Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

LF Jr. is around 30 years old now and single and to some that just won't do.
Probably when he is in port he is being introduced to the daughters and granddaughters of his superior officers especially at every formal events that are held.
In the last timeline when Charlotte saw how he was with Nella and Nan thought that he should have a family of his own.
Another problem for LF Jr. is that he is basically the number one officer compared to his peers in the race for promotions and commands just based on his own record alone but add on to it his title and that gives him an even bigger leg up to his peers, the only b thing that is going to stop him from getting the top job is that the Reichstag may feel that an Imperial Prince shouldn't have that much real power and the Chancellor and Defense Minister are dropping hints right now to the OKM that LF Jr. career should be sidelined to another direction away from getting higher commands in the future.
But for right now for LF Jr. his life, his love, and his lady is the sea.
Could be fun if the consequence of all this is LF jnr walking away from it all, just give up titles and claims to be simply Mr von Preußen
Part 132, Chapter 2260
Chapter Two Thousand Two Hundred Sixty

27th October 1973

Tempelhof, Berlin

It being a Saturday, Sophie went out for a ride with the hope of covering as much ground before it started to get dark, and she would need to head for home. She had also headed south into an unfamiliar part of her own neighborhood. She had heard that the best adventures could be found without having to go too far.

The new bicycle was amazing. Doug had said that he had ordered the parts for the group-set from Shimano, a Japanese company that no one Sophie had talked to had heard of. In reply to that Doug said that they had made some key innovations according to a friend of his who lived in Australia. Once Sophie got it out on the road and felt the surge of power every time she shifted speeds, she realized that the Italian designed group-set on her Bianchi was clunky by comparison as she shifted smoothly between gears. Doug had also told her that a red bicycle would go faster. Sophie figured that he was probably pulling her leg with that last part.

Steering her bicycle through a portion of the road that was cracked and irregular, Sophie tried to steer around the worst portion with limited success. Winter was coming and she remembered how difficult to ride it was most days. Ziska said that Sophie needed to think of something else to do over the winter before she pointed out an article in one of the magazines that Tatiana had given her that she had not gotten around to reading about a men’s cycling team in Warsaw that lifted weights once the weather got cold. That was decidedly not what Sophie wanted to be doing and it was a bit embarrassing that Ziska had found that article before she had. Kat had finally come home the week before, when Sophie got the chance, she would need to get Kat’s opinion on the subject.

Rounding a corner, Sophie saw that the houses on this street all seemed run down and dirty, she could hear the sounds of a busy road on the other side of the houses. There was also broken glass on the surface of the street, and she had to slow so that she wouldn’t ride through it. A single shard of glass could ruin her day if she had to walk her bike home and try to patch the innertube. That was when she passed a chain-link fence that enclosed a small garden that was largely overgrown. She was shocked when a bottle flew over the fence, narrowly missing her head, before smashing when it hit the asphalt. Sophie veered onto the far side of the street and increased her speed, getting broken glass in the tires would the least of her problems if that had hit her. As if on cue, a second bottle flew over the fence, smashed on the pavement and she could hear a man’s voice drunkenly yelling at her. As Sophie sped away, she made mental note to never come back this way in the future.


“Fucking stuck-up bitch!” Sepp’s father bellowed, “Get back here and I’ll show you what’s what!”

“Will you cut that out” Sepp said sharply, horrified by his father’s behavior. The fact that his father had just chased off Sophie before Sepp could screw up the courage to get her attention, even as horrified as he was about what her reaction might be when she saw where he lived, as she had passed by his house just made it worse. As it was, he could hear the clicking sounds her bicycle made fading in the distance probably going as fast as she possibly could. He could only hope that she had not seen him before his father started throwing beer bottles at her.

“You saw that bike she was riding?” Sepp’s father said, his words slurred as he walked on unsteady feet back to the chairs that were on the front porch. “That is at least two weeks pay for an honest man, probably three. There is not a chance in Hell that girl made that herself. Her parents just gave it two to her. No one gives people like us a damned thing.”

Sepp held his tongue in response to that. He could think of countless times when his father had been perfectly happy helping himself at the expense of Sepp and his brothers.

“I saw that in Mexico” Sepp’s father said, “Poor people killing poor people, while that girl’s parents made a killing.”

It was something that Sepp’s father talked about constantly when he was drunk. What he had seen with the Army in Mexico, and it was a big part of the reason why Sepp was desperately trying to get into University. If that fell through, then his options would be very limited.

“You don’t know who she is” Sepp replied.

“I bet you are stupid enough to want to know her” Sepp’s father said with a drunken chuckle, “With how she was dressed and all.”

Sepp hadn’t really considered that, but Sophie had been wearing clothes that were appropriate for the season, so were not particularly revealing. However, because that was cycling attire, it was as light as was practical and rather tight so that it wouldn’t get in her way. Sepp was reminded of how Sophie was a rather fit girl who he had found attractive before he had gotten a chance to talk to her and found out that she had a sharp edge to her despite living on a posh street and going to a fancy school.

Sepp and his father fell into an uncomfortable silence. Sepp’s mother had insisted that he needed to stay with his father to keep him from doing something stupid, something of a lost cause. Sepp had known it was coming after his father had woken up and decided that he needed some hair of the dog that had bit him, which had quickly become the whole hound. Sepp had been on the phone trying to pick up an extra shift at Benno’s to avoid having to do this.
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This doesn't seem particularly interesting now, but this Shimano freewheel 5-speed cassette was hugely innovative in the 70's. See, the teeth are not aligned. Instead, they are set where they are would be best placed to grab the chain for quick, smooth shifting.

download (6).jpg
Used to have a great set of Shimano deep sea rods and reels, not relevant to this timeline but it reminded me of going fishing with my father.
Used to have a great set of Shimano deep sea rods and reels, not relevant to this timeline but it reminded me of going fishing with my father.
Well, in a odd way it might be.

What is the state of global fisheries these days there?

With the Soviet Union dead that much sooner there was much less time for their insane fishing policies to devastate stocks (and there might be less nuclear subs hulls rusting away in open water).
IIRC the Japanese right elevated whale fishing as some national honor thing after the OTL WW2 saw much of their traditional national honor things turned into national shames, that might not have happened here.
What you need is her to bring that bike around the Richthofen estate and have the Baron agree that yes, red is the best colour.


The fastest is silver, ask Mercedes.

And Shimano was the top of the top in the 79s and 80s. Having your bike equipped with them got you a lot of status points.
Are there any bicycle racing clubs in Berlin that hold competitions that include Junior Women races?
If there are and Sophie shows that she is very competitive in them she may be invited to join them and being the ward of the Furstin of Berlin wouldn't hurt.
Part 132, Chapter 2261
Chapter Two Thousand Two Hundred Sixty-One

2nd November 1973

Tempelhof, Berlin

After being away for so long, Kat was finding that she was having trouble with the rhythm of her household. It was like an itch in the middle of her back that she couldn’t reach. She felt restless and nothing seemed to help. She kept having the observations that had been made about herself and her family running through her mind.

Jo had come around with Suse Rosa in tow. Kat’s foster daughter and goddaughter both had their own lives. She had come to the realization that though they didn’t really need her as much as they might have in the past, her home was something that they needed to come back to from time to time.

Tatiana was busy with her studies, which was fortunate because the two of them had a terrible habit of arguing with each other. Doug said that it was because Kat and Tatiana had very similar personalities, so everything that aggravated them about themselves they saw very clearly in the other, Doctor Cremonesi had found that interesting but had not elaborated. Kat didn’t know if she could handle the sort of screaming match they had gotten into in the past at the moment, so she was hoping that Tatiana would remain busy. She wondered if that made her a terrible mother, even if Tatiana was now an adult.

Malcolm had gotten over his disappointment at having been passed over for a slot in an expedition to Greenland and Baffin Bay. Instead, he was still spending most days sitting in a bunker on the outskirts of Potsdam fighting a losing battle against his subordinate’s misuse of military equipment. He didn’t think that Kat knew about any of it, with it all being officially secret. She had ended her career as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe High Command, so she still had the security clearance necessary to know what her son was up to. It seemed strange to her that Malcolm’s superiors knew about what was happening and had done nothing to stop it, but they said that it was harmless. Constantly having him tell them cut it out forced them to keep it discrete. Kat understood that they were watching to see what sort of leader he was, she just wished that they had picked a less embarrassing way of going about doing it if Malcolm messed this up.

Kat had spoken at length about how Marie Alexandra seemed to be reluctant to grow up. With how she seemed to get rewarded for her behavior, it seemed likely that she wouldn’t for a long time. Recently, she had accompanied the Empress to London for a meeting whose topic of discussion had left Kat fuming. Marie had been less focused on the implications than on how the whole thing had been this incredible lark. Aunt Marcella had pointed out that Marie was a lot like Kat, just in a different way. Marcella thought that she was who Kat might have been if things had just been different. Kat felt that there was no way to tell if there was anything to that.

Petia had told Kat that she thought that Sophie had met a boy. Something that had prompted Kat to have the usual awkward conversation or two when she got home even though she had seen no evidence of this boy being around. What Sophie had really wanted to talk about was fitness and how exercise over the winter might help her this spring. That was the direct result of what Doug had gotten her into. There was a cycling club at the local youth center which Sophie had gone on a few group rides with over the autumn. It was through them which she had learned about competitive cycling and had this notion that she could compete in the Women’s Juniors starting next spring. Douglas had encouraged her, even going so far as help her assemble a new bicycle. Kat had been absent at the time and hardly in a position to discuss the matter at length because they had only been able to talk for a few minutes over the phone each day. Kat’s recovery had been far more important topic of conversation.

Kat felt a bit guilty about Angelica. She had promised Cosimo that she would provide a stable home for his daughter. Being away for three months because she had one of her black moods overtake her was not a part of that deal. Kat knew that she had missed a great deal over the autumn and had no idea on how to make that up to everyone. Petia told Kat that everyone was just happy that she was home where she belonged.

The folder on her desk, information compiled by her sources within the Berlin Police’s Intelligence Unit, would probably disrupt her current domestic harmony it any of her family found out about it. When Kat had dropped the photographs of Franz Josef Strauss’ meeting with Birsha Bleier off at the Headquarters of the BII she had gone to the City Police Headquarters next door and had spoken with the Inspector of the Intelligence Unit, the folder arrived at her house a day later. Kat understood that they kept tabs on those who lived in Kat’s household and who they associated with. The boy who Petia suspected Sophie had met was real. Josef “Sepp” Albers Deisler, fourteen-years-old, his father was a Laborer and apparent alcoholic, his mother worked in a factory that manufactured plastic containers. Josef would have met Sophie over the summer at Schwielochsee. Kat got the impression that he was a young man who was frequently forced into playing the role of parent within his family.
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This will be interesting. I think this is an area where Kat may not be the best person to help, but maybe Hans can. Maybe it's time for the "Top Brass to get off their butts and do something to help the grunts that did all the hard work", and start an organisation to look after the mental health of ex soldiers.
Some work, some order and purpose in their lives and get them back on their feet.
But Army style. ;) Not a Charity.
First off Kat meds still needs some adjusting but now that she is back home it really shouldn't be that hard as she has a team to take care of her whether she likes it or not.
Kat has a contradictory nature about her as she needs to be needed at the same time she really doesn't want people to need her as she feels that she is only going to disappoint people and show that she isn't worthy of all the praises and accolades that she has received.
Now Sophie needs Kat to help train her during the winter and Kat should have Angelica and especially Ziska join them as Kat can develop an exercise and fitness routine for people with various physical ailments.
Part 132. Chapter 2262
Chapter Two Thousand Two Hundred Sixty-Two

10th November 1973

Moscow, Russia

The recent visit by Princess Kristina von Preussen zu Hohenzollern had been a success so far as opening a diplomatic venue between Germany and Russia on a more equal footing. While there had been successful scientific and economic collaborations, it had been difficult to get past the reality that the relations had been rocky because the Soviet War had always been at the back of everyone’s mind.

Gia had been in a good mood right until Anya showed up at her front door with her, boyfriend, now suddenly her fiancé, Renat Orlov and announced their intentions. It wasn’t that she had a problem with Renat, it was that she felt that he and Anya was rushing things a bit having only met a few months earlier. Gia had convinced Anya to return to Moscow to be a dance instructor at the Moscow School of the Order of Saint Catherine. It would only be for a year and having done so would gain her a letter of recommendation from the Czar which would open a vast number of doors for Anya. Then Renat had entered the picture.

It had been Gia’s intention to reestablish the network of schools for girls that had existed prior to the October Revolution. She was just doing it with a twist. Unlike the prior network which had been for “Noble Maidens,” places in the new network were reserved first for girls who had aged out of the State Schools and Orphanages with the promise of a Classical Education and a chance to go to University.

Anya and Renat were certain that it was true love, and they announced that they were planning on getting married that spring. Gia figured that it was a result of their generation having progressed into their late twenties with the idea that many of them were living on borrowed time, she also understood that her own viewpoint had been similar in the past. Renat taught Russian Literature and had met Anya at the first faculty meeting of the new year. It had been a whirlwind ever since. Gia just hoped that they wouldn’t fall out of love as fast. She remembered the first time she had fallen in love and the massive scandal that would still bring if anyone ever learned of it. Gia also remembered how it had cooled over time. She figured that it was fortunate that Asia had remained a dear friend, even if Asia jokingly referred to Fyodor as “The other man” when no one else could overhear.

Tempelhof, Berlin

Attendance of the quarterly formal reception at the University Hospital was mandatory for the Senior Staff and Kiki would have preferred to have been anywhere else. Once again, she was forced to depend upon Steffi Bader, her long-suffering Personal Secretary to have the dress ready for her to change into it just minutes before she was supposed to be here. When Ben had met her in the Hospital lobby, he had mentioned how they had gotten quite good at throwing these things together at the last minute. Kiki knew that she needed to think of a way to thank Steffi for her tireless efforts in making her seem less like a complete mess than she actually was. Nina was spending the evening at her grandparent’s house and Kiki would rather be there than here.

Everyone knew what the real purpose of these events were, to solicit the funds that could be donated to the Hospital. The Donors could be wined and dined with funds transferred at the end of the evening. The problem was that a few days earlier Kiki had been involved in a case which had involved heroic measures to keep the patient alive which had taken her all the way from the field to the operating theater after a car accident. It was something that had happened so rarely that no one could a record of it happening before. By the end she had been a small player among a team of surgeons trying to stabilize a broken neck.

Naturally, that was all anyone wanted to talk about.

The Donor who Kiki was presently talking to was typical. Aristocratic in bearing, with a neatly trimmed beard and a tailored suit. He was wearing a Soviet War victory medal pinned to the breast of his suit jacket and a Medical Service lapel pin.

“I heard about the Atlanto-occipital dislocation that you dealt with Doctor von Preussen” The Donor said, “Your work was extraordinary.”

“The patient is still recovering and will be for months” Kiki said, “We do not know the extent of the neurological deficit yet…”

“My God” The Donor said, “That condition is almost always fatal, the fact that the patient is in recovery is nothing less than miraculous. If he walks out of the hospital at the end of this, that is unprecedented.”

“You are familiar with this matter Sir?” Kiki asked.

“I should be” The Donor said, “I like to keep tabs on my people.”

“Your people, Sir?” Kiki asked.

“I’m sorry, we haven’t been introduced” The Donor said, “I am Artur Biermann, I of course already know who you are, Doctor Princess, which is rather rare.”

“My younger sister is getting a Doctorate of Philosophy soon enough” Kiki replied, “And where have I heard your name before.”

Biermann just smiled, “Generaloberstabsarzt Biermann ring a bell?” He asked.

Kiki felt the blood rush out of her face. This was the head of the entire Medical Service and she had not recognized him.

“I am terribly sorry Sir” Kiki replied, “I had no idea…”

“Don’t worry about it” Biermann said, “Once you get past a certain Rank people stop being direct, change from that is refreshing.”
For those who don't know Atlanto-occipital dislocation, also known as an internal decapitation, is instantly fatal 70% of the time with most others suffering this condition not surviving transport to the Emergency Department. A patient surviving with this prognosis is a huge deal.
Now I'm no longer sure about her specific service status, but I'd have expected Kiki to got to such an event in dress uniform (with as little medals as possible) instead of a dress.

Also not sure about funding of (university-)hospitals in Germany OTL 70s or prior to the PoD, but fundraiser events seem a bit odd (and American). (Though not knowledgeable to specifically criticize, especially since university hospitals are a different beast even compared to 'normal' hospitals.)
Who I'm certain was fundraising OTL (and likely TTL) is the Red Cross and similar emergency organisations. Though they are often doing more door-to-door work. (Or I might just be unaware of the more 'high class' events.)

(Also the traditional season for formal events is still to this day somewhat bound to the winter time when the nobility would be present in the cities: at least in 'catholic' Germany and Austria usually expressed as November 11th to Ash Wednesday, the so called 'Ballsaison', so this might have been just a tick too early (or appropriate form protestant/reformed Berlin). Or taking advantage of a lull in the 'pre-season'.)
Also not sure about funding of (university-)hospitals in Germany OTL 70s or prior to the PoD, but fundraiser events seem a bit odd (and American). (Though not knowledgeable to specifically criticize, especially since university hospitals are a different beast even compared to 'normal' hospitals.)
Who I'm certain was fundraising OTL (and likely TTL) is the Red Cross and similar emergency organisations. Though they are often doing more door-to-door work. (Or I might just be unaware of the more 'high class' events.)
A University Hospital would be funded by Federal and State Governments for the day to day operations. However, big ticket items such as construction and advanced technology would be greatly aided by "grants" freely given, of course there would be tax write offs involved.

As for the timing, this is a relatively small event with the larger events occurring during the other quarters. The winter and summer events being the largest productions.

Finally, at this point Kiki avoids uniforms and medals as much as she can get away with.
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IOTL the CT Scan was available in 1972 and the MRI was available also in the Seventies and they are not cheap so even through Germany has a great health care system both IOTL and ITTL the bean counters in the Reichstag will be very reluctant to fund these "newfangled" machines.
University Hospital ITTL is not only a top teaching hospital it is part of a network of various research programs and having fundraising functions to buy new and proven technology that the Reichstag won't fund at this time is very logical.


Well funds from donors traditionally play a very minor part in Germany. The most important source for money is „Auftragsforschung“ meaning science done financed by third parties. Of course ITTL someone might have had the idea of bringing up such charity diners to Germany as well.