I like this new direction of this timeline, as I was going back and forth reading this timeline I realized the Kat has not killed anyone since 1943 during the abortive coup attempt.
I like this new direction of this timeline, as I was going back and forth reading this timeline I realized the Kat has not killed anyone since 1943 during the abortive coup attempt.

She even made it through the trip to the USA. This is good. She doesn't need any more PTSD.
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-One

19th October 1947


Sven Werth knew that he was looking at something different as soon as he entered the cordoned off area. When Sven had first joined the Federal Police, he’d been partnered with an Old Timer who had been a Policeman for decades, the man had seen and heard everything. One of the things that Sven remembered his former describing was that when a monstrous act had happened there is a very real feeling of evil that gets left behind, and that Sven should never ignore such feelings. This crime scene gave him that feeling as soon as he entered it.

Maybe Kira should ask Czar Georgy for the loan of some Siberian trackers. The next time a crime scene like this is discovered they might be able to run the perp to ground.
FYI, we're talking a guy whose unit was kinda so far out there, that the SS, on the EASTERN Front, covnened a court to ask "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you".

Just bear that in mind.

True enough, he certainly fits the criteria...sadistic, intelligent and very, very evil. I suspect he'll never make jail, he'll have an...accident...
One name that might be relevant to the current storyline is Ernst Gennat, who basically invented modern homicide investigations and coined the term "serial killer". He is likely dead or retired by now, but the crimes happen in his old stomping grounds and many of the police officers working this case will have learned under him and use his methods.
Part 47, Chapter 623
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Three

24th October 1947


“What are we supposed to use the girl for?” Gunther asked, “Bait?”

The expression on her face said what she thought about that idea. “This isn’t some witless Russian conscript who thinks any woman asking for directions is making an invitation” Kat replied, “The only way I’m getting anywhere near this monster is behind a wall of bullets.” It was rumored that she had once stopped to ask directions of a pair of Russian conscripts and they had stepped a little too close, a fatal error on their part that had opened their camp to a murderous attack. This had just confirmed that.

When it became clear that Gräfin Katherine was elbowing in on this case, cooperation cuts both ways were the terms that she had used. Sven had done his best to keep her from getting involved. It had only taken one phone call by her and the Deputy Commissioner in charge of Sven’s Section had looked shaken as he had told Sven that in the interest of inter-agency cooperation they needed to let Major Gräfin von Mischner in. Gunther was less than thrilled, echoing Sven’s perspective. The only stipulation that Sven had put on it was that if she was using her military rank as an in, then she had to show up in uniform knowing of her famous antipathy towards it.

As it turned out, that backfired. Katherine had walked into the Headquarters Building wearing a PLM and Black Eagle along with an array of other medals and Orders. She had automatically received an amount of deference that she probably wouldn’t have received otherwise. “You’ve had two days to come up with something” She said, “Now if you could explain it to me.”

“Before we tell you anything, Katherine” Sven said knowing she hated to be called that, “We need to know that you’re serious, this isn’t a game for a privileged, rich girl to play because she’s bored.”

Sven was loath to admit it, but Katherine had experience running down matters on behalf of the Empress and handling the resulting publicity. They were going to need all the help they could get when the Press learned of this investigation. Research kept finding incidents that matched the MO going back at least two decades, the number of victims was climbing. The Brass in the Federal and State Police Agencies were already preparing to cover their own asses. The truth was that a predator had been allowed to hunt among the marginalized and no one had cared.

“I’ve hardly led a privileged life” Kat said, “And I’m not doing this because I’m bored. I’m taking time from a busy schedule to do this.”

“Then why are you doing this?” Sven asked.

“Because my picture could just have easily been on that bulletin board” Kat replied gesturing to the board where Sven and Gunther had been pinning up photographs as they had identified potential victims. “Is that the woman from the other day?” She asked, pointing to the last photograph, Lucia Eichel.

“Yes, it is” Sven replied, “However, considering what happened to you, the modus operandi was totally different, so you would never have appeared on this board.” Sven had his own theories about what had happened and why, it also played into why Merten Beck had died a particularly messy and spectacular death. He knew that Katherine would clam up if he said anything about it. Working with her might eventually give him the last few pieces of that puzzle.

Katherine looked sadly at the board, “Another forgotten one then” She said. Sven couldn’t disagree with that.


Kurt was going to try this again. On the mark, Eisenseiten leaped forward, the horse had been bred and trained for this. Before he’d been transferred to this Regiment he had not thought of any of these things in the years since General von Wolvogle had taught him and had no idea that he would be using them. The light lance in his hand seemed much heavier and unwieldy than it did when not on the back of a galloping horse. He got the first two rings, missed the third. Then making a tight turn he stabbed the lance through the first dummy and let go. Drawing his saber, he slashed through the next several dummies to his right and left before he reached the finish line. The Regiment’s Executive Officer, Oberstlieutenant Strand, was standing there with a stopwatch.

“Not bad, Major Knispel” Strand said, “You need more practice with the lance though.”

“Thank you, Sir” Kurt said, as the Operations Officer he was supposed to set an example to the men even if there weren’t many yet. The selection process was ongoing, and competition was surprisingly fierce. It was open to every trooper in the Panzer Corps who could ride a horse and was seen as a means of rapid career advance akin to being in the First Foot. Officially they were a revival of the 2nd Life Hussar Regiment, the uniform that Kurt was wearing reflected that. However, they had modernized some aspects and deleted others. It was decided that Hollywood had ruined the Totenkopf worn on the Busby. Let it be seen in pirate movies, just not on their uniforms. A silver badge with a crown and eagle denoting their role as Palace guards was a suitable replacement. Beyond the lance and saber, the carbine in the saddle scabbard and the pistol holstered on their belts were modern instruments of war.

“It seems you had an audience as well” Strand said.

Kurt looked over and saw the Emperor was watching with the two oldest Princes. He saluted with his saber as he cantered Eisenseiten past on his way back to where Olli was waiting by the start line. The Emperor returned the salute and Kurt was reminded again of how the old wolf would have loved this.
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Kat as the Operations Officer of the SKA has learned to be methodical and think of all the different angles in planning the operations that the SKA did, and that is going to be very useful in catching this killer.
I think the Crown Prince may have a new hero to look up to in his life, no not Kurt it is Eisenseiten.
Kat as the Operations Officer of the SKA has learned to be methodical and think of all the different angles in planning the operations that the SKA did, and that is going to be very useful in catching this killer.
I think the Crown Prince may have a new hero to look up to in his life, no not Kurt it is Eisenseiten.

Operational concept: use volunteer young women as bait with SKA overwatch. Women to wear body armor (flak jacket or a mail t-shirt) and a thick leather dog collar to minimise choking risk[0].

[0] As given to Harriet Vane by Lord Peter Wimsey.
Part 47, Chapter 624
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Four

3rd November 1947


“It’s far more tedious than in the movies” Kat said, “And you were probably correct when you said that I would eventually grow bored.”

“Do you intend to quit?” Peter asked.

“No” Kat said sharply, “But it actually has me looking forward to England later this month.”

It took a lot to make Kat look forward to the Church part of a wedding ceremony. She had told Peter that she would have cheerfully skipped that part and the reception that followed if she had been given a chance to.

“What has been going on?”

“Knocking on doors in a neighborhood where no one seems to ever see or hear anything” Kat replied and then in a dull monotone, “A whole lot of doors.”

“I could imagine” Peter said, “It’s how business like that gets conducted.”

“I saw what this man did, what he has apparently again and again” Kat said, “How does no one notice?”

“People have an amazing ability to only see what they want to see” Peter said, “A big part of my job is getting people to remove the scales from their eyes.”

“Extreme compartmentalization” Kat muttered.

“That was the conclusion that was reached about you, Katherine” Peter replied, “You didn’t allow yourself to feel extreme emotions, good or bad. It was driving you insane.”

“And I’m all better now?” Kat asked.

Peter snorted a laugh. “While you’ve shown improvement it’s an ongoing process” He said, “I figure that one of the last sessions I have before I retire will probably involve listening to you complaining about something that Gia, Helene or Gerta has done.” Peter almost slipped the words “your children” into that but figured that Kat probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. A shame really, Kat’s Aunt Marcella had once said that she felt her niece would probably be a good mother if she ever allowed herself to take that chance. Not that Kat wasn’t living a good life. Next month she was planning on traveling to South America with her husband. With any luck that would cause her to lose interest in this series of grisly murders that had caught her attention.


“Well, I’m back now” Kat said as she turned her car down a different side street of the Lichtenberg neighborhood heading south towards the railyard that was between here and the river.

From the passenger seat Sven was trying to avoid grabbing for the dashboard. Kat was an aggressive driver and she had learned to drive on these city streets. They were using her car because the locals had learned to spot the model Mercedes Benz sedans that were owned exclusively by the police. Kat’s Volkswagen Föhn was a different story, VW had been making the city cars by the tens of thousands, so they had become a common sight around all of Germany’s cities. The thing was that Kat didn’t trust either Sven or Gunther to drive it.

“Would you mind telling me where you were?” Sven asked.

“Seeing Doctor Holz, my Psychiatrist at the University Clinic” Kat replied as they drove over a series of railroad tracks and turned onto the road that ran parallel to the tracks.

“Anything I should worry about?” Sven asked.

“Not unless you really tick me off.”

Gunther found that funny. Sven glared over his shoulder at Gunther until he went silent.

Kat pulled the car over and shut the engine off. “I think this is the spot” She said opening the car door and stepping out. She then turned around and let Gunther out. Sven followed as they walked up the railroad tracks towards the spot where a body was found on the 29th of October 1942. With that being the near the height of the war and the Russians driving on Berlin it had been forgotten until now. A freight train was passing by on one of the many lines that ran east to west.

“The file says that the body was found near a telegraph pole” Gunther said as he matched the location to the photograph. After five years there was nothing to see. Kat looked around, this murder was committed almost on top of one of the one of the busiest rail lines in the world. What were they dealing with here?


One the things that brought joy to Oskar was revisiting the sites his triumphs. The times he had outsmarted the police, leaving behind no clues or witnesses. Today that had changed. When he had walked out from between two buildings he had spotted three figures walking along the railroad tracks right to where he had left his prize years earlier. The two men were police of some sort, even in plainclothes they were obvious. The woman on the other hand was not police. The way she moved suggested that she was something very different and far more dangerous. He had served in the First World War as a gunner, he’d seen the storm troopers as they had gone over the top. This woman walked like one of them. He’d seen the two men at the site where he’d left his last prize.

He ducked back between the buildings. It was clear that there was a new player in the game. Someone not easily snowed by the various forms of misdirection that he had employed in the past and if they were revisiting his old prizes then this meant that the game was about to get very interesting.
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And we've only got about 5 more months in his notes, apparently.

I'm really curious where he's going with this.

Manned spaceflight.

Nuclear reactors for submarines, aircraft carriers and power generation (sell the power generation as a means to lower air pollution.)

Ban tetryethyl lead in everything but aircraft fuel (could have already happened - concerns over lead pollution were raised in the 1920s).

Replace lead dioxide in paint with titanium dioxide.

Integrated circuits - inevitably leads to microprocessors.)
Why ban bunker fuel? IIRC it's 'just a cut above asphalt,' pretty cruddy but not the active biohazard that TEL is.
They are trying to get the sulphur content down from 3.5% to 0.5% (that's the stuff that turns into sulphuric so acid rain), but many use higher pollutant fuels outside harbours etc. As you say it's pretty much the leftover crud that's toxic. Edit, plus Diesel...
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Why ban bunker fuel? IIRC it's 'just a cut above asphalt,' pretty cruddy but not the active biohazard that TEL is.
That, and what else are you going to do with it? Not exactly many applications for what's byproducts of getting everything else but paving materials out of it. I mean, I'm down for banning it from power plants, but might as well use it on ships so you don't drive the price up for more desirable fuels.