The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

Good that they finally have a semi-new scenario.

One cool idea would be a continuous game. That is, say you win as Nixon in 1960. You then answer questions regarding his first term and also 1964 campaign questions. You 1964 opponent is generated, perhaps at random or perhaps partially influenced by the answers you gave (a warmongering Nixon might lead to an anti-war Democrat being nominated, for example). The game then continues in this fashion until the present day.

It would require a vast expansion, I suppose. For the moment I'd be happy to see alternative presidential candidates added to existing scenarios.
An even better result than my last playthrough as the Hillary/Bernie Connection. In most victories, I only ever flip Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin from OTL, but here I managed to get Ohio too.

Conversely, here’s an example of a better-than-OTL Trump victory, picking up Minnesota and Nevada and even having a popular vote victory.

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Here’s my best Hillary victory so far in the updated scenario. Almost recreated the Obama 2012 map, except I traded Iowa for North Carolina.

Won with Hillary Clinton on Impossible: 279-259. It is a grind.
- Chose Bernie Sanders as my running mate.
- Moved to the left and struck up a populist tone vs. making it about Trump (although there's a balance).
- The last third of the run is a blitz of fainting spell, debate, "P-Word" tape followed by Comey, DNC leak, and more. I'm still trying to find the right combination of responses.