Part 19, Chapter 203
Chapter Two Hundred Three

28th July 1940

Sydney, New South Wales

The night was clear and cool, perfect for the purpose that Kat had come halfway around the world for. The strange holiday celebrating Christmas as the weather dictated, calendar be damned, on the night that Emil Holz and his small entourage had agreed to. When word had gotten around that they were holding this it had turned into a formal event with many guests and dignitaries in a hotel ballroom.

At Maria’s insistence Kat wore the cream-colored dress with the green sash around her waist, Maria had also told her that wearing her hair loose would complete the look and much to Kat’s displeasure, Maria had insisted that she wear the badge of the Order of Louise. “You got that because you saved a lot of people’s lives” Maria said “You should be proud for people to see it. Now it goes on your left sleeve, right?” Maria held it up to the loose, elbow length sleeve of the dress.

“It can be” Kat said, “But it’s supposed to be worn on the left breast.”

“Do whatever you like” Maria said with a smile before she left the guest room that was being used by Kat and went to get ready herself.

Kat looked at herself in the mirror, this dress was unlike anything she ever would have worn back home. She hardly recognized herself. The emerald pendant that her Aunt Marcella had given her sparkled. Aunt Marcella had said a thousand times that Kat hid herself away from the world. What if Marcella had been right and what did that mean for Kat? Kat pushed that thought away. She looked the black and white bow and the blue and black medallion that hung from it. If Marcella was right about a few things then she’d best be prepared to entertain the idea that Maria was right about a few things as well.

Kat pinned the medal to the left sleeve of her dress. Not bad really.


When they arrived at the ballroom Kat was trailing behind Maria and Emil. Emil possibly had the easiest time with formal events like this. Maria was dressed in black, which was elegant and standing next to Emil they both managed to perfectly complement each other.

“Generallieutenant Holz and Mrs. Holz-Acker” was announced.

Maria was smiling, she still enjoyed hearing different versions of that.

“Miss Katherine Katja Mischner, Dame, 1st Class of the Order of Louise” was announced. There were a lot of things wrong with that and Kat felt like her face was burning up as it seemed like every eye in the room was upon her. Who had told them her full name and title?

Kat caught up with Maria and Emil as swiftly as she could.

“That sounds far more impressive than it really is” Kat mumbled.

“Oh, bullshit, Kat” Maria whispered to her, “Take your due for once.”

Inside the ballroom, it looked like a scene from another century. Red, blue green, grey, black and white, all of which was a statement by the wearer. Emil was talking to a young man wearing an Officer Cadet’s uniform.

“This is Doyle Townsend” Emil said, “I work with his father.”

He said something to Kat and Maria smiled. “He just asked if you’d like to dance, Kat” She said.

Kat stood silent for a moment, unsure what to do.

“You do know how to dance?” Maria asked.

Kat had memories of learning to dance in her Aunt and Uncles parlor to music played on the phonograph. You never would have known it by looking at Uncle Klaus, a rough Machinist. But he was an excellent ballroom dancer having taken lessons so he could dance at his wedding to Aunt Marcella after he’d gotten discharged from the Navy when the Great War had ended.

“Yes” Kat answered.

“Then do it” Maria said “Go, and have some fun.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Kat asked.

“Emil and I will be right here” Maria said, “And he wouldn’t dare be anything other than a perfect gentleman considering what his father or Emil will to him and that’s if there’s anything left after you get through.”

Kat looked at Doyle, he seemed harmless enough but Kat knew better than anyone how looks could be deceiving.

“Alright” Kat said, she would try to open up a touch tonight just to see what happened. She took Doyle’s hand and let him lead her onto the dancefloor.


Jack and Paul were sitting watching the hotel from their van as they had been doing for the last couple of hours. Jack had been imposed on Paul a few months earlier. His family had had suddenly found itself downwardly mobile after Jack’s father, who already has a reputation for double dealing, had been caught as one of the architects of the Spanish mess. The rest of his family having fled to what they hoped would be greener pastures in Ireland. Jack was left with a cursed last name and no prospects when he’d graduated from Harvard. That was when the Office Naval of Intelligence had come knocking. After training he’d been posted here through the US State Department to observe the latest expansion of the German’s financial empire from the US embassy.

When Jack had been briefed he’d understood what the German’s were up to. They weren’t interested in conquering territory, instead they bought land and built factories that they managed while employing the locals. They took the profits home, the locals got a bit of prosperity and illusion of independence. Paul had described perfectly what happened when the locals stepped out of line, the Germans were perfectly prepared to crack the whip. What they had done in South America over the last couple of decades they were doing in Australia.

Then a known Abwehr Agent had turned up in New South Wales and that changed everything. Paul had a bad experience with those people in Chile and Argentina. Jack feared that he was looking for a bit of payback.

“Will you look at that” Paul said.

Jack saw it was the girl that they’d been watching and a young man, little more than a boy really who’d stepped out on to the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

“That kid’s struck out and he doesn’t realize it yet” Jack observed. The girl’s posture radiated annoyance, the boy leaned in and she seemed make a point of leaning away. “That’s saddest thing I’ve seen outside Fenway this year.”

“Whatever you say Jack” Paul said and Jack heard him open passenger’s door on the van “You can deal with a girl who’s five eight and perhaps a hundred and twenty pounds?”

“Damnit Paul” Jack said, “What do think you’re doing?”

Paul didn’t answer, he just out and started walking towards the hotel. This was nuts he thought as he followed behind Paul.

“That’s enough Romeo” Jack heard Paul growl and there was the sound of a pistol cocking.

“Shit” Jack muttered under his breath.
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Well, this will bugger relations somewhat between the British Commonwealth and the US. Sad thing is people could be that stupid. Zimmermann springs to mind.
By getting stabbed in the throat.
Even if he doesn't wind up dead, he's still caused one.

A man with a US accent just kidnapped a well known German agent off the streets in Australia. And as this is a nice neighborhood, Kat starts screaming "RAPE", she's going to get a lot of coppers AND or local civvies inbound. Meaning his face will be seen by quite a lot of people. And Aussies sometimes take law into their own hands.
Well, if it's that Jack, I would half expect him to try his hand at seducing Kat. He made a few people take notice of him (and not in a good way) when he entered in a relationship with a Inga Arvad, a woman reputed to have been Hitler's lover.
Oh this is going ploin shaped alright.:eek:
-Kat's Aussie minders are not going to like anything happening to their subject.
-Kat is armed and dangerous. Not to mention already annoyed thanks to young Peter.
-Kat should be considered as a semi-official guest of Australia. Governments take a dim view of foreigners or really anyone inconveniencing them.
-Her dance partner was described as a young cadet who does not take a hint. Not the kind of person to act cool and collected when what they think is a damsel in distress is under attack.

I am waiting with bated breath for each and every episode PM, you really are the worst with the cliffhangers.:p
Part 19, Chapter 204
Chapter Two Hundred Four

28th July 1940

Sydney, New South Wales

Even with their language differences it hadn’t taken Kat long to discover that Doyle wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Still she had endured his company because she didn’t want to make things difficult for Emil, Doyle’s father was an Oberst, no they’re called Colonels here Kat had to keep correcting herself, who worked closely with Emil. It might cause trouble if she just dismissed him out of hand like she was sorely tempted to do. Eventually she had managed to get across through his limited understanding of French that she needed a bit of fresh air. He insisted that he needed to escort her outside. As Kat walked out the front doors of the hotel with Doyle she silently cursed chivalry.

They were standing outside the hotel for a few minutes with Doyle talking at her when he leaned towards her as if he were going to kiss her. Kat found herself reaching for her karambit, hidden under her sash, as a defensive reaction. She had to remind herself not to do anything rash, Doyle may be an overly forward bore but he didn’t deserve what she was sorely tempted to do to him, yet.

That was why Kat was distracted and didn’t see the two Americans approaching them. One of them pointed a pistol at Doyle and she heard him growl “That’s enough Romeo” Doyle’s eyes went wide with shock and Kat was grabbed roughly from behind. The irony was that Kat actually welcomed this turn of events…

Jack was surprised when the girl spun out of his grip and he felt a searing across the back of his left leg which collapsed underneath him. The last thing he saw was the heel of Kat’s shoe descending towards his face. There was a brief flair of pain as she flattened his nose and the darkness claimed him.

The kid was standing there with his hands out with a stupid look on his face. Paul was about to see how Jack was doing when he caught something white out of the corner of his eye and there was a silver flash. Before he could process what had happened he lost all feeling in his right arm, his gun dropped from the fingers he no longer had control of. He then turned and saw the girl. Her face was an impassive mask but her eyes radiated pure fury. He was suddenly aware of the sharp pain in the right side of his chest and blood starting to soak into his shirt. He didn’t see the ring of the karambit as it impacted with his jaw, breaking it and sending several teeth flying through the air.

Kat saw that she had knocked the second American senseless. Once she’d determined that there were no more threats she wiped the blade off with the first American’s shirt.

She noticed with a great deal of satisfaction that she hadn’t seemed to have gotten any blood on her dress and she’d not killed anyone this time. She actually liked this dress and it would be a real shame if it got ruined on account of these scum. Doyle was standing there working his mouth but no sounds were coming out there was a look of terror on his face. This boy thought he’d be soldier one day? Kat dismissed him for a final time, not worth the effort that further thought would have required. With any luck watching Kat disassemble those two morons before he could even process what was happening would be a lesson for him. Always treat a lady with respect. Kat had a sly half smile on her face as the other party guests rushed out to see what had happened and the belated Police response arrived. As she walked through the hotel lobby she saw that Emil Holz was watching her, when he had her attention he just nodded and turned away. Yeah, it takes one to know one, Kat thought.

30th July 1940

Sydney, New South Wales

When Jack woke up he knew he was in the hospital and he knew his wrist was handcuffed to the gurney. It felt as if there was a heavy weight on his face and his left leg hurt like blazes.

“About time you woke up” A voice said, Jack realized it had a German accent “Do you have any idea of the sort of shit you’re in?”

Jack had a very good idea.

“You got lucky, the Surgeons were able to sew the tendons in your leg back together, eventually you’ll be able to walk normally” The man said, “Your friend wasn’t so lucky, the Doctors said that Kat severed the nerves and he probably will lose the use of his arm. Overall, I’d say that it was well executed, I recommended Kat’s instructor, Schaffer, for an EK-1 after he killed six Russians with that sort of speed in Poland.”

Finally, Jack had enough of this man talking at him “You got me, the whole thing was a shit show. Just have the Aussies arrest me and be done with it” He said.

“The truth Mr. Kennedy is that is not going to happen.”

Shit, they already knew his name. Who was this?

“The Australians have already swept this matter under the rug, a mugging gone wrong” The man said, “Because Augustus Lang and Prince Louis asked them to.”

The German Chancellor and Crown Prince had interceded on Jack’s behalf. Jack had a terrible suspicion as to why they had done that.

“As I’m sure you are aware Prince Louis is an acquaintance of your father’s” The man said, “The Prince was willing to do a favor for your family to save you and I’m sure you are aware that such arrangements are reciprocal.”

Later as Jack was wheeled out of the hospital and into a waiting ambulance that would take him to the docks where a ship bound for Los Angeles would take him aboard. He saw Paul with his arm in a sling and jaw wired shut. He thought of a lot of things he could have said to Paul, mostly with four letters. His family owed the von Preussen family a favor. Odds are that would be extremely expensive and Jack’s father would demand Jack to be the one to pay it back, with interest.

“That General that you mentioned” Jack said to Paul “You should know that he’s even worse than his reputation would suggest, dumbass.” That was the last thing that Jack ever said to Paul.
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Well, JFK and family had the instincts of a tomcat. I wonder if he'll learn from this, and perhaps still end up in the USN anyway.
Well some serious shit hit the fan as I caught up on the updates. Poor Doyle was left flapping his lips in shock and bewilderment as the girl he was hoping to get a kiss from slashed at her attackers. I think he may keep his lips to himself for awhile. :p

Good for Kat for not only using her training when she was attacked, but having the ability to hold back so that the men could be interrogated and used after the fact. Cool that Emil just nodded and left her be. This may help with her own doubts about herself. A good point on her healing process and moving on.

I do like the idea of Maria becoming the Pink Baron, but more likely it will either be Kat or Helene who will earn that title. :evilsmile:
Well some serious shit hit the fan as I caught up on the updates. Poor Doyle was left flapping his lips in shock and bewilderment as the girl he was hoping to get a kiss from slashed at her attackers. I think he may keep his lips to himself for awhile. :p

Good for Kat for not only using her training when she was attacked, but having the ability to hold back so that the men could be interrogated and used after the fact. Cool that Emil just nodded and left her be. This may help with her own doubts about herself. A good point on her healing process and moving on.

I do like the idea of Maria becoming the Pink Baron, but more likely it will either be Kat or Helene who will earn that title. :evilsmile:

I meant Helene when I was talking about the Pink Baron. I got their names mixed up.
Yes, "mugging" gone wrong. You bet that this little incident will talked over a lot in certain circles. I mean the Aussie Military/Intelligence/Diplomatic had all somebody in the area.
I think the Rep of Kat will go through the roof. As soon as she is showing up in some place, a lot of people will start wondering, what kind of shit is happening in "that" place and how high the body count will be.
"Ask not what the Hohenzollerns can do for you, Herr Kennedy, but what you can do for the Hohenzollerns."
-The Crown Prince, probably.
Kat's reaction, including wiping the knife off on JFK's shirt and being glad she didn't get blood on her nice dress was awesome. I can visualize the smirk quite well.

I wonder what Daddy Joe will make JFK do to help atone for the family's shame, and I'm really curious what the favor he now owes the Germans will end up being.