Interesting, didn't see that one coming. Then again, the "do not get hurt while training"-principle would be appropriate with the royalty. Is mr. Lichtenfeld training Freddy himself (and how does the nonexistence of the fascists affect the style)? :extremelyhappy:

Which reminds me, what is the situation in the Middle East at the moment? The USA is about to explode, but what about the rest of the world, it seems to be at least somewhat better of here than IOTL?

It's been mentioned before, Emrich Lichtenfeld happened to be the Officer who led the mission into the Kremlin and is the unarmed combat instructor at Judenbach, but by the direct translation Contact Combat. What did you think Kat and Gia were teaching him?
Which countries do exist in the Mideast and is zionism and the creation of Israel still a thing among jews?
Is the greek-turkish conflict a war or just border clashes?

Zionism is a thing but without tens of thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis or the Holocaust that followed there isn't a big demand to leave for Palestine. Most of the Jew in Eastern Europe are in no hurry to leave. The Jews in Germany ITTL are faced with something that prior generations might have considered unthinkable, assimilation.

The Greek-Turkish thing is a bit more than border clash but not quite to the level of full blown war. I need to do a chapter on it but it's like the battle in the Terry Pratchett novels where both sides ambushed the other.
Zionism is a thing but without tens of thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis or the Holocaust that followed there isn't a big demand to leave for Palestine. Most of the Jew in Eastern Europe are in no hurry to leave. The Jews in Germany ITTL are faced with something that prior generations might have considered unthinkable, assimilation.

The Greek-Turkish thing is a bit more than border clash but not quite to the level of full blown war. I need to do a chapter on it but it's like the battle in the Terry Pratchett novels where both sides ambushed the other.
Just a suggestion:
When you reach 1950, maybe you could do a state-of-the-world chapter.
The Greek-Turkish thing is a bit more than border clash but not quite to the level of full blown war. I need to do a chapter on it but it's like the battle in the Terry Pratchett novels where both sides ambushed the other.
So they'll eventually find out that what was actually going on was that the leaders of both sides had met with their honor guards to conduct comprehensive peace negotiations and were made a fool of by a sudden thunderstorm that caused confused fighting to break out in the fog?

Or is it like all the battles at the same place that followed the first one out of a sense that that was just the thing you had to do once a generation, for tradition's sake? :)
WHY I'm thinking that the Japanese Princess and the German Kronprinz's relationship are going to be a recurring factor in the next 15 years... with interesting spins in it?
Seems like there is a lot of tension with the us.
Well yeah, between the brewing racial tensions that if not defused are going to go off with enough of a blast to make Fat Man look like a firecracker, a growing sense that my country are profiteering jerkwads who are backwards in so many ways....
Part 50, Chapter 669
Chapter Six Hundred Sixty-Nine

24th July 1948

Aegean Sea, off Samothrace

Even in the early morning hours one could tell it was going to be a hot day on the water as Sotiris Papadopoulos worked the winch to bring the nets aboard his boat. Fishing in these waters was something that his family had done in these waters since time out of mind. The electric winch and marine diesel were the few nods towards modernity on the wooden fishing boat.

Today however a different sort of catch came in with the nets.

“Looks like we got another Turk!” Fotios, Sotiris’ son yelled.

Sotiris cursed to himself. These waters also saw the smuggling of every sort of contraband. There was always a booming demand for guns in the far south and drugs in the north. The lucrative trade made it worth the risks involved. Sotiris occasionally saw the speed boats used by the smugglers and the locally produced version of the German S-Boats used by the Greek Navy that chased them. However, the never-ending clash between the Greeks and the Turks extended to the underworld and it was open season on the Turks wherever they dared to show their faces. Over the last five centuries the Ottomans had managed to anger everyone on the shores of the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Turkey was a small nation these days that no longer had access to the Black Sea but the Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Kurds, even the Syrians, had long memories and no intention of taking their foot off the Turk’s throat.

That resulted in situation like this. The man was Turkish judging from his clothes and he was also very dead. The bullet hole in his head and a day or so in the water had done nothing for him. Sotiris was tempted to just shove the body back into the water and be done with it. But there were few secrets on the water and Fotios couldn’t hold his tongue if his life depended on it. Besides that, the fish had to eat too, and they had done nothing to deserve the punishment of such a meal.

“Wrap it in a tarp” Sotiris said, “The Navy will be interested.”

Fotios brightened at the prospect. At fifteen he was already a man. The promise of excitement and adventure that the Greek Navy offered was an irresistible temptation. Sotiris figured he had perhaps a few months before his oldest son ran off. His wife was adamant that his other son, Nikos was staying in school. He figured that he would need to manage on his own again or hire someone to help with the catch, neither option had a whole lot of appeal.

With an exasperated sigh, Sotiris went to the wheelhouse turned on the radio and reported the floater.


It’s not too late for you to come to London.

I know that you’ve not stopped training.

It’s an excellent opportunity to represent your country.

I know we have had our differences but this about more than just you and me.

Johann S. Schultz

Kat wadded up the telegram and chucked it into the waste bin. Her making a point of ignoring Schultz served him right, if anyone else on the planet had made such a request she might have considered it, but she had far more important things to do here.

“What was that?” Gianna asked as Kat sat back down on the couch and resumed putting nail polish on Gia’s toenails. The telegram had arrived on what was a sleepy Saturday morning.

“Nothing” Kat replied, “Some people just can’t take a hint is all.”

“Asia said that there’s a guy in one of her classes who is like that.”

Gianna and Asia’s relationship had developed in an odd way, closer than friends but not quite sisters. Kat realized that what she was seeing was much like her own relationship with Helene and Gerta except she was looking at it from the outside. She was happy if for no other reason that Gia had someone she could talk candidly to as opposed to bottling it all up.

“She knows how to put someone like that off?” Kat asked, “I can…”

“Asia knows how to deal with it” Gia said, “The last thing we need is you putting the fear of God into someone else.”

Kat frowned, the fact that it was common knowledge that she would happen to anyone who caused her girls any trouble had been causing problems of a different sort. Kristine had even complained that only the real freaks would dare to talk to her.

“All the gossip has been over what the Crown Prince has been up to” Gia said, changing the subject.

“He’s nine years old” Kat replied, “I think the Palace staff needs more to do than speculate about children.”

“Princess Suga seems like a nice girl though and they get along” Gia said, “A decade from now. Who knows?”

“The Junkers would have kittens” Kat replied, “And I think that it would give Japan a collective heart attack as well. I don’t even want to think about the reaction in China and Korea”

“If she was the youngest daughter of King George of England it wouldn’t even be a question” Gia said with a knowing smirk. “The plans for the wedding would have already started.”

Not only did Kat know that was probably true, she figured that it would be a match that would be pushed by all of Europe. Memories of the First World War being what they were, something that would be perceived as securing a generation of peace between Germany and the United Kingdom would be welcomed with great enthusiasm.
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By the way, were the plums ripe? If not, I hope they didn't eat any. :cool:

Edit: Oh, and could Schultz try to put pressure on Kat through Kira or her chain of command at the BII?
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Part 50, Chapter 670
Chapter Six Hundred Seventy

25th July 1948


Being summoned to a palace of any sort was not in Tilo’s experience. He found himself in the blue and white dress uniform of the Marine Infantry as he entered the Orangery Palace, the Japanese Emperor had asked for Tilo personally. The even though he’d been on the SMY Hohenzollern with Emperor Hirohito for a few weeks in late 1945 he’d never been introduced. Then he had returned that sword and suddenly the Japanese were very interested in him. The Protocol Officer was flummoxed by what was happening.

“They want to give you a medal for being an honorable enemy” He said, “You’ll have an interesting addition to your ribbon bar.”

It was a truly odd thing to behold. Tilo was about to be inducted into the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Rays and Rosette for his conduct in fighting the Japanese.


On the last day the plums were still not ripe enough to eat yet, which was a disappointment. The year before the fruit from the tree had been one the highlights of the summer. Freddy ended up having to explain as best he could to Suga that she would need to take his word for it.

For all the wealth and ceremony that surrounded his family Freddy had become aware of how lonely his existence was. It was rare that he made friends with someone on his own terms as an equal, where he didn’t have to suspect motives of that person. Kat, who he really did think of as an aunt, had told him that was a part of everyone’s life, but Freddy wasn’t sure if he believed that. Now, Suga was going home and it had been suggested that he write to her. That it would be simple, just say in a letter everything that he did from day to day. It would be fun, he'd been told. Freddy had a hard time picturing that.

29th July 1948

London, England

Schultz was grinding his teeth as he watched the opening ceremonies of the 1948 Summer Olympics. These were being dubbed the Austerity Games because of how things had shaken out. It was based on prior experience of the 1936 Games in Berlin where it was held entirely in existing venues. Naturally, what most people remembered of the ‘36 games was Martzel Ibarra and the matches for the torch lighting. He was furious about the way things had shaken out for him as well. Katherine von Mischner had made a point of snubbing him. He’d learned through back channels that the only reason that he’d not gotten a response was because the telegraph office wouldn’t send a telegram with the words Fuck Off and Die, even for Kat. If she had gotten here a few days ago then Germany would have a real competitor in Women’s Track and Field. There would be an issue with her qualifications, but Schultz knew that he would only need to grease a few official’s palms. They would also want to see real competition, women were outnumbered by male athletes by almost ten to one. The result was that it was expected that a Dutch woman was going to dominate the field. While that might be good for the career of Francia Blanker-Coen it would make for an uninteresting Games, a big fish in a small pond sort of thing. Which would have made them persuadable.

The galling part was that Kat was doing this because of her personal animosity with him mixed with a long-standing aversion of being as the center of attention. Refusing to participate in the Olympics was an effortless way for her to punch below the belt and she would know that Schultz couldn’t say anything about it. He really needed this personal conflict to end, it had been going on for a decade already.


While all the world’s eyes were on London, Emperor Louis Ferdinand had other plans. While he lacked his Grandfather’s enthusiasm for the Fleet, Louis understood the need to project power internationally and the Fleet was one of the best instruments of go about doing that. The SMS Rhineland, the Flagship of the North Sea and Baltic/Atlantic Fleet was the first stop on his inspection tour and she had been subjected to repeated white glove inspections by the Ship’s Captain and the Grand Admiral of the Fleet already, so the Rhineland practically glowed and every surface was at about the standard of a surgical suite.

Now that the Emperor had come and gone, Christoph was laying on his bunk staring at the photographs he had put in the springs under the mattress above. The smells of these quarters were off, everything smelled of disinfectant and bleach. Not the homey smells of unwashed laundry and foot fungus that he was used to.

In the hours before, while he and Albrecht had been sitting at their duty stations waiting for the Emperor to pass through they had been talking. Albrecht said something that had surprised him. He was planning on finishing his time aboard the Rhineland and serving on the Staff of Admiral von Schmidt he intended to go to into the LFK, the Fleet Air Command, because that was where the future was, and it wasn’t surprising that Albrecht would do that because flying airplanes was in his blood. And then the shocking turn, the Admiral had said that all the ships of the Schlesien Class would probably be stricken by the end of the next decade and Preussen Class would probably follow within a few years. They would be replaced by smaller, more flexible ships.

It seemed unthinkable. The battle line that was the most important part of the world’s navies since the invention of gunpowder becoming a thing of the past? But that was the reality that was coming according to Albrecht.
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Somehow I think that Albrecht wanting to go in the LFK will make his father even more disgusted and angry at him if that is even possible.
IOTL Princess Suga received a very western education and I don't think that is going to change except for the additional lessons in Lutheranism.
Thank you for letting Fannie Blanker-Coen keep her Olympic Medals ITTL.
I agree with schultz. Time for kat to grow up
Frankly Katherine is not an athlete so she really shouldn't be participating, Olympics is not the kind of thing you should participate if it is not your goal. Katherine has no reason to be in the Olympics so makes perfect sense she isn't.

Then again I don't pay much attention to which countries win medals but about the individuals that do so, if 'representing the country' is something you value then YMMV.
Part 50, Chapter 671
Chapter Six Hundred Seventy-One

2nd August 1948

Geneva, Switzerland

After weeks of debate the League of Nations was finally able to get a resolution on the South African matter. It came just as word had reached the body that two sides of the multi-sided conflict that was brewing had acquired modern weapons from somewhere and the South African Army was screaming for help. The British Army, already stretched because of ongoing conflicts, particularly in India and Palestine, had invoked the European Mutual Defense Treaty of 1938. That served the League of Nations because they had wanted an International Force to restore peace to the situation. It was through that mechanism that the League was able to get several member nations to give concrete numbers for troops that they could deploy for the first time in such a situation, ever.


Hans wasn’t happy with how things were going. The 4th Panzer Division was to prepare for movement, immediately. That meant that they were going to deploy, just no one knew where or why. They were also going to be the lead element of the entire 2nd Army which was going to be coming in behind them.

Hans had gotten Uncle Klaus on the phone, “That’s just the lot of being a professional soldier” was what Klaus had to say on the subject before admonishing Hans that wherever he ended up he needed to take care of himself. He now had a wife and son to think of. That was a reminder that he would need to get word to Helene, she was in Berlin taking University courses in preparation of becoming a Student Teacher. He tried to reach Kat but got Ilse instead, who wasn’t the most useful person in this situation. It was from them that he learned that Kat had taken an extended weekend for her birthday at her house on Langeoog Island and wouldn’t be reachable for the next couple days, not until Wednesday.

Lacking any other option, Hans got a pen and paper so that he could leave a note for Helene. She was not going to be happy when she learned that this was what he had resorted to but that was how it went. He took a moment to compose his thoughts. He wrote that he thought that Helene should probably take Manfred and go to her parent’s townhouse in Berlin while he was away, at least she would wouldn’t be alone there. The rest seemed trite, thoughts and love, he would get in contact with her as soon as he could when he knew more.

“You’ll be fine until Helene gets home?” Hans asked the Nanny as he reluctantly handed Manfred off to her.

“We’ll manage” The Nanny replied, “Helene is a General’s daughter, so she’ll understand, now go.”

The walk from the front door of his house to the car that was waiting to take him to the airfield was possibly the longest of his life. Hans felt like he was abandoning the life he had built here over the last couple years. As he sat down in the passenger seat and closed the door, he saw Manfred waving goodbye.


Helene was surprised when Ilse came looking for her. She walked into the lecture hall nervously, this was a post graduate course and it had a very different feel from what Ilse was used to. Helene still wasn’t sure how she felt about Ilse. While she was most certainly Hans’ little sister, Helene wasn’t as prepared to offer her the ready acceptance that Hans had.

“Hans called looking for you” Ilse said in a stage whisper, “He said something about how his unit was being sent into the field.”

Helene felt the electric shock of panic run through her. She had left Hans with Manfred just a few hours earlier and everything was normal. What had happened?

“What did he say?” Helene demanded, interrupting the lecture and getting herself a stern look from the Professor. “Sorry” She blurted before leading Ilse out into the hallway outside the hall.

“What did Hans say to you?” Helene asked, “Use his words, exactly.”

“He said that his Division was being ordered to prepare for movement and that they were going to deploy into the field. He said that he was going to be gone by the time you got home.”

You knew what you were getting into, Helene thought to herself. She wasn’t sure if that was a damning indictment upon her personal character or not. Her mother would certainly have a thing or three to say on the matter, she had warned Helene, repeatedly.

“Hans said that he was going to leave a note” Ilse said lamely.

Helene had been so wrapped in her thoughts she had been ignoring Ilse who was shuffling her feet. “Thank you, Ilse” She said, “What did Kat have to say?”

“Nothing” Ilse replied, “She went out of town for her birthday and doesn’t want anyone to bother her.”

That made things worse, Kat had mentioned her plans the last time she they had talked. Normally she was a ready source of information. The way this had panned out, Kat would be just as in the dark as Helene whenever she finally came home.

“Have you talked to Gerta or Gianna?” Helene asked.

“Should I have?” Ilse replied.

Helene took a deep breath and reminded herself that Ilse was still new to this sort of thing.

“Gia is the current Kammerfräulein and works for the BT” Helene said, “Gerta and her husband know everyone of real significance in the Heer. They might know what’s going on.”

“Really” Ilse said with look of wide-eyed wonder on her face. Helene knew at that minute she had her work cut out for her.
For someone who doesn't want to see the world, Hans sure has seen a lot of it, Spain, Poland, The Russian Steppes, Siberia, Korea, and now Southern Africa.
Helene will now have to do the support work that is expected of officers wives for the families that have their husbands and fathers deployed, this will help her see the problems that families have and this may spur her to be an advocate for military families.
I wonder is south west Africa still under south African control.
if so it would be interesting to see the Heer back in windhoek


German Colonial Uniforms

German South West African Landespolizei landespolizei tropical.htm
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Could we see the sounds of Heia Safari wafting over the veldt again? Will some of the old Askari be available to help out in Africa?
As I have been over or under thinking about what a post war German navy would look like, there are three basic missions that the navy has.
Number one is deterrence and I am thinking four to six nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines and two nuclear powered attack submarines for each ballistic.submarine.
I think that the Grand Admiral is already making preliminary studies of possible polar routes and other oceanographic surveys.
The second mission is force projection and that is much trickier for me to figure out, do you go with a lower number of super size carriers and for that I am thinking the size of but not the actual concept of the USS United States or do you go with a larger number of carriers like the Midway class or Forestall class?I
The third mission is keeping the North Sea open to the Atlantic Ocean and I think ten to twelve diesel electric submarines, with the addition of corvettes,destroyers, frigates, and minesweepers along with long range aircraft should do the job.
There will be the support ships that will be needed and that is where the flexibility that the Grand Admiral was talking about comes in.
The main thing in driving the size and scope of the Navy will be the budget and there is also the possibility of being drawn in to a ship building race with the Americans, and that should be avoided at all costs, just stick to the plan and not get distracted by any shiny objects that anybody else has.