Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

Part 107, Chapter 1747
Chapter One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty-Seven

2nd September 1966


With Kiki having finally left for Laupheim, Vicky let out a breath that she didn’t realize that she had been holding. While the house felt empty with her gone, the tension that Kiki had brought home with her had been suffocating and Vicky couldn’t think of how introducing her to Anna could have gone worse. With lectures starting at the University, Anna had been terribly busy. They had not had the chance to talk about any of that until this afternoon when she had invited Anna over for tea. Now Vicky was wondering how to start the conversation. There was the obvious thing first.

“Sorry about Kiki” Vicky said, “She mostly has two speeds with new people, shy and wrecking ball. You got the latter.”

“I actually like her” Anna replied, “She was trying to protect her little sister, worried that I might break your heart.”

“She was being awful” Vicky said, “I’m sure you noticed that she made a few threats, take those seriously because her involvement in the FSR isn’t a joke.”

Anna just shrugged and smiled. “Kiki also didn’t say one word objecting to us” She said, “Did you notice that?”

Vicky sat there blinking for a moment, she hadn’t noticed that.

“You are so lucky” Anna said, “You have this big wonderful family that apparently accepts you.”

Anna had said that she was an only child and her parents had rejected her when she had told them that she was a lesbian. To her Vicky had an embarrassment of riches in more ways than one, family most of all.

“I don’t know about that” Vicky said, “Rea and I haven’t been on speaking terms for some time.”

Then seeing the questioning look on Anna’s face, “Marie Cecilie” Vicky quickly added, Rea’s real name.

“That is your twin sister?” Anna asked, “That must be odd.”

“It is just how it is” Vicky replied, “Even now it feels like she’s a part of me, it has always been that way.”

“That still sounds odd” Anna said.

“My brothers are all trying to live up to family expectations each in their own way” Vicky said changing the subject, “I’m sure that you have seen what that looks like in the magazines you saw.”

“I get the impression that being a girl involved lower expectations”

“Look pretty, get married, and regularly pop out babies” Vicky said, “Care to guess why we mostly have rejected that so far?”

“Mostly?” Anna asked.

“Antonia, my youngest sister and Annett, my father’s ward are still children so who knows what they are going to do” Vicky said, “They are adorable though.”

Anna smiled at that before she leaned over and kissed her deeply, leaving Vicky surprised. They had gotten to know each other over the summer when they were in the same pottery class and had been on a few dates, thoughts of intimacy hadn’t occurred to her during that time. She had been mostly concerned with trying to figure out how to be in a relationship with another person.

“They aren’t the only ones who are adorable” Anna said when she saw the expression on Vicky’s face.

Trieste, Austria

Kapitän Ingo Laninga had not been pleased to discover that Louis had ordered the three SK-Boats into the dockyard and was working to fit them with 533mm torpedo tubes. They had been shipped from Kiel after Louis had called in a few favors. The SK-Boats had been designed to be quickly adapted to different missions and that included having the mounting brackets for the torpedo tubes already in place, the tubes needed only to be installed. Because the mission was supposed to be anti-smuggling, the need for packing a punch against heavier units was not felt to be needed. That had changed in a hurry. The crews of their respective boats were connecting the plumbing that delivered the compressed air and setting up the wiring for the controls. It just involved taking the boats out of commission for a few days and the use of a crane. The Austrians were happy to help, Louis suspected that their version of the MND was coming on board in the process but that was the cost of doing business.

“Mind telling me what is going on?” Laninga asked once Louis was in his office.

“The Americans reached out” Louis replied, “Giving me a bigger picture.”

“Meaning what exactly?”

“It seems that one of their own has been facilitating every shitshow around the globe for at least the last decade” Louis said, “Mexico, Arabia, Sino-Korean War, the rest. Violent anarchy for fun and profits. It also seems that he has been selling tons of munitions to the Turks who are out for revenge after what the Greeks did to them the last time. The issue it seems is that the Turks plan is to start a crusade against the Greeks, they just need to provoke the Greeks into being the ones who fire the first shot. Which is why we have that Q-Ship lurking around. To get the Greeks to stop and board every ship they suspect may be coming from Turkish ports.”

“What does any of that have to do with torpedoes?” Laninga asked.

“We need to find that Q-Ship and end this before the Greeks do something stupid” Louis replied, “Even if that involves sinking it.”

Laninga was silent for a moment and Louis could see the wheels turning. The Intelligence Officer knew that he lost nothing if Louis was getting this wrong, if Louis was right and was successful on the other hand… That was a different story.

Unfortunately, Laninga would probably blow his stack when he learned exactly what favors Louis had called in.
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That could be a big black eye for the American intelligence services. Having a rogue actor be responsible for pouring gasoline on every international dumpster fire for the last 30 years and not being able, or is it willing to catch him?

This will have diplomatic repercussions. And memes. Clowns & Incompetents Anonymous.
It is not just Americans who will have a black eye if he gets caught, it has been shown that Bey Cali, Senor Arbrusto, Herr Busch, and Monsiur Buisson has been playing all sides against the middle and has gotten rich from it.
I am very sure that in the Middle East he has been supplying both arms and mercenaries to FINA, Elf, British Petroleum, ESSO, Texaco, Chevron, Deutsche Petrochemical, and any other international oil company that is doing business or want to do business in the Middle East and all with the unofficial help from their respective governments.
The ongoing (and no doubt highly ethical) adventures of GWH Bush always remind me of only Fools and Horses.

Rodney: "You mean you were gun-running in the middle of a civil war?"
Grandad: "Well that's the best time to do it Rodney, supply and demand!"

You can't fault the logic.
Things are going to get...interesting, for sure. Here’s hoping they can prevent things going down between Greece and Turkey...

Also, Vicky and Anna are adorable :)
I wonder what the security detail for Vicky is reporting back.
Anna is probably getting background security check to make sure that who she says she is is really her, Vicky most likely does not have any access to State Secrets ( major understatement) but there is always the possibility that Vicky will bring her "Dear Friend" to family functions as a guest and nobody wants to find out too late that Anna is a Jacobian.
Anna is probably getting background security check to make sure that who she says she is is really her, Vicky most likely does not have any access to State Secrets ( major understatement) but there is always the possibility that Vicky will bring her "Dear Friend" to family functions as a guest and nobody wants to find out too late that Anna is a Jacobian.
Or worse, a Journalist.
Or worse, a Journalist.
Yeah, the kind of stories that could make money there. Anna would have to move, but holy crap would that unleash the Tigress.

Been awhile since my last reread, were the twins alive when Kat went full-badass mode saving the royals, or was Kiki the youngest then?

(This story needs some sort of TV Tropes/chapter legend so folks who want to reread favorite chapters don't have to go hunting.)
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Been awhile since my last reread, were the twins alive when Kat went full-badass mode saving the royals, or was Kiki the youngest then?
Freddy and Michael were very young at the time of the attack and Kiki was in the womb, which is why Kat has always had a very special relationship with Kiki.
Part 107, Chapter 1748
Chapter One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty-Eight

6th September 1966


The men assigned to be in his daughter’s security details tended to be selected because they were tight lipped. That included to Louis Ferdinand at times. Katherine, who had set the system up when the girls were younger, said that it because there were some things that as their father, he was happier not knowing. There were other things that needed to be factored in, like Kristina’s habit of ditching her security detail when they became inconvenient or Marie Cecilie treating them like labor when she was on one of her crusades.

That was why Louis had been a bit surprised when a file containing every detail about the life of Anna Gertrud Muller was placed on his desk and told that it was in relation to Victoria when he had returned from the Carolines. Age twenty-four, born in Brunswick. Currently a Research Assistant at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, working towards a Doctorate in Humanities. The file said that she was estranged from her parents, but if she was involved with Victoria in the manner that was being suggested it wasn’t hard to figure out why.

It had been the monthly briefing regarding the activity of the KSK that had brought it to a head that was conducted by Katherine. It seemed that Anna had arrived for tea on Friday afternoon and had not left the house until Sunday morning. The girl’s security details were far more comfortable telling Katherine when one of the girls had taken on a lover and she did her best to gently tell Louis in a way which wouldn’t upset him too much. While Louis was thankful for Katherine’s efforts, he was aware of how the world had changed radically over his lifetime. Certain things didn’t carry the same stigma that they would have a couple generations earlier. He also knew that the day would come when Victoria would meet someone and had discussed it at length with Charlotte. She had told him that he could either accept it, or else lose his daughter if he didn’t.

That had made it an amazingly simple choice indeed.

Louis worried that introducing himself to Anna would frighten her though. He remembered his introduction to Benjamin Hirsch, that could have gone better.

Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Sheets of rain were hammering the concrete pad that the assembly center was built on now that the rainy season had arrived. Albrecht made his way past the vast stainless-steel fuel tank assembly that was being filled with nitrogen ahead of its installation as part of the Main stage of Taxidiotis IV. The five massive Aggregate 30 engines were already in place and the much smaller A31 engines with their outsized bell nozzles were still in their shipping crates waiting until they could take their place in the Second stage.

Albrecht would be leaving Cam Ranh as soon as Taxidiotis IV and V were done early next year, having been told that he was to return to Kiel ahead of receiving orders to take command of the SMS Lilienthal II. He had a pleasant meeting with Wernher von Braun for a change, the Professor was pleased that Albrecht was moving on and that the the plans beyond the Taxidiotis Program had gotten preliminary approval by the ESA, tentatively called Stella domum. Wernher had this idea that they could use the same trick the Russians used in strapping booster rockets to the Main stage of a Taxidiotis rocket to lift ever heavier payloads. Albrecht wished him and whoever took his place for that project luck, they were going to need it.

Tonight, Albrecht was flying out to spend the next few weeks on leave. The last time they had talked, Ilse had mentioned that Nikolaus was excited that he was coming home. Albrecht hadn’t known it at the time, but he had figured prominently in the news coverage of Taxidiotis III and had become something of a hero again. It seemed that the boy couldn’t wait to show off his heroic father who really was a Raumfahrer to his friends.

Trieste, Austria

The thinking in Wunsdorf was that Louis Junior was young, handsome, and doing exciting things. To get the 533mm torpedo tubes to Trieste quickly, he had agreed to do a television special for the Kaiserliche Marine. It was hardly a surprise that Kapitän Laninga got every bit as angry as Louis had predicted he would. Even now he was fuming as a yellow Volkswagen Camper Microbus with the logo for ARD's Berlin affiliate painted on the sides pulled up to the warehouse that Laninga used as an office when he was in the shipyard. They both could see it out the windows.

“This is supposed to be a convert mission” Laninga said, “A television crew is hardly covert.”

“This isn’t supposed to air until after whatever happens out in the Adriatic happens” Louis said, “Besides that, ARD said that they sent their best people, so we’ll come out of this looking good.”

That was when the door of the Microbus swung open and a young man who looked to be the sort who would be a boy until the day he died got out. He looked completely out of place in a Naval Shipyard. Then Zella got out of the driver’s seat and was talking at the boy and Louis had a sinking feeling that Laninga was going to blow his stack again.

“How is that not going to be trouble?” Laninga growled. Louis didn’t have an answer to that question that the Kapitän would accept.
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I’m not sure what is going to be funnier, Louis sr trying to talk to Anna or Lous Jr having to deal with Zella.
The dossier on Anna is a call back when Kiki was living with Kat and Kat showed a file to Ben about the investigation done on him,
With that in mind Vicky should prepare Anna to the fact that she just had a Special Background Investigation done on her,