The b.b.c the begining of the end

In 1999 the B.B.C was visted by police and investgated when former employes of the center began to say were hiding letters adressed to Diana about her interview with newsnight in 1995 and they wanted to talk with Sir John Brit.
Here what's went down at City london Police
at 14.00 hours this the time of interview here with me is d.c Jimson and I am d.c.i cloud please sate your name sir.
John Brit ok mr Brit why do you think we were sent to see you? well at first you were lost? we wern't lost we were planing to see you about Dianna you lied to her and need to face facts that you lied.
but officer but nothing. you need to resign so will take you back and watch over you as sign the paper for resignantion
Part 2
Riot on a empty street the repsonse of the public general public
when the news hit the british public they were sadden and angry with mismagement and corupt workers that only came once they thought were safe from the outcry of british public they were not and had to face facts and live with the fact that more things be coming to light in the coming months which would damage the now alredy rotton to the core company.
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Which honestly doesn't seem like that much of POD for a TL entitled 'The b.b.c the begining of the end'. And as others have stated I find it hard to see how this can avoid straying into political debate.
but am not trying turn it into a debate sorry if i sound mad.
As a non Brit, is the idea of the POD a Diana coverup instigated by the royal family that’s abusing the press and government influence on the BBC, perhaps either leading to the replacement of the BBC or the denationalization of it at some point in the future relative to this timeframe?

I am unfamiliar with current BBC controversies though maybe I can guess.