the US accepted the rise of the Draka to allow them to secure their hegemony over half the world, and have the chance at the other half when the eventual war came.

    The actual reason was that SM Stirling wanted the evil slaver Nietzscheans to win and made everyone else stupid to accommodate that.
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    Arguably, they just wanted to beat the Nazis, and, no one really contemplated the Draka putting white folks "under the yoke."
  4. Odinson Amateur stand-up comedian

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    Probably because of the two, only Germany declared war on the UK and the US.
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    Because everyone else except the draka were fed stupid pills after a point
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    The truth is because those places in Stirling's world only really share the same names as those place in our world. It wasn't our US or our UK facing the Draka. It was people who didn't have a problem with the Draka's government system until they realized it applied to them and that was after their WW2. And by that time nuclear MAD was in effect so the window to attack was over and the struggle went into a Cold War.