The Cold-Hearted Swot

  1. Who's the oldest living constituent monarch in the Isles?
  2. Is the Baltic still ruled by the House of Tudor considering the many queen regnants that have reigned in the centuries after Queen Christina’s death in 1689?
  3. Have any Hellenic royals participated in the Olympics?
  4. Are there any branches of the House of Orange that reside in the Principality of Orange outside of the princely family?
  5. Do any of the Holy Roman-German Electorates have secundogenitures within them?
  6. What happened to the Electorates of Mainz and Trier after the Sixty-Six Years War?
  7. Who is the longest living spouse of a Columbian High Lord?
  8. How many new monarchs began their reigns in 2022?
  9. What is the most watched royal funeral?
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