Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

Part 116, Chapter 1926
Chapter One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty-Six

19th August 1969

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Much to Hillary’s surprise, the apartment was mostly as she had left it the afternoon before. She had been expecting to find the place completely trashed, so not finding it a smoldering ruin was totally welcome. Velma was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and watching Nigel playing in a length of plastic tubing that she had found somewhere.

“I admit it, you were right, and I was wrong” Velma said as soon as she saw Hillary.

“About what?” Hillary asked.

“The party” Velma replied, “It was a stupid idea, but I just wanted to do something fun before next semester started and everyone got too busy.”

“What happened?” Hillary asked.

“I threw everyone out early” Velma said, “Things were just awful, and I wanted to be alone.”

“I’m surprised by that you were looking forward to the party for the last few weeks” Hillary said, “You invited your friends, those two men you liked.”

“Bill and Brad are not likely to come around here again anytime soon” Velma replied. Something about the way she said it put Hillary’s back up.

“Did they get into a fight over you?” Hillary asked.

“No” Velma said, “It seems that they were more interested in each other than they ever were in me. I walked in on them going at it.”

“It, as in…?” Hillary asked, half afraid of the answer.

“Brad screwing Bill” Velma said in an exasperated tone, “Anally.”

“I see” Hillary replied, not really caring for the visual that brought to mind. She didn’t care personally if someone was gay or not, but the two individuals involved though…

“I swear the East Coast is not what I was expecting” Velma said, “Being someone’s perspective beard was not what I thought I was dealing with.”

“You are from Los Angeles” Hillary said, “I understand that this sort of thing is not quite as hidden out there as it is here.”

“If you say so” Velma replied, “And you clearly don’t know much about Los Angeles.”

“You said you were from Hollywood” Hillary said, wondering what Velma meant.

“North Hollywood” Velma replied, “That is a world away from what people imagine California is like and I didn’t move there until I was five.”

“What is the difference?”

“Being dirt poor in L.A. is only somewhat better than being dirt poor elsewhere” Velma said, “As it was, I was only one of a handful of students at my high school who wasn’t Mexican.”

“You went to UCLA though” Hillary said. As much as she disliked it personally, she was acutely aware of how those without money tended not to advance into higher education. Which made Velma’s presence in Cambridge extremely unlikely.

“More like Santa Monica City College for two years before transferring and I only got into UCLA because my mother got a job working at the Medical Center” Velma replied, “Scoring extremely high in the LSATs and having a nice sob story about dragging yourself up from poverty for the admissions board will do you wonders.”

Hillary had had no idea about any of that. Then again, she had never asked.

“Is there anything else I should know?”

“Nothing really” Velma replied, “You might want to consider buying new sheets for your bed though.”

Fort Drum, New York

As the last few days before Ritchie was going to depart for California passed, the more he noticed that everyone was talking about Major Parker. It seemed that Parker was being close mouthed with everyone about what was going on and there were rumors flying around as speculation ran wild. One was that he was planning on going back to Langley, another was that Parker was leaving for a woman from a country that no one in either the Military or the CIA were thrilled with. With their team having stood down pending restructuring, there was plenty of time to speculate about matters like that

Ritchie knew the truth though, mostly because he had asked Parker himself. Everyone else had not bothered to do that. They either lacked the courage to do it themselves or enjoyed gossiping. What Parker had to say seemed simple enough, he had gotten a better offer. MGM was making a new James Bond movie and he had been hired to be a Consultant by the Production Team to help lend an air of authenticity to the action sequences of the film. Parker could make more during a few weeks of filming than he could over the next decade in the Army and there was the prospect of other work as the other big-name studios would be looking to hire him. Of course, working for MGM in England would put him only a few hours away from a particular German Lady who Parker wanted to spend a lot more time with, in the future preferably without the Agency breathing down his neck.

For Ritchie, that opened a whole new realm of possibilities that he had not considered. Would having the cache from having been in the Green Beret open doors for him in Hollywood? Or was that just for Officers like Parker? He already knew that had opened a door into the highly questionable career move that was ahead of him, one that involved him going back to school as soon as he got back to L.A. If being in the Army had taught him anything, it was that having a plan B was always welcome.
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I am glad I swallowed my drink before(!) I came to the last sentence of Velma. Very glad.
And I am pretty sure with something as valuable as a large relief ship with a princess on board entering dangerous regions a few German navy assets will be in the area.

Few as in all aircraft carrier groups Germany has.
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“Nothing really” Velma replied, “You might want to consider buying new sheets for your bed though.”
I am glad I swallowed my drink before(!) I came to the last sentence of Velma. Very glad.
I laughed at this one too. I have learned that tehre are some threads that it is just not save to be drinking anything while reading!

One possible backup would be a sub with homing torpedoes that can track the sort of small motors that pirates use...
Or a supersonic plane that's in the air, 100 miles away, is ~ 5 minutes out...
“Nothing really” Velma replied, “You might want to consider buying new sheets for your bed though.”
Actually Velma should be the one offering to buy new bedsheets for Hillary and if it as it seems that Velma can't afford to buy them right now she can always pay Hillary back a little at a time, and it is defiantly not the Bill from OTL that Velma was seeing.

Richie has a good plan. two years at a community college then two years at Cal State Los Angeles should give him a leg up on life. we might even see him in the 80's with him being high up in the LAPD hierarchy or in local politics
Parker is going to end up becoming a screenwriter then a producer on the James Bond films.


Well about the part that that Bill is not OTL Bill.,. you never now until you tried. Not discussing actual politics but just mentioning the fact that a pretty antigay hungarian politician was caught... well google it up yourself.

This should avoid any bear attack. And remember a lot of Hollywood actors.,.

On the other hand how many Billys are there in the USA? So the choice is great.
Does anybody know a highly decorated strike fighter pilot that might have a vested interest in going all badass on anybody threatening Kristina?
No. No one at all. Certainly no combat ace, veteran pilot, former Raumsfahrer with experience of the far east.
No, no one springs to mind.
I don't think we can comprehend how much the culture of the United States is going to be so much different ITTL to IOTL, first without the participation of the United States in ITTL WW II there won't be the Baby Boomer generation, no Buddy Holly and no Jimmi Hendrix and no British Invasion Rock and Roll in America is unrecognizable ITTL.
A major factor is without the Vietnam War and the draft there won't be the cultural divide ITTL that still is going on today IOTL
I foresee a ceremonial 'Burning of the Sheets' in a bin outback of the dorms, possibly followed by Hillary requesting a new mattress from the RA. Or, at least a gallon or so of bleach. They didn't have to use HER bed, after all.

The British Invasion could still happen, just not in the way we think of it. After all, the Moondogs are making significant waves in the music world.
It is 1969 and I don't think the movie "Easy Rider " will be made, if there is a British Invasion it is going so much different then it was IOTL, the Woodstock music festival ended on August 18th, IOTL and the last update takes place on August 19th, ITTL and there was nothing posted about it.
I do think that "Midnight Cowboy" will be made along with "2001: A Space Odyssey" as the American people clamor for more adult fare influenced by movies coming from Europe.
I don't see why Richie can't do both.

With his operator cred, setting up LAPD SWAT is inevitable, and while he's doing that he can probably spare some time for night classes at a city college. THEN, once SWAT's up and running, he can see if Hollywood wants to make movies about them and offer to be their go-to technical advisor; he can put some of that sweet Hollywood money into a recreational fund for the boys or something.

Marc A
Germany has a rich cultural heritage that extends back to Renaissance time. As well as a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and internationally sourced populace. And no devastating or internally divisive events to overcome. Instead they have a history of being the leader in peace or war which has made Germany a leader on the world stage for culture (both Traditional and Pop), science, medicine, etc. Is the world striving to "Be Like the Germans"? Copying or importing the German way of life? In OTL, the USA was what the world wanted to be (at least that is what I was taught in school during the 60s and 70s). Are the Germans the example to the world here? Do people brag about their German roots? Is German-made a sign of quality of life? Do students hope to train in Germany to be the best in their fields?
I know this a bit of a fanservicy ask, @Peabody-Martini , but given your hints as to what Kiki is sailing into, and Zella being a bit irked at her bosses, I had an idea for a chapter down the line: Kiki, trying to process whatever you put her through, comes back to the V8 club, dressed Kat-style and giving zero fucks, and plays a set on her violin, with Zella and Yuri recording, with a "light" interview after which Kiki goes off on a rant about something random people don't get about the missions of hospital ships.

Your story, and I hope I'm not being a dick, but I love this story and I can totally see the above happening.

Apologies if I was being a dick, sorry.


I laughed at this one too. I have learned that tehre are some threads that it is just not save to be drinking anything while reading!

One possible backup would be a sub with homing torpedoes that can track the sort of small motors that pirates use...
Or a supersonic plane that's in the air, 100 miles away, is ~ 5 minutes out...
My suspicion is that Princess Antonia is nuclear powered (such long missions require otherwise lots and lots of refueling stops and it was mentioned that the systems onboard are also energy hogs but the power generation is more than sufficient to supply them). If that is correct, most likely there is no need for any sub on standby; you just put all power to the propulsion, get to your 35-40 knots and simply leave the pirate boats behind. There is no conventionally fueled ship that can keep up with it before running out of fuel in short order. And nuclear propulsion favours big ships.
Of course you can have a plot twist by having a damaged propulsion system or, worse, reactor trouble... but that's up to PM