Tagalog Chronicle – A Philippines timeline

The Renegade Sultanate
“On the 16th century a Sultanate would form in Selurong in the roots of Cagayan and Pampanga River which would later conquer majority of the Nueva Castilla held by the Spanish in the 1660s and backstabbing the Christian rebels led by Malong, Maniago, and Almazan, the Spanish would have kept control of Ilocos, Pangasinan, and Intramuros as it had animosity with the other lowlanders as they have changed their minds about their revolt but the rest of the Lowlands would be gained by the Tagalog Sultanate which would later enter a relationship with the Dutch and the Ottomans.

On the 18th century, Silang and Palaris would have been supported by the British and the Spanish against the conquest of the remaining Spanish Nueva Castilla by the Tagalog Sultanate causing remnants of the Spanish Nueva Castilla to remain under Spanish control, later the Tagalog Sultanate would encounter a revolt among the Christians led by Andres Novales in the South in the 19th century which led to the annexation of Intramuros from the Spanish which would have left only Pangasinan and Ilocos which are under the Diocese of Nueva Segovia as the only area conquered by the Spanish.

Nueva Castilla would have expanded in the Cordillera mountains and converted the Bontoks, Ifugao, Ibaloi, Ikalahan, Itneg, and Kalinga to Christianity to protect themselves from the Tagalog Sultanate which was predominated by their enemy tribes.

The Tagalog Republic formed after the abolition of the Tagalog Sultanate and it being a religious entity only afterwards and the annexation of Nueva Castilla in the late 19th century from Spain which was a part of the Colony of the Philippines to solidify their authority in Selurong against the Spanish and their expulsion until Nueva Castilla would be granted independence in the mid-20th century due to the urging of the Allied Powers due to their oppression of the people from Nueva Castilla”

-Anonymous Writer
20th Century

This is yet another one of the remakes of my TL Terraces and Pagodas.
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Retreat and Formation
During the 16th century, Islam would be organized in the island of Selurong and supported by a branch of Bolkiah, a descendant of Dayang Kaylangitan and Lontok which would be the leaders of Islam in the Island of Luzon and the Muslims would be organize themselves in Selurong and Islam would be able to spread inland.

On 1570-1575, after the defeat of Limahong and the conquest of Pangasinan the Spanish would have conquered the Manila bay area and Pangasinan, the Muslims who would retreat inland in the Pampanga River Valley and Sierra Madre forming the nucleus of the Tagalog Sultanate which would be centered under the Tagarug tribe, which are known to the Spanish as Tagala or Naturales, this would be a reaction against Tondo and Manila deciding to convert and welcome the Spanish and the defeat of the resistance in the Manila Bay settlements in the Battle of Bangkusay and also because the Spanish are a threat to the way of life of the Muslims in Selurong in general.

The Catalanganes and Gaddangs in the Upper Cagayan Valley would join the Tagarugs forming the Tagalog Sultanate and the Catagalanes and Tagarugs would merge into one people as years pass as their language or dialect become intelligible, the Spanish acquisition of the Northern coasts of Cagayan Valley after they defeated Tay Fusa in 1582 which would cause the New Sultanate to be surrounded by the Spanish but it was said that this was one of the events that were important in the forming of the Tagalog Sultanate and they would welcome the remnants of the rebels in the Tondo Conspiracy after they failed to oust the Spanish in the late 1580s which were exiled by the Spanish from their lands, the Tondo Conspiracy caused Tondo to cease to exist as the Spanish had decided to annex it completely.

The Spanish would have no major skirmishes with the Tagalog Sultanate and Kumintang Sultanate until the Christian Lowlanders revolted under Maniago, Almazan, and Malong as they have seen it as an excuse to expand.

The Kumintang Sultanate in Taal would form in 1600 after the failure of the Spanish to prosetylize in the Taal and Tayabas area which would be later be integrated to the Tagalog Sultanate in the 1660s.

Compared to OTL Luzon recovered and coped better after the destruction of the Majapahit Empire and the Sack of Tondo and it would have a better population during the time when the Bruneians had Influence over Luzon which would cause them to have a better chance in organizing and resisting the Spanish than IOTL but that recovery happened decades prior to the Legaspi expedition so the POD is unknown.
Compared to IOTL the Spread of Islam to the masses in Luzon is better and the religion is more organized.
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Country relationship of Tagalog Republic with the other countries near it
Loses wars with China and Russia and turns into a Socialist Republic in the early 20th century and goes in a conquering spree annexing Formosa and Korea which it retains even now, it has issues with the Tagalog Republic in the Balintang Channel due to the jurisdiction of Balintang Islands.

A constitutional monarchy under the House of Aisin Gioro, one of the world’s powers with rivalry with Japan, it has issues with Nueva Castilla which is west of the Tagalog Republic.

A trading partner of Tagalog Republic.