Oh shit. They have a dead French agent near a massive bomb blast. And nobody's going to buy "Oh, he went rogue years ago."

German intelligence knows where he's been for a LONG time, and that he's unlikely to be acting under orders. They can make as much or as little of the french connection as they want.
WOW!! An earth shattering KABOOM! in accordance with the prophesy from the gypsy. Kat, Hans, and so many others directly affected. Will the tryt come out about what happened? Kat deserves a medal for first picking up the threat, then acting. A fine troubleshooter--she found the trouble and shot it. I like the way you deal with both the big bang and the human feelings. Kat may be due for some survivor's guilt, especially over Weise, but also over everyone else.

Heads may roll over this; it'll be interesting to see the repercussions.

....on the next exciting episode of Stupid Luck and Happenstance....:p
Serious shit has happened since I last caught uo. Kat saved the day but will have guilt for the explosion. I will hope, in time, she will realize how many she did save. The Reichstag is gone but the rebuilding will have dedication in the memories of those who died.

Now how will Russia react to this and how much will the politicians cry for how Sauvageot got away. There may be some some fallout on the way security allowed Sauvageot was able to get in with so much explosives.

I will admit I had hoped that Sauvageot might get away and survive to fight another day. We can not get all we want so I will hope Kat can grow and thrive. I think Lang will see to her getting credit for saving the day.
Part 17, Chapter 176
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Six

6th February 1939


John had stuck with this crew, mostly out of long habit. He had learned when they had that one of their people had been killed and two others were in the hospital. He knew Schaffer and Weise but had never met the girl, word was that she had come back in the middle of this job because she’d seen the need not because she was asked. A man matching Weise’s description was seen entering the basement of the Reichstag moments before the blast. Those who knew him said that Karl Weise was no coward, he had probably worked on disarming the bomb right until it had gone off. Brave bastard. The long-standing policy of the Germans was not to issue posthumous medals, so he’d died knowing full well that he’d get no recognition and didn’t care.

Admiral Schmidt had flown out that morning to return to Kiel. The entire German Military was on high alert, including the fleet. That meant that he needed to get back to his place on the staff of the Commander of the entire KLM. Schultz had said that they were grooming him to take over a battle squadron in the near future. John had deserted from the US Navy once upon a time so he knew that was a big deal. Schmidt had only come to deal with Sauvageot, now Sauvageot was dead along with a good-sized chunk of German Government. He hadn’t said what he wanted John to do, probably didn’t care at this point.


Maria had heard from Kat’s brother Hans that Kat had survived the explosion. He had also said that Doctors expected her to heal with time. Apparently, her ears had been damaged and they were optimistic they could heal on their own without surgery and hearing loss should be minimal, mostly it was because she was so young. Then Hans said that Kat had other problems that were worse than the physical injuries, far worse. Something bad had happened to Kat in the minutes that had culminated with bombing of the Reichstag. Kat was refusing to talk about it, something that Maria knew all too well when it came dealing with Kat.

It might have seemed strange but Maria was focused on Kat’s survival but that was a single ray of light when the news coming in on the wire seemed to be growing direr by the second. The bombing had been on a Thursday afternoon as the news raced around the world the reactions had been sharp. The French Government had been terrified that they’d get blamed when it was announced that the alleged Reichstag bomber had been a Frenchman killed on the steps in front of the Reichstag by an Abwehr Special Forces team. On Friday morning, the New York Stock Exchange had crashed, it was believed that this would probably throw the US back into an economic recession. This had merely set the stage for the bloodletting for financial markets everywhere. The bellicose language from the Soviets had increased bringing with it the fear that they might take advantage of the present crisis by starting a war.

Shockingly, a press release from the OKW had named Team WW43B as the team that had been in the shootout in front of the Reichstag. It was the first time one of those teams had been officially named. They had also named Oberfeldwebel Karl Weise as the EOD man who had entered the Reichstag basement to attempt to disarm the bomb and he was now listed as missing. It was clear why the OKW had given out that name, they thought he was dead.

Presently Germany was effectively without a government at the Federal level. Many might joke, or even be serious about how this was a good thing. Maria knew better, already she was hearing disturbing stories about how extremists on both ends of the political spectrum were plotting on how they, and they alone, could fill the power vacuum. It would be weeks before new elections could be held and who knew what sort of government would emerge.

“You can’t do this, Sir!” One of the secretaries yelled at a man who had pushed his way into the bullpen. Maria could see that he wasn’t particularly tall, not much taller than Maria herself. She could also see that he was pallid and had a cold sweat on his brow. He looked like he was about to fall over.

“I need to talk to you about Katherine” He said to Maria.

“Sit down” Maria said, before the man collapsed “It’s okay, I’ve got this” she said to the secretary.

The man sat there in silence in the chair next to Maria’s desk.

“Now, what did you say your name was?” Maria asked.

“I didn’t” The man said.

“Very well” Maria said, “Then why are you here?”

“Because it’s not fair that they are basically going to throw Kat away now that she’s no longer useful.”

“I didn’t know fair was a part of your vocabulary in the military” Maria said. She guessed that last part.

“Usually it isn’t” the man said before he paused for a moment, slumped in the chair “Sorry, I left the hospital against medical advice.”

Maria looked at him, this man had been injured to the point that the Doctors had not wanted him to leave but he had anyway, to come here. It was that important to him.

“It was Kat that spotted Sauvageot from the Press Gallery and alerted me and Weise. She was under my orders when I got shot by that frog on the steps and she saved my neck by shooting Sauvageot herself” The man paused “She was also the one who alerted the police, anyone who made it out of the Reichstag alive owes it to her.”

“Really?” Maria asked, “Can you verify any of that?”

“Just ask around” the man said, “We owe her that much.”

“I can do that” Maria said, “But what’s this about Kat being thrown away?”

“The situation is a mess, Abwehr’s principals are looking for a way to wrap this up neatly, absolve themselves of any responsibility” The man said, “Kat’s a loose end.”

With that the man rose to his feet and staggered out “Thank you for your time” He called over his shoulder.

Maria watched him leave before picking up the phone. If any of that could be confirmed…
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More new twists and I will await what happens with Kate. Maybe Maria will save the situation with a new expose.
Part 17, Chapter 177
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Seven


12th February 1939

Kat was discovering that not being able to hear anything might have its advantages, no one even tried to talk to her. It was like being invisible. She was still in the open hospital ward with dozens of other women, many of whom had been injured in the same incident as her, just far worse. Kat was only still here because the medication that she was given to prevent infections in her ears had severe side-affects and she was also under observation, whatever that meant. Was it worth the nausea, being able to only stand dim light or just feeling tired, awful and itchy all the time so they would heal properly? Kat didn’t know. After a week, the ringing had stopped at last and she was starting to pick up on sounds again, she hoped.

Late this week something had changed. People were staring at her as they walked past or stopped what they were doing when she entered a room. For some reason, she hadn’t been able to get anyone get her a copy of any newspapers and it was not as if she could talk to anyone.

Finally, Aunt Marcella and Hans came to see her on Sunday. The uniform that Hans was wearing was clean but it still showed signs of the ongoing recovery effort. Marcella and Hans did their best to comfort her and communicate, not easily. Hans eventually gave up and pulled a copy of the Sunday edition of the BT out of his rucksack. The normally vibrant colors of the Sunday BT had been replaced by a stark black and white photograph of what was left of the Reichstag, her failure. Below in large print, In Memorandum followed by hundreds of names in small print. Her eyes fell to the W’s, she saw Karl M. Weise, OFw. When Schultz and Schaffer had visited, they had passed her a note saying that Weise was missing, not any more it seemed.

She opened the paper to the features section, Marcella moved to stop her but Hans shook his head and said something. Marcella stood there with a frown on her face. There was something there that Aunt Marcella didn’t want her to see. Kat found herself looking at her own school photograph from late last year. In large print, Controversy erupts as Heroine of Reichstag bombing Katherine Mischner is identified as Abwehr Agent who slayed suspected bomber César Sauvageot. She saw that the story had been written by M. Acker and it said everything in great detail. Her spotting Sauvageot, meeting Weise and Schaffer, identified only as unknown Abwehr agent, in the hallway. The pursuit out to the stairs. Schaffer getting shot and then… Kat didn’t like to think of that or see it recounted. Then it detailed her efforts to convince the Police of the need to evacuate the Reichstag. It said that she had saved dozens of lives but that simply wasn’t true, the front page was evidence of that.

Then she got to the part about the controversy. Her career as a field agent was burnt to a crisp, that much was obvious from the headline. But it was the public reaction, there was a substantial and vocal faction that wanted her bravery recognized officially. The OKW had issued a statement saying that such a matter was unprecedented. Technically Kat had been under military orders but she was listed as a civilian employee of the Abwehr and a woman, that made her ineligible for decoration. That had triggered instant outrage, if Kat had been a Soldat she would have gotten an EK-2 and wound badge in black for her efforts. The people of Berlin had been outraged by what had happened and there had been nothing to direct that anger at. Then this story had come along, one of their own being slighted. The military had long been a, some would argue a way too, respected institution in the German Empire. They didn’t know how to handle this sort of public backlash.

Kat could have cared less about the medals, that had always struck Kat as masculine claptrap. It was seeing that it was Helene and Gerta who were leading the charge on her behalf that touched her. They had roped some very prominent people into their campaign. She needed to tell them to cut it out. Kat wasn’t a hero of any sort, she wasn’t worth all this fuss. And considering how many times that Maria had told her that a Journalist should never become the story she figured that she was probably now unemployed. There was also school, it looked like she was going to miss another week. She was looking forward to flunking out whenever she managed to show her face around there again. So much for secondary education, a career and a future, she thought glumly to herself. That was why she knew she wasn’t worth it. She needed to get her friends in here before they somehow made things even worse.

Kat steeled herself, when she tried to talk to people in this state it didn’t go well. “Helene and Gerta, please” She tried to say and saw Hans and Marcella wince. Not again. Too loud?
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This is great! It looks like Sauvegot is creating a train wreck from beyond the grave. This is a lot like OTL's 9/11, I think. Germany's already a lot less free than the USA, and there's going to be some unpleasant changes.

I hope Kat pulls through mentally; I like her!
This is great! It looks like Sauvegot is creating a train wreck from beyond the grave. This is a lot like OTL's 9/11, I think. Germany's already a lot less free than the USA, and there's going to be some unpleasant changes.

I hope Kat pulls through mentally; I like her!

I think she puts paid to the idea that woman should stay at home. OTL Nazi's called it the 3 K's (Kinder, Kuche, Kirche aka Childeren, Kitchen, Church). She will become a "Poster Girl" for Women's Lib in Germany.
a1 bt.jpg
When I researched this TL I ran across references to a liberal Berlin daily newspaper, the Berliner Tageblatt, that was repeatedly attacked by the Nazis before finally being closed, several of the staff being imprisoned and killed. I thought it would be interesting to have a POV character work there. This is a broadsheet produced by the BT that wouldn't look out of place on a modern alternative weekly. The way I try to depict the BT is how it might have evolved in the later half of the 30s as printing technology improved and in a very different political environment.
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Does germany have women's suffrage at this point? Looks like a jump start toa women's lib movement!
Yeah this is a time for heroes, and Jacob Schmidt's career is going to be in HUGE trouble for this fiasco.

Major kudos to Helene and Gerta for being the friends before Kat was a somebody who are ensuring she doesn't get swept under the rug.
What, the Kaiser can't ennoble her? There has to be some sort of medal for this. Also, hopefully this will advance the cause of women's rights in the Kaiserreich. The last thing we need is for Deutscheland to win WWI only to go fascist anyway.

I'm curious, how much power does the Kaiser still have? Is he like the POTUS or King of the UK?

EDIT: Fixed my spelling.
What, the Kaiser can't ennoble her? There has to be some sort of medal for this. Also, hopefully rhis will advance the cause of women's rights im the Kaiserreich. The last thing we need is for Deutscheland to win WWI only to go fascist anyway.

I'm curious, how much power does the Kaiser still have? Is he like the POTUS or King of the UK?

I think he ends up being the reserve power executive regardless of his formal constitutional standing at the moment.

I don't think this incident leads to Germany becoming fascist, but I think the French are going to have very soiled pants from fear of being targeted. The Soviets, on the other hand, might take full opportunity to open hostilities against a badly weakened foe.

Did Lang survive? We last heard he was unconscious and still hadn't awoken.