Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

Actually, given everything Kat has been through, and how adamant she was about her daughter not joining BII or getting involved in any intelligence world activities, if Kat is asked what to do with Mathilde, she will NOT want her going the same route that she went.
Especially someone that young.
Train hopping.
Sneaking in to Military bases in an obvious manner.
Even asking people for direction in a misdirecting manner,

Clearly this is going to be someone on Kats watchlist.

And also an Assassin in training.

Scratch that! We are probably seeing the next Kat!
General Stefan von Mischner: "This girl, Mathilda, she reminds me of my sister, Kat."
BND/BII (with a barely concealed shudder): "We do see some similarities, yes."
German Special Forces (all of them): "We call dibs!"
Kaiser Freddy (thoughtfully): "A soft approach in this matter would be best. Well, as soft an approach as anything that involves the Tigress, and yes, I have asked her opinion on the situation."
Stefan (quietly): "Kat isn't THAT bad, you know. Unless you piss her off, that is."
given how much Kat's actions and capabilities have shaped the German Empire, having a potentional successor is huge. Everybody will have a say about raising mathilda and having first dibs on her. She must be taken in by Kat, to make sure somebody looks after her interest.
Somehow, I suspect that the current training program at both BND & BII is very, very, carefully designed to NOT piss off the Tigress by doing anything that even remotely comes close to what Schultz & Pujol pulled with her. Psychologists & psychiatrists galore to assess the mental state of prospective agents throughout training.


Kat hears about Mathilda and says "Mine."
Everyone interested in Mathilda: "Fuck!"
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A rusty fence, covered by bushes with no way to inspect, buildings more or less directly to that fence..,.
high security is something else entirely.

The Oberst had had every reason to shout because the best outcome of this for him is a loong tour to the Antarctic
A rusty fence, covered by bushes with no way to inspect, buildings more or less directly to that fence..,.
high security is something else entirely.

The Oberst had had every reason to shout because the best outcome of this for him is a loong tour to the Antarctic
It seems to me a case of years of bureaucratic pencil whipping going on, i.e. regular scheduled inspections of the physical security of the base being done and a relatively isolated hard to reach and see up close part of the base was given a look over instead of an up close inspection and was marked as up to standards.
Ultimately the final responsibility is with the Post Commander but somehow the because it was the First Foot that triggered this "crisis" they became responsible for fixing it and that meant literally fixing the fence.
A rusty fence, covered by bushes with no way to inspect, buildings more or less directly to that fence..,.
high security is something else entirely.
"High security" often means posturing and what is happening out front often bears little resemblance to what is in the back. I give you a report from the Atomic Energy Commission describing the security of a facility where weapons grade materials were kept.



Peabody agree there have been and will always be great lapses in security. Snowden comes to mind and the incredible stupidity of the USA failing on exactly the same thing (an unimportant person getting easy access to important materials) twice.

But I am just stating that once such a thing comes out heads will roll, especially after that has happened to Germany once, while OTL USA had not intruding agents as the main problem but already planted ones.


And of course never underestimate the stupidity of teenagers. Had to arrest two at gunpoint who were so stupid to invade a large ammunition storage area of the BW.

Big as in 2 sqkm.
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And of course never underestimate the stupidity of teenagers. Had to arrest two at gunpoint who were so stupid to invade a large ammunition storage area of the BW.

Big as in 2 sqkm.
What? Like wow.....

Was it actually stupidity, or was it "we are going in to get somethjng/have a look and if caught we will act stupid."


Many people underestimate how much the FRG was prepared for WW3. With literally every bridge rigged to be easily blown up. The depot was one of more than three dozens to keep NATO forces east of Hamburg supplied.

Well and hard to tell one from the other ain’t it? They told about a bet going on. They were more lucky than they realised they were in the beginning. It was bright daylight, we just entered guardian duty (so did not have a night deprived of sleep), saw them from a distance, so no sneaky surprise and they were clever enough to not do anything stupid after they looked down the barrels of 2 G3 at 50m.
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Sidenote: Today (7 September so I know it's "yesterday" for some of you) is Buddy Holly's birthday. Wonder if he's done anything noteworthy in the last couple of years of timeline time...?
Part 127, Chapter 2159
Chapter Two Thousand One Hundred Fifty-Nine

28th July 1972

Tegel, Berlin

The building was new they said, built in the last few years. Mathilda couldn’t have said if it was or not as she sat on her bed with her chin resting on her knees and her back against the wall. Instead, she found herself oddly homesick for Wollin Island, the place she had been desperate to escape just days earlier. She had been brought here, what she was told was a State School for Girls which was supposed to be a safe place for her until they figured out what to do with her. It left Mathilda wondering exactly what an unsafe place would look like, because this didn’t seem too safe to her. She was surrounded by tough city girls who talked so fast that she could hardly keep up with what they were saying, and the things they said… It was terrifying.

Before they had sent her here, she had been grilled by adults, asking why and how she had snuck into the Potsdam Barracks. When Mathilda tried to answer those, she only made matters worse. She had refused to answer further questions until a man who introduced himself as Stefan had talked to her. He had been honest with her, telling Mathilda that she wasn’t actually in trouble but had made a mistake that had embarrassed a lot of important people who were worried about their careers. He had convinced her that the best thing she could do was show him exactly how she had gotten inside the Military Base.

Once that was over, she had been taken to a woman who identified herself as a Social Worker and she had a set of questions of her own. They were all about Mathilda herself and as she discovered, she didn’t seem to know the answers to any of them. Had she attended school at all? Did she have a Social Insurance Number? Had she ever been taken to see a Doctor? Were there immunization records for her somewhere? She kept saying that she didn’t know or got confused as to what was being asked. Finally, Mathilda was asked a question she did know the answer to. Had she been born on Wollin Island? She had said yes to that. Only to get asked why had they been unable to find a record of her birth in Western Pomerania?

When Mathilda said she didn’t know after that last question, the Social Worker had just sighed. She then said that she would need to get her stepson to intercede directly on her behalf because Mathilda was obviously one of his subjects even her parents were being idiotic luddites. Mathilda had asked what that meant only to get told that it wasn’t important. She needed to be taken to the hospital immediately because it was actually dangerous for her to be around other people.

Mathilda had spent the next couple days getting poked and prodded in the hospital. Had blood drawn from both her arms and given a number of injections that she was told would prevent her from getting sick. Then she had been sent on to the State School. Unfortunately, she had also lost everything she had brought with her from Wollin Island in the process and had never felt so lonely in her life. Everything was unfamiliar, from the clothes she was wearing to the room that she was now sharing with another girl who didn’t want to talk to her. At the moment, they were in the midst of the Summer Holiday which seemed to Mathilda involve a whole lot of complaining about being bored.

“Can you come with me Mathilda?” Frau Weber, the Matron who managed this floor and the thirty odd girls who lived on it asked.

Mathilda reluctantly followed. She had been warned about how being obstinate would only make things worse for her. She was unsure how that was possible but having that happen on only the second day here seemed rather foolish.

“Your visitor is a very important man, and he has come a long way to see you” The Matron said as they descended down the stairs. “Please be respectful.”

“Yes, Ma’am” Mathilda replied. That was how she had answered every question the Matron had asked. It seemed to be the right tact.

“I will wait by the door” The Matron said as Mathilda passed her, “If you and made to feel uncomfortable at all, understand that you are free to leave the room at any time.”

Mathilda cautiously entered a room where this important man was waiting. He old, far older than even Mathilda’s father, but where her father was bald and fat, this man was thin, and his hair was totally white. The glasses he wore as well as the tweed jacket he wore made him look like the Professors in the comic books that she had read on the sly with Wulfstan before he went away to the Army.

“Good morning, Fraulein Auer” The man said, “I am Doctor Holz, and I was asked by a dear friend to see you today.”

That nearly caused Mathilda to bolt from the room. The last thing she needed was another Doctor.

“I am not here to conduct an exam” Doctor Holz said, looking at her arms which still had bruising on them from when she had been jabbed earlier in the week. “All I want to do is talk.”

“Talk?” Mathilda asked, “About what?”

“Anything you want” Doctor Holz said, “I’m curious about what is going on in that head of yours.”

“Why should I tell you?” Mathilda asked.

“To unburden yourself” Doctor Holz replied, “To know that you are not alone in your feelings. I am someone who will not judge you and anything said will be in the strictest of confidence.”

“I don’t believe that” Mathilda said. In her experience, no one could keep a secret for long and everyone judged everyone.

“Perhaps a show of good faith first” Doctor Holz said before he produced the drawstring bag that held Mathilda’s clothes and belongings. “And I am sure that you particularly want this back.”

He handed Mathilda the silver Mjölnir pendant on a leather necklace. “That really is beautiful craftmanship, it looks like the original that I saw in the National Museum in Stockholm” He said.

Mathilda waited for a snide comment about her religion to follow, but it never came. Instead, Doctor Holz just waited for her to reply.
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German imperial finishing school; when you need a waif able to absolutely kill every last person in a room. Our scientifically proven results have been refined since the 1920's, and continue to improve to this day.

More seriously, German secret agents are going to be the little girl you see in the opening credits of a movie ITTL, they seem to decided that Kat needs a second generation, and they know how to go about creating it.
So Mathilda is being helped by people who have the highest clearance possible, the doctor who is performing a psychological exam has a lot of experience with young girls with whom the State has a lot interest in and the Social Worker used to have the job that her Step son's wife now has.
Unlike when Kat was recruited by Johannes Schultz Germany is not looking at a major conflict with a Soviet Union in the immediate future that could have led to the conquest and destruction of Germany.
Mathilda seems to be more psychologically and emotionally stable then Kat and while the State may have an interest in her development, the State is not going to start to train her right now to be the next Kat no matter how much us Dear Readers want it but it won't stop her if SHE wants it.
Asking an 11 year old girl why her birth is not recorded is especially stupid.
Yes, but for an bureaucrat, hearing that nothing has gone right (aka according their rules) from the get go, is very troubeling and means a lot of work to put right. Of course she is to blame, it is her fault that she was born..... LOL