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President Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren
Vice President: Andrew Yang
Secretary of State: Chris Murphy
Secretary of Treasury: Richard Cordray
Secretary of Defense: Ro Khanna

Attorney General: Kieth Ellison
Secretary of Domestic Affairs: Julian Castro
Secretary of the Interior: Robert Satiacum Jr.
Secretary of Agriculture: Austin Frerick
Secretary of Commerce: Rohit Chopra
Secretary of Labor: Williams Spriggs
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Adam Gaffney
Secretary of Education: Lily Eskelsen Garcia
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Chokwe Antar Lumumba
Secretary of Transportation: Phil Washington
Secretary of Energy: Arun Majumdar
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Mark Takano
Secretary of Environmental Protection: Maia Belton
Secretary of Space Studies and Exploration: Mark Kelly
Secretary of Infrastructure and Rural Development: Chuy Garcia

Chief of Staff: Dan Geldon
Press Secretary: Gabrielle Farrell
US Trade Representative: Michael Wessel
Director of National Intelligence: Jackie Speier
National Security Advisor: Sasha Baker
CFPB Director: Kara Stein
NEC Director: Lily Batchelder
DPC Director: Ganesh Sitaraman
OMB Director: Ann O’Leary
CIA Director: Martin Heinrich
Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Sharon Block
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Mark Pocan
Ambassador to the United Nations: Heather Hurlburt
This is 100% current politics.

Please keep current politics in Chat.
: Ted Kennedy
Vice President: Pat Schroeder
Secretary of State: Gary Hart
Secretary of the Treasury: Lloyd Bentsen
Secretary of Defense: Leslie Aspin
Attorney General: John Conyers
Secretary of the Interior: Byron Mallott
Secretary of Agriculture: George McGovern
Secretary of Commerce: Reubin Askew
Secretary of Labor: Thomas R. Donohue
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Shirley Chisholm
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Jane Byrne
Secretary of Transportation: W. Graham Claytor, Jr.
Secretary of Energy: Harold Brown
Secretary of Education: Albert Shanker
Secretary of Environmental Protection: Jerry Brown
Secretary of Space Studies and Exploration: John Glenn
Secretary of Infrastructure and Rural Development: Richard B. Ogilvie

Chief of Staff: Stephen Edward Smith
UN Ambassador: Sargent Shriver
Director of Central Intelligence: Zbigniew Brzezinski
EPA Administrator: Jerry Brown
OMB Director: Edmund Muskie
Trade Representative: Anne Wexler
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President Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy
Vice President: Eugene McCarthy
Secretary of State: Edmund Muskie
Secretary of Treasury: Paul Volcker
Secretary of Defense:
Cyrus Vance

Attorney General:
Barbara Jordan
Postmaster General: Vincent Sombrotto
Secretary of Domestic Affairs: Terry Sanford
Secretary of the Interior: Hank Adams
Secretary of Agriculture: Harold E. Hughes
Secretary of Commerce: Alan S. Boyd
Secretary of Labor:
George Meany
Secretary of Health, Welfare and Human Services: Hubert H. Humphrey
Secretary of Education: Shirley Chisholm
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Channing E. Phillips
Secretary of Transportation: Najeeb Halaby
Secretary of Energy:
Hyman G. Rickover
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Vance Hartke
Secretary of Environmental Protection: George Marshall
Secretary of Space Studies and Exploration: John Glenn
Secretary of Infrastructure and Rural Development: W. Graham Claytor Jr.

Chief of Staff:
John B. Martin
US Trade Representative: Robert S. Strauss
Director of National Intelligence: Frank Church
EPA Administrator: Douglas M. Costle
OMB Director: Alice Rivlin
CIA Director: Henry M. Jackson
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: George Smathers
Ambassador to the United Nations: Daniel P. Moynihan
Hillary Clinton '08

Hillary Clinton
Vice President: Barack Obama
Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke
Secretary of Treasury: Larry Summers
Secretary of Defense: Michele Flournoy

Attorney General: Tom Perez
Secretary of the Interior: Sally Jewel
Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack
Secretary of Commerce: Terry McAuliffe
Secretary of Labor: Robert Reich
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Howard Dean
Secretary of Education: Randi Weingarten
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Maria Foscarinis
Secretary of Transportation: Steve Hemminger
Secretary of Energy: Lisa Jackson
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Claudia Kennedy
Secretary of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano

Chief of Staff: Huma Abedin
US Trade Representative: Caroline Kennedy
Director of National Intelligence: James Stavridis
National Security Advisor: Jane Harman
OMB Director: Neera Tanden
CIA Director: Susan Gordon
EPA Director: Al Gore
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Karen Mills
Ambassador to the United Nations: Susan Rice
President Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Vice President: Nina Turner
Secretary of State: Russell Feingold
Secretary of Treasury: Sarah Bloom Raskin
Secretary of Defense: Barbara Lee

Attorney General: Vanita Gupta
Secretary of Domestic Affairs: Robert Satiacum Jr.
Secretary of the Interior: Deb Haaland
Secretary of Agriculture: John Boyd
Secretary of Commerce: Elizabeth Warren
Secretary of Labor: Robert Reich
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Abdul Al-Sayed
Secretary of Education: Randi Weingarten
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Diane Yentel
Secretary of Transportation: Beth Osborne
Secretary of Energy: Jennifer Granholm
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Mark Takano
Secretary of Homeland Security: Julian Castro
Secretary of Environmental Protection: Jay Inslee
Secretary of Space Studies and Exploration: Bill Nelson
Secretary of Infrastructure and Rural Development: R.T. Rybak

Chief of Staff: Faiz Shakir
Press Secretary: Briahna Joy Gray
US Trade Representative: Katherine Tai
Director of National Intelligence: Jackie Speier
National Security Advisor: Matt Duss
CFPB Director: Rohit Chopra
OMB Director: Jan Schakowsky
NEC Director: Dean Baker
DPC Director: Heather McGhee
CIA Director: Jackie Speyer
EPA Director: Bill McKibben
Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Rajesh Nayak
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Sameera Fazili
Ambassador to the United Nations: Caroline Kennedy
FCC Chairman: Lawrence Lessig
Pretty cool.
Prime Minister: Ted Heath
Foreign Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister: Jeremy Thorpe
Chancellor: Anthony Barber
Home Secretary: William Whitelaw
Chief Secretary to The Treasury: John Pardoe
NI Secretary: David Steel
1979 Whitelaw Cabinet

Prime Minister – William Whitelaw
Home Secretary – James Prior
Lord President of the Council & Leader of the House of Lords – Lord Carrington
Lord Chancellor – Lord Hailsham
Lord Privy Seal & Leader of the House of Commons – Humphrey Atkins
Chancellor of the Exchequer – Patrick Jenkin
Chief Secretary to the Treasury – John Nott
Foreign Secretary – Edward Heath
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – Nicholas Scott
Secretary of State for Defence – Francis Pym
Secretary of State for Education and Science – Norman St John-Stevas
Secretary of State for Employment – Margaret Thatcher
Secretary of State for Energy – Peter Walker
Secretary of State for the Environment – Michael Heseltine
Secretary of State for Health and Social Services – Ian Gilmour
Secretary of State for Industry – Geoffrey Howe
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Paul Channon
Secretary of State for Scotland – George Younger
Secretary of State for Trade – David Howell
Minister of Transport – Keith Joseph
Secretary of State for Wales – Wyn Roberts
More extreme Trump cabinet
President: Donald Trump
Vice-President: Newt Gingrich
White House Chief of Staff: Steve Bannon
National Security Adviser: Mike Flynn
Secretary of State: Rudy Giuliani
Treasury Secretary: John Allison
Defense Secretary: Tom Cotton
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
Interior Secretary: Jan Brewer
Agriculture Secretary: Tim Huelskamp
Commerce Secretary: Peter Thiel
Labor Secretary: Andy Puzder
EPA Administrator: Myron Ebell
HHS Secretary: Mike Huckabee
HUD Secretary: Ben Carson
Transportation Secretary: Elaine Chao
Energy Secretary: Harold Hamm
Education Secretary: Jerry Falwell
VA Secretary: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Homeland Security: Joe Arpaio
UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley
Scary stuff. I wonder what 2020-2021 would be like ITTL assuming that the Democrats still win the election.
Idealistic Democratic Cabinet 2009-2017

President: Barack Obama
Vice President: Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State: John Kerry
Secretary of Treasury: Elizabeth Warren
Attorney General: Elliot Spitzer
Secretary of the Interior: Jay Inslee
On November 19, 1928, President-elect Hoover embarked on a ten-nation "goodwill tour" of Central and South America. While crossing the Andes Mountains from Chile, a group of Argentinian Anarchist, led by Severino Di Giovanni, planted an explosive on board the presidential train as it crossed the Argentinian central plain.

The Senate Majority Leader and Vice President-Elect, Charles Curtis, was sitting in Congress, when a clerk came up to the desk, upon hearing the news, Curtis stood up and informed the sitting members the news and requested for recess which is unanimously voted in favour for.

The two men had not been close, with Curtis being the leader of the anti-Hoover movement during the Republican Primary 1928 and although accepted being his running mate and not really talked since their victory on November 6.
But so began Curtis’s transition from Vice President-Elect to President Elect.

On March 3rd, Curtis resigned from the Senate and on March 4th he took the oath of office of President on the East Portico of the US Capitol Chief Justice (and former president) William Howard Taft administered the oath of office. This was the first inaugural ceremony recorded by newsreel cameras. Curtis arranged for members of the Native American community to march in parade as well as a Native American jazz band to perform at the inauguration.

At 69 years old when he took office, this made him the oldest incoming President at the time, surpassing William Harrison. He was also the first native Kansan, the first Native American, and the first person of color to hold the post. The first person enrolled in a Native American tribe to be elected to such a high office, Curtis decorated his office with Native American artifacts and posed for pictures by wearing Indian headdresses.
A widower when he was elected vice president in 1928, Curtis had his long-since-married sister, Dolly Curtis Gann, act as his official hostess for social events. She had lived with her husband, Edward Everett Gann, in Washington, DC, since about 1903. He was a lawyer, once an assistant attorney general in the government, he would serve as an advisor to President Curtis.

Charles Curtis (1929–1933)
Vice President:
Vacant (1929-1933)
Secretary of State:
Charles Gates Dawes (1929-1933)
Under Secretary of State and international development:
Alanson B. Houghton (1929-1933)
Treasury Secretary:
Andrew William Mellon (1929)
Benjamin Sanford Paulen (1929-1933)
Secretary of War:
James Wolcott Wadsworth Jr. (1929-1933)
Attorney General:
Guy Despard Goff (1929-1931)
Thomas Henry Dodge (1931-1933)
Secretary of Interior:
Daniel Read Anthony Jr. (1929-1931)
Robert A. Taft (1931-1933)
Postmaster General:
Joseph Irwin France (1929-1933)
Secretary of Commerce:
Ogden Livingston Mills (1929-1933)
Secretary of Agriculture:
Frank Carlson (1929-1933)
Secretary of Labor:
James J. Davis (1929)
Robert A. Taft (1929-1931)
John Daniel Miller Hamilton (1931-1933)

Judicial Appointments
1. Chief Justice William Howard Taft retired on February 3, 1930, and the same day Curtis, nominated Associate Justice, Willis Van Devanter,
to fill the vacancy.
2. To fill the vacancy left by, Willis Van Devanter’s elevation, on his confirmation in senate, Curtis, would nominate former Illinois Governor, Frank Orren Lowden.
3. Associate Justice Edward T. Sanford died on March 8, 1930, Curtis would nominate former Iowa Senator and Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, William S. Kenyon to the seat.
4. In 1932, Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes announced his plans to retire. Curtis appointed Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, William Agnew Johnston as his nominee.

There were rumours of Curtis nominating, Lyda Conley or Thomas Dodge, however both being Native American and Lyda being a woman, Curtis knew it would be an up hill struggle.
“History has been made today!” - Shirley Chisholm, January 20th, 1973

The Cabinet of President Shirley Anita Chisholm (1973-1981)

Shirley A. Chisholm
Vice President: Patsy M. Mink
Secretary of State: Edmund S. Muskie
Secretary of the Treasury: Fred R. Harris
Secretary of Defense: Harold Brown
Attorney General: Walter F. Mondale
Secretary of the Interior: Mike R. Gravel
Secretary of Agriculture: George S. McGovern
Secretary of Labour: Henry M. Jackson
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare: J. Terry Sanford
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Philip A. Hart
National Security Advisor: Zbigniew Brzezinski
The Cabinet of Reagan/Ford (1981 - 1985):

President: Ronald W. Reagan (1981 - 1985)
Vice President: Gerald R. Ford, Jr. (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of State: Henry A. Kissinger (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of the Treasury: Alan Greenspan (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of Defense: Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (1981 - 1982), Casper W. Weinberger (1982 - 1985)
Attorney General: William F. Smith II (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of the Interior: James G. Watt (1981 - 1983), William P. Clark, Jr. (1983 - 1985)
Secretary of Agriculture: John R. Block (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of Commerce: Howard M. Baldrige, Jr. (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of Labor: Raymond J. Donovan (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Richard S. Schweiker (1981 - 1983), Margaret M. Heckler (1983 - 1985)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. (1981 - 1985)
Secretary of Transportation: Andrew L. Lewis, Jr. (1981 - 1983), Mary E. A. Dole (1983 - 1985)
Secretary of Energy: James B. Edwards (1981 - 1982), Donald P. Hodel (1982 - 1985)
Secretary of Education: Terrel H. Bell (1981 - 1985)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget: David A. Stockman (1981 - 1985)
Director of Central Intelligence: George H. W. Bush (1981 - 1985)
United States Trade Representative: William E. Brock III (1981 - 1985)
Ambassador to the United Nations: Jeane D. Kirkpatrick (1981 - 1985)
Counselor to the President: Edwin Meese III (1981 - 1985)
The Cabinet of Huey Long (1937-1945):

President: Huey P. Long, Jr. (1937-1945)
Vice President: Burton K. Wheeler (1937-1945)
Secretary of State: William E. Borah (1937-1940), Robert M. La Follette, Jr. (1940-1945)
Secretary of the Treasury: Gerald L. K. Smith (1937-1945)
Secretary of War: Smedley D. Butler (1937-1940), George C. Marshall, Jr. (1940-1945)
Attorney General: William F. Murphy (1937-1945)
Postmaster General: William F. Knox (1937-1944), Otto Praeger (1944-1945)
Secretary of the Navy: Franklin D. Roosevelt (1937-1945)
Secretary of the Interior: Lytle Brown (1937-1945)
Secretary of Agriculture: Henry A. Wallace (1937-1945)
Secretary of Commerce: Herbert C. Hoover (1937-1945)
Secretary of Labor: Edward Keating (1937-1945)
Director of the Budget: Alfred E. Smith (1937-1944), Harold D. Smith (1944-1945)