The War in 388 A.D.
The War in 388 A.D.

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What is the status of Egypt? independent?Romans?
What @Emperor of Greater India said, combined with the fact that their economy is almost completely dependent on trading grain with Rome at this point, since the Aksumites basically price-gouged Egyptian traders out of the Red Sea. Combine that with the fact that the aristocracy is almost completely separated from the ordinary population (Arabs who follow a different religion), and you've got a state that is very similar to the late Ptolemaic kingdom or the Muhammad Ali dynasty.
I think the Hepthalites will win probably. I don’t think the Sasanians have a chance.

They’ve even lost pars.

Though other Steppe conquers could arrive, i really think this is the Hepthalites chance.

It’s likely whoever seizes the Empire will fully assimilate. Unlike otl with Islam strongly revolving around Arab culture and a fusion occurring, whether Hepthalites or Turks whoever owns the empire will eventually settle and adopt its culture altogether.

Much like how the Parthians started off helenophilic then became persian entirely.

I CAN however see more influence from further reaches of the empire like Sogdiania.

A Manichaean empire could be very plausible, especially given the religion is rather Iranic and would be well received probably given its incorporation of Iranian elements.

EDIT: Well Pars is kinda retained but it is in a very vulnerably position, so I still stand with this. I'll add Manichaesm incorporates Iranian dieties and Yazatas from Zoroastriansim when I say that the religions "Iranian influenced."
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As to another reason why I think the Hephhtalites will win - is they humbled China itself.

Though then getting stopped at India makes sense and should probably benefit them, after conquering Sassanian domains much more would be overextension.

They are culturally Iranized so they can become the new dynasty in the “darling of the world.”

Reason why I root for Manichaeism is because Christianity is taking root elsewhere - and Buddhism would make this all right similar to practical lobsters timeline. Also Manichaeism is underused in alternate history.

In terms of culture - the author shows the coins already mimicking Sassanian ones, so it is safe to say culturally not much will change other than maybe religion.

I can see this new empire have problems with Christians and Jews compared with the mostly tolerant toward abrahamic faiths TTL sassanians.
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this TL very much. It's not every day that you see anyone can do Persian TL, dated back to Sassanids. Very good and interesting work. But it is clear Iran ITTL won't have easy road ahead, considering the circumstances including foreign invasions and court intrigues by ambitious nobles. One day, a future Shahanshah might want to remedy the nobility.