Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

For europeans, short periods in terms of culture and history are somewhat different than for Americans ...
For example, even today Germany has enough houses that are 400+ years old ... which is simply older than America.
Kristina is pulling the leg of the president unless somebody calls two centuries a short time.
Yes and no. Yes, that is a long time by most people's standards. However, arsenic was referred to as "Inheritance Powder" right up until the start of the Twentieth Century when Chemistry and Forensics really became a thing. While dueling has been widely outlawed as a result of Murder being typically illegal everywhere, there have been instances of romanticism and stupidity that have gotten out of hand right up into the present. As for what daggers hidden up sleeves means. When has that ever not been true?
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So this has shades of the Kennedy-Khrushchev summit, but with the roles reversed, with the young leader basically intimidating the heck out of the venerable American statesman.

Sextum has shades of the Dead Hand system or even the Load a cargo ship with 1000 nukes and a seam of cobalt to kill everyone. Or it’s just a precision bomber attack. 😀
Kristina is pulling the leg of the president unless somebody calls two centuries a short time.
Dueling did survive into 20th century. One of the last members of German high nobility killed in a duel, was Karl Borwin zu Mecklenburg (1888-1908), whose 64th anniversary of death is in this timeline in 11 days, exactly August 24, 1972.


There is that fine line between something happening so regularly that it is seen as common or something that still is used as cliche but has become the exception of the rule.


Aconitum there are buildings in Germany that date back even further, some businesses are far older than Columbus but hardly anyone will refer to the time of Napoleon as fairly recently.
@ferdi254 i know^^ my city has a House build in 1326. One of the 3 oldest Fachwerkhäuser(a House/no idea what the English word is) in Germany!
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If this meeting happened in IOTL it would have been the greatest gathering of EuroTrash in history and the main topic of interest would be the fleecing of the Newly Rich American families and the recently widowed.
Kristina had said little as things had progressed. Presiding over the meetings as the participants had frequently started shouting at each other. Rockefeller found that she was a tall, boyish woman with a face that was impossible to read, aspects that were not readily apparent when photographs of her appeared in the tabloids. He was reminded of how she was a Medical Doctor by training and a mother of a small child when she said that all the shouting that they did was healthy. If they were silent, it meant that were up to something that she might not like. She said that poison in wine glasses, daggers hidden up coat-sleeves and bloody duels had been fashionable up until fairly recently. At least far more recently than most people realized. These days, according to her, the Law made no allowances for the title that one was born with. While Rockefeller took her word for it, there was a pretext that she seemed to have missed. Fear of going to prison was the only thing keeping these people from killing each other over grudges whose origins were lost in antiquity.
Rockefeller needs to remember that fear of prison is the only thing keeping his own country from doing the same. Everybody has a little list...
So this has shades of the Kennedy-Khrushchev summit, but with the roles reversed, with the young leader basically intimidating the heck out of the venerable American statesman.

Sextum has shades of the Dead Hand system or even the Load a cargo ship with 1000 nukes and a seam of cobalt to kill everyone. Or it’s just a precision bomber attack. 😀
This is assuming Sextum actually exists and isn't an elaborate scheme to scare the crap out of any potential enemies. A convincing lie is a lot cheaper than a doomsday weapon.
Part 128, Chapter 2166
Chapter Two Thousand One Hundred Sixty-Six

15th August 1972

Los Angeles

Going to the Airport was always a slog, even if you were just there to meet someone. That was why Big Mike had ended up tagging along and they were getting odd looks as they were parked outside the Arrivals exit of the Airline Ritchie’s guests would be flying in on. Every few minutes, Airport Security passed by eyeballing Ritchie’s old Chevy Nova. He figured that it was only matter of time before they stopped. He just hoped that Manfred would hurry up and get here before that happened.

“So, Crispy has this guy pulled over on a Friday night a couple weeks ago, expired tags” Mike said as he was telling the story. “Then when Crispy asked the guy if he knew why he was being pulled over, he starts going off on how he is a Sovern Citizen and he doesn’t have to obey any law he doesn’t agree with.”

Ritchie tried to hide his annoyance with that. They had been warned about that crowd and the trouble they had caused up north over the last few years. He also knew Crispy wasn’t the sort who deserved the trouble that came whenever one of those idiots got arrested.

“How did Crispy play it?” Ritchie asked.

“When the guy wouldn’t produce identification, Crispy detained him as a suspected illegal alien and put him in County where they threw him into a holding cell with some of the more entrepreneurial citizens from South-Central who were being transferred upstate. They didn’t get around to processing his paperwork until Monday morning.”

It was one thing to say that you didn’t believe in laws. It was another to find yourself in a place where the only law was the Law of the Jungle, and you were the next meal.

“Is the guy still breathing?” Ritchie asked in disbelief. He figured that if Crispy was smart he was keeping very quiet over this matter. That was until it blew over, then Crispy would be telling this story in every Cop bar on Southern California.

“In the hospital” Mike replied, “I figure he now has a size twelve asshole to match the rest of him.”

“That is kind of messed up” Ritchie said, “No one deserves to spend the weekend getting cornholed.”

“I don’t agree” Mike said, “Guys like that have been pulling the same sort of crap for ages and usually get away with it. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing robes and burning crosses or saying that they don’t have to respect the laws of a State they don’t recognize. It is just more of the same old shit as it has been since at least 1860, watch and see.”

“I guess” Ritchie replied. That was a reminder that despite appearances, Big Mike was extremely well educated.

It was then that Ritchie saw that behind them, the car from Airport Security had stopped and they were getting out. Keeping his hands on the wheel he watched as the Security Guard approached on foot. “If I could see your license and registration?” The Security Guard asked, the tone of his voice inadvertently adding an exclamation point at the end of what Mike had just been talking about.

“Does this work for you?” Ritchie asked, showing the Guard his badge. The look on the man’s face changed when Mike did the same thing.

“Sorry, Officers” The Security Guard said before beating a hasty retreat.

“Fuckers” Mike muttered as they watched the car speed away.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

That was when Manfred von Mischner walked through the automatic doors carrying two suitcases and a garment bag. A blond woman was walking with him who he towered over, he’d told Ritchie that he was traveling with his girlfriend. Both of them looked tired after having basically spent an entire day flying. Seeing Ritchie and Mike getting out of Ritchie’s car they turned and started to walk in their direction. It wasn’t until they got up close that Ritchie remembered Manfred from years earlier in Greece and Panama, how he was taller than most people. Not Mike though and Manfred’s reaction was one of surprise.

“This is Manfred von Mischner and Suse Knispel” Ritchie said to Mike before turning to them and saying. “This is Mike Washington.”

Suse muttered something in German as she followed Ritchie to the trunk of the Nova to put their luggage in. She was clearly not in the mood to socialize. Manfred on the other hand, was perfectly happy to introduce himself to Mike.

“It’s just as well that Ritchie invited us” Manfred said, “Suse got kicked out of her house last week after her Godmother said she wanted all the children out because of Nelson Rockefeller. She didn’t want to go home to her parent’s house in Prague and having her staying with me in Wunsdorf would have started too much talk.”

“Too much talk?” Mike asked.

Manfred looked like he was trying to remember the word.

“Gossip” Ritchie said as he pushed the seat forward so that Suse could climb into the back seat.

“Thank you” Manfred said.

“You two living together would be a scandal or something?” Mike asked.

Manfred shook his head.

“Manfred’s father is a retired Three Star General and Suse is the daughter of the Inspector of the Bohemian Military” Ritchie said, “Them moving in together would result in their respective families to start planning their wedding within five minutes.”

“Less than that” Suse said from the back seat as Manfred squeezed in beside her.
I just want to chime in and say that I still enjoy this story very much. Thank you for all the entertainment, Peabody-Martini. :)

I have never understood the sovereign citizen movement… even if people wanted to claim as such, you still got to follow the laws of the country your in!