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  1. Gorrister #Repealedthe8th

    Aug 26, 2013
    Ardoynian Peoples' Front
    Just as we have an Alternate PMs and Presidents Thread, I feel that Cabinets (Not the furniture, if you were planning to make a joke) are underrated and deserve some attention, so without further ado, here is the Alternate Cabinets Thread! (Now this can be any Country, not just the US)

    The first contribution/Cabinet to this thread is a Cabinet if Hubert Humphrey won in '68 (Stolen from my TL Never Give Up)

    President:Hubert Humphrey
    Vice President:Ed Muskie
    Secretary of State-George Ball
    Secretary of the Treasury-Carl Hayden
    Secretary of Defense-Bruce Palmer
    Attorney General-Ramsay Clark
    Postmaster General-Marvin Waylon
    Secretary of the Interior-Stewart Udall
    Secretary of Agriculture-Robert Docking
    Secretary of Commerce-Warren Magnuson
    Secretary of Labor-William Wirtz
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development-Robert Wood
    Secretary of Transportation-Alan Boyd
    CIA Director-Richard Helms
    FBI Director-J. Edgar Hoover
    Chief of Staff-Dean Rusk
    Director of Management and Budget-John Henning.​
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  2. Callan Absolutely Dire

    Nov 4, 2013
    This is great: I agree with you that Cabinets are underrated.

    My Contribution is the 1st Whitelaw Ministry (1981-1985) in a wikibox TL I'm doing.

    Prime Minister: William Whitelaw
    Deputy Prime Minister & Home Secretary: Margaret Thatcher
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: Geoffery Howe
    Foreign Secretary: Peter Carrington
    Lord President of the Council: Lord Soames
    Lord Chancellor: Lord Hailsham (Quintin Hogg)
    Minister for the Arts and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Norman St John-Stevas
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Nigel Lawson
    Defence Secretary: Francis Pym
    Leader of the House of Commons: Leon Brittan
    Energy Secretary:James Prior
    Northern Ireland Secretary:Airey Neave
    Trade Secretary: John Nott
    Scottish Secretary: George Younger
    Environment Secretary: Michael Heseltine
    Welsh Secretary: Nicholas Edwards
    Health & Social Security Secretary: David Howell
    Education Secretary: Norman Fowler
    Agriculture Minister: Peter Walker
    Paymaster General:Norman Tebbit
    Industry Secretary: James Prior
    Transport Secretary: Keith Joeseph
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  3. nezza Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2011
    I'm intrigued:

    Labour/Liberal Coalition Cabinet 1978-1982

    Prime Minister: Jim Callaghan
    Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary: David Steel
    Foreign Secretary: David Owen
    Chancellor: Denis Healey

    Leader of The Commons: Michael Foot
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: John Pardoe
    Northern Ireland Secretary: Shirley Williams
    Chief Whip: Cyril Smith

    Education Secretary: Reg Prentice
    Energy Secretary: Tony Benn
    Prices and Consumer Protection Secretary: Roy Hattersley
    Health and Social Services Secretary: Merlyn Rees

    Employment Secretary: David Ennals
    Leader Of The Lords: Fred Peart
    Defence Secretary: Roy Mason
    Constitutional Affairs Secretary: John Smith
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  4. drcynic Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2011
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Cyril Smith in the cabinet, especially as Chief Whip would have caused a ton of problems. David Steel even said after that Cyril was a horrible Liberal Chief Whip. Better to go with a Labour MP or go with someone more responsible like Alan Beith.
  5. nezza Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2011
    I placed smith at the chief whip position because I didn't feel Beith's prominence wasn't until the mid 80's.
  6. V-J Those Chosen by the Planet

    Sep 11, 2007
    This is too much as per OTL, though I guess it depends on the POD. Thatcher and Howe are over-promoted for a standard Whitelaw government though. Tebbit shouldn't even be on there.

    A Lib Dem isn't going to be Chief Whip in a coalition, certainly not in those days. It'd be as present, with a Labour Chief Whip whipping the Labour MPs and a Lib Dem deputy whipping the taxi cab.

    Also, Tony Benn in a coalition Cabinet? No way.
  7. nezza Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2011
    Maybe Benn in the cabinet would be fantastical at best and destructive at worst.
  8. V-J Those Chosen by the Planet

    Sep 11, 2007
    He's not going to be in there on principle, in any circumstances. Benn is both intensely tribal and really oldskool about electoral mandates and FPTP. (Or at least he was back in the day) He'd view a Callghan-lead coalition as the National Government Mk2.
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  9. nezza Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2011
    Thing is I can't think of a suitable alternative. Following the OTL has led to the cabinet shorn of some big hitters (Crosland died in 1977 and Jenkins went to europe in 1976):confused:
  10. Lindseyman Am I a Northerner? I think that I am!

    Oct 1, 2013
    Near Lactodorum
    Lib-Con coalition Feb 1974

    Edward Heath

    Anthony Barber

    Foreign Secretary
    Sir Alec Douglas Hume

    Lord Chancellor
    Lord Hailsham

    Home Secretary
    Robert Carr

    Keith Joseph

    Ian Gilmour

    William Whitelaw

    Margaret Thatcher

    Trade and Industry
    Peter Walker

    Trade and Consumer affairs
    Geoffrey Howe

    Francis Pym

    Patrick Jenkin

    Gordon Campbell

    Peter Davies

    Leader of House of Commons
    Jo Grimmond

    Duchy of Lancaster
    Jeremy Thorpe

    Mainly Heaths Cabinet pre election but would Thorpe want more? The Liberals only had 6 seats so two places in cabinet actually seems excessive.
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  11. pipisme Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2008
    Lancashire, England
    Labour win the 1959 UK general election.

    Prime Minister: Hugh Gaitskell
    Lord Chancellor: Lord Ungoed-Thomas [he resigns as Labour MP Leicester North-east and is elevated to the peerage].
    Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons: James Griffiths
    Lord Privy Seal: Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: Harold Wilson
    Foreign Secretary: Aneurin Bevan
    Home Secretary: Sir Frank Soskice
    Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Fred Willey
    Colonial Secretary: Earl of Longford
    Commonwealth Relations Secretary: Anthony Greenwood
    Minister of Defence: James Callaghan
    Minister of Education: Michael Stewart
    Minister of Health: Edith Summerskill
    Minister of Housing and Local Government: Gilbert Richard Mitchison
    Minister of Labour: Douglas Houghton
    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: George Brown
    Minister of Power: Frederick Lee
    Secretary of State for Scotland: Tom Fraser
    President of the Board of Trade: Arthur Bottomley
    Minister of Transport: Herbert Bowden.
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  12. CCK Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2012
    Al Gore wins the presidency in 2000.

    President: Al Gore
    Vice-President: Joe Lieberman
    Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke
    Secretary of Defense: Sam Nunn
    Secretary of Treasury: Erskine Bowles
    Attorney General: Carol Browner
    Secretary of the Interior: Tom Udall
    Secretary of Agriculture: Jim Hunt
    Secretary of Commerce: Tom Downey
    Secretary of Labor: Alexis Herman
    Secretary of Health & Human Services: Howard Dean
    Secretary of Housing & Urban Development: Donna Brazile
    Secretary of Transportation: Rodney Slater
    Secretary of Energy: Bill Richardson
    Secretary of Education: Donald M. Payne
    Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Bob Kerrey
    White House Chief of Staff: Bill Daley
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  13. Charles James Fox Liberty, Toleration, Commerce

    Jan 16, 2011
    At the races
    Labour Cabinet on the eve of the 2020 general election:

    Prime Minister: Ed Miliband
    Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the House of Commons: Andy Burnham
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: Rachel Reeves
    Foreign Secretary: Yvette Cooper
    Home Secretary: Vernon Coaker
    Defence Secretary: Dan Jarvis
    Justice Secretary: Emily Thornberry
    Health Secretary: Ed Balls
    Education Secretary: Chuka Umunna
    Business Secretary: Tristram Hunt
    Work and Pensions Secretary: Jon Cruddas
    Transport Secretary: Chi Onwurah
    Energy and Climate Change Secretary: Stella Creasy
    Environment Secretary: Cathy Jamieson
    Communities and Local Government Secretary: Gloria De Piero
    Culture Secretary: Liz Kendall
    International Development Secretary: Douglas Alexander
    Northern Ireland Secretary: Angela Eagle
    Wales Secretary: Kevin Brennan
    Scotland Secretary: Margaret Curran
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Rushanara Ali
    Minister without Portfolio (Cabinet Office): Lord Wood
    Chief Whip: Michael Dugher
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  14. historybuff Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2010
    United States
    Can't think of any cabinets at the moment, but I'm still gonna follow this thread.
  15. octaviuz Monarchist & Social Democrat

    Aug 14, 2007
    Nieuw Amsterdam
    Was Dean on the national radar at this point?
  16. CCK Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2012

    Are H.H.S. secretaries usually on the national radar?
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  17. Black Belt Jones Take me by the hand/Take me to the land

    Sep 25, 2012
    Just a lil' TL I'm playing with

    Cabinet of President John Kerry (2005-2009)


    Vice President - John Edwards (2005-2009)
    Secretary of State - Richard Holbrooke (2005-2009)
    Secretary of the Treasury - James A. Johnson (2005-2008) - Robert Rubin (2008-2009)
    Secretary of Defense - Joe Biden (2005-2009)
    Attorney General - Eric Holder (2005-2009)
    Secretary of the Interior - Tim Wirth (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Agriculture - Tom Vilsack (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Commerce - Ted Waitt (2005-2007) - Robert L. Johnson (2007-2009)
    Secretary of Labor - Richard Gephardt (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Health and Human Services - Jeanne Shaheen (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Education - Jim Hunt (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Gregory Meeks (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Transportation - Juanita Millender-McDonald (2005-2007) - Rodney Slater (2007-2009)
    Secretary of Energy - Jeff Bingaman (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Max Cleland (2005-2009)
    Secretary of Homeland Security - Warren Rudman (2005-2009)​
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  18. Gorrister #Repealedthe8th

    Aug 26, 2013
    Ardoynian Peoples' Front
    Alright, so I do mini TLs in books when I'm bored, so here's a scribbled down one of a John Edwards Cabinet in 2004!

    Vice President: Bob Kerrey
    Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke
    Secretary of the Treasury: Gary Gensler
    Secretary of Defense: James Woosley
    Attorney General: Richard Cordray
    Secretary of Agriculture: Chet Culver
    Secretary of Health and Human Services: Jim Jeffords:
    Secretary of Homeland Security: William Bratton
    Secretary of Transport: Randy Babbit
    Secretary of the Interior: George J. Mitchell
    Secretary of Labor: Rosa DeLauro
    Secretary of Commerce: Richard Blumenthal
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Henry Cisneros
    Secretary of Education: Madeiline Kunin
    Secretary of Energy: Jeff Bingaman
    Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Wesley Clark
    Federal Reserve Chairwoman: Rebecca Blank
    Chief of Staff: Joe Trippi
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  19. historybuff Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2010
    United States
    Not bad, but you forgot Edward's Vice President.
  20. Callan Absolutely Dire

    Nov 4, 2013
    Something from my wikibox TL: David Owen forms a Lib-Lab coalition after the 1993 election.

    Prime Minister: David Owen (Lab)
    Deputy Prime Minister: David Penhaligon (Lib)
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: Neil Kinnock (Lab)
    Home Secretary: Jack Cunningham (Lab)
    Foreign Secretary: Roy Hattersley (Lab)
    Lord Chancellor/Justice Secretary*: David Penhaligon (Lib)
    Leader of the House of Commons: Robin Cook (Lab)
    Leader of the House of Lords: The Lord Richard (Lab)
    Defence Secretary: David Clark (Lab)
    Trade & Industry Secretary: Mo Mowlam (Lab)
    Environment & Agriculture Secretary: Paddy Ashdown (Lib)
    Social Services Secretary: Gerald Kaufman (Lab)
    Employment Secretary: Bryan Gould (Lab)
    International Development Secretary: David Blunkett (Lab)
    Local Government Secretary: George Ferguson (Lib)
    Education Secretary: John Prescott (Lab)
    Health Secretary: Jack Straw (Lab)
    Transport Secretary: Margaret Beckett (Lab)
    Northern Ireland Secretary: Tony Blair (Lab)
    Scottish Secretary: Russell Johnston (Lib)
    Welsh Secretary: Alun Michael (Lab)
    Paymaster General: Vince Cable (Lab)
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Alan Beith (Lib)
    Chief Whip: Gordon Brown (Lab)

    *David Penhaligon's brief in the government was constitutional reform. As part of this, Penhaligon was appointed lord Chancellor and the office was abolished and replaced with the Ministry of Justice.
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