Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

There is no reason ITTL that Nancy Pelosi would not be in politics as the only butterfly in this timeline for her is that her father wins the Senate race that he lost IOTL.

There should have been more "Personal Time" scheduled for Kiki and Ben to relax and do there own things maybe later.
If Kiki and Ben think that San Francisco is cold they should go to a night game at Candlestick, I once went to Sunday Double Header at the 'Stick in July and I nearly froze my a** off, I saw a hot dog wrapper float around the stadium from the fifth inning in the first game to the fourth inning of the second game.
Now I wonder if we're going to hear from anyone. I wonder if Kiki has ever visited Pennsylvania.................
While I would absolutely be down for some Stupid Luck and Cheesesteaks, we're in Stupid Luck and Mission Burrito territory.

The thought of Kiki eating a huge burrito is a bit comical, though.
Part 119, Chapter 1993
Chapter One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Three

24th June 1970


What they had been doing for weeks was totally useless in Christian’s opinion. In the Polish Campaign they had never once engaged with opposing forces at distances more than a couple hundred meters. Neither Manny von Mischner nor Oberstaber Schultz cared though and all anyone higher than them cared about was that the Platoon was kept working, the harder the better. At the same time Christian had been working with Ralf to find a working protocol with the tactical radio network. Having received enough of the light radios to equip everyone had proven to be a big problem in that they had ended up with forty different ideas of how to go about doing that. The instruction booklets had not been particularly informative. The truly galling part had been when Christian had asked the Battalion Executive Officer what other outfits had done, he had informed Christian that the radio sets were experimental. They were among the first to receive them and Official Wunsdorf, which was basically a stone’s throw away from their barracks, was watching intently to see what they came up with.

That had caused Christian to ask the obvious question. How come no one had bothered to tell him that? The XO had just shrugged and said that it was “Need to know” and until he had asked, Christian had not needed to know. What followed was exhausting days spent trying to nail down a radio protocol that everyone could agree to. They had adapted it from the radio protocols already used in vehicles, which was they had been ordered to do in the first place. What creeped in though was what they had seen on Science-Fiction television shows and what always happened when they got new toys to play with. The first rule that Christian had needed to pound into everyone’s heads; Keep off the net unless it was important, followed by a long and growing list of what was not considered important. The fart and sheep noises that occurred every single time Christian asked anyone to do anything being at the top of that list. The only saving grace had been that none of that had happened when the Oberstlieutenant was listening in, so far, but Christian knew that it was only a matter of time.

Today, everything had come to a head when the Battalion had gotten orders to prepare for movement. They had no idea where they were going, why, or for how long. They had also been told to pack their winter gear. That last part was an ominous development because it was nearly summer. Jost Schultz had been on a tear. Growling at all of them that they should have been preparing for this. Instead, they had been fucking around for the last few months. Manny was more than happy to allow the Oberstaber to do this because he had only just gotten his girlfriend to accept his apology, so he had other concerns.

Mitte, Berlin

It seemed that all wasn’t well between Kat and Tatiana, of course that had been true for a rather long time. A few days earlier Tatiana had learned that Kat in her position as the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe High Command would need to sign off on her receiving any field training at Falkensee. It seemed that the BND understood the role they played as a Military Intelligence Organization and didn’t want to risk angering Kat. Tatiana was free to take courses on the Analytical or Management end of things, as well as being encouraged to stay at University. Kat had understood that saying no would be waving a red flag in her daughter’s face, so she had said nothing and that had left Tatiana in a bit of a lurch. Doug had met Tatiana for lunch today and they had started talking once they were done eating. Doug should have expected it, but all Tatiana wanted to do was complain about her mother.

“She’s being a complete bitch” Tatiana said, “One phone call is all it would take, and she is not even giving me that.”

“You do understand that your mother doesn’t necessarily approve of some of the choices you have made” Doug said, “And I cannot fault her for it.”

“That is her problem, not mine.”

“No, it’s her problem because you have made it into her problem.”

With that Tatiana crossed her arms and sat hunched in her chair, chewing on her lower lip. Doug knew she would take it the wrong way, but the attitude, tone, and defensive posture she was taking was almost exactly the same as he had seen Kat do hundreds of times over the years. It was the crux of the problems between the two of them. Of their three children, Tatiana’s personality was probably the closest to Kat’s and that commonality was a constant source of aggravation.

“Katherine’s entire motivation is to protect you” Doug said, “She knows that she made a lot of mistakes and spent a great deal of time pursuing what turned out to be dead ends. She doesn’t want you to do the same thing.”

“She has a funny way of showing that” Tatiana said.

“By not giving you what you want this instant?” Doug asked, “You are aware of how that sounds?”

Tatiana didn’t answer that question. She was honest enough with herself, that she understood what Doug had just suggested.

“Look Tat” Doug said, “I know that you are looking for immediate gratification here, but that is not how the world works for any of us.”

“Then why am I always hearing about what Momma had done by the time she was my age? Tatiana asked.

Doug sighed, this was always going to come up and he knew Tatiana didn’t really understand. Few in her generation did. “Katherine went through absolute Hell to accomplish what she did and lives with having done things no one should ever have to do” He said, “She doesn’t want that for you.”

Tatiana just poked at the pie crust on the dessert plate in front of her with her fork. Doug wished he could tell if she had understood what he had just said.
Tatiana, more like her mother than she cares to admit.

Doing things that are copying/emulating or going to be constantly compared to her mother.

Wanting to be like her mother in her own way, that she loves it so much she hates it just as much.
Ahh, but the Northern Hemisphere is not the World.
I really wish more people would understand this.

Although the relative lack of land in the Southern Hemisphere does restrict the number of places available for deployment where winter/alpine clothing would be necessary and only a lunatic would consider conducting any type of military exercise in Antarctica during winter*. It would make campaigning during a Russian winter look like a summer holiday.

*Emergency search & rescue notwithstanding.

Edit: Tatiana just needs to wait. Kat has tended her resignation from the military, which may or may not be accepted, and Tat's path to Falkensee will be clear. Frankly, I suspect the main reason Kat is resigning is so that she doesn't have say either 'Ja' or 'Nein' to a BND request for her eldest daughter to undergo combat training. I also suspect that the BND is also waiting for Kat's resignation to become official before submitting that request. No use aggravating The Tigress if you don't have to, after all, when all everyone needs to do is wait a little bit.
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Edit: Tatiana just needs to wait. Kat has tended her resignation from the military, which may or may not be accepted, and Tat's path to Falkensee will be clear. Frankly, I suspect the main reason Kat is resigning is so that she doesn't have say either 'Ja' or 'Nein' to a BND request for her eldest daughter to undergo combat training. I also suspect that the BND is also waiting for Kat's resignation to become official before submitting that request. No use aggravating The Tigress if you don't have to, after all, when all everyone needs to do is wait a little bit.

THe unfortunate thing for Kat is that she will forever be in the spy-military/intelegience world.

Once she is in its hard to get out, even when you think you are done and dusted. Even retired people have their uses.

I fully expect Louis Ferdinand and even Freddy to make use of her somehow.


In July and August also in the southern hemisphere you need to climb mountains to get to snow unless you are talking Antarctica.


Well the French and the UK will have a word in case German soldiers make it to those islands. And yes technically they are not Antarctica but...
The south part of South America is where Chile and Argentina are, Tierra Del Fuego. Add in the fact that the countries share a common border and Argentina is an allied, IIRC, with Germany would be an area to be.
Part 119, Chapter 1994
Chapter One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Four

26th June 1970

Pacoima, Los Angeles, California

Don’t get too close to the subject unless you want to get shot at. Ty Coleman’s Editor had not minced words when he had given him the assignment, as if he needed one having worked in Germany for several years before returning home to LA. The Princess was coming to Los Angeles, but she had not told anyone what her plans were. Kristina was a famously private woman who didn’t like being photographed, she was active in the German Special Forces, she had a diplomatic passport so God only knew what she might have brought into the country.

It all served as a warning the German Royals were not like their British counterparts when it came to the tabloid press. They managed things in a vastly different manner, not caring to be tourist attractions or public attractions and most of them had a career of some sort these days. Most of the palaces and residences had been turned into museums and galleries. The German Imperial Press Law of 1874 was something that every Journalist and Editor operating in Europe had to be aware of because it had real teeth, getting a story wrong over there could potentially have serious consequences. Antagonizing the House of Hohenzollern was hanging a “Kick Me!” sign on your back.

None of this was helped by most of them being for lack of a better word, boring, especially the Kaiser himself. He had cut the Royal Bureaucracy back to bare bones during the Second World War as a demonstration of solidarity with the German public and had not rehired the vast majority of it after the war ended. That meant that Palace intrigue was basically nonexistent and the closest thing to a royal scandal that Ty had covered during his time in Europe had been when the Board of Trusties who managed the family’s assets had been caught with their hand in the till. The story had ended after a few weeks because they had all been arrested, and the Kaiser had recouped most of his losses by seizing theirs after he sued them for breach of contract.

Kristina herself was particularly aggravating. Bespectacled and almost always sour-faced when anyone from the Press tried to talk to her. She even made a point of always wearing clothes that looked the same which made most photographs of her were worthless. Basically, Kristina was no one’s idea of glamorous Princess. There was also her marriage to what turned out to be her high school sweetheart, total snooze-fest.

Then today, of all things she might have done in Los Angeles, Kristina went to a working-class neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. As Ty sat in his car getting weird looks from passersby and sweating through his shirt, he wondered what the Hell she was thinking.


This was just the first of several events that would culminate with the wedding on Sunday. Kiki had been told that this was small as these things go, so she couldn’t imagine what the main event was going to be like. Ritchie, who had been rather surprised when Kiki and Ben had shown up at the front door of his mother’s house, said that they had needed to rent an event hall at the recreation center at a nearby park because the wedding had grown larger than initially planned. Kiki knew exactly how that sort of thing happened and figured that Ritchie would probably be grateful if rather than giving him a wedding present, she just cut him a check.

That didn’t mean that she didn’t have other considerations in the meantime though.

Kiki was trying to get air down her throat as her eyes were watering and her mouth felt like it was on fire. This was great amusement to Concha, who had insisted that she try her salsa roja. It had been delicious for the first few seconds, then the peppers had kicked in. Ritchie’s family found this incredibly amusing, they had tried to warn her. After a minute, she took a drink of beer to help ease it a bit.

“This is almost as spicy as the Kimchi I had all the time when I was in Korea” Kiki said. That was found incredibly amusing, but that had turned into amazement when Kiki took a second chip. So, far that afternoon she had been careful not to draw too much attention to herself, knowing that it should be focused elsewhere. Watching her try something new, especially when it was figured that she didn’t know what she was getting into tended to draw attention.

Finishing the bottle of beer, Kiki caught Ben’s eye and they drifted back across the back yard momentarily forgotten as the focus of the party shifted elsewhere. She was finding that she was enjoying it here. If anyone knew who she was here, they didn’t seem to care. They just knew that she was a friend of Ritchie’s from the Army. This crowd was also largely composed of Spanish speakers, or at least what passed for Spanish in California. Between the Latin and French that had been drilled into Kiki’s head in school until she was nearly fluent in French and conversational in Latin, she could understand most of what was said. Though making herself understood proved a bit more difficult. There were a number of others who Kiki recognized just from the way they walked, U.S. Special Forces. Kiki caught a glimpse of one of men from her security detail standing by the back door of the house. They were good at being unobtrusive, but still…

“Are you still going by the name Fischer?” The man who had introduced himself as Huck asked, “I remember from ten years ago, in China.”

“Doctor von Preussen these days” Kiki said as she pulled a fresh bottle of beer from the washtub filled with ice and looked at the vexing cap.

“I also heard talk that you’re a Light Colonel now” Huck said, “Pretty good run over a decade.”

“I guess” Kiki replied, “You know who has the bottle opener?”