The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

Man, I’d be curious to live in the world of the new ATL 1992 mod where incumbent President Dukakis runs for reelection against Pat Buchanan.

Winning as Dukakis is easy, but it’s pretty easy to win as Buchanan in my experience if you deemphasize the culture war and emphasize protectionism and immigration.
I tried the 1940 scenario as Willkie, and was disappointed to see FDR win by a 13% national popular vote margin, instead of the historical 10%.

But I was really disappointed that FDR carried Maine. Maine voted Republican in every election historically between 1856 and 1960 inclusive. And Landon carried Maine in 1936 despite losing in a landslide.

Looking at the wikipedia artlcle on the election, I see what the creator of the scenario did. Roosevelt's slightly expanded national popular vote margin meant flipping the close Willkie states, and Maine with a 2.5% Willkie margin was one of them, along with Michigan and Indiana. But Landon had carried Maine with an over 10% margin, so I now wonder what happened in Maine in the late 1930s. Nonetheless, I think Maine should be stickier given the state's electoral history.
I somehow managed to win as McCain/Pawlenty in 2008. Lost the popular vote by 2% though.


Some news about The New Campaign Trail - it’s been updated so that mods can have a different ending based of your EV total (although it can be based on things other than Electoral Votes)

each mod would need to be updated by the modder to add the different endings, but still, interesting development.
New mods dropped. Bwah ha ha, they’ve got Democratic Trump 2008, like the TL with a similar premise in Pol Chat!

That Baker vs. Curtis 1932 one is an...interesting choice. Have never heard the scenario speculated before.