The AANW but without the "warm war" period

In the thread of The Anglo/American Nazi War there's a period of about 10 years after the defeat of the USSR where the Allies stop fighting Germany head on, only to reignite the war in 1954.

This is crucial for the story and ultimately leads to a dystopian post-war world; but in real life, what's the point of it? It only allows Germany to rebuild its forces, increase defenses and strengthen their grip over Europe, basically forcing the Allies to use a disproportionate amount of nuclear weapons retaking the continent.

What if after the fall of the USSR the Allies continue to fight Germany with everything they have? Eventually using nukes as soon as they are ready (1945)? I imagine the war would end much sooner and cost fewer lives than in the original scenario.
as a someone who hasn't fully read the full work, i would answer things from my own sight :
- would it popular to continuing such war ?
- nuclear may help, yes. but as the allies have a strong will to continuing the war, so is germany, and that nuclear supremacy isn't forever.
(from now on, since i didn't know what is aftermath of nazi victory imma just assuming many parts here and there)
- if in the story the nazi have a suez, then its pretty much a lost cause for britain.
-if not, they can incite riots and revolution across britain empire, especially india.
-american public support depends if the japs are losing or not, if they had lost at that point. the public may see no point of continuing the war on Europe.
Wouldn't it had been more reasonable ask that on the thread instead creating its own thread since it wouldn't be necro yet?

But major reasons probably were:

- It would had been pointless continue pretty useless bombing campaigns and there wasn't easy way to land. If you have read TL you might remember how long Americans and Brits lasted even liberating France, Benelux and Norway.
- Americans had nukes but not enough and these would had needed quiet much more.
- If leadership would had just continued pointless war, governments would had lost their popularity. Hot War was anyway quiet popular since Germans were aggressors and directly bombed American East Coast and London.
If the Allies decided to fight Germany after the fall of the USSR, the casualties would have been massive. There was little chance of succeeding the Atlantic Wall that Germany built. On the exchange, assuming a D-Day landing would have succeeded despite the high casualty rate, I think it would have been enough to save France from being a failed state. Perhaps more people that the Nazis murdered would have survived. If more Jews had survived as a result of a "No Warm War" period, their is a chance Israel might have formed here instead of the land being part of Jordan instead.