Telly Savalas as Lex Luthor

No, dammit, I have no question, I NEED no question. Just shoving that image down your collective 3D viewmasters!

Gene Hackman's a talented actor, but (okay here's a question) how much of a crime against humanity is it that we didn't get Telly as Lex Luthor in the Richard Donner Superman movie?
He was active from 1950 until his death. He could have been in a more serious version of Superman: the Movie. Also Orson Welles almost made a movie of the Shadow instead of Citizen Kane. Had that happened, Superhero movies may have been taken more seriously. Imaging Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock directing superhero films with serious actors in the roles.


Telly Savalas would have been an excellent villain. He could play as a psychotic: witness his role in The Dirty Dozen or as a sophisticated gentleman out to conquer the world (very much like Luthor in The Assassination Bureau).


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Well, he did do Blofeld after all. Aye, probably a more serious take and a more dangerous feel to the role.

Well the Superman: The Animated Series version was based on him.