The Cornette Call: A Pro Wrestling Timeline

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    Lol it sounds like Cornette's worst nightmare of a promotion.
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    WCW Genesis 2001

    13000 from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for the first PPV of 2001, rather than Souled Out or OTL's Sin. Eight matches on the card.

    1. Jamie Noble/Jimmy Yang d. Elix Skipper/Evan Karagias. Always good to have a cruiserweight tag opener. The southern flavored team roll in through Karagias and Skipper.
    2. WCW Cruiserweight: Shane Helms d. Shannon Moore. Two close friends meet in a display to see who's better. Shane keeps with the Vertebreaker, but he and Moore shake hands after the match.
    3. WCW TV: Rhino d. Chavo Guerrero. Chavo, now even more unhinged than before, decides to take it out on Rhino. Big mistake as Rhino tears through the former Cruiserweight champion. Just folds him in half with a Gore.
    4. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) d. Kevin Nash. At this stage, Big Daddy Cool's a tweener. He's an asshole, but the crowd loves him. Doesn't do him much good against Steiner, however. He gets put away in the Recliner after interference from Bagwell.
    5. Shane Douglas (w/Bam Bam Bigelow) d. Booker T. Shane gets his back thanks to interference by Bagwell, hitting the Pittsburg Plunge.
    6. WCW Tag: Rob Van Dam/Sabu d. The Outsiders (Sean Waltman/Justin Credible) RVD and Sabu team up here and take the tag titles with a Five Star Frog Splash onto Credible. RVD points to himself, Sabu points to the ceiling.
    7. WCW US: Chris Candido d. Carl Ouellet. Hey, may as well use Oullet while I got him. We get what we can out of him before he takes the Blonde Bombshell.
    8. WCW World: Goldberg d. Triple H d. Mike Awesome (w/Paul Heyman) d. Diamond Dallas Page in a Four Corners Match. We get four big stars all in one world title match. Goldberg's the champ, Triple H is the Game and retired Ric at Starrcade (next Nitro was the tribute show, of course), Awesome is the former champion and DDP beat Nash at Starrcade for a shot. It's a huge match, ending with a Jackhammer to DDP.
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    Royal Rumble 2001: Part 1

    17000 in the New Orleans Arena for the Royal Rumble Match. A surprisingly short five matches on the card, one of them the Rumble Match itself.

    1. WWF Tag: The Dudley Boyz d. Edge & Christian
    2. WWF Light Heavyweight: Rey Misterio Jr. d. Eddie Guerrero. One of the few changes to OTL's cards and the match is sub five minutes. Eddie basically gets frustrated end clocks Rey with the belt to keep his title.
    3. WWF IC: Chris Jericho d. Chris Benoit in a Ladder Match.
    4. WWF World: The Rock d. Kurt Angle. A switch from OTL, in place of Triple H, the Rock takes the spot and beats Kurt because Kurt is somewhat lost without Shane, who has been hospitalized after the Undertaker tossed him off the Cell. This leaves Angle without guidance and with that, he falls to the Rock Bottom. That wraps up the non-Rumble matches. Rumble coming soon.
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    Royal Rumble 2001: Part 2

    And here we go! Part 2 of the Royal Rumble, the Royal Rumble Match itself!

    #1: Jeff Hardy
    #2: Bull Buchanan

    Jeff takes a few bumps for the least impressive big man in all of wrestling.

    #3: Matt Hardy

    And combined, Hardyz toss out Buchanan (30, Buchanan) before exchanging holds.

    #4: Ron Simmons

    The Hardy Boyz break up their hold exchange, turning around and throwing out Simmons (29, Simmons) before turning back to each other.

    #5: Owen Hart

    Owen comes in the early going and proves much harder to eliminate, holding off the Hardys.

    #6: Kane

    Kane charges in and goes stir crazy with Chokeslams, giving Owen a good one to start and tossing out the Hardyz (28, Jeff) (27, Matt) but Owen keeps fighting. He's a man with little time left in the business, so he's gonna be fighting for as long as he can.

    #7: Paul Wight

    Weeeeelllll, he's back~ After several months in OVW, Paul Wight has returned and he's pissed, going right after Kane and leaving Owen alone.

    #8: Al Snow

    Crazy ass Al goes right for Owen, giving him someone to fight while Paul and Kane throw big hands.

    #9: Perry Saturn

    Perry goes after Al, splitting him off from Owen and leaving him on his own.

    #10: Steve Blackman

    Blackman comes in next to fight Owen, getting outwrestled easily and sent out. (26, Blackman)

    #11: Grandmaster Sexay

    Now here comes Brian Christopher to work with Owen, while we keep up Perry/Al and Paul/Kane.

    #12: Hulk Hogan

    He's back! The Hero of Wrestling! Hulkamania returns to the WWF! Hogan throws a few punches to everyone in the ring, getting into a staredown with Paul especially.

    #13: Kurt Angle

    Angle, former champion, rushes the ring and suplexes everyone, tossing out Al (25, Al Snow) Grandmaster Sexay (24, Sexay) and Kane (23, Kane) leaving Owen and Perry in before duking it out with Hogan. Angle screams that he's the only real American here. This changes the dynamic slightly to Hogan/Angle and Perry/Owen while Paul sits in wait.

    #14: The Godfather

    In he comes and out he goes as Paul gives him a Chokeslam out (22, Godfather)

    #15: Tazz

    It's Tazz! He charges in to join Perry Saturn in fighting Owen, Hogan and Angle turning to go after Paul.

    #16: Bradshaw

    Bradshaw looks to go after Paul, who fights off Hulk and Kurt and sends him out with a Chokeslam (21, Bradshaw)

    #17: Albert

    Albert is the next victim of Paul Wight's powerful Chokeslam (20, Albert) while Owen manages to fight off Perry Saturn, now left to battle Tazz (19, Saturn)

    #18: Bob Holly

    Sorry, Bob, but you're the next one out (18, Holly)

    #19: Ron Killings

    The Truth has made his arrival in the Rumble, going for Owen because he's not stupid enough to get into that Paul Wight assault.

    #20: Val Venis

    Val comes in to join Tazz and Killings in trying to toss out Owen.

    #21: William Regal

    Owen now has four-on-one since he's the easy target and he can't fight off the numbers here, maybe if he can get some help.

    #22: Test

    Test comes in to break things up for his fellow Canadian, knocking aside every and targeting Val Venis for a fight.

    #23: Lance Storm

    Lance comes in to help his tag partner (and Owen) by going after Regal. Owen keeps up his fighting spirit against Tazz and Killings.

    #24: Crash Holly

    Crash goes in, takes a Chokeslam from Paul, a Legdrop from Hogan and then Angle suplexes him right out (17, Crash)

    #25: The Undertaker

    The American Badass bikes his way to the Ring and begins wrecking anyone he can. He tosses out Test, (16, Test) Killings (15, Killings) and and sends out Paul (14, Wight) before meeting with Hogan. Angle splits off after Tazz, leaving Owen with Regal and Storm with Venis.

    Fights in the ring are now Hogan/Undertaker, Owen/Regal, Angle/Tazz and Storm/Venis

    #26: Scotty 2 Hotty

    And you thought Crash had it bad. Scotty goes first into a 'Taker Chokeslam, followed by another Hogan legdrop. Then Regal chops the hell out of him, followed by an Owen dropkick into the corner. Scotty then gets a Lance Storm superkick in the corner, falling to the mat for a Money Shot. Tazz then hits a Tazzplex on him and Angle gives him a German out of the ring (13, Scotty)

    It's a bad night to be Scotty 2 Hotty.

    #27: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Glass shatters, crowd pops likes crazy and then come the Stunners. Out goes Val (12, Venis) and then he gets Tazz (11, Tazz) and he makes sure to hit Stunners on Regal and Owen, before taking Storm out (10, Storm) and hits Stunners on Angle, Undertaker and Owen too just for good measure before fighting Angle.

    Fights in the ring are Hogan/Undertaker, Austin/Angle and Owen/Regal

    #28: Billy Gunn

    And Billy Gunn is Billy Gone thanks to a Stunner (9, Gunn)

    #29: Haku

    Hogan takes care of this one, sending Haku out (8, Haku) before finally getting tossed out by the Undertaker (7, Hogan)

    #30: Rikishi

    Rikishi comes in, takes the Stunner to go out (6, Rikishi) while Owen finally dropkicks Regal out (5, Regal) leaving the Final Four: Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Owen Hart and The Undertaker

    The fights go Austin/Taker vs. Owen/Angle, neither of the four men giving an inch, then Hogan comes back in and clotheslines Undertaker out on the ropes in retaliation for his elimination (4, Undertaker)

    Owen fights as long as he can and manages to just barely send out Kurt Angle (3, Angle) before turning right into the Stunner and getting clotheslined out (2, Owen)

    And Austin has won his fourth Royal Rumble match! Austin is going to WrestleMania! Austin vs. Rock! Rock vs. Austin! WrestleMania XVII!
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    Nice rumble, good work on the TL.
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    IOTL they were planning on debuting Bryan Danielson at this Rumble, as they were going to use him to build up the Cruiserweight division, but they decided against it and eventually released him. With that said, what’s Bryan doing at this point ITTL? Is he in one of the WWF developmental territories, or is he somewhere in WCW?
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    Considering shawn's injury, he might have more time to devote to the Texas wrestling academy. So we could get a completely different amdrag.
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    SuperBrawl XI

    13000 in the Memphis Pyramid, a major upgrade to the 4000 from the Nashville Municipal from OTL. Nine matches on the card.

    1. Sean O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo d. Mark Jindrak/Shawn Stasiak. Let the rookies kick things off, rather than be the tag title match. It's pretty much the OTL match.
    2. WCW Cruiserweight: Shane Helms d. Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Shannon Moore d. Jamie Noble d. Jimmy Yang d. Evan Karagias in an Elimination Match. Karagias is the first to go out, taken out by Yang with Yang Time. Noble then surprises his tag partner, by hitting him with a jumping reverse piledriver. Shannon Moore sends out the trailer park boy with a Halo before being eliminated by Shane with Nightmare on Helms Street. Shane finishes off Chavo with the Vertebreaker to keep his belt.
    3. WCW TV: Rhino d. Rick Steiner. Rhino goes through the veteran Steiner, hitting the Gore to continue his TV title reign.
    4. Mike Awesome d. Buff Bagwell. Awesome tears through Buff, just utterly destroys him, hitting the Awesome Bomb for the win.
    5. Booker T d. Scott Steiner. We keep up the Booker/Steiner feud, Booker getting the win with the Book End.
    6. Triple H (w/Sean Waltman, Justin Credible and Joanie Lee) d. Diamond Dallas Page (w/Chris Kanyon) The Game gets the win over DDP thanks to the numbers game. Waltman and Credible double-team Candido, distracting the ref so Joanie can hit the forearm, leading into the Pedigree.
    7. WCW Tag: Rob Van Dam/Sabu d. Jeff Jarrett/Dustin Rhodes. We give Jarrett a title shot here since he's the hometown boy. The match is most likely a bad mix of styles, Sabu's spot monkey nature making it really hard on Double J and Dustin. RVD can probably get some good work with the opposing team when he's in, but Dustin takes the Arabian Facebuster.
    8. WCW US: Shane Douglas (w/Bam Bam Bigelow) d. Chris Candido. The Franchise takes the United States title from Candido in a good match, making liberal use of Bigelow to set up for a Pittsburgh Plunge.
    9. WCW World: Goldberg d. Kevin Nash. And we have the big title rematch from all those years ago. Over three years ago, Goldberg had the Streak and was the champion, meeting #1 contender Kevin Nash. The match ended controversially with Nash ending the Streak after Scott Hall came out with a taser. Finally, Goldberg gets his vindication and beats Big Daddy Cool with the Spear and the Jackhammer. Goldberg is back on top as the wrecking machine he was... then Nash starts laughing and Goldberg gets jumped by Waltman and Credible! Nash joins them in stomping on Goldberg in the corner as Triple H makes his way into the ring. They toss Goldberg to Trips, who gives him a Pedigree to end the show.
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    What is the whereabouts of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Christoper Daniels and I guess CM Punk. Any heading to WWF or WCW yet?
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    I would assume all of them are still working in the indies or not started their career yet. ROH and TNA wouldn’t had been founded until 2002.
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    I think all of the above worked as development talent or where jobbers in either the WCW or WWF during the 2000-2001 period.
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    Styles is currently working as part of Air Raid with Air Paris, Joe's in UPW, Danielson is training at the Texas Wrestling Academy, Daniels is currently a jobber in WCW and Punk is probably in IWA Mid-South. All are likely to be picked up by WCW at some point through Heyman's talent scouting and while the TL is wrapping up, I can say for certain that ROH will be bought as a developmental league for WCW in the future.
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    No Way Out 2001

    15000 in the Thomas & Mack Center in Paradise, Nevada for the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania. Eight matches on tonight's card.

    1. The Hardy Boyz/Rey Misterio Jr. d. La Familia (Super Crazy/Psicosis/Juventud Guerrera) in a Six-Man Tag Match. We've got a trios match, folks! Rey and the Hardys get a win over Eddie's posse after a Poetry in Motion to Super Crazy. Get the crowd going crazy.
    2. Trish Stratus d. Stephanie McMahon. We follow up with a nice little slice of cheesecake as Stephanie and Trish may not be good in the ring, but the men in the crowd don't care. Trish gets a win after a Stratusfaction.
    3. Paul Wight d. Rikishi. Paul Wight destroys the Samoan dancer with destructive power. Chokeslam finishes it.
    4. Test (w/Lance Storm) d. Jerry Lawler. This sends Lawler out of the company and gives Test some momentum. Yeah, he's stuck in midcard hell for the moment and I have no idea if he'll be crawling out any time soon.
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin d. Kurt Angle in a Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match. Angle wants his rematch, but he has to beat Austin to get it and he's gotta do it in a two-out-of-three falls match. Angle wants to prove everyone wrong, that he doesn't need Shane McMahon's help to be a champion, he won Olympic gold without him. Things don't go well when he Austin gets the first fall with a Stunner. Angle soon follows up with an Angle Slam to tie things up. He tries to claim the WrestleMania main event spot with the Ankle Lock, grapevining it, but Austin fights long and hard, making it to the ropes. Austin finishes with the Stunner, collapsing on top of Angle's body to get the final fall. Austin limps away, selling the effect of the Ankle Lock as he goes up the ramp.
    6. WWF Tag: The Dudley Boyz d. The Brothers of Destruction d. Edge & Christian in a Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Match. Same match from OTL.
    7. WWF IC: Chris Jericho d. Chris Benoit d. Eddie Guerrero d. Dean Malenko in a Fatal Four-Way Match. We replace X-Pac with Malenko, and this is a big match for all four men, going for the #2 title of the promotion. Just let them go for fifteen minutes, ending with a Lionsault to Malenko, Jericho keeping.
    8. WWF World: The Rock d. Owen Hart in a Steel Cage Match. Owen knows that no matter what, WrestleMania will be his last, so he wants one last shot at the Rock before that. Rock/Owen has been a feud since Rock first debuted, so this is a meaningful match, put them in a cage because it's the PPV and maybe show that Owen wants to make sure it doesn't get ruined by outside interference or a count-out loss. The two give all they have, Rock winning with the Rock Bottom. Rock and Owen shake hands after the bell.
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    Sep 22, 2017
    Oh, guess who forgot some important details about WCW?

    January 11, 2001

    Fusient Media Ventures, a group of private investors headed by Eric Bischoff, make a move to purchase WCW, which AOL-Time Warner put up for sale owing to "disinterest in the brand" (the money loss wasn't nearly as great in OTL, but there were was a financial downturn and a sale was pitched for a while, it wasn't until they could drum Turner out that the plans could go through)

    In that time, the plan was to take WCW programming off Turner networks and move it to another channel, Bischoff already coming into talks with NewsCorp head Rupert Murdoch. When Jamie Kellner, then Head of the Turner Broadcasting System, had announced plans to outright cancel Nitro and Thunder, during negotiations between Fusient, NewsCorp and AOL-Time Warner, Kellner was immediately shown the door.

    The deal was soon set and WCW's Nitro and Thunder programming would find a new home on FX, with programming during the lead-up to the change being highlight reels and retrospectives of the Turner era of WCW. The move would complete with the first episode of Nitro on FX airing on March 26.

    But now we're getting ahead of ourselves... we've still got PPV before then.
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    Seriously, this is what should have happened OTL all along if Kellner hadn't been such a dick.
  16. eldandythedoubter Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2015
    Farewell Kellner, you have been responsible for several hits of our generation, like 7th heaven and Pokemon. But you are also responsible for cancelling Freakazoid, WCW, and Pinky, The Brain, and Elmyra. Make of this what you will.
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    Don't forget Gilmore Girls, @eldandythedoubter; but, yeah, Kellner made some really stupid decisions (then again, nearly every TV exec is guilty of this at some point or other)...
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    When is this timeline going to be over?
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    I think Vince had the right to make the first bid if WCW ever became available (it was part of settling the lawsuit over intellectual property when the nWo first showed up). As circumstances in this timeline were different, WCW's free to move to another network.
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    I think its going to end in 2001.
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