The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

Played as Bush, win New York, and inflict the ultimate humiliation on Dukakis.
Many of you might not know about the reddit community of this game, and they're trying to preserve this game, in case it is true that Dan Bryan doesnt want to put more work into this site. So if you can help with maintaining the site, modding a new start date or anything else r/thecampaigntrail would be useful
Where can we play these new elections?

This is the site storing all the old elections, as the old site has been taken down. You can play as normal, though it still needs to be cleaned up somewhat. The folks behind this website are working on that, as well as adding new scenarios.
Has the new site fixed some of the issues of the old one? Particularly with the 1968 scenario and getting questions clearly meant for Wallace while playing as Nixon or Humphrey, or vice versa.
The old website is still up, you just need to press a button labeled advanced and then click a link that shows up labeled "Proceed to (unsafe)". It still works completely fine and I'm pretty sure nothing bad happens.
And to elaborate for some newcomers... this sort of thing has happened before, if I remember correctly it is possibly a yearly thing where the site's certification or whatever it is expires and doesn't get replaced or renewed (or whatever, I don't really know how this stuff works) for a few days or weeks (I don't think it has been longer than a month), and then eventually it gets renewed and goes back to normal. Been like this for a few years at least
I tried the 1964 campaign as Goldwater on the new site. Its much improved from the older version and playable, but still needs work in giving the questions some depth. The onlly option for Goldwater's VP is William Miller, but as I noted earlier that is pretty historical.

I moderated as much as I thought I could get away with, and got a fairly significant improvement from IOTL, getting Goldwater to 42.6% of the nationwide popular vote (to 57.4% for LBJ, the percentage totals should never add up to 100%, even in 1964 where the minor candidate vote was smaller than normal). Goldwater also carried 15 states and 94 electoral votes, doing well in the mountain west and the plains as well as the deep south. There is no link to share the results yet.

Tried the 1796 scenario, basically played as the Whigs 40 years early, went anti-France, neutral on Hamilton, pro-Washington, anti-slave trade, pro-tariffs and internal improvements. Pulled off a clean sweep of the New English and Midatlantic States, including Maryland and Delaware, but lost the rest of the South.

A little buggy and still has some room to improve, but the scenario ain't bad.
I picked Clinton and united the party with Sanders as a running mate, running a good balance between being moderate and appealing to Left-leaning voters.
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