Sorry, I think I was a part of this timeline first demonstration in Mutually Assured Destruction, hopefully I have learned my lesson.
You must remember that Special Agent Aleshire was recruited by Schultz and Abwehr to join the FBI as an asset, this could a request by the BND to keep tabs on Nancy to see if there is more to the Kat and Nancy story.

Good memory. I'd forgotten that little fact.
Part 47, Chapter 621
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-One

19th October 1947


Sven Werth knew that he was looking at something different as soon as he entered the cordoned off area. When Sven had first joined the Federal Police, he’d been partnered with an Old Timer who had been a Policeman for decades, the man had seen and heard everything. One of the things that Sven remembered his former partner describing was that when a monstrous act had happened there is a very real feeling of evil that gets left behind, and that Sven should never ignore such feelings. This crime scene gave him that feeling as soon as he entered it.

One of the tasks of the BII was to analyze crime across the Empire and to try to discern patterns. This one had popped up almost immediately. Five women, between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, known prostitutes who were presumed to be victims of opportunity, had been found in the ruins left by bomb damage from the war that had dotted the neighborhoods of Northern and Eastern Berlin. Sven was looking at presumed victim number six, though according to research the further back they looked, the more they were finding. The murder in question seemed to have no motive, one of the hardest sorts of crimes to crack, just murders with the same Modus Operandi. What was linking the crimes was the rage that was displayed, the perpetrator had quite literally ripped his victims to pieces while they were still alive after viscously raping them. The other thing was that apparently, no one had seen or heard a thing. Which meant that they were not dealing with the usual sort of killer here. Whoever had done this was twisted, sadistic and intelligent, a bad combination.

The Investigators from the Federal Police were going over everything with is fine toothed comb. Sven was here to try to see the larger picture, but it was hard to look past the broken and lacerated body with the pulped face that was front and center in the ruined, overgrown lot. Peeling his eyes away he looked around, the buildings that bordered this lot were gutted by fire and still stained by soot. But half a block away there was movement on the rooftop of an intact building. Sven turned away, he recognized the figure and knew that it wasn’t the suspect, but he would need to find out what their interest was in this.

“What you got?” Gunther, Sven’s partner asked.

“We’ve acquired a little friend” Sven replied, “Roof top, about half a block north. Watching with binoculars but careful of the reflection. Don’t look.”

“Should we send anybody up there?” Gunther asked, careful not to turn his head in that direction.

“That would be a waste of time because she has already anticipated that and would be gone before anyone reached the stairs.”

“You got something else in mind?”

“Of course, I do” Sven replied.


Kat had reached the coffee shop that was her goal as she had retreated from the overwatch and was drinking a cup of coffee that was boiling hot, burning her mouth, while trying to steady her nerves. She’d personally seen and done terrible things but the sight that still figure laying in the vacant lot had chilled her to the bone. She had heard rumors about what the BII was up to and wanted to see for herself. She closed her eyes “Beck is dead” She whispered to herself trying to banish those memories.

“Because you killed him” A voice interjected.

Kat opened her eyes and saw the thin bloodless face of Sven Werth as he was sitting down across the table from her, which wasn’t wide enough by several hundred kilometers. This man had been investigating the death of Merten Beck for the last several years. Kat and her father had been the prime suspects for a good portion of that time. “Show proof or shut up” She replied and stared to get up.

“The game that you and Otto play is so tedious” Sven said grabbing Kat’s arm, “While I doubt a catatonic school girl could have committed cold blooded murder, witnessing it and conspiring to keep silent is a different matter.”

“Let me go before I break your arm” Kat hissed at him.

Sven just shrugged, “Before you do that, you should know that this building is surrounded by two Companies of Federal Police. I’ve had snipers posted on the rooftops and it’s at least a hundred meters to the nearest entrance to the tunnels to the under-city. This is a situation that not even you can escape from” He said, “Have a seat, Katherine, cooperation is your only option this time.”

“Bastard” Kat said.

“I’ve been called worse” Sven replied. Kat could see the green uniformed Federal Police outside the building. Sven wasn’t bluffing. She sat there sullenly as Sven calmly ordered coffee and a biscuit.

“Perhaps you can explain to me your interest in this case” Sven said, “It’s not in the realm of the BND.”

“I’m not presently on good terms with the BND” Kat replied, “They didn’t approve of my love life.”

“Then on whose authority were you there?”

“It’s not like I was inside the cordoned off area.”

“No” Sven said, taking a bite of the biscuit and taking his sweet time chewing it up, how Kat hated him right now. “Instead you came in across the rooftops, nothing suspicious about that.”

Kat just stared at him with an expression that promised death and destruction. “I was taking a walk” She said.

“I take it that you’re back to being the hand of the Empress” Sven said, “But she is unlikely to take an interest in some dead prostitutes, so your interest is personal. A there but by the grace of God go I sort of thing?”

Sven watched as her face harden. So, this really was a personal matter for her, how interesting.
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Alright a new phase of Kat's life is about to begin: Detective von Michener is on the case and all around Berlin, evil doers are feeling the cold chill of the Cat's Claw.
Have a seat, Katherine, cooperation is your only option this time.
Except you just threatened and assaulted a Grafin, she only has to speak up and our Polizie Sergeant is in jail for however long it takes one of the inmates to shove a shiv into his kidney. She owns you now, and everyone of those patsies you wrangled into this fool stunt.

And no this would not be covered by his badge. If he wanted an interview he should have gone through her lawyer. Instead he harassed someone who is far more powerful than him, who isn't a suspect or even a person of interest to his case.
I don't think grabbing her by the arm would be considered assault. Remember, Kat doesn't see herself as someone in power.
I think Kat could have called his bluff and calmly walked away and nothing would have happened; but then it wouldn't make for good drama.
No, while I think Skorzeny is an evil SOB, I don't see this as his work. Kat is there wondering if there a Mr. Hyde side to her father, Otto.

I think that's possible if not highly likely. We'll have to see what our esteemed @Peabody-Martini has to say.

Whenever something like this appears in a story I always wonder about the concealed-carry laws at that time and place.
Bad Guy: Grab.
Potential Victim: Bang, bang.
Sorry for the nasty, but few thing incite me as much as american hypocrisy about "colonies".
One of the problems for the Americans is that they do not know what the Germans are up to.
From the perspective of their leadership, nothing good. From the perspective of the many *-americans, which were not indoctrinated into germanophobia ITL, nothing important.
The United States has just gone thru a period in which they MAY have but did not, gone to war against Japan, where Japan could have used their islands that now belong back to Germany, as a springboard for attacks against Guam, Wake Islands and the Philippines.
You are confusing OTL for ITL. ITL, the USA were as far away from declaring war on Japan as humanly possible. Instead, they sold war materiel to the japanese.
By granting independence to the Islanders with the Kaiser as the High King and abiding by the German Constitution, this may reassure the Americans that Germany doesn't have designs on their possessions and this will stop (hopefully) the Americans from being asses.
This implies that Germany comes to the USA as a petitioner, to be granted a favor. ITL, they don't have the power to even contest the german claims. Therefore "stop being an ass" is an internal matter of the USA. Also, I doubt that the germans have any design about further expansion. Traditionally, the german empire has been rather reluctant about territoral expansion during Wilhelm I and Bismarck. This would be communicated via diplomatic channels.
IOTL these islands were part of the United States Trust Territory of the Pacific and in 1986 they became the Republic of Marshall, The Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, all of which belongs to the Compact of Free Association with the United States an the Northern Marianas became a Commonwealth of the United States.
Thats a lot of words for "colony" and "colony with autonomy".

Though this is possible the best timeline I have read I do feel it is an Ameriscrew and it could be even better if it wasn't. I mean, I know OTL was pretty much a huge Ameriwank and not having things go as well doesn't make a timeline a screw. However, some of the larger mishaps, and the sheer number of smaller ones, that have befallen America kinda push TTL into screw territory in my opinion.
There is two points I'd like to make on this. Mishaps are inherent in a system. After gaining my M.Sc. I wonder how the internet is able to function, despite the uncounted severe config errors out there ;-)
Point #1 is that "not having the wank of OTL" does not constitute a screw. The USA are falling on hard times and are riven by the contradictions inherent in their system (e.g. "Justice for all" is proclaimed while "Justice for the rich" is served). They are forced to confront their demons without an outlet conventiently presenting itself. They can't plaster over their difficulties with money taken (or given to them) by the european powers. On this topic there is a good quote of Otto von Bismarck (Fate looks out for...)
Point #2 is, that imho (in this case really humble, because I am not wiser than all the world), the USA managed to doge severe inner conflict by externalising it via the world wars and the cold war. ITL they don't have that. The system of the USA is rich in ideals (I'll admit that even OTL) but short in delivery. They now suffer the discontent which is so regularly suffered by the "old world" states (and China, and Japan,...). Even present time OTL they attempt to externalise their internally divided society. Present time ITL their reckoning has arrived much sooner. Should they attempt to fight a "short victorious war (or skirmish)", they'll find that their opponents will gang up on them and by now only know the notions of total war.
Sven has many shades of Javert running through him. It'd be quite the twist if he is the killer here. Of course, for Kat's sake, I really hope Otto is not the killer here (the Hyde side).

Unfortunately, in this democratic, process of law Germany, she may well be very unpopularly prosecuted but prosecuted nonetheless.
Sven has many shades of Javert running through him. It'd be quite the twist if he is the killer here. Of course, for Kat's sake, I really hope Otto is not the killer here (the Hyde side).

Unfortunately, in this democratic, process of law Germany, she may well be very unpopularly prosecuted but prosecuted nonetheless.

True enough, though I can't see why that would be added to the story.

Does Germany have a statute of limitations? Surely anything that Kat could conceivably be charged with in regard to Beck is past that
Part 47, Chapter 622
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty-Two

20th October 1947


Oskar Dirlewanger was one of the invisible people within Berlin. Every day he wandered the streets scavenging for empty bottles and cans that he turned in for money, building up a single Pfennig at a time for drinking money. Then he would return to his squat in an abandoned warehouse. The day before he had watched as the police had blundered around the neighborhood. They had found his latest prize. As always, they didn’t look in his direction. They never did. When they looked at him they only saw an old drunk, the truth was far different. Even if his University Doctorate had been stripped from him, he needed to have earned it first for them to have done that.

As Oskar dug a bottle out of the trash can he felt a cold breeze, it was getting towards late Autumn. He figured that meant that arrangements would need to be made soon to be spending the Winter in either the jail or the asylum. The other inmates could sense what he was even if the guards could not. It made for peaceful days and when Spring rolled around the guards were always ready to release him, they thought they were doing him a favor the way the system worked. But he had a few things to do first, not the least of which was finding a new prize or two before the first snow fell.


“This Inspector knew the only way that you could have been contained” Peter said, “While I don’t suggest that you ever call this man’s bluff, you got bluffed this time and there is absolutely no law that says that the police have to tell the truth.”

“I would just suggest that you not tell anyone else about this” Kat said, “You have no idea what that felt like for me.”

After she had concluded her brief, uncomfortable conversation with Inspector Werth she had swiftly figured out that the dozen uniformed Federal Police in front of the coffee shop that she had seen had been the only ones around. That didn’t mean that Kat was happy about what had happened, far from it. Werth had made her feel trapped and had kept her off balance for the entire conversation, she had come within a hairsbreadth of panicking because he did that. It was possibly the underhanded thing thing a man could have done to her. And she had to act like she wasn’t feeling it because a weakness like that would be ruthlessly exploited if it became known.

“I’ve a fairly good idea” Peter said, “This happened because of your interest in that murder. Why?”

“When I was found in that alley they thought I was a pile of discarded rags at first” Kat said, “This case could just as easily be me all those years ago.”

Peter was aware of just how close to death Kat had come. She would be acutely aware of the similarities between the two cases. “You see yourself in these victims?” He asked.

“I guess” Kat replied.

“Then I would suggest that you do something other than spy on the investigation” Peter said, “It’s obvious that Inspector Werth is the sort not to let things go, he’s spent the last three years pursuing the Beck case.”

Peter knew that Kat was covering for Otto Mischner who had killed Merten Beck, there was a part of him that agreed with what Otto had done. But that didn’t change the fact that the legal system existed for a reason. It was supposed to remove passions from the process, so that justice could prevail, though Peter suspected that Otto would never have been satisfied with Beck merely in prison.

“What am I supposed to do instead?” Kat asked.

“Be creative, see things that others don’t” Peter replied, “You’ve always done that in the past and have been successful.”

“I’m surprised that you aren’t telling me to stay far away from this whole thing.”

“Because if I did that you’d just dig in your heels” Peter said, “I figure that like all police work, this investigation will drag slowly, eventually you’ll lose interest and find a different crusade.”

“You think that is what I do?” Kat asked.

“I think you are very dedicated to whatever you choose to do” Peter replied, “But at the same time you like to get results quickly, that is not how investigations work.”

“But that is what you do?”

“Yes” Peter replied.

“You’ve supported my ambitions, Psychology, medical school and all of that” Kat asked, bewildered.

Peter was amused by all of that, perhaps one day she might understand. “I encouraged you because I’ve known all along you would eventually figure out where you fit in” He said. “In my experience, no one ever regrets knowledge acquired and you are not yet at a point where patience is something you’ve needed to learn.”

That left Kat more confused. That made her sound like Gerta, who was a dilettante in almost every aspect of her life that wasn’t in front of a camera. "I think you are wrong about that” Kat said.

Peter just shrugged. “If I needed someone to lead an airborne assault, you would be the first person I would ask for” He said, “I think that will be the sort of Doctor that you’ll be, daring surgery in the field or the Operating Room.”

“But?” Kat asked, she knew it was coming.

“Things that take time or don’t give immediate gratification will drive you nuts” Peter said mildly, as if it were something that everyone knew. He could see from the look on her face that she was determined to prove him wrong.
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Nobody else needs to look him up - an evil and ghastly individual who met an ignominious and unlamented end. I kinda wish I hadn't. Pass the brain bleach.
FYI, we're talking a guy whose unit was kinda so far out there, that the SS, on the EASTERN Front, covnened a court to ask "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you".

Just bear that in mind.