Kurt it's going to be in the odd position of pretty much determine WHO gets inside the unit and gets likely chosen to be given a position in the Units of their liking,so expect the odd Annoyance to be invited alongside Gerta to many dinners of old school Junkers who are frantic for their sons to get a position in the 1st Royal Hussars....
The main problem in joining this unit for middle class and urban raised troopers is the lack of access to horseback riding lessons and this may be a back door for the Junkers class to get a leg up on their peers, so there may have to be a way to get troopers and officers the necessary lessons in order to join the unit.
I think that there will have to be time off given to prospective candidates to take lessons and as I am ignorant about riding horses I will stop here and hopefully someone else can give me a clue.
The unit could also end up as a place to put rich folks who want to look pretty, are in the service, and ye can't get rid of them for political reasons. They could even be serving alongside the elite of the army.
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The unit could also end up as a place to put rich folks who want to look pretty, are in the service, and ye can't get rid of them for political reasons. They could even be serving alongside the elite of the army.
I thought they had one? The cavalry?
Part 47, Chapter 628
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Eight

30th November 1947


Albrecht was shocked by the sudden cold after spending the last several hours packed in the back of a lorry that had taken him from the training depot where he spent the last several weeks and had expected to spend several more weeks. The ship was a vast grey cliff tied up to the pier. He followed the other cadets up the gangplank that was covered in ice onto the deck of the battleship. Difficult going with his sea bag unbalancing him. The “Anton” Turret with the two big 42cm guns loomed above them.

There had been a change in plans. The SMS Rhineland was putting to sea and the cadets of Albrecht’s cadre had been given a choice. Finish training in the depot near Kiel with the joys of marching, scrubbing pots and saluting the trashcans that outranked them. Albrecht would have loved nothing better than to give a beating to whoever had been clever with the paint on the trashcans, that joke had gotten stale on the first day. Or they could leave that all behind and go to sea. It had seemed like an easy decision.

Now standing there, he was being hit with icy blasts of wind and could hear as the senior enlisted were trying to figure out what to do with them. The process wasn’t a pleasant one and Albrecht was starting to figure that he might not have made the right choice. Finally, they got to him. The Deck Officer looked at Albrecht with the look of cynical incredulity that had become familiar to him since he had arrived at the training depot in September. His last name singled him out for special abuse and resulted in the assumption that he was a goldbricker. Not an instant had gone by where he wasn’t made to suffer because his father and late uncle had both had ships named for them. Not to mention the whole Luftwaffe Field Marshal thing…

“Don’t think for an instant that your name will get any special treatment” The Deck Officer growled. The man was a senior Warrant Officer in his forties, the sort that Albrecht had gotten to know extremely well. It would be pointless to say to him that his name had already gotten him special treatment. Albrecht figured that his being on KP damn near every night on top of everything else was what the Deck Officer had in mind.

“It says here that you are a computer specialist?” The Deck Officer asked.

“Yes, Sir” Albrecht replied. He had swiftly learned that no one cared that he had an advanced degree in Computer Sciences. Just answer the question and be done with it.

“Good” The Deck Officer said, “You’ll be in Bruno for the local control.” Referring to the second turret.

With that he resumed waiting, shivering in the winter wind. Until a Maat led them below.


Oskar knew he was in deep shit as soon as he woke up. It was the odd sounds mixed with the smell. He was in a hospital, but the background noise was that of a prison. He also couldn’t move his arms or legs. All of that suggested that his run of good fortune had come to an end. Whoever was holding him knew exactly what he was.

He had been shot twice in the side. He assumed it was the woman who shot him. The policeman with her would have been too thick witted to respond that fast. The bullets had barely penetrated his coat and the layers of clothes he’d been wearing. He had managed to stop the bleeding and get them out from where they had lodged in his side but that hadn’t stopped the wounds from getting infected. The last thing he remembered was feeling light headed as he staggered down the street and the yellow light of the streetlights. He must have collapsed but where was he now. There were jails and there were hospitals. The odds of him puzzling a way out of this depended on those things. He had talked to the orderly, obviously a trustee, who had been fearful to tell him anything. Eventually, lacking for anything better to do he had slept or pretended to be asleep. That didn’t last forever.

“Good, you’re awake, Herr Dirlewanger” A calm voice said.

Oskar’s eyes snapped open. A man wearing a civilian suit but something about him screamed military, something that was extremely bad.

“I’m Generalarzt Holz, I happen to specialize in psychology” Peter said, “And I must say that you present an interesting case.”

The man might be a General, but he was also a shrink. Oskar had managed to manipulate such people frequently in the past. He only needed to wait.

“Medically, we’ve made sure that the infection won’t kill you” Peter said, “I also talked to your previous Doctors, they had quite a lot to say once they learned what you’ve been up to. A patient of mine once convinced themselves that they were a sociopath, they were nothing of the sort.”

Was this leading anywhere? Oskar thought to himself.

“However, I suspect that you are a real deal. You’ve managed to manipulate whatever system you’ve been put in during your past imprisonments.” Peter said, “Something that you’ll find that we’ve taken safeguards against.”

“Are you going to talk me to death?” Oskar asked.

“No need” Peter said, “You’ve a court date where you will answer for a great deal, it’s easy to assume that death will follow that.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about” Oskar replied.

Peter let that lie go. This man would soon enough learn about the case arrayed against him as a mass killer. He figured that Oskar would attempt to convince him that he was insane, but Peter wasn’t going to buy that. He had learned how conniving this man was when studying the case history. Four different Psychiatrists had examined Oskar Dirlewanger, none of them had been aware of the killings and all of them had drawn differing conclusions. That suggested a devious mind at work. All of that had prompted a reexamination of the time that Oskar had spent in Berlin’s jails. Incidents had been discovered that had resulted in Oskar’s present accommodation.

It wouldn’t serve to tell Oskar, but he was already imprisoned in Spandau Prison, a place that few of its inmates left alive. The guillotine that would probably take his life was only a stone’s throw away.
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Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Eight

30th November 1947


It wouldn’t serve to tell Oskar, but he was already imprisoned in Spandau Prison, a place that few of its inmates left alive. The guillotine that would probably take his life was only a stone’s throw away.

I love a happy ending.
This experience will be good forAlbrecht in the long run, because the ones who giving him the hardest time right now will later on give him the most respect.
Grand Admiral von Schmidt could have given Albrecht a direct commission in to the KLM, but he is thinking about the needs of the KLM twenty, thirty years down the line and if Albrecht has a direct commission of would limit his career later on.
First and foremost von Schmidt is a Navy man, a sailor and he has the respect of virtually every man and officer of the KLM and by having Albrecht go through Cadet training this will make Albrecht into someone who is more than just a computer geek, he will be a sailor.
I would bet that Deck Officer Arend will immediately spot Albrecht as the next von Schmidt and take him under his wing and have his son Chistoph hitch himself to Albrecht's career.
Point #1 is that "not having the wank of OTL" does not constitute a screw. The USA are falling on hard times and are riven by the contradictions inherent in their system (e.g. "Justice for all" is proclaimed while "Justice for the rich" is served). They are forced to confront their demons without an outlet conventiently presenting itself.
That is exactly what I said, a timeline not being the Ameriwank of OTL does not necessarily make it an Ameriscrew. America falling on hard times internally ITTL is not what I was referring to, mostly.

Point #2 is, that imho (in this case really humble, because I am not wiser than all the world), the USA managed to dodge severe inner conflict by externalising it via the world wars and the cold war. ITL they don't have that. The system of the USA is rich in ideals (I'll admit that even OTL) but short in delivery. They now suffer the discontent which is so regularly suffered by the "old world" states (and China, and Japan,...).
I completely agree with that. Although having MLK basically start an insurgency instead of being a potential moderating force is kinda harsh. Losing JFK and probably Eisenhower hurt too.

Even present time OTL they attempt to externalise their internally divided society.
What do you mean by this? As an American I may be suffering framing bias.
Although having MLK basically start an insurgency instead of being a potential moderating force is kinda harsh.

To be fair, it wasn't deliberate on MLK's part. He wrote an article which got people upset and planted one bomb in revenge at something else, (I may have gotten these in the wrong order), but there was no intention to kick off an insurgency.
By preventing him from getting lynched and getting him out of the country, the Germans prevented him being a Nelson Mandela figure, stuck in prison, but then if he wasn't straight out lynched the chances are he would be sentenced to death. This may have saved the Americans from something worse, MLK as a martyr for standing up to the white man would likely open up a whole lot worse violence, leading potentially to a South Africa style Apartheid situation in America instead.

So yes, sucks that this timeline doesn't have the "I have a dream" speech, but better than Apartheid USA.
Part 47, Chapter 629
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Nine

4th December 1947

Near Las Grutas, Río Negro, Argentina

If this beach was in Italy or the South of France in July or August, there would have been thousands of tourists here. Instead Douglas and Kat had it all to themselves. Apparently, beach resorts weren’t a thing here, not yet anyway. Kat’s friend Martzel Ibarra could see a time when that might change, and it was the reason he had bought up a great deal of the land around here. Until then the sprawling ranch that covered hundreds of square kilometers was more than adequate in providing for his family and people. Kat had also mentioned that Martzel had recently come into a small fortune from the German Government as a finder’s fee because of his role in the acquisition of something extremely valuable and dangerous in the United States but not had elaborated. Doug figured that he was happier not knowing and that had let him know the Martzel was also a veteran in the secret wars that Kat occasionally mentioned.

In the early morning hours of the 2nd of December, they had flown into Buenos Aires, someone at the Argentine Intelligence Service must have noticed Kat’s name on the passenger manifest and had taken the best course of action if the goal was to get her to not stay anywhere near the capital, they had issued a press release. Unknown to them, Augustus Lang had been through Argentina a few weeks earlier, the presence of a notorious international troublemaker so soon was not seen to be in the national interest. The result was that Kat and Doug were greeted by crowds at the airport as photographers and journalists rushed to get a glimpse of the glamorous Emerald of Berlin, Countess von Mischner on her delayed honeymoon. The fact that the sun had not even come up yet be damned.

They had been planning on staying in Buenos Aires, but as they were trapped in the airport lounge different plans needed to be made. Kat had made a phone call to the German Embassy and they had put her in touch with Martzel, an old friend of hers. A couple hours later they were on an old JU-52 trimotor to Bahía Blanca which in addition to the passengers had crates of live chickens and bags of seeds.

As soon as the plane landed, they boarded a lorry for an extended ride to the Ibarra Hacienda. Kat was greeted warmly by Martzel and his wife Sofía. After spending a day recuperating Doug had started trying to find out what logistics were already in place and what would have to be arranged. Then it became a waiting game. Doug had noticed that Kat was getting antsy, just as they had been leaving Berlin, word had broken that the killer that Kat had been hunting had been captured. News of that had yet to reach here and she felt that she had left that whole matter incomplete. Sofía had suggested that they go to a nearby beach if for no other reason than to give her something else to think about.

Getting out of the car they had borrowed, Doug could see the Atlantic Ocean and waves breaking on the beach. It was a warm day, around 30 Degrees, perfect. Grabbing a blanket and towels from the car they walked down to the shore. Spreading the blanket out Doug saw that Kat was taking off her blouse and was wearing a blue French Atome style two-piece swimsuit underneath.

“That’s different” Doug said.

“Gerta insisted that I get it, you like it?” Kat asked before taking off her cutoff trousers and running down to the water. If only she was so bold when others were around, Doug thought to himself.


Peter was sorting through the week’s notes. Kat leaves for a month and Helene takes her place, Peter thought to himself with some amusement. He had listened to Helene complain at length about her deep dissatisfaction that she had with her life. The lives of the three furies had all taken interesting turns.

Helene had been rebellious as a teenager but that had masked the fact that she really was the most conventional of the three. She had been the first to marry and have a child. Now she was finding that unfulfilling. Kat had married but had delayed having children. She was traveling the world and had a wide variety of professional prospects open. But she was so consumed with fear and social anxieties that she could hardly appreciate any of it. Gerta had found herself with an unexpected pregnancy and had intended not to get married until her lover had proven that he would be willing to crawl over broken glass for her.

Talking to Helene, Peter could see that she loved her husband and child but hated the limitations that put on her life. The thing was that Helene was hardly alone, he had spoken to a dozen women about the same age who had all said the same sort of things. Few others could see it yet, but Peter was seeing the signs that massive changes to society were coming.

Peter looked to the next set of notes, he had offered his services to the Prosecutor investigating the Dirlewanger matter. It was predicted that the Defense would attempt to run with an insanity defense. Peter’s conclusion was that Oskar Dirlewanger wasn’t insane, he was conniving, manipulative and totally without conscience or a shred of remorse. It was in the interest of society that he be removed from it. It was up to the Court as to whether that opinion held sway. Peter could already hear the counter argument, how could have Dirlewanger have been sane when he committed the worst sorts of crimes imaginable?
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Part 47, Chapter 630
Chapter Six Hundred Thirty

5th December 1947

North Atlantic

The SMS Rhineland had left Scapa Flow with the Cruiser SMS Prinz Eugen and a half dozen Destroyers as escort on the great triangular cruise that German warships had conducted for decades when they wanted to show the flag. While the rest of the crew had been on liberty in Scotland the Cadets had been kept onboard as punishment following a particularly dismal series of drills. They had only been given a day to get to know their duty stations and to no one’s surprise they had bungled it badly. They had been ordered to practice it until they got it right. The problem was that in practice Albrecht could run the computer in his sleep. He was supposed to take the inputs from the radar and the optical rangefinder, then calculate the firing solution. It wasn’t difficult unless he had the Turret Officer breathing down his neck and then there was the unpleasant discovery he’d made while the rest of the crew was out of the turret.

Each of the four turrets was self-contained with its own fire control and range finder. It was so that in the event of battle damage knocking out the ranging radar, gunnery tower or the master computer in the plotting room they could continue to fight. All four turrets could also be slaved to one turret as a substitute for the gunnery tower in a pinch as well. Albrecht had discovered that someone had modified how the fire control computer interpreted his inputs. He’d been set up to fail.

Now the crew was back, and the drills had begun again. Word was the Captain wanted the Rhineland back to the standards that it had during the Battle of the South China Sea, almost two years in port had made the crew rusty. Today the Captain had scheduled a live fire drill as Albrecht worked to correct the faulty programing. It was a fancy bit of coding that someone had done. It wouldn’t have affected the readiness of the ship, but it was perfect for making him look bad as soon as he tried to use it.

Asking around Albrecht had learned that every single one of the other Cadets who had come aboard with him had all suffered similar mishaps. He had also learned that the most likely suspect in causing his own mishap had been a Gunner’s Mate, Christoph Hase, who he had seen around. The assignment of the Maat was to maintain and operate the automated system that opened the breach, then rammed in the shells and powder into the port 42cm gun. Albrecht had learned that Christoph knew every system in the turret, having been trained ashore in every aspect of the systems for months while the Rhineland had been in for refit, including the computers. Albrecht could hardly get angry with the Maat though. The odds were extremely high that he had been ordered to do it, though Albrecht suspected that Christoph had not minded a bit.

“I trust you got things sorted?” Christoph asked with a smirk.

Yes, no thanks to you, Albrecht thought to himself. He knew better than to say that aloud. He could see the tattoo of a compass rose on Christoph’s left wrist from his station. Any reaction or sign of weakness and this man would flip him shit forever, rank being immaterial.


When Ilse had learned that Janusz Korczak was coming back to Berlin for a reading of his latest book she dropped everything to attend. The Polish Educator had been eased into semi-retirement after his health had deteriorated over the last few years. Korczak had used that as an opportunity to complete a new book that had recently been published. Ilse remembered him from the few times that he had passed through the orphanage where she had lived for the first ten years of her life. Gia and Asia had tagged along. The two of them wanted to get out of the house for the afternoon, it had become a point of contention as to who would get the room that Gerta had recently vacated. Kat had grown tired of their bickering and said that she expected an answer by the time she got back from Argentina, they needed to solve it for themselves. It was currently between Anne, who wanted out from under her father’s thumb, and Leni, who wanted the luxury of more space than the University dormitories allowed.

The three of them sat there listening to the reading, the sequel to Kaytek the Wizard. Afterwards, Ilse had stood in line to introduce herself and get her book signed. It was ridiculous that she should feel nervous considering some of the people who she met with regularly. Finally, she was at the front of the line.

“I doubt you remember me, Sir” Ilse said, “But I remember you from the orphanage that I lived in here in Berlin, you read to us once a year.”

Korczak didn’t even blink at that, “I hear that often” He said, he seemed to be amused. “You seem to be doing well for yourself, Fraulein…”

“Elisabeth Tritten, Sir” Ilse replied, “And I’m going to University presently, it’s a bit of a struggle.”

“That’s wonderful news” Korczak said as he signed Ilse’s book and then handed it back.

As Ilse walked away she noticed that Korczak had written something in Polish then signed it. She asked Asia if she knew what that said.

“You already beat long odds just getting into University, so keep going” Asia read aloud.
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In this TL Bikini Atoll is virtually unknown except to the inhabitants and a few mariners, it isn't busy getting famous by being used as a nuclear test site. The French designer has had to think of another word to market his new swimwear design.