Mmm... I think that the problem is not the military view of the Hellcats, but how civilian population sees the "Hellcats". Mayby you can have an "Iranian Ambassade Style" live operation, compleet with helicopter assault filmed. Saving civilians against all odds. All filmed in glorious technicolour by Leni Riefenstahl. In this way the Hellcats can transform into an GSG-9 analog.

Well Thorwalds death was confirmed by intercepted russian radio messages and till PW presents his dead body he is schroedingers cat ah Thorwald.
So maybe the filmcrew can film his rescue, or if PM remains stubborn then the freeing of any POW-camp will do.
But filming from a helicopter for aerials would be a nice novel touch, no?
I don't think that the fact that the german have an helicopter is a secret. In OTL the first attemps where even before WW I, but it was a long development traject to an practical design in WW II. The German Army/Luftwaffe/Navy is now busy with figuring out what they can DO with this new toy.
How is television being watched ITTL Germany?

IOTL United States it was going to start to be massed produced in 1942 but the war stopped all consumer electronic production.

IOTL WWII Germany consumer goods were still being produced in large quantities until 1943, but ITTL Germany went on a war footing much earlier at the start of the war.
I can't see TV being massed produced for individual consumer sales, except to the well connected.

I can see that maybe the German people going from the fear of being overrun by the Soviet Red Army in 1942-43 to now having the army about to knock on Moscow's doors, wanting the war restrictions to be loosened a bit but in ITTL reality the war is really far from over.

As for German society at large they are now seeing more of their loved ones coming back from the war wounded, maimed, or in pine boxes, I wonder how this is affecting them.
I can see the German people having mixed feelings about the United States, on one hand the Americans are selling to anybody who has the cash, making money both from them and their enemies but on the other hand the American people have bought a large amount of war bonds that helped to financed the war, American families have been sending "Care Packages" and the American Army did a great job of famine relief that could have sent Germany into a draconian food rationing situation.

How are the Female Russian POWs working out?
I think there may be a demand from the upper and middle classes to use them as household servants as their own German servants are now making much more money in the factories.
How are the Female Russian POWs working out?
I think there may be a demand from the upper and middle classes to use them as household servants as their own German servants are now making much more money in the factories.
Too great a risk for.... issues popping up.

Worse come to it, farm work is still a good possibility.

I can't see TV being massed produced for individual consumer sales, except to the well connected.
Eh, just do what the first few batches were, go to bars and such.
Hmm. You know? The only piece of insanity left for Kat in what to Fallschirmjager/SKA refers, would be to be asked to develop a new variant of SKA Jump. ..HALO Jump specifically.

Even if it was in OTL devised and tested in the end of the 50's, early 60's , it wasn't tested in Combat operations well until 1970 in a Laos Operation related to Vietnam. Considering the massive lines of defenses both in ground and Air, normal Paras Jumping would be quickly detected, but for the final part of the war the SKA needs a means to insert their Operators. . . and the only thing that comes to my mind its possibly to hide the SKA carrying units amongst the High Altitude Bombers that the Luftwaffe would likely be readying for the final pushes into Moscow.

Could imagine Kat's expression, as she , in order to make her avoid to shoot someone of the sheer irritation, its given for a bit to the Research Division of the Luftwaffe as they need a Paras with some experience to devise and test a new type of insertion for SKA soldiers behind enemy lines? And she doing again the insane, and pioneering HALO, alongside the current World Record of the highest recorded successful Paras Jump?
Hmm. You know? The only piece of insanity left for Kat in what to Fallschirmjager/SKA refers, would be to be asked to develop a new variant of SKA Jump. ..HALO Jump specifically.

Why don't we take a break from Kat doing crazy things for a bit and let her get on with her career and let Peabody-Martini continuing chronicling the rest of the war?
Part 31, Chapter 367
Chapter Three Hundred Sixty-Seven

12th February 1944


When Nika Utkin got back into town she called Gianna and told her that she had a surprise for her. The former Russian prisoner of war had volunteered to join the Provisional Russian Army in her old capacity as a cook once her hands had healed to the point that she could resume that work. That had taken her to the Ukraine where Nika had helped to feed the Pioneer Corps as they improved the rail infrastructure of the Russian States and altered the gauge to accommodate European rolling stock.

Nika had gone on leave this week and had called Gianna as soon as she entered the city. Personally, Gianna wondered what Nika could have as a surprise. There wasn’t a whole lot in Ukraine to recommend it. The people were no longer starving but the cities had been stripped of anything of value by the retreating Soviet Army.

The eatery where they were meeting was typical of Central Berlin, the sort of place that had mostly city workers as its customers. The signs of wartime shortages were everywhere. Before the war it would have been unimaginable that such a place would have potato soup and bread as the main course with a Mandarin orange for desert but that was what was on the menu.

The waitress walked over and asked Gianna if she could start her with anything. That was another difference. Before the war it would have been a waiter. Gianna told her that she was waiting for a friend. After a few minutes Nika walked in with a man wearing a uniform that Gianna had never seen before. Nika was all smiles.

“This is Dmitry” Nika said to Gianna before turning to Dmitry, “This is Gianna, the girl I told you about, who helped me while I was recovering.”

“Pleased to meet you” Dmitry said stiffly.

That was how the meal went. Gianna got the impression that Dmitry was one of those unflappable, quiet men who used words sparely. She could also see the obvious chemistry between Dmitry and Nika. He did however like to talk about engineering. Before he’d surrendered to the German Heer after getting cut off in Poland he’d been a mediocre combat Officer but when he found himself in the Pioneer Corps he’d truly found his calling, building things.

It was when they were finishing the oranges was when Nika dropped her surprise. “Dmitry asked me to marry him” She said.

“Really” Gianna said.

“Yes” Nika said.

“I suppose that congratulations are in order” Gianna said.

“We would also like it if you were in the wedding party” Dmitry said.

“Of course,” Gianna said, “I’d love to help. What arrangements have you made so far?”

“None, just yet” Nika said, “We have no idea where to start and you’re the first person we’ve told.”

“I think I know someone who can help with that” Gianna said.

“The mysterious Patroness that you say I have?” Nika said, “I already know it’s your cousin Katerina.”

Gianna looked at her, eyebrows raised.

“It’s never been Kat” Gianna said matter of fact.

“Then who else could it be” Nika said, clearly not believing that.

“Actually, its Kira Kirillovna” Gianna said leaning in towards Nika, “Always has been.”

That caused Dmitry to drop his orange in surprise.

“That isn’t some kind of joke?” Nika asked, “Is it?”

“No joke” Gianna said, “It was the Empress and Doctor Holz who Kat called to get you medical care when they brought you in.”

“You really think she’d help?” Nika asked.

Gianna just shrugged. “I can’t speak for her but I think she’d like to see you be happy” She said.


“And then she just walked right past me” Kat said, “When it was pointed out what she had done she tried to say she thought that I was a low-ranking auxiliary.”

“Like if that would make any difference” Maria said, “What did you do next?”

“Nothing” Kat said, “I told the Oberst that I would be on my best behavior and do my best to accommodate the film crew.”

“Does that preclude the random live fire mishap?” Emil asked from across the table where he was helping Zella draw on a sheet of butcher’s paper with brightly colored crayons.

“Don’t give Kat any bad ideas” Maria said.

Emil’s long-standing dislike of most of the media was legendary among the Fallschirmjäger. It was said that he had agreed to have the actor playing Jochen Loewe closely shadow him so that the actor could convincingly play Emil in the next movie. The actor had found himself in a mass drop and live fire exercise. The joke was ultimately on Emil, that actor had played Jochen Loewe in the next six movies and brought those films from the B-Reel to Features. With Emil on leave Maria had invited Kat and Gianna to have dinner at the house that they had bought in Central Berlin. Gianna had a previous engagement so Kat had come alone. She would need to return to Judenbach in the morning but escaping from having everything filmed for a few hours made the long drive worth it.

Kat and Maria were talking after dinner about the events of the prior weeks. Maria had struggled to get back into the fast pace of the offices of the BT after so long in the easier tempo that existed in Australia. To Kat’s amazement Grossmann was still there, she was certain that he would have retired by now.

“He found that he can do most of his work from his desk after his last heart attack” Maria said, “He even once got a Oberst on the phone in the middle of a battle.”

“Was the Oberst upset about the interruption?” Kat asked. She knew that she would be.

“You would think” Maria said, “But it’s Grossmann, people either love him or hate him, this Oberst was one of the former.”

Kat heard a short from Emil. It was obvious where he fell on that.
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For the Russian atrocities, has a TTL version of Raoul Wallenberg or Oskar Schindler emerged?
I don't see how. The Soviets didn't ship people off to be killed, from which they could be saved, they just removed all the food and left the people to die after they ate all the dogs, cats, rats, and each other.
I don't see how. The Soviets didn't ship people off to be killed, from which they could be saved, they just removed all the food and left the people to die after they ate all the dogs, cats, rats, and each other.
Maybe scattered reports of commissars losing their life by concealing food
Leni Riefenstahl just pulled a power move on Kat which may be a psychological trick to goad Kat to be the main subject of the film.

I got a sense of dread reading about Gianna and Nika, somehow the long reach of Stalin or Cousin Vladimir may be up to no good.
Part 31, Chapter 368
Chapter Three Hundred Sixty-Eight

13th February 1944


Kat had made it back in time for the weekly formal dinner that she was supposed to attend but she was having trouble staying awake. The night before Gianna had been escorted home by her friend Nika and Nika’s fiancé. No sooner had the door closed then Gianna had burst into tears. At 15 it was starting to sink in that she would never be able to lead a normal life. Gianna would always have the legacy of her family hanging over her. Kat had hoped that Beria being brought to justice would have helped some but Gianna didn’t really care. To her Stalin and Beria were just abstracts. Threats for sure but even if the Soviet Union went away tomorrow she’d still secretly be Jehane, the only surviving descendant of Nicholas the 2nd. If she ever got married or had children then they would have to live with that secret as well. Kat had stayed up half the night with her and was only able to get a couple hours sleep before getting in her car and driving back to Judenbach.

She watched as the Oberst did the toast and tried to ignore the ever-present cameras. Only eight more days of this Kat thought to herself. The worst part of tonight had been that the Director of this circus who everyone called Leni had seen Kat wearing all her medals and Leni’s jaw had dropped. That was the sort of thing that drew attention to Kat which she didn’t like.

“General Holz sends his regards, Sir” Kat said to Koch as soon as they sat for the first course.

“Really” Koch said, “That’s where you were last night?”

“Yes” Kat said, “Maria invited me to dinner.”

“That’s nice” Koch said, “Have you given any more thought about what we discussed last week?” Changing the subject to less disturbing things than a subordinate knowing the commanding General of the Fallschirmjäger Corps socially.

“The test of the new tactics should probably wait until our guests leave” Kat said, nodding towards the camera crew that was still filming while the meal was served. They would be seated at an otherwise empty table when they realized the ritualized portion of this was over.

“Speaking of them, Frau Riefenstahl wants to finish interviewing the Regiments Officers on camera” Koch said, “You’ve been ducking her.”

“It’s safer for everyone that way” Kat said, matter of fact.

“Probably” Koch said, “But like it or not, you are the public face of this Regiment. If you don’t appear in this documentary then people will wonder why.”

Kat didn’t say anything in response to that.

Voronezh, Russia

Once again Kurt found himself on board Field Marshal von Wolvogle’s train. The old General had promised that he would not be walking into the middle of a planning session this time. Just a mentor wanting to meet with his protégé. As always, the rail car was oppressively hot. Wolvogle was sitting in his chair with a drink in his hand wearing a great coat.

“Getting old sucks, Rittmeister Knispel” Wolvogle said, “I’d suggest that you avoid it if you can.”

“Sorry, Sir” Kurt said, “But I don’t care too much for the alternative.”

“Can’t say that I blame you” Wolvogle said, “But some days are better than others and this isn’t one of my better days.”

“Something going on?” Kurt asked.

“Louis Ferdinand is getting his revenge for me getting into a public spat with him over his grandfather’s funeral arrangements” Wolvogle said, “The Heer put me forward for the Grand Cross of the Pour Le Mérite. The Emperor had quite a few things to say on the subject involving Hell freezing over and over his dead body.”

“I thought that you didn’t care too much for medals” Kurt said as he helped himself to Wolvogle’s whiskey.

“I don’t” Wolvogle said, “But it’s the recognition, that medal would belong to the entire Heer. In this Winter’s campaign, we’ve done the impossible.”

“No one can take that campaign away from you” Kurt said.

“True enough” Wolvogle said.

“And what will be better?” Kurt asked, “A piece of costume jewelry or the City of Moscow and the high regard of the men who you’ve led through this campaign?”

Wolvogle gave a slight smile. “Who the Hell taught you to think like that, Trooper?” He asked.

“A total reprobate with a bad reputation” Kurt said, “He once even went toe to toe with the Emperor to honor the wishes of an old friend.”

“He sounds like quite the fellow” Wolvogle said, “Do I know him?”

“You ought to by now” Kurt replied.

In transit, Polish/German frontier

When Hans boarded the train in Russia he hadn’t realized how long it would take. The train had to cross all of Belarus before finally crossing into Poland the night before. The Regiment was in reserve while it was preparing for the next big push. Moscow was so close that everyone could practically taste it and 140th Regiment wanted to be there at the end. In the meantime, Hans had been put on leave and was not given much choice on the matter. “You’ve been on the front for two years Lieutenant” The Oberst had said, “Take the break already, you’re due.”

The first day he’d sat in his seat and slept. Happy not to have the responsibilities of leading the Platoon for a few weeks. After that he’d gotten bored with watching the landscape roll by. Endless snow-covered fields and the burnt out remains of small towns along the railroad tracks. It was all rather depressing. It wasn’t until the train reached Warsaw that things looked better.
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