The Battle of Texel (1918) - Twilight of the Gods

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    I've found a video online covering the 'converged' results of a series of 9 wargames that fought out a hypothetical battle between the High Seas & Grand Fleets based on the assumption that the Germans 'last raid' actually came off rather than ending in a welter of mutiny.

    There is a lot of imagery for the enterprising illustrator, including the desperate attempts by the British 6th Battle Squadron (All US Ships...) to keep up with the Queen Elizabeths as they lead the charge on the German Fleet. That, the authors mistake in the narration about the Germans occupying Holland and the fact that the K Class submarines actually managed to do some damage...

    Some of the comments are quite interesting.
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    Nov 28, 2011
    I saw that video. I'm subscribed to his channel.