The broken realm: an medieval TL

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Brittain in the 10th century was in one word: a mess. the island was divided between the Briton kingdom of Strathclyde, the Scottish kingdom of Alba the the kingdom of Wessex and various Norse and Welsh polities.

in 924 AD Eadward of Wessex died and was succeeded by his son Aethelstan who in 927 fulfilled his fathers and grandfathers ambition of uniting England into one kingdom when he conquered the Norse kingdom of Northumbria and driving away its king, Guthfrith who was also king of Dublin.
Guthfrith died in 934 and was succeeded king of by his son Olaf. Olaf dreamed of retaking Northumbria and to achieve that goal had allied with Owain ap Dyvnwal of Strathclyde and Causantin mac Aeda of Alba.

the three had invaded England in 937 and faced Aethelstan's army at Brunanbruh near Chester.
it soon turned into a disaster for the English when Aethelstan and his half brother Eadmund fell and the army routed. (1)


both Aethelstan and Eadmund had not had known issue and last brother left was the sickly 14 year old Eadred who was in condition to defend against the country. the witan, assembled to elect a new king, some wanted Aethelstan the viceroy of East Anglia and a great grandson of Aethelred I of Wessex. (2) others wanted Eadred, eventually Aethelstan was elected.
England had a new king the only question was, could he defeat the invasion?

(1) this is the POD
(2) i read that according to one theory Aethelweard the chronicler's decent from Aethelhem son of Aethelred I was through Ealdorman Eadric of Sussex who was the brother of Aethelstan the viceroy of East Anglia and their conections was through their father Aethelfryth who was supposedly the son of said Aethelhelm. so i decided to go with that.
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Cool! I'm actually doing a timeline on that exact POD. Wonder how different they'll end up being.
thanks man. my favorite groups of the time are the the Anglo Saxons and the scandinavians. but most of TLs about the period are either about 1066 or 878 so i wanted to due one about brunanbruh. and it just started writing itself. and i thaught to kill off Eadred but then i decided to explore him surviving but not being the king and instead explore Aethelstan Half King reighning.
any advise is welcome.
Subscribed. Will be interesting to see how things turn out. This was kind of the last golden age for the Anglo Saxons, regardless of the short lived kings.