Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

What color scheme should Tellurus use?

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I'm not sure if I have asked this before, but do you mind if I borrowed and used the map, as well as those for the climates, place names, and biomes? It's for a new worldbuilding project I'm doing.
I have just one more question, is there a problem using the maps? Because I'm in an RPG campaign and I suggested your map and everyone loved it!
This project is so awsome! Question though. Is there any significant trade/interaction between Serica and Rhodin? Is this like the equivalent of the Otl silk road? Is silk even a thing?
Man I just love these “scientific” original world threads., and this is my favorite. I hope it keeps going. I tried starting one years back based at the beginning on the tectonic plates. This is way better!