Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

One of the original reasons for Kiki to be stationed on the hospital ship was to do a Goodwill Tour while practicing medicine she still can go on an improvised tour from Japan she can go to Korea where she is known, as "The Angel of Anju" and the Third Marine Infantry Division considers her as one of their own.
Ben of course became an Ace during the Sino-Korean War and they should both get additional medals from the Korean Emperor.
Kiki can still do some medical work with JMS units stationed there one after Korea she can go to Vietnam and do the same things.
This actually makes me wonder but there has not actually been a true direct threat against her children yet. IIRC Ubran implied the threat enough, but no one has actually harmed Kat's children yet. With Sven's book coming out, and even the re-rise of the Mischner crime side, then I would say that whoever is pulling the strings will want to go straight for Kat's family.
Aside from the time Marie got kidnapped by Mithras, had a gun pressed to her head and told he was going to kill her if Kiki didn't do exactly what he said, and maybe he'd still do it anyway. As for the aftermath of an attack on Kat's home & family... well, I'm pretty sure that even the current prosecutor of Berlin would consider the perpetrators as having committed mass suicide.
“With all of us, the chickens eventually come home to roost” Elis said seemingly oblivious to how that might apply to his own situation.
All sorts of chickens roosting in all sorts of places. Some might even end up being roasted, too.
A family can be two lesbians, a 17 year old, and a 60 year old American Bank-Robber turned club owner.

Hell, throw in a small dog and we're basically entering the world of bizarro Frasier.
To be bizarro Frasier, it would have to be a large dog, with orange eyebrows.

Meanwhile Karl has done some rather rapid calculations, asked said leading question and started to realise that;
a) He might have been played a few years back,
b) He was probably lied to by Sarah,
c) He might have a 17 year old son, and
d) Gertrude might kill him soon.
Part 117, Chapter 1941
Chapter One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty-One

11th October 1969

Kure, Japan

The apartment tenement in Kure that had been thrown up quickly and cheaply after the war was a different side of Japan, one that outsiders seldom got to see. Ben remembered being in Tokyo when he had been on leave from flying missions in Korea, but he had spent much of that time with his friends in the neon lit bars and gambling parlors of the red-light districts. There had also been the purchase of a book on topics that were seldom discussed in the West that Ben had later been able to put to use, much to the annoyance of Kiki’s neighbors at the time. This place was a world away from there though as they climbed the stairs. Even the trains that had brought them from Tokyo were shockingly different. Those were bright and clean, as opposed to dingy bare concrete that must have looked a century old when it was brand new.

Four men who had been assigned to them by Mistress Natsumi walked ahead and behind of them. Ben could see that while the people who lived here might not have known who they were, they certainly knew what they were. He could see looks of fear on their faces as the armed men in nondescript black suits walked past. Kiki had insisted that they come here after traveling to Kyoto the day before to see the city where she had lived with Princess Suga as an exchange student when she had been a teenager. What she called her time in exile.

After a brief stop at a grocery store on Hiroshima, Kiki had given the driver of the car they were riding in an address in the center of Kure. Now they were walking up the stairs with Kiki carrying a bag of groceries. Eventually, they reached the right floor and walked down a hallway of identical doors until one of their guards stopped and said something in Japanese to Kiki who said something back before knocking on one of the doors.

“Taichi” Kiki asked as the Japanese man opened the door, only allowing the left portion of his face to be seen. “Did you think I wouldn’t checkup on you while I was in Japan?”

“I wasn’t sure” Taichi replied as he opened the door to Kiki.

As they entered the paltry one-room apartment Ben saw that the right side of the man’s face was frozen in a rictus and the blind eye was an odd milky color. It was obvious that they were familiar with each other, but Ben knew nothing about any of this. Then it hit him, they were in Kure. This man was one of those who had survived this city’s destruction during the Second World War. The damage to his face and body would have been done by the nerve agents that Ben’s own father had helped develop.

“I brought you tinned fish, vegetables and rice so that your caretaker won’t have an excuse not to have you eat well this week” Kiki said as she started placing items from the bag onto the table. “I also got you some tins of mandarin oranges, you still like those?”

“Yes, but why are you doing this?” Taichi asked.

“Because I can” Kiki replied.

It seemed that there was some history between Taichi and Kiki. Ben just didn’t know what it was.

Mitte, Berlin

Marie had never felt so embarrassed in her entire life then she did today. Normally, she liked going clothes shopping. Exploring thrift stores or looking at expensive dresses that were priced far beyond her reach. Today was different though. She had been dragged along by her Mother and Great Aunt because they felt that she needed to make some updates to her wardrobe due to how her body was developing. To her complete mortification, they had talked candidly about how similar Marie’s body was to her mother’s and older sister’s, what she could expect over the next few years. This was the reason why Marie had tried to conceal the very things they were talking about from sight. Only now though did she realize that doing so had been a tell that her mother had been watching for, because Tatiana had done something similar five years earlier. “Breasts and hips are a part of being a woman” Aunt Marcella said to Marie, “You’re growing up is something that should be celebrated, not hidden away.”

The woman in the first specialty shop they insisted on going into was nice in a way that let Marie know she was probably trying to ingratiate herself with Marie’s Mother. She had seemed less than thrilled to see who the real customer was. That set the tone for the rest of the day. The worst part came at the very end of the day when they got home, and Marie was greeted by Tatiana and Sophie. Tat seemed to know everything that had happened and had poked fun at her, while Sophie had lots of questions. It was debatable which of the two she found more aggravating.

That was why Marie fled up to her bedroom and the sound of the bolt ramming home when she locked the door was one of the best sounds that she had heard all day. Then she saw the bags containing the undergarments she would be expected to wear and felt embarrassed again.
Is this the chap Kiki disarmed when he pulled a revolver on her for being German?
He didn't pull it on her, she found it when he passed out in front of her. The motivation behind it was that he wanted someone to suffer for his own lost family, he didn't get what he expected.
Advice to Marie: Ignore Tatiana and be nice to Sophie as she will go through this in a few years herself.
Glad to see Aunt Marcella still around and helping out.

When the story of Kiki's visit comes out and it will, it will only reinforce her image of being "The Angel of Anju" and "The People's Princess" in the eyes of the public and only Gia's "Saint Sasha" reputation will be greater.
When the story of Kiki's visit comes out and it will, it will only reinforce her image of being "The Angel of Anju" and "The People's Princess" in the eyes of the public and only Gia's "Saint Sasha" reputation will be greater.
Looking at Kiki and Gia’s military units, they kick ass, take names, and try and live up to their leaders. Fyodor for the Spetnaz and Tilo for the 3 Marines, plus a few Koreans and Japanese in their mix.
Kama Sutra, how else would we name it, "Indisches Handbuch für gemeinsame vergnügliche Geschlechtsverkehrspraktiken"?

(Indian manual for mutually enjoyable sexual practises)
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Ben it seems got a clue that the first time for him and Kiki wasn’t the Grand Experience that it was supposed to be...