Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

Anne has made a big mistake...
Yes she has.
She could have approached Zella for a writing job too. Kat could have solved a number of problems.

Kat still can through the offices of John F Kennedy. Depends who contacts her first: Anne or the Press...
Anne panicked, which is why she didn't realise until it was too late. Personally, I think most of them will forgive her, especially if she gives them a tearful heads-up. On a more positive note, Tatiana might understand Kat a little better afterwards.
The Story of Anne Frank ITTL is a fascinating one.
The daughter of a prosperous spice and preservatives merchant from Frankfurt, Anne is one of the first Young Jewish Women to be introduced at the Imperial Court because of Kira’s desire to diversify the Court to more accurately reflect German society.
Anne then comes across some young women at the ball who are nothing like any other young women she has met before and for some strange reason they take a liking to each other and Kat seeing someone who can accept her girls for who they are, take Anne into her life.
And that is why if Kat takes what happened the wrong way as a personal betrayal of her.
The main value of The Diaries of Anne Frank is that she was either in the room when important things were discussed, or she heard firsthand from the people in the room almost immediately afterwards.
Since Anne had no plans to publish her diaries, she didn't color her observations for any personal agenda or burnish her own reputation at the expense of others thus making the diaries probably one of the most cleared eye record of events that has took place.
There could be a problem that some of the information is highly embarrassing to certain people in important positions and as a way stop publishing a retroactive classification is slapped on it and an injunction is issued that at least temporary prevents the publishing until it is reviewed by the proper agencies.
That would allow Kat and her Lawyer Jack Kennedy to come up with ways of stopping follow up volumes of the diaries from being published, and who knows, an accident at the printing plant could happen.
Kat might not mind the publication of the diaries at all. After all, she did volunteer the information that she fed a traitor to the lion of London Zoo and she has recently passed massive amounts of documents to Gloria. It is almost like she still wants rid of all her past, however that might be achieved.
The sisterhood might view things differently of course.
I think it's going to be Zella and Aurora with the biggest issues, followed by Kiki. After that it's just disappointment.
I think that there is not really embarrassing to Kat in Anne's diary that hasn't been already known, the main thing that any additional information from Anne's diary will just humanize her more.
What I see as the main problem is that Kat sees herself as "The Keeper of the Imperial Family's Secrets" and Anne has become the Court's "Unofficial Chronicler" and that is where any potential conflict lies.
The two big potential blockbuster issues are Asia and the Snake Pit and Princess Kristina in Exile, and how Kira kept both Gia and Kiki from seeing her on her deathbed.
Part 138, Chapter 2368
Chapter Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty-Eight

16th April 1975

Falkensee, Brandenburg

While she was still attending University Tatiana was expected to spend at least a couple hours each day in the Research and Analysis Section of the European Division on the Falkensee Campus of the BND. She knew that it was a way to keep tabs on her while she was in Berlin. When she had been in Boston she had been transferred to the North American Division. She had only been dimly aware of the mechanics of that switch until she had found herself staring at mass consisting of reems of paper, stacks of books, thousands of reels of tape, both audio and video, and vinyl records. She was supposed to read, watch, or listen to them and then provide a synopsis of everything that she read. When she had asked what all of this was for, Tatiana had been told that they were looking for works which might pose a danger of exposing active BND operations.

That seemed rather unlikely, anyone who had actually worked in this field knew that James Bond was a fantasy. Actual Intelligence Officers did their best not to draw attention to themselves in the way he did. The Section Head had smiled and handed Tatiana a copy of a novel by a British Author named John le Carré. She had been shocked at how the novel had given vivid and extremely detailed descriptions of the Offices of the Military High Command in Wunsdorf-Zossen and the BND Headquarters in Falkensee. She had realized that she was reading the work of a retired Intelligence Officer and he had been inside those very installations at the risk of his own life. That was a leak they couldn’t control, the domestic equivalent though, that was what they were looking for.

Today had started off normally until she found a binder full of loose papers in today’s offerings. The title page said that the author was Anne Frank, someone she knew and that seemed like an easy assignment. She had known Anne her whole life as one of her mother’s network of close friends that were practically family and knew that her books were light reading mostly fantasy of a somewhat Feminist bent, so she had taken the binder without a thought. The title, Volume One, The Diary of a Young Girl seemed in keeping with that. It wasn’t until Tatiana started reading that she realized that it was not fiction but the actual diary of Anne herself from when she started writing it after receiving the empty journal as a present on her twelfth birthday. She had included every detail of her life, talking about her parent’s relationship, her older sister, and herself.

The diary was composed of individual entries that grew longer with time. Finally, there were entries about Anne’s father insisting that she should be introduced to the Imperial Court in December of 1946 after Empress Kira had made clear that religion would not be an issue. Oddly, what she wrote about that event focused more on these strange girls who had crashed the party and were hiding on an upstairs balcony poking fun at the events below. They had been the ones who had given Anne her first sip of Champagne from the bottle they had swiped from the party. They introduced themselves as the Little Birds, namely Kristine, Leni, Tilde, and Judita. Tatiana realized that she knew all of them.

The following entries were about getting drawn further into the world of the Little Birds as well as meeting their other members, Asia, Ilse, and Gia. Learning all about how they had been recruited to play body doubles for a mysterious Russian Princess who they had never actually met despite actually traveling to Russia with the Empress. Afterwards, they had become a family of sorts, aided by the fact that they all sort of looked alike. Oddly, they had accepted Anne as one of their own despite her being from outside their circle and had introduced her to their spiritual mother, Imperial Archduchess Tatiana of Russia. Tatiana was not expecting that, her mother had never mentioned it to her. There was mention of an American girl who joined them about that time who had come to Berlin as a visiting scholar.

Then came mention of Anne’s first encounters with Tatiana’s mother, how she had been awed by her presence. There had also been encounters with Helene and Gerta. The descriptions had not quite been in line with Tatiana’s thinking until she realized that it was because those the press dubbed the Three Furies were roughly the same age as she was. They would have been very different back then. There were also those who called themselves the Little Birds. They had essentially been a spy ring that had worked on behalf of the Empress.

Eventually there had been an incident when Kristine had read portions of Anne’s diary. To balance the scales, Tatiana’s mother had gotten a copy of Kristine’s records and had guided Anne through them. It had apparently been a surprise to Anne when a Psychiatric Profile in those records implied that Kristine was a Lesbian, something that she had needed to reconcile for herself when she realized that Kris had never stopped being her friend despite reading a portion of her diary without permission.

The entries continued on, and Tatiana continued reading. She was aware that the sounds of the office had grown quiet, and lights were getting turned off. Meaning that it had been hours and everyone else had left. Then she came across and entry about her mother suffering a miscarriage and having one of her dark episodes. That was entirely new information for Tatiana. She knew that her mother had bad days, but this described her locking herself in her room for weeks and refusing to talk to anyone. It also described Tatiana’s mother as uncertain and full of doubts about the future. That was completely unlike who she thought her mother was.
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Someone ordered a large quantity of biologically produced natural fertilizer.

Apparently it's due to be spread via and an impeller driven air movement device?
The first part of Volume One of the diaries should deal on a personal level what Germany was going through the first part about of The European War and the danger it faced.
This would give readers who were not in Germany or were not born yet at the time a sense or the urgency that people felt at the time.
This should give Helene a little boost with the public as this will remind people that she directed fighter pilots during The Battle of Berlin which gives her some credibility on National Security issues.
Part 138, Chapter 2369
Chapter Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty-Nine

20th April 1975

Tempelhof, Berlin

There had not been a meeting of the entire sisterhood in some time. Having them gathered in the formal dining room of Kat’s house, she could see that all was not well. Anne’s conspicuous absence was notable because it was her diary which had been what had finally gotten all of them together. Kiki, who was also mentioned quite a bit in the diary had not been heard from, but it was Kat’s understanding that she had absolutely nothing to complain about. The diary only went into great detail about how she met the boy who she would eventually marry and her efforts to get into University early. Helene and Gerta, who had been minor players in Anne’s life. They thought they came out rather well. Anne had however, described Kira as something of an ogre who had frozen out Kiki and Gia in her last days out of spite. Despite knowing that it was the truth, it didn’t sit well with Kat that it should become common knowledge.

Kat had read the various reports filed by analysts within the BND, including one by her own daughter about the publication of Anne’s diaries. The various conclusions were also present from the BND, BII, and the Imperial Court. Not only was there was little present in the diaries that was considered contrary to State interests. It was felt that the content was of deep historical value and that it actually needed to be published. Kat was not expecting that last part.

The sisterhood was an entirely different matter.

They were understandably upset, but so far little in the diaries was new. Kris being gay had been known by everyone for ages even at the time which Anne had learned about that. Mercifully, Anne had not picked up on Asia and Gia’s relationship, otherwise Kat feared for Gia’s safety. Instead, Anne had looked at it through the lens of her own experiences assuming that they were inseparable friends. Perhaps it was fortunate that Asia had been involved in several high-profile affairs including the one that had resulted in the birth of her son Heinrich. Kat knew the truth though, all of that had been Asia’s reaction to not being able to be with the love of her life especially after Gia had saved her when no one else had been willing to. There was also what Anne had written about Tilde, their member who had died a decade earlier. She had captured Tilde’s generosity and optimism. Regretfully, Tilde hiding from them that she was dying of Ovarian Cancer had echoes in what had prompted Anne’s actions.

Like always, the girls had swiftly divided into waring camps. It was in Judita’s nature to resent anything she saw as a trespass, so it was not a surprise for Kat that she was the most outspoken about Anne’s diaries publication being over the line. She said that it was their secrets which were now out there for all to see. Leni on the other hand had felt that Anne should have published her diary years earlier, she had even offered to edit it for her.

At the moment, Leni and Judita looked like they were about to come to blows. The others fell somewhere in between the two in their opinions and there was a lot of yelling going on. It was enough to make Kat wonder if Marie Alexandra would be interested in having a roommate in Montreal after living with her grandmother for most of the last year. She was about to tell them to be quiet when Judita collapsed.

They had been through this before, when Judita got stressed the odds of her having a seizure went up. The Epilepsy was just the icing on the cake for a woman whose life had been extremely difficult having lost her entire family in an instant and was nearly killed herself when the building they lived in was leveled by an air raid. Not that Kat excused her behavior, she just understood it.

“Try to keep her from hitting her head” Kris said as she started pulling the chairs away from where Judita was. Asia had already turned her on her side and had a coat under her head.

“Don’t” Kat said to Kris stopping her from moving the chairs. “A second medical emergency is not what we need right now.”

Kris had been left with extremely brittle bones by her parent’s neglect. That had ended her career as a Field Agent and placed limitations on her that she didn’t like. Her moving furniture was asking for broken bone or three.

“This only lasts a few minutes, normally” Asia said as she tried to keep Judita from thrashing around. Leni just stood there agape. They had been arguing just a few minutes earlier, that now seemed rather trite.

“This is a problem that all of us have” Kat said, “We don’t ask for help, and we don’t offer it when we see that it is clearly needed.”

This was greeted with protests as Judita’s convulsions subsided. Kat didn’t want to hear it though.

“All of us knew what Anne was going through and didn’t lift a finger” Kat said, “So she turned to the one thing that she has always been able to depend on, her writing. Is that the least bit surprising?”

The answer was an obvious “no” and Kat knew that not one of them was going to be willing to say it.

“Anne thinks that some of us are going to come after her” Leni said, “What are we supposed to do about that?”

Kat should have known this day would come. All the cruel pranks and malicious actions that had been taken against those that had angered them over the years had just come back to haunt them, probably not for the last time either. It had been behavior that Kat had encouraged, and Anne had witnessed a great deal of it.
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I think they'll forgive Anne, mostly. Even Judita, once she recovers and calms down. They all know what it's like to do whatever it takes to survive. Their relationship will change, but most of them have drifted apart over the years, so I doubt it will be a major change.
Their relationship will change, but most of them have drifted apart over the years, so I doubt it will be a major change.
With any luck, this will bring at least some of them closer again, when they realize that it's okay to ask for help sometimes.

ETA: Also it'll be necessary for them to know that help will be given when asked for.
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I think Anne will be frozen out of the Sisterhood.
Individuals will forgive and forget, maybe even all of them, but as a group that began as a secret, that requires discretion, Anne will not be welcome back.
I think Anne will be frozen out of the Sisterhood.
Individuals will forgive and forget, maybe even all of them, but as a group that began as a secret, that requires discretion, Anne will not be welcome back.
I mean, the sisterhood isn't really a formal organization, and at this point it has been mentioned they don't meet often.

I don't think there will be any collective decision regarding her. Each of her friends will deal with the situation as they see fit.
I mean, the sisterhood isn't really a formal organization, and at this point it has been mentioned they don't meet often.

I don't think there will be any collective decision regarding her. Each of her friends will deal with the situation as they see fit.
In two parts, the Sisterhood doesn't need to be a formal organisation to exclude someone that has broken trust.
It will just be a case that when there's another gathering, Anne's name just won't be on the invite list. It'll just happen that way.

For the latter point, it seems we agree.
We are going to have to wait and see what the reaction to the release of the diaries by the public is going to be.
The public at large could see The Sisterhood as the ones who had paid a very steep price during the war and still continued to serve Germany and the Empire for many years after.
Their stories will also highlight the treatment of individuals in the State Schools and the fact that Kat helped them to make something of themselves instead of just being thrown away after their mission was over, will make them into sympathetic, inspirational figures.
The main problem is for The Sisterhood is that they do not have the perspective of the larger picture and only see things through their narrow viewpoint.