“Don’t thank me yet” Hans said, “I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

“Gerta” Kurt said with a pained expression.

Like the Red Queen I can believe six impossible things before breakfast but it's stretching my willing suspension of disbelief for Kurt and Hans to come up with anything that'll get Gerta's attitude into something even remotely congruent with consensus reality.
Like the Red Queen I can believe six impossible things before breakfast but it's stretching my willing suspension of disbelief for Kurt and Hans to come up with anything that'll get Gerta's attitude into something even remotely congruent with consensus reality.

Remember that Hans has talked with his Aunt before he went to find Kurt. No telling what she has came up with talking with Kat, Helene and who ever else.
That scene with Hans and Kurt in the field shows the value of having officers who were once enlisted themselves.
The men know that officers like Hans and Kurt have the actual field experience that can not be taught in classrooms and books and that will make the training feel more relevant to them.
This might inspire some of the more ambitious soldiers to want to become officers and for the commanding officers having officers like Hans and Kurt in their units is something that is in high demand

General Horst is probably behind this. Think of where he came from and some of the people he has bootstrapped up.
Remember that Hans has talked with his Aunt before he went to find Kurt. No telling what she has came up with talking with Kat, Helene and who ever else.

Okay, Kurt and Hans fronting for Marcella, Helene, Kat and some nudging from Kira might have a chance.
I am betting at 5/1 odds that as Gerta is being wheeled in to the delivery room, she is going to demand that Kurt married her before the babies are born (does anyone think that Gerta will not do something to excess?).
Identical triplet boys. By the time they're ready to start school they'll be able to read, write, determine an azimuth and field strip a machine gun.:cool:
Part 46, Chapter 610
Chapter Six Hundred Ten

1st September 1947


Marcella handed Kat a cup of tea and watched her take a sip as she sat down across the kitchen table. Her niece had been crying as she had recounted what had happened earlier that day and what had been going on for the previous weeks. Her eyes were swollen, and her nose was runny. The fearsome Gräfin Katherine there for you, Marcella thought to herself.

“I’m sorry Katherine” Marcella said, “But a broken condom with no consequence does not justify the way you’ve been acting for the last month.”

That clearly surprised Kat, she had thought that Marcella would take her side. It was also a surprise to hear her aunt speak in those blunt terms.

“As for what happened today, your husband, Psychiatrist and Doctor tried to treat you like an adult” Marcella said, “Everyone knows that the unexpected happens and plans for it. You turning into a deer in the headlights for an entire hour while people who care about you try to include you in the conversation is not acting like an adult.”

Kat had gone into her usual Monday afternoon session with Doctor Holz but had been surprised to find that Douglas and Doctor Tangeman were already there. Things had taken a decidedly harsh turn for her as they had wanted to talk about one of the hardest topics of all for Kat personally. Birth control wasn’t perfect, the day might come when she might find herself pregnant and with her personal history they were all worried about what would happen next. Doctor Holz had not minced words, he said that he thought there was a good chance that she could suffer a psychotic break. Then they had talked at length about the sort of plan they needed to have in place in that event. Pure, unadulterated Hell.

Afterwards Kat had run straight to Marcella’s house where she had told her aunt everything that had been going on and what had just happened. Marcella had listened, while she was sympathetic, she didn’t agree with where Kat was coming from.

“They made it sound like it could happen tomorrow” Kat said.

“Because it can” Marcella replied, “You get together with Douglas tonight and everything goes wrong. Nine months from now there’s an announcement in the Berliner and Margot Blackwood hates you slightly less than before.”

With that, the deer in the headlights look was back.

“That’s probably the worst that can happen” Marcella said, “And I know when you are of two minds about things.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kat asked.

“As frightened as you are of getting pregnant there’s a part of you that wants children of your own” Marcella replied, “I’ve seen you holding your nephew or the photographs of you with the royal children who you’ve been a surrogate aunt to for years. You’re at a point in your life where you need to start thinking long and hard about what you want.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You have the luxury of that choice” Marcella replied, “When I was your age I was told that I would never be able to have children.”

“Oh” Kat said as she withdrew into herself, taking a sip of tea to hide how frightening all of that was.

“As for your friend with the brains of a paper napkin I figure that will resolve itself in time” Marcella said offhandedly.

“I don’t see how” Kat said, “Her mother has been telling her all her life that love is no more than temporary lust and once that’s out the way then rest is just meaningless.”

“The same woman who followed General von Wolvogle from posting to posting for more than twenty years even though he couldn’t marry her?” Marcella asked, “And is seen every Sunday in the church where the General is buried?”

Kat was surprised. How did Aunt Marcella know that?

Baltic Sea

U-916 was cruising at periscope depth. For the last several days they had been doing practice dives in the relatively shallow Baltic and testing the new sonar system. Then had come the practice drills for firing the torpedoes. While that was going on the XO had decided that it would be great fun to shadow a Destroyer out of Danzig. Weeks later they would hear through scuttlebutt that the Destroyer’s sonar man had pinged U-916 and thought something was wrong with his set up.

It was Albrecht’s understanding that as confined as the interior of U-916 was, it was luxurious compared to previous Submarine Classes. The crew’s understanding was that while Albrecht wasn’t one of them, he was an expert in the new weapons that they had on board. Something that afforded him a little respect even if he was a civilian. While all the other things were going on, he was working with the relevant portion of the crew as they practiced the process of missile launch. Finally came the live fire drills. Firing off a few spreads of torpedoes from the bow and stern tubes was formulaic, the systems were conventional, and they existed to make it so that U-916 could defend herself in a pinch. It was the new vertical launch tubes that that all eyes would be looking at.

Albrecht watched as the latest navigation data was loaded into the rockets as the preparations continued. The launch itself they had practiced with a mock up in Kiel but that was a controlled setting not the open ocean. And then the equipment hadn’t been rattling around in the tube for several days. That was when it occurred to Albrecht that the Admiral must planned it this way, simulated combat conditions. All the crew knew was that this test had better work so that they could get it done and go home.

Albrecht heard the sound of the tubes being flooded and then the sound of the hatches opening. It was simple enough, once the hatch was open compressed air would eject the missile from the sub and propel it to the surface. Once it broke the surface the rocket would ignite and ideally it would be on it’s way towards the test range in Poland. There was so much that could go wrong with that. As he listened, the rockets were ejected one by one. The conning tower was on the intercom and they said they saw ignition. Albrecht let out a breath he’d not realized he was holding. Now he’d have to wait until they got back to Kiel to learn the results of this test.
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Identical triplet boys. By the time they're ready to start school they'll be able to read, write, determine an azimuth and field strip a machine gun.:cool:
Actually one of the triplets should be a girl so that she can marry Manfred von Mischner, just think if they have a child together it will have Richthofen, Mischner, Knispel, and Wolvolge genes.


Actually one of the triplets should be a girl so that she can marry Manfred von Mischner, just think if they have a child together it will have Richthofen, Mischner, Knispel, and Wolvolge genes.

Somewhere, General Patton just woke up screaming at the top of his lungs...
Drama, subs and missiles, oh my. :winkytongue:

I like the mix, this gives everyone something to wait for, even if they are not interested in some aspects. I of course would not mind a bit more military and technical details...
Part 46, Chapter 611
Chapter Six Hundred Eleven

7th September 1947

Grunewald, Berlin

This whole thing was a ludicrous idea and Kurt felt even more absurd. He was wearing the uniform of a Hussar from the Napoleonic Wars, he had gotten an odd sort of “promotion” out of it. Historically, there would not have been any ranks between Oberst and Rittmeister, because of that Kurt was wearing an Oberst’s uniform. Black coat, white breeches, white bandoleer and silver braid. To go with it was the black shako. Olli had felt that it was Kurt’s due, he was going to get bumped up to Oberstlieutenant soon enough anyway and because he was leading this whole farce.

It had been part of the talk he’d had with Hans a couple weeks earlier. Hans had been talking with his Aunt Marcella who had apparently been in contact with Käte von Richthofen-Otersdorf and had learned a great deal. Kurt had made a big mistake when he’d begged Gerta to marry him. Instead he needed to have made some grand romantic gesture, the more insane, the better.

After Hans went back to Wunsdorf, Kurt had sat with his crew late into the night trying to think of some crazy thing that he could do. He’d been tempted to drive his Lynx directly into Berlin, but they had swiftly realized that they would get arrested before they even made it out of Posen if they tried it. Instead it would have to think of something else. Then Olli had asked what had ever happened to Eisenseiten. Kurt did know, the horse still lived on the property owned by Gerta in Werder. Then Olli had said that Kurt should get the horse, ride to Gerta’s house and as a dashing Cavalry Officer sweep her off her feet. That had seemed absurd. Seriously, who rode a horse into Berlin? Now Kurt had an answer to that question.

Word had swiftly spread throughout the Panzer Divisions of Kurt’s ride. Within a couple days he had dozens of interested men looking to join in the fun and the plan had grown out of control. They had decided that a Sunday morning would be best because traffic would be light and on 7th of September there was going to be a classic cavalry “raid” on the City of Berlin. They were going to ride to the house where Kurt’s love lived, then they would proceed to the courthouse and force them to open. Once that was done they would proceed to the Tiergarten and all get drunk.

Kurt looked around, there were hundreds of men and horses around him and several journalists were walking around talking to the men. This would work, or they would all get arrested. Both happening was certainly a possibility. He looked at Olli who was on the horse to Kurt’s right, he was holding a lance that had the white, red and blue pennant of Bohemia on it, there were other pennants representing other states. Something else that drove home just how big this was.

When they had borrowed Eisenseiten for Kurt to ride, the people who Gerta paid to take care of her horses had been extremely supportive once they had learned what his plans were, they had even arranged one of Eisenseiten’s stablemates for Olli to ride. He dropped his left hand to the handle of von Wolvogle’s saber, the old wolf would have loved this.

Kurt signaled to the bugler that it was time to move and the man signaled “Boots and saddles” which was repeated by the rest of the buglers. Everyone fell in and they started to ride East into the city.


Gerta had woken up to a bout of nausea and once she had no more to throw up she had dry heaved for what had seemed like an eternity. She was left lying on the bathroom floor with her face on the tiles, sweating and panting as her stomach and throat just hurt. “Are you alright?” Ilse asked as she walked in.

“No” Gerta replied, nothing was alright, Gerta thought to herself as she tried to drink a bit of water to wash the taste out of her mouth. She had no one to blame but herself. She’d messed everything up, by refusing to listen and assuming she knew what she was doing. Kat’s Aunt Marcella and Helene’s mother had cornered her the day before and had told her some things that Gerta hadn’t properly understood about her mother, herself and the situation she was putting herself in. It wasn’t a fun conversation, but they didn’t judge or try to tell her what to do. Instead, they had told her what the realities were, take it or leave it.

The problems were still there when she got home. No one seemed prepared to forgive or forget. Something that was driven home when Helene made a point of calling to say she was staying in Zossen today.

Kat was sipping coffee at the kitchen table when Gerta came down. There was oatmeal for breakfast or toast, just like any other day but even the thought of food made Gerta queasy again. Kat had hardly said a word in several days, to her anyway. Apparently her and Douglas were having their own issues at the moment. Gerta’s situation had brought that to a head. Douglas had gotten a call saying that something was happening, so he’d left some time ago.

“For you” Petia said as she handed Gerta a stack of white crackers and a glass of water. They were bland, little more than flour and salt. “Those will help, I should know”

Gerta ate a few of the crackers and with the help of the water managed to get them down. Petia was right, it did seem to help.

“Thank you” Gerta said “You’re a saint.”

“I try” Petia replied, “Someone has to keep an eye on you girls.”

“I can’t do this” Gerta said to Petia.

“Nonsense, women have been having babies since the beginning of time.”

“No” Gerta said, “All of this, alone.”

“When your man comes back around it will all be good, you’ll see” Petia said giving Gerta an affectionate pat on the shoulder.

If only it were that simple, Gerta thought to herself as she ate the crackers. Kurt must hate her for how she had spurned him. Just then the light fixtures started rattling and there was a clattering noise from outside.

“Kat!” Gianna called from the parlor, “Gerta, you need to see this!”


It had turned into a glorious ride through the streets. They had noticed that rather than arresting them, the police were closing the roads to traffic ahead. After that it had turned into a gallop. Even though it was still early, word had spread ahead of them and they started seeing more people lining the streets. Finally, they reached the block where Gerta lived and no one was sure what to do next. They had the neighbors staring out their windows clearly wondering what was going on. Kurt handed Eisenseiten’s reins to Olli and got off the big stallion. Two people left the house, Kat wearing her now infamous sweater and cutoff trousers and Gerta wearing a floral print dressing gown.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?” Gerta yelled as soon as she recognized Kurt, “Have you lost your mind!”

“No” Kurt replied, “My hope is that if I rode in here as a dashing cavalry officer I could sweep you off your feet and you’d give me your hand in marriage, or at least come live with me in sin.”

The other men let out a loud “Hurrah!” when Kurt said that.

Gerta could hear Kat laughing as she felt her stomach roil and she felt nauseous again. “Urp” was all she said as she put her hand to her mouth.
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Bravo! Huzzah! Hooray! What a marvelous chapter!
Peabody-Martini, you've outdone yourself again.

You know that this will grow as the tale is told around the campfires until it becomes an entire cavalry division galloping through the streets of Berlin.

"No, shit; it really happened. I was there!"
I am in complete agreement with the previous post. The glorious charge of the panzer brigade has certainly enriched my day.

Honour the brave and bold!
Long shall the tale be told,
Yea, when our babes are old—
How they rode onward.
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And afterward Kat will fix Doug with a piercing glare. "I suppose you knew all about that beforehand and didn't give us any warning."

"No details; I was just told it was something I couldn't miss."

Gerta: "Urp."
Kurt: "I'll take that as a yes."

By the way, who gets the bill for the extra streetsweeping?