The Disney Chronicles 2.0: A shuffled and altered Disney Canon and altered media landscape

This is the sequel to the original Disney Chronicles from a while ago and this idea of a shuffled canon TL is based from @MrCarioca, @The British President, and @PGSBHurricane versions of a shuffled Disney TLs but this is my own take of it with a different media landscape in general with a completely different disney canon, films, acquisitions, tv shows, other pieces of media, theme parks, and so much more. but first we have to go back to 1935 where Disney created their first ever movie, Alice in Wonderland.

Welcome to the Disney Chronicles 2.0​


Where we will start in 1935 with the movie that started all of this, Alice in wonderland.​
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i have decided to take a detour to discuss about what are the major and minor movie studios in the thirties to set the stage for the TL before talking about Alice in wonderland.
Sorry for the long wait on the TL's in general as i am waiting for my summer to start very shortly but nothing is going to be released till summer starts for me and i can put all focus onto this TL and my other one's again. the Disney Chronicles (Hopefully) should get something eventually but it will get less stuff than the other TLs that i have been doing currently.

also i am changing the way we start it; instead of first talking about the big film companies of the 30's, we instead just jump into Alice in Wonderland in 1935 as the true first chapter for this TL.
I am cancelling this TL.
i have officially decided to just cancel this TL after thinking about it for a little bit for many of the same reasons as the other TL but unlike some of my other TL's, this TL will likely not come back in any capacity as i rather focus on my most recent TL and a potential sequel to What if Nintendo Stayed in the Arcades that may come in the future. but that is all i have to say about this TL.