The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

Important update: the original creator of the site, Dan Bryan, has created a 2020 scenario at

The site is pretty easily overwhelmed though, so you might get quite a couple application errors. It is being added to the new campaign trail ASAP though, so if you don't feel like dredging through the site being down, wait for that


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Behold America's first female President!

Surprised I won Texas but couldn't win Ohio.


I just tried the 2020 scenario, which is well done, as Trump. The result was a bigger mess than IOTL. The nationwide popular vote percentages were about the same as OTL, but Trump carried Pennsylvania and Georgia in addition to his OTL states, resulting in Biden winning by two electoral votes, and that margin in turn depended on a 33,000 vote margin in Arizona.


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How do I get these new scenarios to actually load? I'm not sure how these codes work.

Click the mod loader button and you need to copy-paste the JSON code into the appropriate box. For example in my link for the AOC scenario above, copy the google docs code into each box Code Set 1/Code Set 2/Endings. Click submit and that should load the custom election.