Something for the bronze indeed. Methinks that Hans here knocked some sense and moderation into the young Nelson Mandela.....
He's still young-ish and believes he knows all of the answers. The other similar cases (like the Spanish and the Russians)? Well, similar doesn't mean the same. In South Africa it will work. At least that's what I presume it's Mandela's belief.
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He's still young-ish and believes he knows all of the answers. The other similar cases (like the Spanish and the Russians)? Well, similar doesn't mean the same. In South Africa it will work.

Interestingly, Hans and Nelson are roughly the same age. Just massively different life experiences.
He's still young-ish and believes he knows all of the answers. The other similar cases (like the Spanish and the Russians)? Well, similar doesn't mean the same. In South Africa it will work. At least that's what I presume it's Mandela's belief.
Yeah, but he's getting a free lesson from Hans about operational Security and other stuff.

Certainly he's going to be rather embarrassed about how he got easily found out by the Germans, something that it will hammer out to him that not everyone it's as stupid as the Afrikaans and it will result in possibly not end up for a few decades in a prison here unlike OTL.
Part 51, Chapter 697
Chapter Six Hundred Ninety-Seven

12th December 1948


The Hohenzollern Palace was humming with excitement as everyone was abuzz with talk of the social season that was about to start. This year there was a great deal to celebrate as the newspapers were talking about how the economic recession that had put a damper on things over the previous years seemed to have passed. In a nod to the soldiers in the field in South Africa, this year’s festivities were being dedicated to them. When Kat had talked to Hans briefly a few days before he’d thanked them for the thought, but Kat had the impression that he could have cared less about that. He wanted to be here now with Helene and there was no substitute for that.

Gia had been laying low and the rumors had been quelled as a result, but it was clear that nothing would ever be the same. People, even those who’d known her for years, were looking at her differently now. Fortunately, children like Freddy didn’t seem to mind. While Kat was having her weekly meeting with the Empress to discuss all the events of the prior week, Gia was in attic of one of the palace wings as Freddy was showing off his “bedroom” to her.

It seemed sad that he needed to carve out this little space of normalcy in an otherwise very abnormal life. This could have been you as well, Gia thought to herself, still could. He was currently showing her the effort that he’d put into translating a portion of the letter that Suga had sent him. Not only was it in Japanese, but it seemed to be in the form of a poem for added difficulty. It was about the changing of seasons, perfect for some of the things that Suga and Freddy had been doing over previous Summer. He was also writing a letter in response to Suga’s. He was debating about whether to ask about Christmas, Freddy didn’t know if Suga would be interested, being of a different religion and all.

“You should just tell her about everything” Gia said, “The palace, the holidays in Berlin and the Christmas markets.”

“You think she’d be interested?” Freddy asked.

“Of course, she would” Gia replied, “She’d like to hear about anything new and different.”

“Can we see the Christmas market?” Freddy asked, beseechingly.

That was the life that Gia had been spared so far, kept under constant guard to the point where even a visit to an open-air holiday market would need to be cleared first. Gia hoped that there would be time to arrange that before Christmas. Even as she was thinking that it, struck her how she’d taken her personal freedom for granted all for all the years she’d lived with Kat and her family.

“We’ll have to ask” Gia said, “Then it will depend on what Oberstaber Schafer has to say.”

Freddy seemed happy with that answer but there seemed to be something else on his mind that had left him preoccupied all afternoon.

“Are you really a Russian Princess?” He blurted out.

So, even Freddy would have been hearing the rumors that had been floating around about her. While Gia didn’t want to lie to Freddy, there was only so much that one should tell a boy only a couple months shy of his tenth birthday.

“My family…” Gia started to say, “Was significant within the Russian Empire, that makes me a Duchess but not a Princess.”

“Oh” Freddy said, happy with the answer, “You’ve always seemed like a princess in a fairytale is all.”

“Is that so?” Gia asked.

“Yeah” Freddy said with a smile, “The one that everyone thinks is just a commoner.”

Gia felt the icy rush of panic run through her. “Please don’t mention that to anyone else” She said.

Freddy just looked happy with that answer as well. He had yet to understand the way that adults did things. He was aware that his family was very different from others. This room that they were sitting in was proof enough of that. At the same time, he was very removed from adult considerations, the idea that there were unreformed Bolsheviks, Anarchists and a whole array of certified crazies out there who were a constant danger to them both was little more than an abstraction to him.

“You really think that Fritz will let us go to the holiday market?” Freddy asked happily, obvious to Gia’s concerns in the manner of children.

Southern Atlantic Ocean

SMS Z35 was steaming from Cape Town far from the usual trade routes. Frequently misnamed Intelligence had said that they had a line on something big coming in. Albrecht had figured that this was going to be another wild goose chase, as it turned out he was wrong this time. He’d been getting crap jobs and assigned to the worst watches ever since Admiral von Schmidt had said that he was just another part of the crew. Overseeing all the hard and unpleasant things that the Ship’s Officers didn’t want to be bothered with had not made him popular with the crew either. The result though was that he was at his station when the radar contact was made in the early morning hours. A single ship on an otherwise empty sea was either lost or up to no good. The Watch Officer was happy to put them on an intercept course, if for no other reason than to break the monotony of the previous days.

About the time the sun came up they could see the freighter against the eastern horizon running as fast as it could with its old triple expansion steam engines. Having a 12.8cm shell fired across their bow was more than enough the get them rethink that course of action. What they found on board explained why the crew of the ship had surrendered so readily once they were under fire. It also revealed that if there were any ships that had gotten through with such a cargo then there was about to be a whole heap of trouble on the ground in South Africa.
Gia/Jehane, Kat and the Imperial Palace better be prepared for the inevitable discovery of "The Last Romanov" as the cover story is falling apart rapidly and I think it is just a matter of not days but hours before the truth comes out.
Hans probably used more colorful language then what was just posted.
Albrecht is going to come out ahead in the long run as someone who gets the job done no matter what obstacles and roadblocks are put in front of him by his superior officers.
Part 52, Chapter 698
Chapter Six Hundred Ninety-Eight

15th December 1948

Kimberly, South Africa

Hans had been making progress in his overtures to the Black Africans, but he’d hit a wall of sorts. They were not a monolithic body, there were ethnic and tribal differences that Regimental Intelligence had been unaware of before they found themselves neck deep in the problems that they created. Kat’s American friend had brought a man from the Marine Infantry to his sister’s wedding. He’d mentioned that one of the takeaways from the Kaiserliche Marine’s experience in the Pacific Theater was that there was a desperate need to understand the local culture and customs for operations to be successful. The KLM had obviously not been talking with the Heer because Hans had been warned by Nelson Mandela that there was another group of Black Africans out there and any effort to buy off the African National Congress would be the same as Germany declaring war. Then he’d been able to find out very little about this other outfit other than they lived mostly in the East and that they enjoyed a good fight. They didn’t trust outsiders and that included the likes of Hans Mischner.

Now there was this latest mess that had come down from the 2nd Army Corps Headquarters. The KLM had caught a freighter in the South Atlantic loaded with 60mm Anti-tank rockets and the launchers. The American weapons were obsolescent and were generally inferior to the German Panzerfaust series in almost every aspect. That was the reason that the US Army was unloading them to whoever was willing to pay for them. According to the Navy the crew of the ship didn’t have the first clue as to who the recipient of the weapons would be. Just that they were to deliver them to Durban. Obviously, the individuals who engaged in international arms sales had learned a few things since Spain had turned pear-shaped for them.

The 60mm rockets were trouble not because they were a threat to the Panzers, beyond an extremely lucky hit, a Lynx, Panther or even an SPZ-4 would shrug off a hit from such weapon. They were trouble because they were basically man portable artillery. An explosive rocket fired over the perimeter wire had the potential to ruin anyone’s day.


Helene was still unhappy with the situation. She had discussed with Kat if it was possible to use her connections to get him sent home only to have Kat refuse. “That would be a terrible thing to do to him” Kat said, “I think we might be able get him a week or so leave about your due date.” A single week after months of absence, it didn’t seem fair and they were unsure of her exact due date, sometime in February or March… That was greeted with a great deal of annoyance, Kat had said that Helene needed to gain some perspective. Hans was doing something important and he wanted to be here with her as much as she wanted him home.

“This looks nice” Käte said, holding up a pair of pajamas for an infant, Helene noticed that they were a light pastel color, obviously for a girl.

“We have no idea what this is going to be” Helene said, feeling self-conscious about her swollen belly.

“A little girl would be nice though” Käte replied.

“With me, as well as with Sonje and Zilla you always said that girls are a frightfully complicated mess” Helene said.

“Grandchildren are different” Käte said, “Besides that, I’d love to see how your father would react to the name of such a girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’d want to name your daughter for one of your dear friends” Käte said, “And I truly doubt that you’d ever name any child of yours Lagertha.”

“You think I’d name my child for Kat?” Helene asked, “Do you have any idea what she said to me this week?”

“Knowing her, it was probably a truth you disagreed with” Käte said, “Besides, the name Katherine works on a lot of levels.”

Helene’s mother was probably correct about that and Käte was a diminutive of Katherine, but she wasn’t ready to forgive Kat yet. “She said that I lack perspective and it’s a matter of choice on my part” She replied.

“As I said, it’s a truth you disagreed with” Käte said, “Hans isn’t away from you at this time because he wants do be. I was less than thrilled when your father was called away to Poland while I was pregnant with Albrecht, but I can honestly say that I took it a lot better than you have.”

“What are you saying?” Helene asked, aghast her own mother could say such a thing.

“Look, Kat was the friend that you needed when you first came to this city and she has remained your friend through everything that has happened” Käte said, “After you have this baby and Hans comes home from South Africa, you’ll be in a better state of mind. Katherine, as prickly a customer as she is, will probably be a dear friend of yours for the rest of your life.”

That seemed like a bit of a stretch. Kat had confided in her about the session with Doctor Holz where she admitted that that if she were in Helene’s situation she feared what might happen. How could a friendship possibly survive something like that?

“You can think whatever you want” Käte said as she folded up several pairs of the pajamas, “I’m getting these, if not for you, then your sisters might need them eventually.”
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There may be a strong support network of former German officers who were discharged for their connections to the right wing nationalist coup plotters and who are now working with the Boers.
This may cause problems as they can help the Boers anticipate German military tactics and procedures.

The best use for the 60 mms rockets is to attack supply convoys going to the different outposts and the knowledge of the terrain by the locals will make defending the convoys and capturing the attackers very difficult.
The best use for the 60 mms rockets is to attack supply convoys going to the different outposts and the knowledge of the terrain by the locals will make defending the convoys and capturing the attackers very difficult.

Agree, they'll destroy any truck, and if using beasts of burden, I imagine they'll panic those.

Could such a thing be set up as an anti-tank mine? Bury it nose up, with a trip to set it off, and if lucky, I would think it might go through the bottom of a tank. If not, it would probably still knock the track off.
Part 52, Chapter 699
Chapter Six Hundred Ninety-Nine

21st December 1948


The soldiers were keeping a clear cordon around the Prince as he walked through the stalls looking at things and making purchases with Gianna accompanying him.

“It depends on what your little sister is interested in” The friendly woman running the stall that was selling hand knit scarves said. Freddy thought that his sister Kristina would be interested in a scarf. What to get the serious and practical minded seven-year-old Princess was a challenge. People tended to get her impractical “girly” things that she had no use for. Gia thought that he had the right idea to get her a warm woolen scarf.

“Perhaps this one” Gia said picking up a grey and white striped scarf. “The grey would match her eyes.”

The white would also match Kristina’s typical pallor, Gia thought to herself but didn’t say aloud.

“Yeah, that one” Freddy said before counting out the money for it.

The woman gave Freddy his change and the bag with the scarf with a smile. The gaggle of photographers among the crowd of curious onlookers watching outside the cordon would have gotten the exchange and that was the best sort of free advertising.

“Thank you” Freddy said. He no longer had to be prompted to thank people, something that was said to have brought him a great deal of goodwill among the people he interacted with.

“You're welcome, now have a good day Prince Friedrich” The woman replied.

The presence of the photographers was a reminder to Gia that she had been suspended from her employment at the Berliner Tageblatt the Friday before. The Editor-in-Chief had been apologetic, but they couldn’t have a reporter who was the story. The rumors surrounding Gia had continued to swirl. Some investigative reporters had started digging into records surrounding her as Gianna Strobel. She knew that the records were near perfect forgeries, but it was only a matter of time before some flaw presented itself and the whole edifice came crashing down. That was when Gianna, the person who she liked being would be gone and she would be forced to become Jehane Alexandra again, whatever that even meant anymore. The fact that she’d found herself pressed again into service as the tutor and companion of the Crown Prince wasn’t helping matters.

“Is this something you’d like, Gia?” Freddy asked looking at the handblown glass Christmas ornaments in the next stall, all a swirl of vivid colors. They were beautiful.

“You don’t need to get me anything, Freddy” Gia said, him doing that would just start more rumors.

“I’d like to though” Freddy said, “You, Fritz, Matthias and Suga are my only real friends.”

That was one of the heartbreaking aspects of Freddy’s existence. He got so lonely at times and he never knew if overtures of friendship were real. Three of the four people he considered friends were adults there to guard and instruct him.

“Here’s an idea” Gia said, “Have you seen anything that Oberstaber Schafer or Spear Schmied might want?”

“Fritz makes knives and Matthias is into hunting” Freddy replied. That was a bit of an understatement. Fritz Schafer made some of the most sought-after knives and swords, including Katherine von Mischner’s karambit, the infamous Cat’s Claw. Matthias Schmied was a Jäger, highly skilled in that trade even before he’d been recruited by the Heer and the SKA. Gia didn’t have the first clue as to what they might like. “Poppa says that they are both fond of Johnnie Walker Black Label” Freddy concluded, his tongue stumbling over the unfamiliar English words.

Gia almost laughed at that, those two would have a soldier’s taste for whiskey. “We’ll talk to the palace Wine Steward when we get you home” She said, “There is probably something floating around in the cellar that your Great-Grandfather left that would be extra special.”

Freddy brightened at the prospect of that. Then he saw what was happening behind Gia’s back. Matthias had a red and blue scarf and one of the glass ornaments bagged for him. He knew that Gia would decline anything unless it was wrapped first. Matthias shot Freddy a wink. Adults could be so strange at times. “What do you think Suga might like?” He asked Gia.


The cargo of 60mm rockets had been bound for Peru according to the US State Department. Jacob had contacted them through the US Embassy in Berlin and they had taken their time getting an answer back to him. He’d then asked how they had ended up thousands of kilometers from where they were supposed to be? They had then spent several more days to get back to him. They had no idea how that had happened, but they were going to launch an investigation. Jacob wasn’t planning on holding his breath until that investigation concluded. With how the Amis were slow walking things, he figured he would reach retirement age before that happened. The more pertinent question had been how many ships stuffed full of God knows what had been bound for Peru or who knew where? And of those how many just happened to have been diverted somewhere else, like South Africa for example? Again, the Americans had said that they would get back to him.

The listening posts that he’d been setting up had merely been the first stage in a larger Kaiserliche Marine/BND project. Now there was the second stage to consider. Picking up the phone he asked to be connected to Generalfeldmarschall Markgraf von Holz, he was going to need the cooperation of the Luftwaffe for the next stage, as much as it rankled him to have to do things this way he’d discovered that splitting the costs across multiple agencies was the best way to go. However, there was the horse-trading aspect of it that didn’t come naturally to him and von Holz always drove a hard bargain. Jacob had learned that von Holz had once been enlisted before earning a field commission during the First World War. That had included early lessons in the sort of wheeling and dealing that the enlisted engaged in. Cash up front, do nothing on spec, always get the best deal possible for your outfit and fuckall with the rest. At this time von Holz considered the whole Luftwaffe his outfit and those rules still applied.
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very good, is one of the longest and continuous updates that I have read.
Somebody knows in what chapter the coup attempt in Argentina begins.
The Lame Duck Dewey Administration is still playing their stupid games and hopefully the incoming Truman Administration will put a stop to it and be more cooperative with the Germans.

The thing with von Schmidt and von Holz is that they operate on such different levels of experience, they really can't comprehend where the other one is coming from.

Another nice slice of life vignette with the Crown Prince and maybe there will a suggestion that the Crown Prince attend a prestigious private school with some of the other boys from the elite families along with some scholarship students from middle class and working families for some balance.
What do you think Suga might like
This is as the Japanese say Kawaii. By now most cooky and tea tins will have both of them on the cover. Him in his foot guard uniform and her in Imperial Kimono.

And pictures of them playing together in the orchard would be decorating the homes of millions.

Crown Prince attend a prestigious private school
Or maybe they will go bold and send him to a regular local Gymnasium.
Maybe as condition of attending the private school, they have to have a certain number of normal (scholar ships)students. So he can continue learning about the real world.
Part 52, Chapter 700
Chapter Seven Hundred

26th December 1948


Gianna watched as Freddy and his brother Michael kicked a football around the palace courtyard. They had no rules, they were just having fun, being children. It was nice to see. It however did nothing to change the thoughts that had been preoccupying Gia for the last few days.

In the days before Maria had called and apologized but a journalist from the BT, one of her own people had somehow gotten ahold of the information that a bullet fragment had been removed from her side a year earlier. Then in a perverse twist, someone finally realized that Gia had the same birthday as the Romanov girl. With that the Berliner Tageblatt ran with what they knew, which was far too much. Today, the headline that had run in one of the Empire’s largest newspapers was a question; Has the last Romanov been found? With that the name Jehane Thomas-Romanova and Gianna Strobel were going to be linked indelibly in people’s minds.

That was ridiculous, Gia was hardly the last Romanov. There was the German Empress, her brother, the current Czar, Georgy, not to mention the sisters of Nicholas the 2nd and their families living in Denmark. And Gia had never been lost, she just hadn’t wanted to be found. Still though, people loved the idea of a lost princess living in an isolated house in the wilderness of British Columbia. The detail that Gianna Strobel had spent her formative years not living in royal splendor but in a working-class neighborhood like Pankow-Heinersdorf made her more enticing. Somehow, Gia had become the sort of person that people wanted royalty to be. The People’s Princess, the very notion seemed like a sick joke to her, especially considering that she’d spent her entire life hiding from the Soviets. Aunt Marcella and Uncle Klaus had been particularly wonderful, at the family dinner on Christmas Eve they had made it clear to her that she was a part of their family and nothing would ever change that. Next week the brief Christmas break would be over, and she would have to face going to her classes with all this hanging over her. Gia had no idea how she was going to face that…

The white and black football bounced into her shins, it was oddly a welcome interruption to her thoughts.

“Sorry, Gia!” Freddy said, his cheeks were flush with the exertion and cold. The ball and the Footballer’s jersey that her was wearing had been gifts from Kat. It was noticeable that it was the blue and white stripes of BSC Hertha, Kat had said that Hans would be furious if she got Freddy and Michael jerseys from any other club. If it were the red of Union Berlin, Hans would consider that a crime against the Mischner name. Gia personally thought that was silly, but she knew that Football was serious business and there might be politics to consider if Freddy was seen wearing the Hertha colors. Freddy didn’t care about any of that, he just loved the gift.

“You should probably be wearing a coat” Gia said.

“I’ll be fine” Freddy said, and he went back to his game.

Gia didn’t understand how Freddy did it. She was cold, and she was wearing a heavy-weight wool coat and was wearing the red and blue wool scarf that Freddy, the rotten little punk, had gotten her even though she’d asked him not to get her anything. She had discussed Freddy’s comments about who he considered his friends with the Empress and had discovered that it was a matter of concern for both Louis Ferdinand and Kira. There had been talk of sending Freddy to an exclusive boarding school, where he could in theory make friends his own age. However, the Imperial couple were reluctant to do that. They both had the experience of boarding schools growing up and that had not been a positive one for either of them. Presently they were still debating what they should do. Gia had said that she had been only slightly older than Freddy when she had started school in the Berlin neighborhood she’d lived in at the time and she’d turned out alright. Freddy wouldn’t even have the language issues that Gia had or be coping with being newly orphaned. Kira and said that was almost useful. Gia was still unsure what to make of that.


Kat noticed that Manfred was getting too big to carry, she realized with a start that he would be two in May. Where had the time gone to? It seemed like only a brief time earlier he’d been this tiny little baby. She’d been busy with the Police Academy and her field assignment in the Prison for much of that time. Next week she would finish her time in Oranienburg, something that couldn’t come soon enough. If she spent any more time in that place she was going to lose her mind. Today she was going in with Helene as they were going to exchange Christmas cheer with Hans even if he was thousands of Kilometers away. The day after Christmas happened to be when they could be scheduled in. They’d endured the usual briefing about what they could and could not say. It was made sure that they understood that they could be cut off at any second if the band was needed for ongoing operations and they were not to say anything that could compromise operational security.

“Happy Christmas, Hans” Helene said into the microphone, with Kat’s prompting, “I hope you’re well.”

“I’m good” Hans said, “How are you?”

“She’s finding it harder and harder to fit through doors” Kat said, an exaggeration that earned her a dirty look from Helene.

“What have the Doctors been saying about that?” Hans asked.

“That everything is going as it should” Helene replied, “It would be easier if you were here.”

“Would if I could” Hans said, “The 4th Division sort of fucked up our plans, didn’t it?”

“I think the problem is that none of this was planned” Helene said.

“That’s life, ain’t it” Hans replied. Helene sat there for a second with a cross look on her face. She considered the lackadaisical attitude that Hans occasionally adopted in the face of demanding situations to be his least endearing quality.

“There’s someone here who wants to hear from you” Kat said changing the subject and moving the microphone to where Manfred could speak into it. “Say hello to your Poppa.”

“Hello Poppa” Manfred said, he had no understanding of what was going on here, but he was as delighted to hear Hans voice as they were.

“Are you taking care of your Momma and Auntie Kat?” Hans asked and that got a bewildered look on Manfred’s face.

“I’d say he’s thinking about it” Kat said into the mic. That got a bit of a laugh from Helene, something that was nice to hear.
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Part 52, Chapter 701
Chapter Seven Hundred One

31st December 1948


Helene had declined to participate in any New Year’s celebrations this year. Unfortunately, being six months pregnant seemed to preclude both sleep and celebration. Her current predicament was in many ways a repeat of what had happened with Manfred a couple years earlier, namely having to use the bathroom every couple of hours because of the pressure on her bladder. The difference was that she didn’t have to worry about waking Hans when she got up. He was just that staticky voice on the radio that she got to talk to every few weeks. By some miracle, Manfred had been behaving himself for the last several days. It was as if just talking to his father had a calming effect on him. Even more reason for Helene to want Hans to come home.

Eventually, midnight rolled around, and Helene could hear the shouting and fireworks. She’d heard stories about the sort of parties that went on in the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters and the even wilder things that went on in the Enlisted Men’s Barracks. Her house was a few kilometers distant but from the sound of it they were ringing in the new year with everything shy of live artillery. The MPs were probably turning a blind eye because these men were already slated to join Hans in South Africa if they had not joined in themselves.

It was the nature of how things had panned out. This base and the nearby airfields were the primary staging area for the 2nd Army and eventually Hans’ Brigade would rotate home to rest and reevaluate their training for the next deployment. Just no one knew when that was going happen. According to Hans the situation in South Africa was currently tense, with open fighting mostly between the Boers and South African Government troops. The area that the 2nd Army was controlling remained peaceful but that could change at any time. Something that left Helene sick with worry.

Puyallup, Washington State

Nancy was at her parent’s house which was far more crowded than usual. Her maternal Grandmother, Aunt Martha, Aunt Martha’s husband Scott and all four of her cousins, all under the age of twelve, were visiting from Eastern Washington. They’d arrived the day before Christmas Eve and were leaving the day after New Year’s. While Nancy’s Mother wasn't going to say anything aloud, Nancy had the impression that she was counting down the minutes until she was going to get her house back.

They had been happy for Nancy, that she was only a term away from graduating from the University of Washington and had a job already lined up after graduation. Their eyes glazed over when she mentioned that she was going to be traveling to Washington D.C. in July to begin training in international protocol, so she could work as a translator for the U.S. State Department. That was simply beyond their understanding.

They had a better understanding of Alan, he was about graduate Highschool and at five foot ten and hundred and fifty pounds his pipedream of getting into college through athletics was at an end. He didn’t have the grades to progress farther through academics like Nancy had. She’d overheard her parents talking about his future. Alan’s choices really were limited. He could stay here in Puyallup and work in the lumber mills or the fishery. Then either he’d knock a girl up, get injured on the job or both eventually. Or Alan could take his chances by joining the service, Army or Navy, it didn’t matter. It would get him out of this town before he went down what was essentially a dead-end street. It was at that moment that Nancy realized that the choices faced by Alan were the same as the ones faced by her father decades earlier. Nancy found herself in the kitchen with the women while all the men were out on the back porch.

“Did Nancy tell you she has a boyfriend?” Her mother said as they waited for midnight to roll around.

“No one said anything about that” Martha replied.

It was because for the last week Nancy had made a point of not talking about it. “He’s not my boyfriend” Nancy said, “He’s just a friend I made while attending classes in Berlin.”

“Dietrich Schultz writes nearly every week and he even came to visit last Summer” Nancy’s Mother said brightly.

“He hates it when people call him that Mom” Nancy said defensively, “Even his own mother calls him Tilo.”

“How did Bill take that?” Nancy’s Grandmother asked.

“How do you think?” Nancy’s Mother replied, “Punched him in the nose.”

Everyone except Nancy found that hilarious. Didn’t they know that Tilo was in the Kaiserliche Marine Meeresaufklärung? He had exercised a staggering amount of self-control in his dealings with Nancy’s parents, but he could be dangerous if provoked.

“I don’t think that is funny” Nancy said to them.

“Don’t get so worked up Nancy” Her Grandmother said, “That was nothing compared to how your Grandfather reacted when he first met your Father.”

Nancy sat there for a few seconds, unsure how to respond to her Grandmother’s assumptions. “It’s not like that” Nancy blurted out.

“Does this Tilo know that?” Nancy’s Grandmother said with a knowing smile. Nancy felt a headache forming behind her eyes, this was exactly the reason she had been hoping to avoid this conversation.
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Another great end of the year post, Nancy has a great future ahead of her and Helene is finally beginning to understand what being a German army officer's wife life is all about, waiting for her man to come home from deployments.

For the Crown Prince, I was thinking that an exclusive private day school not a boarding school would be the best solution for his education, and there could be other students from middle class and working families who are on scholarships for some balance.
Another great end of the year post, Nancy has a great future ahead of her and Helene is finally beginning to understand what being a German army officer's wife life is all about, waiting for her man to come home from deployments.

For the Crown Prince, I was thinking that an exclusive private day school not a boarding school would be the best solution for his education, and there could be other students from middle class and working families who are on scholarships for some balance.

There are also ideas like clubs to consider for socializing the young prince.

I think that when Queen Elizabeth and her sister were that age they created a local chapter of the scouting for girls organization just for her sake and inducted all sorts of servants children and others pf the right age to give her a bit of a normal experience.

Making the prince try his hand at playing Pfadfinder with a bunch of other 'local' kids might work. Any sort of sports or football club that involved full contact and fouls would probably be highly frowned upon by a number of people (and stuff like becoming a member of a marksman's club like they became unbiqutuos in IOTL Germany would probably be right out.)

He needs a hobby that allows him to come into contact with boys his age under very controlled circumstances, that doesn't actually carry much risk of injury would be appropriate to his standing and appeal to both his preferences of wanting to be normal and liking that whole uniform and military stuff.
There are going to be lots of people who cannot believe that they didn't connect Gia with Jehane, Doug being chief among them. P-M, can I put in a request for a Doug chapter please?