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Walter Horst said, "Napoleon called the British 'a nation of shopkeepers.' I called the United States 'a nation of pawnbrokers.' Is Germany now to be a nation of accountants, weighing profits and expenses above all other considerations?​

"One of the ideas that came out of the treaty that ended the first war was the right of self-determination. It was that idea that prompted the French to withdraw from Viet Nam and it was that idea that compelled us to enter the war to help kick out the Japanese. Are not the inhabitants of those islands German subjects and do they not have the same right to determine their own destiny? Those islands may decide to remain as colonial posessions, they may decide to petition for inclusion with the Reich, they may decide to become independent or to join the United States, but however they decide it should be their decision."
I agree with @Dain that the islands seem to have asked to become new states.
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I understood the snippet to mean that the islands constituted themselves as federal states of the German Empire (i.e. gaining representation in the Reichstag etc.), mirroring how the territory of Hawaii joined the United States of America a few years later OTL. That's not anything resembling the independence you seem to speak about.

Though I could be wrong, I am not totally clear on how Germany's relationship with its sphere of influence is supposed to work, what with them being independent states as far as I remember but a Bohemian citizen serving in the Heer (though apparently Bohemia is also on the verge of being integrated).

As is my understanding, originally Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, etc, all the other nations in the German Empire, retain nominal sovereignty be they kingdom, republic, or otherwise, while agreeing to follow the German constitution, and acknowledge the Germans emperor as their own emperor.

However, it seems they've become less of a federation and more of a unified state in the intervening thirty years under the empire.
So, I can't help myself and wish to see more from Nancy and people around her. It gives us a great perspective as how other nations see the Empire. Also, that is something I find a bit lacking. We knoe how Germany sees itself but not how other nations sees it.

The same goes for the Small Fritz. I think it would be interisting to learn more about how he discovers a new world outside thw palace. Maybe trough his eyes.
As is my understanding, originally Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, etc, all the other nations in the German Empire, retain nominal sovereignty be they kingdom, republic, or otherwise, while agreeing to follow the German constitution, and acknowledge the Germans emperor as their own emperor.

However, it seems they've become less of a federation and more of a unified state in the intervening thirty years under the empire.
Afaik, its one of those modern-feudal-type deals. Given the geographical (and cultural) proximity (and a recent common foe), that will be closer than the commonwealth. If the USA decides to make an ass out of itself, it will get even tighter. Remember, europe wasn't burned down twice while handing the USA its wallet ITL.
Part 47, Chapter 617
Chapter Six Hundred Seventeen

7th October 1947

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the months since Moses Newton, formally known as Martin King, had arrived in Buenos Aires he had discovered that the racism was much more complex here. It was bound up in class and income, not just ethnicity. Ironically, it was the cachet of being a Black American that had gotten him employment here. The owners of the radio station where he worked had assumed that he was an expert about Jazz and Blues just because of the color of his skin. He’d basically been making it up as he went along, playing the records and including anecdotes from his own perspective. Pointing out the connections between the Blues and Gospel. How one was for partying on Friday night, the other was for atoning on Sunday morning, both had the roots in the same soil. The listeners loved it. Since then he’d been playing a variety of music. Blues, Jazz and Gospel from the US. The odd Gypsy Jazz and Gutter Blues from Europe. Even the locally produced music that was heavily influenced by the older Tango. At the hour breaks he read the news reports, it was surreal to report that he was still being blamed for blowing up things in the United States, which he had fled months earlier.

“It seems that we need to offer a warm welcome Augustus Lang to our city” Martin said into the microphone, “It seems that he’s got family here, just goes to show…” He left off there, everyone knew what that meant. People get around.

The presence of a German Chancellor, even a former one was a ticklish prospect for the Argentine Government. German corporations had large holdings here and that had gone a long way to develop the automotive and aviation industries here. There was also a large German expatriate population here. The rub was the United States of America and the large shadow it cast across South America. The result was that Buenos Aires was careful to show that they were free of influence from the German Empire while making sure that the investment in the Argentine economy by the Germans continued to pay dividends. Chile had tried to play the Americans against the Germans years earlier and that had not worked out well for them, so Argentina was plotting this current course. It was well known that the greatest ambition of the Government was that the day would arrive when Argentina would be economically powerful enough to tell both the Germans and the Yanquis to go to Hell.

“In honor of the Chancellor we're playing our next piece of music by request” Martin said, “Moonlight Sonata as performed by the Django Reinhardt Orchestra.”


Gianna had gotten a call from Maria asking her to type up a few thousand words about the expedition to the store and the purchase of the apples. She had gotten that done on Sunday afternoon and had it submitted for editing on Monday morning before she had needed to be in class. On Monday afternoon she got the final version done and Maria had told her that she would be getting partial credit for a feature story. A first for her, something that Gianna had been working towards for years.

Starting Sunday afternoon, she had started feeling feverish. By Monday she had felt worse, but she got the article done. When Tuesday morning arrived, she could hardly get out of bed. Petia came to check on her and something caused the Russian woman to call for Kat who was equally concerned.

“Do you even know which language you’re speaking?” Kat asked, “Or what you just called Petia?”

Gianna didn’t know, and her head was swimming. She just felt sick.

“Come on, out of bed” Kat said.

Gianna felt the covers get pulled off her and Kat tried to help, but when she brushed Gianna’s side a sharp pain tore through her nearly causing her to black out, she thought she heard someone scream. She didn’t protest when Kat pulled up her nightgown. The cool air felt good against her skin. She heard Kat mutter several swear words and something about an abscess. A what?

Minutes later Gianna was aware of being carried down to the car wrapped in a blanket by Douglas.


Kat watched as the Surgeon probed the abscess that he’d just drained on Gianna’s side. Petia had gone up to check on Gianna when she had not come down for breakfast, Petia had found her burning up with a fever and out of her head. Gianna had been speaking in Russian and had confused Petia with her mother. Fortunately, Gianna hadn’t dropped any names and Petia had been more bewildered than anything else. Then the Surgeon found what had caused the infection, a small sliver of copper, a bullet fragment left from when Gianna had been shot years earlier. Kat figured that Doctor Tangeman would be just full of questions after this. It only took a stich to close it up, that meant that Gianna wasn’t likely to have an additional scar on her right side. They had already started her on antibiotics, a few years earlier Gianna would have been in a real fix, now she would probably be better in the morning.

Walking out to the waiting area Kat saw that the others, “Gia is going to be fine” She said and saw the relief on their faces. After spending to last few hours worrying about Gianna Kat just needed some air so she walked towards the nearest exit. She saw Petia was already out there smoking a cigarette, Kat had suggested that she find a different bad habit to indulge in but Petia was having none of it.

“Gia’s better?” Petia asked.

“Yes” Kat relied, “I wouldn’t be out here if she weren’t”

“Good” Petia said, “She was so sick this morning…”

“I know what she said to you…”

Petia waved that away, “She was sweet, and there are worse things than to be confused with Gia’s mother” She said.

“Gianna’s mother was Russian…” Kat said unnecessarily, something that sounded lame to her ears.

“I’m used to keeping your secrets Katya” Petia said, “And that girl is one of the few genuinely good people in this world.”
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Afaik, its one of those modern-feudal-type deals. Given the geographical (and cultural) proximity (and a recent common foe), that will be closer than the commonwealth. If the USA decides to make an ass out of itself, it will get even tighter. Remember, europe wasn't burned down twice while handing the USA its wallet ITL.
One of the problems for the Americans is that they do not know what the Germans are up to.
The United States has just gone thru a period in which they MAY have but did not, gone to war against Japan, where Japan could have used their islands that now belong back to Germany, as a springboard for attacks against Guam, Wake Islands and the Philippines.
By granting independence to the Islanders with the Kaiser as the High King and abiding by the German Constitution, this may reassure the Americans that Germany doesn't have designs on their possessions and this will stop (hopefully) the Americans from being asses.
IOTL these islands were part of the United States Trust Territory of the Pacific and in 1986 they became the Republic of Marshall, The Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, all of which belongs to the Compact of Free Association with the United States an the Northern Marianas became a Commonwealth of the United States.
So I am thinking that the Islanders will be more than part a COFA with Germany, but less than a Commonwealth and as always I am going to defer to this timeline High Commissioner for Colonial Affaires, Peabody-Martini to clarify things.
“Gia’s better?” Petia asked.

“Yes” Kat relied, “I wouldn’t be out here if she weren’t”

“Good” Petia said, “She was so sick this morning…”

“I know what she said to you…”

Petia waved that away, “She was sweet, and there are worse things than to be confused with Gia’s mother” She said.

“Gianna’s mother was Russian…” Kat said unnecessarily, something that sounded lame to her ears.

“I’m used to keeping your secrets Katya” Petia said, “And that girl is one of the few genuinely good people in this world.”

Darn pollen in the air, making my eyes water.
Part 47, Chapter 618
Six Hundred Eighteen

9th October 1947


Kat was right about Erma Tangeman having questions. When she read the report on the surgery to drain an abscess and the course of Penicillin to treat the Septicemia that had resulted from the infection. The source was found to be a piece of a copper bullet jacket lodged under the skin in her right side. It was something that had become common in surgical practices over the last few years, particularly with the habit of the Air Forces of the world to strafe roads during the war making little distinction between enemy columns and refugees. It was the sort of thing that made Tangeman wish she could give the Generals and Politicians a good thrashing. She’d seen the scars on Gianna’s back and side but had the girl had been vague about what had caused them. Now she was looking at Gianna’s complete medical file, which was surprisingly incomplete.

Tangeman was left with a lot of questions here. Like why Gianna’s records only started mid-February in 1940 and that included a note from the Doctor saying that he was concerned about how a twelve-year-old girl had been shot and had questioned Gianna’s legal guardian, Kat’s Aunt Marcella about what had happened. Marcella had answered the questions to his satisfaction. Tangeman looked at the x-rays in the file, right scapula shattered as well as the fifth and sixth ribs. Tangeman knew she was looking at advanced surgery to install those pins into the scapula and judging the bone growth the injury would have happened six to eight weeks earlier. She picked up the phone and called records. It rang a few times and a man who owed Tangeman a few favors answered, he had been there for decades and had a memory of odd details. With any luck, he would be able to help.

“I've got an incomplete file for a patient here” Tangeman said, “I’m hoping that you might be able to find one that relates to a female, age twelve presenting with a through and through gunshot wound to right upper torso sometime around Christmas or New Year's in 1940, birth date on the 19th of July 1928?”

“Real funny Doctor Tangeman” The Man said, “Now seriously, you need something?”

That was not the answer that she had been expecting and it was way too fast. He could have at least looked to be sure. “Why are you so sure that was a joke?” Tangeman asked.

“Because most people have seen that movie” The Man said, “What you describe sounds like the Romanov girl, the one who faked her death just before the war. Need anything else?”

“No, but thank you anyway” Tangeman said, she was a bit disappointed by all of this. She hated it when she was left with more questions than answers.


Oddly at this point it was the side effects of the drugs they had her on to knock out the infection that was keeping her in the hospital. “I feel that I should warn you that oral contraceptives are rendered ineffective by antibiotics, so no sex” Tangeman said, Gianna had noticed that she seemed more blunt than usual and that statement had her face burning up. It wasn’t helped by the fact that Tangeman was looking at the abscess that was still weeping lymph and Gianna was half naked. Tangeman had blood samples taken minutes earlier so that they could make sure that the blood poisoning was no longer a factor.

“You know why that isn’t an issue” Gianna replied defensively.

“I’m not sure I do, Gia” Tangeman replied.

The truth was that Gianna had never been in a relationship and wasn’t taking those pills, she saw no point. This was because she knew that she would have to trust that person enough to tell them the truth about who her family was. As she had grown older that had become a bit embarrassing even if all the older women in her life had said that wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about, she was just more aware than her peers about what the stakes were.

“I’m sorry” Gianna said, “I don’t know what you expect of me.”

“All I expect is that my patients understand that nothing they say leaves this room” Tangeman said, “You getting sick probably couldn’t have been prevented, you didn’t tell me about the injury that caused it. I’m disappointed.”

“I don’t ask about the relationship between you and Doctor Holz” Gianna said, “For the same reason.”

“You are right, that is none of your business” Tangeman said as she helped Gianna get back into the gown, “Your health is a different matter, I’m responsible for that.

“Don’t you have dozens of other patients” Gianna asked.

“Yes” Tangeman replied, “And all of them are equally important to me. Now, don’t you think a gunshot wound is something that I should know about?”

“I can understand that.”

“Good” Tangeman replied, “Now, I want you to just think about this, I hope that later you will tell me everything else that might be relevant to help me do my job. Do you understand?

Gianna nodded, Tangeman hoped that she would be in the right frame of mind to open up to her completely. If Alexei Romanov really was her Uncle, then that was a serious matter.

Men from the First Imperial Foot were coming in, Kira came in with the Crown Prince. It was understandable the Empress would look in on her Kammerfräulein. It had raised a few eyebrows when Kira had appointed Gianna as the foremost Maid of the Court. She was seen as baseborn, a Dame in the Order of the Louise who had earned her position by merit. The way she had taken charge with the Royal children justified that choice and there might just be more to that choice than people realized. It was always the same with everything this circle touched.
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Part 47, Chapter 619
Chapter Six Hundred Nineteen

11th October 1947

Seattle, Washington

It was a lazy Saturday morning and they were just hanging around the dorm room. Nancy was trying to explain Berlin to Beatrice. Why she had loved it so much and every neighborhood had been a world unto itself. There were bits and pieces of things from all over the world that could be found. She had learned while she was there that every week seemed to bring new things and she had been surrounded by all sorts of people. According to the letters from her friends the recent arrival of Koreans was ongoing but that was perfectly in keeping with the history over recent decades. There had been successive waves like that coming into Berlin. It was an odd demographic quirk regarding what the largest city of the people of the subject kingdoms was Berlin, as opposed to the various large cities within them.

There was also the confusing relationship between those subject kingdoms and Berlin. Bohemia was drifting closer, while Poland was pulling away. The aggravating part for the Polish nationalists was that most ethnic Poles didn’t even live within Poland. They were also economically dependent upon the rest of the Empire and the southern portion of Poland had been wrecked by the war. Bohemia on the other hand had come through the war largely unscathed and had become an important manufacturing center. The other kingdoms fell somewhere between. Even what most people thought of as Germany itself wasn’t just one place and local identity was a big deal there. That Seattle and the rest of the Pacific North-West seemed very remote after being at the center of things for a year went without saying. Nancy still missed that feeling but found it difficult to articulate.

“I’ve heard things and I’m not sure I would want to go there” Beatrice said, “I’ve heard things.”

“Like what” Nancy asked, this ought to be good.

“Aren’t the people there humorless, things have to run like clockwork?” Beatrice asked, “And everyone is in the military?”

“That’s sort of stupid” Nancy said, “It’s the same as anywhere else and they just fought a massive war.”

Nancy remember all to well the sort of pranks that that had been pulled almost constantly on the unwary in the house she’d lived in and the time just sitting around the table with everyone laughing and joking. And the only person who was active in the military that she was around with any regularity was Kat’s older brother, Hans. Kat and Tilo had both been considered inactive because they were students, neither of them seemed too thrilled with the prospect of ever going back.

“At least you’re back” Beatrice said, “I shared a room all last year with Mary Sedgewick. Toenail clippings galore, those get in the carpet and you cannot get rid of them. Ever.”


Maria had sprung Gianna from the hospital that afternoon, her Doctor was willing to let her go so long as she did nothing to exert herself. “If you are through being at death’s door I figure that this is something that you will not want to miss” Maria had said.

Even though Gianna was still pale and feeling weak she did want to be here for this. The first feature story that she was a contributor for. She also feared that it would be her last. Erma Tangeman had implied that she knew who Gianna really was. Then there was what had happened when she had been sick. She’d been talking to Petia in the sort of refined Russian that she had learned from her Mother, who she had mistook Petia for in her delirium.

Kat had tried to warn her for years about what might happen if too many people learned the truth about her. The rumor would take on life of its own and she would no longer enjoy the freedom she had enjoyed for the last several years. She feared that she was nearing that tipping point. Once that happened she would no longer be Gianna Strobel the Journalist but Jehane Alexandra of Russia, a woman whose opinion would be diminished by the perceived privilege of her birth. She’d only been to Russia once and she was not rich by any stretch of the imagination, merely well off. The truth was that all she had gotten from her family connections was loss, pain, fear and a rifle bullet in her back. Now, it would eventually cost her the career she wanted just as it was getting started.

“You shouldn’t be brooding like this” Maria said as she pulled a Sunday Edition off one of the stacks as they were bundled, “This is a cause for celebration.”

The front page was the elaborate art-work that the Berliner was famous for. It showed a woman walking through a grocery store holding the hand of a child. Reading through the article Gianna saw that there was a bit more to it than she had first thought. When she had lived with Kat in the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam she had been in that Market all the time. The owners had remembered her. Then when she had shown up with Freddy to purchase the bag of apples she had prompted the Prince to thank the Clerk, it had not occurred to her that she was doing anything out of the ordinary. Then there was her own column where she described how Freddy had tried to give all the apples he’d purchased to the men who were guarding him.

The title of the article said it all, The Power of Please and Thank You. It was nice that Gianna had this minor accomplishment.
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All across Germany young children are being told "If the Crown Prince can say Please and Thank You so can you".
This is just another example on how the Monarchy is being transformed into a modern institution, and if the story about Kat putting Kaiserine Kira thru a fitness regime gets out then there will be demands on what are the exercises that Kira is doing, and there will be gyms opening up catering to women using the "Kat exercise plan".
"... or at least come live with me in sin.”

The other men let out a loud “Hurrah!” when Kurt said that.

Hmm. Lansky sold J. Edna to Schultz in 1941 so anyone Schultz infiltrated would only have a maximum of seven years with the Bureau, not that senior so they're less likely to get tagged.
It was great seeing such a hypocrite get what he deserved. He had so much potential to be blackmailed IOTL yet seemingly reveled in blackmailing people, or at least compiling blackmail material on people, even for similar 'hobbies'.

However, you shouldn't be referring to him as Edna. Possibly being a transvestite and/or homosexual does not mean that he was effeminate. Implying such makes it sound a lot like a slur. It could be considered a slur towards transvestites, homosexuals and/or women. I guess it's possible that he may have been transgender but I have never seen anything remotely credible even suggesting it.

By the way, what are the German Empire's inheritance taxes? IIRC the British "death duties" (inheritance taxes) were 50% and some families were reduced to penury after... ...leaving the family with 1/32 of their former wealth.

If the USA decides to make an ass out of itself,
Though this is possible the best timeline I have read I do feel it is an Ameriscrew and it could be even better if it wasn't. I mean, I know OTL was pretty much a huge Ameriwank and not having things go as well doesn't make a timeline a screw. However, some of the larger mishaps, and the sheer number of smaller ones, that have befallen America kinda push TTL into screw territory in my opinion.
Edna is a slur, but its not against transvestites or transexuals, but rather against a specific man who played the vicious hypocrite and acted as a wannabe secret police leader. It's a one man slur against that particular stone thrower.
I just have to shake my head in wonder at a world and an existence so far from the every day that something so mundane as purchasing apples from a shop could be so noteworthy. Excellent vignette of what the Crown Prince’s life must be like. Brilliantly done!!
Part 47, Chapter 620
Chapter Six Hundred Twenty

17th October 1947

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lang was reading an edition of the New York Times that had arrived at his hotel room. He also had a copy of the Berliner and the Daily Telegraph on hand. It showed that aspirations of Buenos Aires extended far beyond being the capital of a single nation, they’re ambition was to be the cultural and financial capital of South America. He wished them well. Being able to get these newspapers was the part of this trip that was going well. Pretending to get along with his half brother and sisters, not so much.

It was a simple enough story. Lang’s mother didn’t pretend that the way things had played out his father had said. She had said that when they had been students together in Jena. They’d gotten married too young, had him and then they’d wanted different things from life. The End. That didn’t change the fact that his earliest memories were of her leaving his life. He had to reintroduce himself to her after five decades and his siblings who were at least a decade his junior. Emil had been enjoying himself, his cousins knew this city and were more than happy to show him around. He had discovered that here he was simply Emil Lang, not son of Augustus Lang which he liked a little too much.

While all this family drama was going on Lang had the German Embassy and Argentine on the phone trying to understand his presence. They just couldn’t understand that this wasn’t a formal matter, he wasn’t representing Berlin. Now he had one week remaining in Argentina and several invitations and requests for his presence. Rhona was going through them so it looked like he was out of luck as far as being social was concerned.


“I’m trying really hard not to hate you right now Katherine” Kira said.

Kat had been having the Empress doing light exercise, light for Kat anyway. The full training regime of the SKA/MA would probably injure anyone who tried it without a certain level of fitness achieved before-hand. The way that Kira was acting one might think that Kat was having her do the Judenbach hill run. The truth was that Kira was having to exercise muscles that had probably not been used in years. Every afternoon Kat had been driving out to Potsdam for this exact reason. She was looking forward to the move to the Winter Palace which would mean that she wouldn’t have to come so far.

Now they had just gotten the day’s exercise done and while Kira was soaked in sweat Kat looked the same as she had when she stepped out of her car. Kira was starting to understand Kat’s choice of clothes when she did this.

“It takes work to get things to this point” Kat said.

“So, it’s like everything else” Kira replied flatly. She had also found that Kat had severely limited her choices as far as her diet was concerned and with the palace staff backing her it was as if Kat was constantly around even though she was maintaining a busy schedule at University. Seldom seen but always around, just like her namesake. It was Kat’s least redeeming feature far as Kira was concerned. “How’s Gia doing?” She asked to change the subject.

“She’s better now” Kat replied, “They took an X-Ray of her chest to see if there were any more bullet fragments lurking in her and didn’t find any that they feel they should do anything about at this time.”

“I find it hard to believe it was just a tiny piece of copper that made her so sick.”

“It was lodged in her side and this could have happened at any time over the last seven years” Kat said, “She’s trying to get back into the swing of things and finding it difficult because she’s now sure her life is about to be blown up again.”

“What is it this time?” Kira asked.

“When Petia came to check on her, Gia was so out of her head that she confused her with her Mother and everything that went with that” Kat said. Gianna had grown up in a household where mostly Russian and French were spoken. Talking to her mother in Russian would have been perfectly natural for her.

“Oh” Kira said, “Like if she didn’t already have enough to worry about.”

“She also had an article she contributed to run as a feature which you are already aware of.”

“Yes, I’m aware of it, it was adorable” Kira said. When she’d given Gianna her permission to take Friedrich off the palace grounds for a little bit to see the corner store she had not intended for it to be what it became. Having the Prince understand that things cost money and their value seemed like a good idea. The Press however had seen things differently, they saw Freddy being encouraged to be polite and generous as the story. Some critics saw such a big deal being made of a mundane task, buying a bag of apples, as a sign of just how sheltered the royal family was but considering that Freddy was only eight it was long past time that he learned.

“She’s scared that her career is going to end before it has properly begun” Kat said, “That soon everyone will discover who she really is.”

“Funny how everyone presumes that being royalty only comes with wealth and privilege” Kira replied, “What it really means is that your life in never really your own.”

“How do you square that with your Father’s ambition?”

That was a sore point. Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich had tried to elevate his branch of the family. Something that lead to Kira’s marriage to Louis Ferdinand and had dripped poison into her brother’s ears.

“I’m not my father” Kira said sharply, “And having a problematic parent is something you should know better than anyone.”
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Edna is a slur, but its not against transvestites or transexuals, but rather against a specific man who played the vicious hypocrite and acted as a wannabe secret police leader. It's a one man slur against that particular stone thrower.
I get that it's probably not meant to demean anyone other than Hoover but calling a man by a woman's name in order to disrespect him is actually kinda disrespectful to women. And it is very likely being used because of the rumors of homosexuality and cross dressing which is also disrespectful.