The Blesvins(King Stephen of England TL)

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    The Blesvins

    Eustace I of England

    A child is born

    On 1150, Constance of France is announced to be pregnant and gave birth of a son named Theobald, the son of Eustace of Boulogne and Constance of France, this would be the happiest event for King Stephen and both Louis VI and Stephen conquer the Duchy of Normandy from the Angevins

    This would make Stephen of Blois very happy due to him having a stable succession and he is supported by the barons in England.

    King Stephen withdrew his daughter Marie of Blois from the convent and married her to Henry of Anjou after the birth of a son, settling the English succession and she would carry the Blesvin claims to the County of Maine and the Blesvins would renounce Maine and their claims to Jerusalem and the Angevins would renounce Normandy and England.

    Stephen of Blois’ Grandmother is the heiress of Maine and was disinherited due to his grand uncle’s selling of the Duchy of Maine to Elias I, count of Maine whose daughter joined the County of Maine to the Plantagenets and the marriage of Marie with Henry would unite the two claims to the county of Maine which is disputed by both the Angevins and Blois which would completely secure the Angevin rule in the County of Maine.

    The marriage between Marie of Blois to Henry of Anjou ended the fight between the Plantagenets and Blesvins in Normandy in 1151 and the marriage was finalized in the Mid of 1151.

    For the Blesvins the Marriage of Marie to Henry of Anjou due to the impending divorce between Eleanor of Aquitaine and possible marriage of Henry of Anjou to Eleanor of Aquitaine which the Blesvins will treat as a threat to their rule in England and Normandy and aside from that Stephen of Blois would also inform the King of France about the affair of Henry I of Anjou and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

    Stephen of Blois would say that he was happy that the marriage between the Angevins had fixed their problems with the Angevins and the succession of England.
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    The wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII

    Life of Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Eleanor of Aquitaine would be upset upon hearing that her supposed fiancé, Henry of Anjou is already married and she would move on due to it being the best thing to do, but the divorce between Eleanor and Louis VII would still happen since she hated her current husband who she is currently estranged, it felt that she is unhappy because she already fell in love with the Henry I of Anjou and the marriage would mean that she would re-plan what would happen after her planned divorce with her husband and her husband would know her plans to divorce Eleanor and marry another man and even discovered the past relationship between Henry I, Count of Anjou and Eleanor of Aquitaine which was discovered by the Louis VII which resulted in Louis VII telling Marie of Flanders in 1152 to guard her husband, Henry of Anjou.

    On 1152, Marie of France is betrothed to Conan IV of Brittany and Alice is betrothed to Theobald, the son of Eustace, the heir to England and Constance of France at this point which will strengthen the bonds of Brittany and England to France.

    Since Eleanor gave birth to a daughter named Alice, Louis VII would bed Eleanor again wanting to have a son so that he will have the inheritance of Aquitaine to prevent the divorce, he would want that it would result in a son so that Eleanor would not divorce him which did happen as son named Louis was born in the latter part of 1152 who is the waited son of Louis VII, which would only be followed by twins in 1160 named Alienor and Jean in 1160 and a final daughter named Philippa in 1164, there is a doubt in the paternity of their son, Louis due to the affair of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry I, count of Anjou which was discovered by the Louis VII, this would be the reason why his brother Jean would hate his own his own brother due to him being possibly bastard.

    After the birth of Philippa, Eleanor would go back to Aquitaine in Bordeaux to focus on her Duchy but due to her encouraging her son Louis to revolt against his own father which will lead her to be in captivity starting in 1168 and always closely guarded by her husband which would end in 1180 when her husband Louis VII died wherein she was freed by her son, Louis VIII the King of France, she would later die in 1204 and buried in Fontravraud afterwards.

    Children of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII

    Marie, Duchess of Brittany b. 1145

    Alix, Queen of England b. 1150

    Louis VIII b. 1152

    Eleanor b. 1160

    Jean b. 1160

    Philippa b. 1164

    The two sons of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII

    Louis VIII

    Married Matilda of Anjou, Countess of Maine c. 1152 which carried Maine to the Royal demesne, he is known for his own piety.


    Married Douce II, Countess of Provence , Forcalquier and Meigueil c. 1162, the daughter of Constance of Castile and Berenguer Ramon II of Provence, hates his brother Louis VIII.
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    Northern France in 1150

    Henry of Anjou

    On 1151, Henry of Anjou and Marie of Boulogne are married, however, a daughter named Matilda born in 1153 is born and quickly betrothed to the future Louis VIII, Matilda of Anjou is the first child of the Duke of Anjou.

    Matilda’s betrothal to Louis VIII is a part of the old plan of alliance between Aquitaine and Anjou and a consolation for the old plan of marriage between Henry and Eleanor which did not happen due to the divorce.

    Henry of Anjou would only have only two from the marriage named Matilda b. 1153 and Ida b. 1160 which would be followed by Marie deciding to annul the marriage with Henry due to her lack of sons and join the Fontravraud, but the inheritance of Maine would have been given to Matilda rather than any sons of the future marriage due to the Maine’s inheritance was solved by the marriage.

    Henry of Anjou would marry Adela of Champagne who would give birth to two children namely Henry b. 1165 and Joanna b. 1170, however it would be Matilda who would inherit the County of Maine which was disputed by the Blois and Angevins.

    Children of Henry of Anjou

    With Marie of Boulogne

    Matilda, Countess of Maine

    Ida, Duchess of Brabant

    With Adela of Champagne

    Henry b. 1165

    Joanna b. 1170
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    Eustace I of England's coat of arms

    Coronation of Eustace and his own Queen

    By 1153, the betrothal between Alix of France and Theobald of England would be finalized creating an alliance between France and England and secured the Blesvins in Normandy and England and Constance of France would give birth to further children for her husband, Eustace, Alix of England b. 1153, Stephen b. 1157, Baldwin of England b. 1165 and Matilda of England b. 1170.

    Children of Constance of France and Eustace I of England

    Theobald I of England b. 1150

    Alix of England b. 1153

    Stephen b. 1157

    Baldwin b. 1165

    Matilda b. 1170

    Eustace would succeed as King of England in 1154, after the death of his father, Stephen of Blois, Eustace I of England would have good relations with Thomas Becket and William of York who later became a saint and he would plan to continue the policies of his father on the start of his father’s reign and he successfully able to gain the support of the King of France in his rule in England due to the betrothal of his son, Theobald to Alix of France, the daughter of the King of France with the Duchess of Aquitaine.

    The Coronation of Eustace with his wife Constance of France in 1154 was attended by the nobles and vassals of Eustace at that time.
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