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    The Curtis Cabinet 1937 (Kaiserreich)

    President: Charles Curtis
    Vice President: Quentin Roosevelt
    Secretary of State: Arthur H Vanderburg
    Secretary of the Navy: Leroy Grummon
    Secretary of the Treasury: George Norris
    Postmaster General: Robert H Jackson
    Attorney General: William Borah
    Secretary of the Interior: Hugh S. Gibson
    Secretary of Agriculture: Alf M. Landon
    Secretary of Commerce: John J. McCloy
    Secretary of Labor: Fiorello LaGurdia

    Speaker of the House: John N. Garner
    Senate Majority Leader: Charles L. McNary
    President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Hiram Johnson
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Louis Brandeis
    Head of the FBI: J. Edgar Hoover
  2. Old1812 Reactionary Monarchist Twit

    Jul 30, 2017
    Georgia, USA
    President: William Jennings Bryan (D-NE)
    Vice President: Adlai Stevenson (D-IL)
    Secretary of State: Joseph C. S. Blackburn (D-KY)
    Secretary of the Treasury: Henry M. Teller (SR-CO)
    Secretary of War: Claude Matthews (D-IN)
    Attorney General: James Hogg (D-TX)
    Postmaster General: John R. McLean (D-OH)
    Secretary of the Navy: George Gray (D-DE)
    Secretary of the Interior: Thomas E. Watson (P-GA)
    Secretary of Agriculture: Marion Butler (P-NC)
    Secretary of Commerce and Labor: James H. Kyle (P-SD)

    Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Richard P. Bland (D-MO)
    Ambassador to France: Clifton R. Breckinridge (D-AR)

    Chair of the Federal Bureau of Coin: Alexander del Mar (S-NY)
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    Yani Cabinet (Indonesia)
    POD: Late on 30th September, Soeharto decides to report to Commander of the Army Ahmad Yani that there will be a kidnapping attempt that night. Yani rallies the Army to him and launches a movement against the group of middle-ranked officers called the 30th September Movement as well as overthrowing Soekarno in a coup. At the 1965 Special Session of the Provisional People's Consultative Assembly (MPRS) Ahmad Yani becomes the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia. The following is his cabinet:

    President: Gen. Ahmad Yani
    Vice President: KH Idham Chalid

    Minister of Home Affairs: Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Adjie
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Adam Malik
    Minister of Defense and Security: Lt. Gen. Sarbini
    Minister of Justice: Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja
    Minister of Information: Maj. Gen. Basuki Rachmat
    Minister of Finance: Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX
    Minister of Industry: Maj. Gen. M. Jusuf
    Minister of Trade: Prof. Dr. Ali Wardhana
    Minister of Agriculture: Prof. Dr. Widjojo Nitisastro
    Minister of Transportation: Maj. Gen. Darjatmo
    Minister of Public Works and Electricity: Ir. Sutami
    Minister of Mining: Maj. Gen. Ibnu Sutowo
    Minister of Manpower: Maj. Gen. (Pol.) Hoegeng
    Minister of Religion: KH Ahmad Sjaichu
    Minister of Health: Brig. Gen. Azil Wijayakusuma
    Minister of Education and Culture:
    Minister of Social Affairs:
    Frans Seda

    Commander of the Army:
    Lt. Gen. Soeharto
    Commander of the Navy: Adm. Martadinata
    Commander of the Air Force: Commodore. Rusmin Nurjadin
    Commander of the Police: Police. Gen. Soejipto Joedodihardjo

    State Secretary:
    Lt. Gen. Soeprapto
    Cabinet Secretary: Lt. Gen. MT Harjono
    Attorney General: Maj. Gen. Sutoyo Siswomihardjo
    Chief of Intellignce: Lt. Gen. S. Parman
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    No snap election called, and Article 50 triggered in November rather than March.

    Theresa May, June 2016
    Cabinet Members

    Prime Minister - Theresa May MP
    First Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons - Damian Green MP
    Chancellor of the Exchequer - Phillip Hammond MP
    Home Secretary - Amber Rudd MP
    Foreign Secretary - Dr Liam Fox MP
    Brexit Secretary - David Davis MP
    Business and International Trade Secretary - Boris Johnson MP
    Defence Secretary - Sir Michael Fallon MP
    Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary - Sajid Javid MP
    Education Secretary and Equalities Minister - Justine Greening MP
    Health and Social Care Secretary - Dr Greg Clark MP
    Housing, Communities and Local Government - Liz Truss MP
    Transport Secretary - Chris Grayling MP
    Scotland Secretary - David Mundell MP
    Wales Secretary - Alun Cairns MP
    Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary - Oliver Letwin MP
    Northern Ireland Secretary - James Brokenshire MP
    International Development Secretary - Penny Mordaunt MP
    Work and Pensions Secretary - David Gauke MP
    Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary - Priti Patel MP
    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster - David Lidington MP
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister - Andrea Leadsom MP

    Attending Cabinet
    Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General - Ben Gummer MP
    Minister without Portfolio - Jeremy Hunt MP
    Minister without Portfolio - Brandon Lewis MP (also Party Chairman)
    Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal - Baroness Natalie Evans
    Chief Whip and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury - Gavin Williamson MP
    Minister of State for Immigration - Karen Bradley MP
    Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change - Matt Hancock MP
    Minister of State for Mental Health and Social Care - Anne Milton MP
    Attorney-General for England and Wales - Stephen Phillips MP

    Junior Ministers and Other Appointments of Note (Non-Cabinet)
    Financial Secretary to the Treasury - Margot James MP
    Minister of State for European Affairs (FCO/Brexit) - Baroness Joyce Anelay
    Minister of State for Courts and Justice – Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP
    Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation (Bus/Ed) - Sam Gyimah MP
    Minister of State for Housing and Planning and Minister for London - Jo Johnson MP
    Minister of State for Digital and Culture - Rt Hon Greg Hands MP
    Minister of State for Transport - Robert Goodwill MP
    Minister of State for Transport - John Hayes MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport - Jesse Norman MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for EU Negotiations - Suella Fernandes MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport - Andrew Jones MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Caroline Nokes MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice - Phillip Lee MP
    Treasurer of the Household and Deputy Government Chief Whip - Mike Penning MP
    Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for the Constitution - Chris Skidmore MP
    Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party - James Cleverly MP

    August 2017:
    David Davis and Michael Fallon leave government, replaced by Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt respectively. Goodwill replaces Hunt as Minister without Portfolio, and Andrew Jones replaces Goodwill as Minister of State for Transport. Nus Ghani enters government, replacing Jones as Under Secretary.

    October 2017:
    Baroness Joyce Anelay steps down due to ill health, replaced as Minister of State for European Affairs by Dominic Raab MP.

    December 2017:
    Damian Green leaves government.

    January 2018:
    Reshuffle to replace Green, James Brokenshire steps down citing ill health. Karen Bradley replaces Green as Leader of the House of Commons, and Mark Harper enters government replacing Brokenshire as Northern Ireland Secretary. Caroline Nokes replaces Bradley as Minister of State for Immigration. Nokes is replaced by Kit Malthouse, who enters government.

    John Hayes steps down, replaced by Jo Johnson. Johnson is replaced by Nick Boles, who enters government.

    Chris Skidmore becomes CCHQ Vice Chair for Policy Development, Oliver Dowden enters government replacing him as Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for the Constitution. Nigel Adams becomes CCHQ Vice Chair for North England, Kemi Badenoch AM and Brian Whittle MSP are appointed as CCHQ Vice Chairs for Candidates, Reham Chisti MP and Helen Grant MP are appointed as CCHQ Vice Chairs for Communities.

    April 2018:
    Amber Rudd MP resigns due to the Windrush Scandal. Sajid Javid replaces her, James Brokenshire re-enters government replacing Javid as Justice Secretary.

    June 2018:
    Phillip Lee resigns as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice, replaced by Edward Argar MP.

    Greg Hands resigns as Minister of State for Digital and Culture, replaced by Margot James. James is replaced as Financial Secretary by Mel Stride MP, a whip (Lord Commissioner to the Treasury). Stride is replaced as a whip by Chris Heaton-Harris MP, an Assistant Whip. Heaton-Harris is replaced by Jo Churchill MP, who enters government.
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    A bit of a shameless plug, but I don't think I've put this down on "paper" in Alternate Cabinets yet. Also it has the advantage of getting into some of the weeds because there's such fun to be had at the intra-departmental level too. The initial Cabinetry for my TL in progress McGoverning, no spoilery changes over time here but the picture as of early 1973. For anyone interested.

    McGovern Administration

    McGovern Cabinet

    President: George S. McGovern
    Vice President: Philip A. Hart
    Secretary of State: R. Sargent Shriver, Jr.
    Secretary of the Treasury: John Kenneth Galbraith
    Secretary of Defense: Cyrus Vance
    Attorney General: Archibald Cox
    Secretary of the Interior: Jesse Unruh
    Secretary of Agriculture: Frank Morrison
    Secretary of Commerce: Dwayne Andreas
    Secretary of Labor: Leonard Woodcock
    Secretary of Health and Human Services: Andrew Young
    Secretary of Education: J. Terry Sanford
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: George Romney
    Secretary of Transportation: W. Graham Claytor
    Secretary of Peace: Donald M. Fraser
    Secretary of Veterans' Affairs: Gen. David M. Shoup, USMC (ret.)

    "Cabinet-rank" positions
    Director of Central Intelligence: Paul "Pete" McCloskey
    Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Arthur Burns (replaced midway through 1973 by Andrew F. Brimmer)
    Ambassador to the United Nations: Shirley Chisholm
    United States Trade Representative: Lawrence "Larry" O'Brien
    Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: John Sherman Cooper

    Executive Office of the President
    White House Chief of Staff: Gary W. Hart
    Deputy White House Chief of Staff: Douglas A. Coulter
    Office of Counsel to the President: Frank Mankiewicz
    Deputy to the Office of Counselor to the President: Gene Pokorny
    White House Counsel: Ramsey L. Clark
    National Security Adviser: Paul Warnke
    Deputy National Security Adviser: Robert Sherman
    Director, Office of Management and Budget: Lester Thurow
    Chair, Council of Economic Advisers: Edwin Kuh
    Director, Office of Policy Development: Jean Westwood
    Director, Office of Public Liaison: Anne Wexler
    White House Communications Director: Frank Mankiewicz [1]
    White House Press Secretary: Richard "Dick" Dougherty

    United States Department of State[2]
    Secretary: R. Sargent Shriver, Jr.
    Deputy Secretary: George Ball
    Undersecretary for Political Affairs: Philip Habib
    Undersecretary for International Security Affairs: David L. Aaron
    Undersecretary for Management: William "Bill" Macomber
    Assistant Secretary for African Affairs: Patricia Roberts Harris
    Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs: Richard "Dick" Holbrooke
    Assistant Secretary for European Affairs: George Vest
    Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs: William G. Bowdler
    Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs: Charles W. Mayne
    Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs: Alfred "Roy" Atherton
    United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union: Robert S. "Bob" Strauss
    United States Representative to the People's Republic of China: Arthur W. Hummel, Jr.
    United States Ambassador to India: Chester Bowles [3]
    United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Kingman Brewster, Jr.
    United States Ambassador to France: Pierre Salinger
    United States Ambassador to West Germany: Walter J. Stoessel, Jr.
    United States Ambassador to Mexico: Edward R. Roybal
    United States Ambassador to Brazil: Lt. Gen. Vernon Walters (ret.)
    United States Ambassador to Israel: Kenneth B. Keating
    United States Ambassador to Iran: Talcott W. Seelye
    United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: James E. Akins
    United States Ambassador to South Vietnam: John Gunther Dean
    United States Ambassador to Cambodia: Daniel Patrick Moynihan [4]
    United States Ambassador to Bangladesh: Archer Blood [5]

    United States Department of the Treasury
    Secretary: John Kenneth Galbraith
    Deputy Secretary: Paul A. Volcker, Jr.

    United States Department of Defense
    Secretary: Cyrus Vance
    Deputy Secretary: Townsend Hoopes II
    Undersecretary for Policy: John D. Holum[6]
    Undersecretary for Research & Engineering: Harold Brown
    Undersecretary for Intelligence: Robert C. "Bob" Komer
    Secretary of the Navy: Otis G. Pike
    Secretary of the Army: Charles E. "Charlie" Bennett
    Secretary of the Air Force: David S. Lewis, Jr.

    United States Department of Justice
    Attorney General: Archibald Cox
    Deputy Attorney General: Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.
    Solicitor General: John Doar

    [1] Frank's wearing two hats in consequence of his central role with the administration's brains trust
    [2] Though he doesn't have a formal title just yet, the senior administration bosses are maneuvering to give Clark Clifford a special ambassadorship that would in effect make him "arms control czar" for the administration, even though the subject-matter post at ACDA belongs to the retired liberal-Republican, anti-Vietnam senator from Kentucky John Sherman Cooper
    [3] Returns for a hat trick
    [4] Moynihan and John Kenneth Galbraith were close personal friends (JKG was actually close friends with several people whom he disagreed with even more sharply on policy, most famously William F. Buckley, and here despite Moynihan's association with Nixon they find a job for DPM even if it's a hardship post)
    [5] Have I mentioned that this is pretty much the most Indophilic US administration in American history, even compared to JFK's?
    [6] The McGovern administration beats OTL's Carter administration to the punch and sets up the subject-matter Undersecretaries at DoD
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  7. Luke_Starkiller Opportunity Democrat; Cold War Junkie

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    B-Town, USA
    “It’s {the Current Year}!”: A cabinet without straight white men.

    President: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
    Vice President: Fmr. Sec. Julian Castro (D-TX)

    Secretary of State: Fmr. UN Amb. Samantha Power (D-MA)
    Secretary of the Treasury: Fmr. Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
    Secretary of Defense: Ret. Maj. Gen. Claudia Kennedy (I-VA)
    Attorney General: Fmr. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates (D-GA)

    Secretary of the Interior: Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR)
    Secretary of Agriculture: Fmr. Feeding America CEO Diana Aviv (I-IL)
    Secretary of Commerce: Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA)
    Secretary of Labor: Dr. Edward Montgomery (D-MI)
    Secretary of HHS: Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (D-MI)
    Secretary of HUD: Mayor London Breed (D-CA)
    Secretary of Transportation: Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL)
    Secretary of Energy: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
    Secretary of Education: UC System President Janet Napolitano (D-CA)
    Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs: Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN)
    Secretary of Homeland Security: Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ)
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    Bush (2001-05)
    * President: George W. Bush
    * Vice-President: Dick Cheney
    * State Sec: Donald Rumsfeld
    * Treasury Sec: Paul O'Neill
    * Defense Sec: Colin Powell
    * Attorney Gen: John Ashcroft
    * Homeland Sec: Tom Ridge
    * Nat Security: Condoleezza Rice
    * Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, N Korea
    * Patriot Act, tax cut, school reform, partial-birth ban

    Kerry (2005-09)
    * President: John Kerry
    * Vice-President: Hillary Clinton
    * State Sec: Richard Holbrooke
    * Treasury Sec: Donald Kohn
    * Defense Sec: Sam Nunn
    * Attorney Gen: John Edwards
    * Homeland Sec: Gary Hart
    * Nat Security: Leon Panetta
    * Wars in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria

    Hunter (2009-13)
    * President: Duncan Hunter
    * Vice-President: Rudy Giuliani
    * State Sec: John R. Bolton
    * Treasury Sec: Brian Bilbray
    * Defense Sec: Paul Wolfowitz
    * Attorney Gen: Sam Brownback
    * Homeland Sec: Rick Perry
    * Nat Security: Norman Podhoretz
    * War in Venezuela, Cuba coup
    * Growth, infrastructure plan, migrant ban

    Hunter (2013-17)
    * President: Duncan Hunter
    * Vice-President: Rudy Giuliani
    * State Sec: Paul Wolfowitz
    * Treasury Sec: Brian Bilbray
    * Defense Sec: Randy Scheunemann
    * Attorney Gen: Rick Santorum
    * Homeland Sec: Tom Tancredo
    * Nat Security: David Petraeus
    * War on ISIS
    * Realignment, Anglosphere confederation
    * Mexico border wall
    * 22nd Amendment revoked

    Hunter (2017-21)
    * President: Duncan Hunter
    * Vice-President: Rick Santorum
    * State Sec: Randy Scheunemann
    * Treasury Sec: Gary Cohn
    * Defense Sec: James Mattis
    * Attorney Gen: Marco Rubio
    * Homeland Sec: David Clarke
    * Nat Security: Mike Pompeo
    * Wars in Baltics, Taiwan (WWIII)
    * State of Emergency
    * Militarisation, state planning
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    Kennedy cabinet – Jan 49

    taken from my thread "Lancashire Life: An Account of the Great Patriotic War"

    President of the United States - Joseph Kennedy (died of his injuries March 1949)
    Vice President - William Douglas (Killed March 1949)
    Secretary of State - Dean Acheson (killed March 1949)
    Treasury Secretary - Henry Morgenthau (succeeds to President March 1949, killed June 1949)
    War Secretary - Kenneth Royall (killed March 1949)
    Attorney General - Frank Walker (resigned January 1949) replaced by Biddle.
    Attorney General - Francis Biddle (became a member of the 5 man council July 1949)
    Postmaster General - unknown
    Navy Secretary - James Forestall (killed March 1949)
    Interior Secretary - Oscar Chapman (sacked July 1949)
    Defense Secretary - Louis Johnson (killed June 1949)
    Air Force Secretary - Stuart Symington (sacked July 1949)
    Commerce Secretary - Charles Sawyer (sacked July 1949)
    Labor Secretary - Frances Perkins (resigned January 1949, replaced by unknown)

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Patton
    Chief of Staff (Army) - General Eisenhower

    Chief of Staff (Air) - General Twining (sacked July 1949, replaced by unknown)
    Chief of Staff (Navy) - unknown

    see link below if you wish to
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    At the races
    Heseltine Cabinet, 1990

    Prime Minister: Michael Heseltine
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: John Major
    Secretary of State for Trade, Industry, and the Regions: Chris Patten
    Foreign Secretary: Douglas Hurd
    Home Secretary: Sir Geoffrey Howe
    Defence Secretary: Tom King
    Education Secretary: Kenneth Clarke
    Health Secretary: William Waldegrave
    Secretary of State for Social Security: Tony Newton
    Secretary of State for Employment: David Hunt
    Secretary of State for the Environment: Peter Walker
    Secretary of State for Transport: Norman Lamont
    Secretary of State for Energy: John Wakeham
    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Peter Brooke
    Secretary of State for Scotland: Malcolm Rifkind
    Secretary of State for Wales: Wyn Roberts
    Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food: John Gummer
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Peter Tapsell
    Chairman of the Conservative Party: Tim Sainsbury
    Chief Whip: Sir Patrick Mayhew
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    Jan 16, 2011
    At the races
    UK Cabinet - Legends Edition

    Prime Minister: Winston Churchill (Conservative - National)
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: William Gladstone (Liberal)
    Foreign Secretary: Lord Palmerston (Liberal)
    Home Secretary: Sir Robert Peel (Conservative)
    Defence Secretary: Denis Healey (Labour)
    Education Secretary: David Blunkett (Labour)
    Health Secretary: Ken Clarke (Conservative)
    Justice Secretary: Roy Jenkins (Labour)
    Work and Pensions Secretary: Barbara Castle (Labour)
    Business Secretary: David Lloyd George (Liberal)
    Communities and Local Government Secretary: Michael Heseltine (Conservative)
    Transport Secretary: Peter Walker (Conservative)
    Environment Secretary: John Gummer (Conservative)
    Culture Secretary: Jennie Lee (Labour)
    International Development Secretary: Lynda Chalker (Conservative)
    Scotland Secretary: Willie Ross (Labour)
    Wales Secretary: Jim Griffiths (Labour)
    Northern Ireland Secretary: Mo Mowlam (Labour)
    Minister for Housing: Harold Macmillan (Conservative)
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Joel Barnett (Labour)
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    hmm I think Norman Fowler has a claim to be the most underrated minister in the Health Portfolio and should be considered for the line up rather than Clarke. And should not there be some other posts Leader of the House, Leader of the Lords, Ag and Fish, Energy (if we are going with environment and not Defra or climate change)
  13. Charles James Fox Liberty, Toleration, Commerce

    Jan 16, 2011
    At the races
    I like Fowler too - though like Clarke more for pushing through the NHS internal market and taking on the doctors' unions.

    I've got Gummer down for Environment which could also encompass Agriculture and Fisheries. Energy I just assumed would come under Business.

    I haven't used Rab Butler so can put him down for Leader of the House.
  14. sarahz Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    What about the Lords?
  15. ShortsBelfast Events, dear boy, events

    May 20, 2016
    Churchill captured a national moment in 1940 but wasn't a particularly good PM -Lloyd George, Chamberlain, Attlee and Thatcher were all much more effective and better talent spotters
    Healey was a reasonably good Defence Minister for Labour but he was essentially a cost-cutter and had no great creative ideas about defence. He would rate well below Richard Haldane (Liberal) or Clement Attlee (Labour) if you wanted Legends
    Education -Haldane or R A Butler (Conservative) -or even Michael Gove (Conservative). Whatever you think of their respective politics they were all genuinely committed to making sure that the little buggers actually learned something and Blunkett wasn't very good at Health
    Health- Walter Elliott (Conservative) or Walter Runciman (Liberal) would have stronger track records
    Justice- Aretas Akers-Douglas (Conservative), Henry Herbert Asquith (Liberal) ditto -the former tried to do the right thing not just what was politically expedient and the second was a master and driving through legislation, progressive but also keenly analytical of legislation's likely effects
    Work and Pensions - Asquith, Lloyd George or A V Alexander (Labour)
    Business - Reginald McKenna (Liberal) had a better brain for that sort of thing than Lioyd George and Oliver Lyttleton or Peter Thorneycroft (both Conservatives) would have been very good
    Transport- Leslie Hore-Belisha (National Liberal) or Leo Amery and Euan Wallace (Conservative) might have claims. Amery was actually General Manager of a railway before he went into politics and Euan Wallace organised getting British troops to France during the Phoney War and helped organise the Dunkirk evacuation
    Northern Ireland - you cannot be serious. Although a very popular politician at home Mo Mowlam was blatantly partisan in NI and nearly brought the talks crashing down and Blair had to sack her. Depending on what you want done - Roy Mason (Labour) and Tom King (Conservative) were effective but unpopular and Sir Patrick Mayhew (Conservative) was better at being conciliatory and taking the heat out of things. As was Peter Mandelson (Labour) Richard Needham (Conservative) never got the top seat but did a brilliant job of developing the economy and really deserved it.
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    Horror Show (not set at any particular time):

    President: James Buchanan
    Vice President: Aaron Burr
    Secretary of State: Douglas MacArthur
    Secretary of the Treasury: Andrew Mellon
    Secretary of Defence: Curtis LeMay
    Attorney General: Roy Cohn
    Secretary of the Interior: Andrew Jackson
    Secretary of Agriculture: John Rusling Block
    Secretary of Commerce: Albert B. Fall
    Secretary of Labor: Thomas A. Scott
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Phil Gramm
    Speaker of the House: John Boehner
    Senate Majority Leader: Benjamin Tillman
    President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Jesse Helms
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Roger B. Taney

    A mixture of the hopelessly incompetent and the outright dangerous.
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    Nov 5, 2013
    Thurmond for Ambassador to the UN?
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  18. samcster94 Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Imagine a Real Life President picking that guy and seeing him defend South Africa before 1994.
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  19. V-J Those Chosen by the Planet

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    This isn't a whole lot different from Helms being chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, which is OTL.
  20. samcster94 Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017