Telephone Map Game: 6th Edition

Welcome to the sixth edition of’s Telephone Map Game!
Links to the First Edition, the Second Edition, the Third Edition, the Fourth Edition, and the Fifth Edition.

What’s a Telephone Map Game?
A Telephone Map Game is a turn-based Map Game, inspired by the children’s “Broken Telephone” games.
The game starts with Player 1 making an Alternate History map. It can be from anywhere in the world and any timeframe. Then, when the map is completed, Player 1 sends the map to Player 2, and to nobody else. Then Player 2 makes another map, which could be considered to be in the same universe as Map 1 (but not necessarily the same time or location). When finished, Player 2 sends their map to Player 3. Now Player 3 does a map which could be in the same universe as Map 2, however, Player 3 doesn’t know what Map 1 looks like. The process repeats until a substantial amount of players have finished the turns, and then the whole process is revealed, looking at how the concept changed from the first to the last map.

The Sixth Edition
The Fifth Edition had long wait times due to limited branching and people dropping out. For the sixth edition, branching will occur every turn, and instead of assigning players slots on a tree, players will be placed in a queue. When a space opens up on the turn list, the next player from the queue will go. This will ensure a steady flow down the list.

Each individual's turn will last a maximum of one week from the time they receive their map (with extensions given on a case-by-case basis). If a player's turn comes and they decide they cannot complete it at that time, they will be removed from the game. When you are finished with your map, send it only to Cour. The title of this message should be "Telephone Map Game: 6th Edition - (Your name)".

Claims Thread
Telephone Map Game: 6th Edition - Claims Thread

Player Queue
Note: List is in chronological order from top to bottom.
1: Reepicheep - Complete
2: Entrerriano - Complete
3: zalezsky - Complete
4: Yanranay - Complete
5: Codae - Complete
6: Aurantiacis - Dropped
7: XFE- Dropped

10: Gokbay - Complete
11: wolfhound817 - Complete
8: VixenRaw - Complete
9: MinnesotaNationalist - Complete
20: Blacklister - Complete
21: GBehm - Complete
22: JacobFenrir - Dropped
23: Mikroraptor - Complete
18: Uebeltank - Complete
19: SpazzReflex - Complete

southeast asia colonies.png

TMG6 Flowchart.png
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Cour's Commandments
These aren't rules because, at the end of the day, everyone can do as they wish. However, I wanted to include this list of suggestions for players to keep in mind when they are making their maps. (Note: this list is not exhaustive and may be updated in the future).
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Looks like we have six maps outstanding, each based on source material distributed at least nine days ago.
I'm deeply sorry I had completely forgotten this and got distracted by life. I'll drop out if I've not already been eliminated.